What Do The Daily Show and Jack Thompson Have in Common?

So what could The Daily Show and Jack Thompson possibly have in common?

Answer: They’ve both taken shots at the upcoming, Christian-themed game Left Behind: Eternal Forces.

By way of Joystiq comes word that The Daily Show’s Rob Corddry lampooned the controversial title during a recent episode.

Corddry’s send-up took place during The Daily Show’s This Week in God segment. Naturally, he used the ever-popular God Machine to start the bit, in which he compared the violence in Left Behind to that of the Grand Theft Auto series. Best lines from Corddry:

Finally, a violent video game you can trust to help raise your kids.


Damn! He just saved that guy right between the eyes!

Controversial Miami attorney Jack Thompson, of course, has been a harsh – some might say shrill – critic of the as-yet unpublished Left Behind game. Corddry, however, manages to get his point across in a way that is both funny and entertaining. Thompson? Not so much…

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