Jack Thompson Lawsuit to be Filed in Albuquerque

September 25, 2006 -

We're all going to have to learn to spell "Albuquerque."

That's because we're going to be hearing a lot about the New Mexico city, since Jack Thompson's promised video game violence lawsuit is going to land there today. As reported by the Albuquerque Journal Thompson and a local attorney, Steven Sanders, will file a wrongful death suit based on the July, 2004 murders committed by Cody Posey on a ranch owned by ABC newsman Sam Donaldson.

Posey, 15 at the time of the killings, was found guilty early this year of murdering his father, stepmother and stepsister. Sentenced as a juvenile, he will be held until he turns 21. The defense maintained that Posey was severely abused by his father.

The video game connection is not yet clear. However, according to Cody Posey's Wikipedia entry, "prior to the murder, Cody was burnt with a welding rod and instructed by his father to have sex with (his stepmother)." His father had previously beaten the boy with a board, and had been reported to child protection authorities by Cody's biological mother.


So let me test out these comments. I'll have more to say about this lawsuit later on...

Does this work now?
I'm really wondering what the "video game angle" on this is going to be.
With a dad like that, did Posey really need video games to teach him to be violent? If a young man has been taught nothing but violence his whole life, is it surprising that he solved his problems in a violent manner?

For various reasons, I might or might not have more to say about this lawsuit later on. Ironically enough, I was just sworn in to practice law in New Mexico on Friday morning; I wasn't even on my first full business day as a practicing attorney when I got this news.

Are there details yet on exactly how games figure into this tragedy? Perhaps JT would like to go back in time to figure out how games figured into the Menendez brothers slaying of their father?

I've been doing a little reading on this and I haven't found any mention of games.

Hopefully, Thompson knows enough not to blame San Andreas as it wasn't out at the time.

Andrew Eisen

comments seem to be working. On relation to topic: Good job mentioning Cody's abuse by his father, as that's the real reason he killed in the first place.

If anything, this proves JT is an attention whore above all else. This is a case where a young man was clearly being abused physically and emotionally by his father. To even think games had any involvement in the murders is ludicrous.

So, could someone explain how exactly this idiot intends to link this to games? From all the info I could dig up, it seems pretty straight forward that this is a case of severe mental instability coupled with parental abuse?

call me crazy, but I fail to see how he could make a case for this. even the alabama case had more of a leg to stand on this this one does, and thats a million to 1 shot at best.

This why the industry should try and use it's significant resources to BURY thompson beneath a Pr mountain. Get him out of the debate for good.


There's gonna be an unfortunate side effect. Jack Thompson could figure a way to posting here.

Other than that, we all know now that Cody was abused by his father. Video games had nothing to do with it. Anyone who disagrees with the article obviously needs to reconsider a new job.

On Actiontrip they mention that Jack is blaming GTA: Vice City. I fail to see how a game can teach you more about guns instead of practizing using real guns. And I have heard that you are already allowed to handle a gun when you are 12 or even younger in certain states. But of course, Jack never dares to do something about that because he only has a hatred towards games.

And really this case has absolutely nothing to do with games. When you have such a life, it is no surprise that you can resort to violence. Games didn't make him do it.

Even if games were a slight factor, there is no way JT can (logically) prove video games had more effects on the kid than years of abuse.

Matt, A PR blitz would be counterproductive, I say wait for a (more) outrageous quote with innacuracies and sue for defamation.

I remember seeing this on like...dateline a long time ago. I remember watching it and actually sympathizing with the guy. And in the court room, he wasnt even like YEAH I KILLED THEM! IM GLAD! He was very distraught over what had happened.

If jack tries to play the "video games made him do it" card...

jack is already a TERRIBLE human being. It actually depresses me to think about him pulling this kind of thing

Burned with a welding rod? Required to have sex with his stepmother? Beaten with a board? And video games were the main culprit HOW?

Isn't a "Wrongful Death" charge usually done by people connected to the victims? What gives Thompson and Sanders the right to file this?

Don't forget he's was being prescribed Zoloft at the time. Shortly after that, the UK banned it's use by minors because it was suspected of causing depression, suicide, and mania.

@Beacon: They're filing it on behalf of the Posey family relatives.

BTW, This new formats cool and all, but it's displaying my Email address instead of my name when I post comments.

Also, was checking some articles, and so far I've found zero mention that the guy owned or played the games in question, so hopefully the Game industry will do some digging and find out Jacks Full of S@#$ again.

Lets hope this dies fast, I'm getting tired of Jacks BS.


I'm serious about this:
Please accept my heartfelt sympathies to Albuquerque and the surrounding community, the families involved on both sides of the issue, and the NM legal system.

As it has already been pointed out, this kid was abused in a multitude of ways. Whether his response in the end was right or wrong in the eyes of some, NO ONE should ever use such tragedies to further their personal/religious/political agendas. It is, in all bluntness, a deep obscenity and abuse of the legal system, as well as an abuse of the community and those individuals involved (the families on both sides of the case as well as Cody himself) that is being commited.

Even the defense lawyer stated that the killings took place because of long term abuse. But John Bruce is actually encouraging individuals to ignore the effects of all the abuse this kid suffered, just to push an agenda laden lawsuit forward for his own benefit. It's almost as if John Bruce feels the abuse was of no importance or wasn't even abuse. It is a sick individual to do such a thing.

Again, my sympathies to everyone there in NM for the abuse yet to come in this case. I realize you may not have links to this case beyond being a new attorney in NM. Rest assured, I don't hold you, as an attorney responsible for John Bruce's dishonorable, unethical actions. The stereotypes of any group are kept alive by the negative individuals in the group. But the intelligent folks here know that John Bruce is responsible for his own actions and, in Truth, reflect in no way on any other attorney.

Good luck to the honorable folks down there in NM, of which John Bruce is NOT one.

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As I posted on my blog, if you look around the courtv site, you see lots of coverage of Cody Posey's case. Reading between the lines, basically, the father's side of the family denies all the abuse charges and wanted Cody Posey sentenced as an adult, while the mother(birth mother, not step-mother) and her side believes all the abuse charges and wanted Cody Posey sentenced as a minor. He got sentenced as a minor, so the father's side is basically mad about it.

The lawsuit is a wrongfull death suit against Cody himself as well as Take 2. Therefore, it seems certain that Cody's mother's side of the family will be pushing the abuse angle heavilly. Therefore, I can't imagine that this suit will actually even get to talking about videogames. I imagine that it will be mainly about excrusiating detail about the abuse.

Moreover, Sanders, the lawyer in New Mexico who is actually trying the lawsuit does not seem to be associated with a large law firm, so a) if it does actually focus on videogames, it will be Sander and Thompson against an army of corporate lawyers and b) the research I found about Sanders indicates that he is mainly a contract lawyer which doesn't seem so great of a choice for such a lawsuit.

Jack is in way over his head and is caught in between this battle between the father's family and the mother and her family. I'm really tempted to think that Jack chose this case specifically so that he could get a bunch of publicity and then when the case starts and focuses on the abuse, he can pull a New Orleans move and back away blaming family for not telling him about the abuse and accusing the horrible big law firm of ganging up on little old him.

Sooo Jack figured out he can't win lawsuits in the civilized world, so he's filing one in... Albe....Albecrotchy?

Winner right there, good man. You could frighten these people with a laser point pen alone.

Like everyone else here, I'm completely at a loss to find anything anywhere on a connection to any video game in this case (save JT's pronouncements, of course). Nothing about this lawsuit makes a bit of sense, but I guess it follows the modus operandi of JT -- he's never made any sense.


JT is blaming Vice City, for the reasons and quotes we all know by now.

Yeah, really, I fail to see how this wrongful death suit is going to fly, or even what game he's going to sue over (Maybe Vice City, get a bit old school :P). Clearly a lifetime of abuse is going to contribute more to a kid wanting to go kaka and kill people (his abuser in particular) than a video game will.

Because I totally remember when this exact scenario happened in Vice City.

Except that it didn't.

As soon as I read this story, I had this image in my head of a drowning man frantically clawing for a small piece of driftwood in the vain hope of sustaining his life. Once again, JT demonstrates his penchant for latching on to any case he can and riding on it for all it's worth. He truly is a parasite. This reeks of desperation more than anything else.

Like others here have said, there is very little to no evidence that games played any significant role in these murders. How JT plans to link this to games I just have to see to believe. And even though this is a civil case where the burden of proof is lower than it is in a criminal case, Jack is REALLY stretching here. His odds were better in the Devin Moore case IMO. I have a feeling that this really will be the case that breaks him. That and once Bully is released and people find out it's nowhere near as bad as he's said.

Incidentally, just WHO is the prosectution representing in this case? Something tells me it's the victims' families. If so, JT takes advantage of grieving families yet again.

Oh, and so much for all the massive media coverage. I checked CNN, Headline News and MSNBC (Fox doesn't count in my book). I didn't expect it to be major headline news, but the way JT was talking, you'd think it would at least be a lead story under "Entertainment," "Business" or "Technology." I also checked the respective websites too. Nothing, nada, zip. So much for the news media being "all atwitter." It's really true what Beardogg's said previously: JT's a pork rind - he's what the news eats when there's nothing else. Fortunately we have much heartier fare this news cycle, like the latest developments with Iraq, Terrorism and Tiffany Hall for instance.

Sorry Jack. You lose. Again.

Uh, uh, NO WAY!!! Thompson is NOT lettign that kid's asshoel father getaway with this!! He's interferign withthe possible incarceration of real ciminals jsut os he can put who HE wants to in jail.

jccalhoun said:

"Reading between the lines, basically, the father’s side of the family denies all the abuse charges and wanted Cody Posey sentenced as an adult"

Given that they are essentially suing one biological family member over the death of another biological family member, I would question the denials of abuse. What sort of family acts in that spiteful of a manner? It certainly doesn't seem to be supportive of a caring environment.

Let me say one or two things--first, the legal community here in Albuquerque is a fairly small one; while I wouldn't call it "close-knit," it is small enough that things become pretty generally known (especially with, shall we say, unique cases such as these). Suffice it to say, I think many of the concerns raised in the comments here will likely be addressed at some point.

Secondly--I don't know Steve Sanders personally; I only know him by reputation--and he has a reputation for being a VERY good attorney and a good man to boot. What's been said about Thompson isn't going to change, at least not around here, Joystiq, etc. Let's not let it spill over to persons who don't deserve to be attacked; we may disagree with his conclusions but we shouldn't attack his convictions.

Just a suggestion ,someone needs to keep an eye out on the Media, and remind anyone reporting this story that jack was Kicked off the Alabama case for ethics violations.

In both reportings of this story, neither paper mentions this.


Other wise both papers are reporting this suit fairly straight fowards. Expect the industry to either Hit back at thompson hard by citing his various ethics violations or to go after Sanders for backing a lunatic.

either way, should be fun

"grabs popcorn"


Thanks for the props, blackmanta!

Anyway, on-topic, yet another frivolous lawsuit from the Metropolitian Moron of Miami.

Apparently, there's no connection to GTA, other than in Jacky Boy's delusional fantasy world.

Off-topic, Geaux Saints!

Hey, look. It's Jared from the Subway commericals.


Damn,jack is trying REALLY hard to take us down. from LA to possibly Utah to New mexico. he might be setting himself up though..

im just glad that none of this shit has come to texas. Im actually kinda surprised it hasnt.

I can't believe that thompson is trying this. This is more sickening than when he tried to link games to Robida.

I'm taking Philosophy 105, and we've just learned about the fallacies in an arguement. Guess what? Jack uses almost all of them!
Ad hominem, verbal abuse, circumstantial, "tu quoque", and "poisoning the well". He certainly knows how NOT to debate an issue, and instead turn the arguement into verbal mudslinging.
As for my personal opinion on the Albuquerque suit, I think Jack's getting pretty desperate to try and say that video games can teach somebody how to shoot a gun. I think I'd learn more about shooting a gun from movies like "Pulp Fiction" and "Saving Private Ryan" than anything I've seen in "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City". Somebody's definately reaching here.

How is pushing the 'X' button anything like firing a gun, let alone Commando training. The fact that ANYONE is buying this bullshit leaves me little hope for the human race.

UUmmmmmmmm.......wasn't he the one saleing drugs got cought and went psycho on his family?

Copyright infringement is nothing more than civil disobedience to a bad set of laws. Let's renegotiate them.




Every time Jack goes and does somthing spectacularly dumb, I don't think he can possibly top himself.

But somehow, he always finds a way.

This time though, jack may have bitten off more then he can chew, since it appears that ~unlike in previous cases~ he'll be the lawyer with the most expierience in the lawsuit department, and as such won't really be able to shift the blame to someone else on his legal team when the case goes south (and rest assured it will certainly do so).

There's somthing else I've been wondering about (and maybe the legal folks here can clear this up for me): What the hell is the point of sueing somebody who's in prison and can't possibly pay the lawsuit's amount? It's a question that's been bugging me since the devin moore case.

Jack Thomson is a loser im sick of him trying to ruin the American video gaming scene! wtf in Australia if anybody tried doing that they would just be laughed at and called a gimp, jack must have been raped or molested by someone in the video game industry i swear cause nobody has done anything to harm him so why is he trying to get involved... dumb c.u.n.t
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