Jack Thompson Press Conference Video on New Mexico Lawsuit

September 25, 2006 -

Check out this video from KRQE-13 in Albuquerque.

It's from today's Jack Thompson press coverage announcing the new lawsuit against Sony, Take-Two and Rockstar.

It makes everything perfectly clear - except for what role video games may have played. That's not so clear, other than Thompson's contention that they are "murder simulators".


It's very clear what role Vice City played in comparison to the abuse. None at all

Yeah, but dont tell Jack. His fantasy would be shot if he thought he was wrong.
---You are likely to be eaten by a Grue.

That was an interesting bit of reporting by the KRQE newsteam. I like how when they state it plainly it sounds so bloody ridiculous.
"He played Grand Theft Auto and THAT is why he murdered his Mother Step-father and Step-sister."
I really hope the defense teams will get his out-of-state license revoked again. There really is far too much evidence to support that Mr. Thompson should never be allowed in a court of law ever again.

I wonder if anyone has bothered to send any info to krqe about what exactly JT has said about us gamers, valid proof that videogames are not a direct cause to violence, and let us not forget about his bills that he said were not going to be struck down.

Murder simulation device? So, as soon as I put my copy of GTA into my Xbox the disc and programming is supposed to fuse with the machine and can never be removed? Wow, my Xbox must be broke, oh no, I know, the evil Sony-take-star tampered with it and out it on a time clock to set me off liek a bomb.

Violence begets violence. If a perso nis abused, they will fight back, eventually, but oh no, this man, instead of reportign it, or doing soemthign about it, we're suppoed to sit back and take abuse like good little pawns. oy, and hearing hsi voice makes me physically ill.

Did the family even check the credentials of JT before signing on the dotted line? I would think that would be the place to find all the red flags about his career. Like Alabama.

Oh, and the news network should be sued for false advertising, anyone who has JT on their network can no longer call themselves balanced.

Shame on the victims' families for including entertainment companies that had squat to do with the murders in the wrongful death suit.

Andrew Eisen

This is disgusting. I can't understand the mentality of someone who thinks playing a video game will be a worse violence trigger than being seriously abused by a family member. Besides which, having mucked around with a console version of Vice City I can assure everyone that the console version's broken targetting system most definately made me a poorer killer. And anyway, which part of Cody's crime replicates a scene from VC? You don't bury bodies in the game, you certainly don't change ammunition types in your weapon. In fact, the only similarity I'm seeing here is that Cody used a pistol to shoot his family, changed his clothes and then used a vehicle to get away from the scene of the crime. Which has only happened in, oh, every episode of CSI ever made.

Just because YOU and a few other people who similarly don't know what they're talking about link GTA to murders does not mean it has been linked to murders by anyone who knows what they're talking about.

Are we allowed to mention that the boy's parents screwed up, if it's true he played it at all, by letting a 14 year old boy play an M rated game?

I do like how the station logo purports to be "Balanced News", but we only hear from Jack's side.

Wow can jack get anymore...how should i say it....ignorant? i love how he keeps reffering to games as "murder simulators" lol. His ego is way over inflated too. I mean he has this whole "im right your not. im not listening to reason because i think im right" is really pissing me off. i hate people like that, like so many people at my high school @_@ Its just like saying if i play marvel ultimate alliance ill learn how to use "Superpowers". This makes about as much sense as shooting myself in the foot! /end rant

Shame on the victims’ families for including entertainment companies that had squat to do with the murders in the wrongful death suit.

This is what Jack does and why it's so vile.

He goes around to grieving people, people who are so sad and mournful that they're almost sick. When you're that stricken, you desperately want someone to lash out at for justice, but when the police have the person in custody, there's not much you can do.

So when this lawyer in this fancy suit comes and tells you there IS someone still out there who killed your loved one(s), and that he can help you and is even willing to do it for FREE... you *desperately* want to believe him... you want to get those heartless, faceless, soulless SOBs the nice man in the suit says killed your loved one(s) just to make a buck.

But invariably, they're going to lose.

And Jack's not going to care. He'll just go on to the next one, ever in pursuit of his white whale. But for this family, they'll be left thinking that not only did someone else kill their loved one(s), but that they GOT AWAY WITH IT.

And what could have been a normal and healthy process of mourning and moving on with one's life is screwed up forever. It's very unlikely that any of Jack's former victims will ever come to realize that the video games the killers played had as little to do with their loved one(s)' deaths as the breakfast cereal the killers ate.


That's one scenario. The other is the realization that a young farm boy doesn't have any money and that large companies do.

Grief or greed? Who's to say?

Andrew Eisen

Like I said in the earlier, related topic, so much for the massive coverage that the major media outlets were "all atwitter" about. I listened for something, anything, from CNN, Headline News, MSNBC and even G4. I even checked the websites, figuring it might not have been major news, but at least buried somwhere. Nothing. It wasn't even a blip on the radar! Just as I fiugred, local news coverage was the best he could hope for.

And his superiority complex is grating on me, too. At this point, I'd punch hom in the face on principle alone.


That’s one scenario. The other is the realization that a young farm boy doesn’t have any money and that large companies do.

Grief or greed? Who’s to say?

Andrew Eisen

The two are unfortunately far from mutually exclusive.

Boffo, that is probably the most accurate description of what Jack is doing that I have read recently. These people who are mourning are going to be imbroiled in a court case which could drag on for months (unless Jackie boy gets thrown off the case. Here's to hoping.)

Jack is a parasite with no respect for morals, dignity or the value of human life. He's in it for his own ego, and moves from case to case until he's either sucked it dry or been flicked off. But what Jack doesn't realise is that, like a parasite, without his host he too would die out. I think the Florida Bar should really get Jack to take another psychological exam, he's on a downward spiral.

Hmm... I noticed Jack Thompson went on about how the guy had "no history of violence." People seem to say that all the time, as though it's somehow important, and yet, every single violent criminal who ever lived has, at some time, had no history of violence. Go back to their first violent act, and before that, they had no history.

Sure, some of them may start off with something more minor than murder, but just because one does commit a murder to start with doesn't mean that there had to be some specific outside factor that caused it. And if one does look for specific causes, there are plenty of other better choices in this case.

"This will be a landmark, pioneering case" -Jack Thompson\

Really Jack? I seem to recall you saying something similar about... oh, I don't know... EVERY OTHER CASE LIKE THIS YOU'VE TRIED. So yeah... Jack Thompson's an ass. I think that sums this up.

"no history of violence"

Even that statement doesn't ring true, he was abused ffs. Isn't that a violent history, even if he didn't commit the violence himself. Here's a few questions that should be raised before asking whether he played games:

How did he get his hands on GTA despite being under the age guideline?
How did he get his hands on a GUN at that age?
Just how long and severely had he been abused?
How could the family EVER let JT on the case, and immediately use games as a scapegoat despite the killer's severe abuse?
Why isn't JT in a padded cell with a straight jacket?

Wow... I honestly don't know how he can keep on going with this.

btw: http://www.grumpygamer.biz/home.php/2006/09/23/jack_thompson_thinks_he_s...

You know, instead of trying to get Jack thrown out of court, defendant attornies should do everything in their power to make Jack stay in court. After that, they should file for expenses for filing a frivolous lawsuit. That will be the ONLY thing that will shut Jack down -- hitting him in the wallet and driving him to bankruptcy.

Of course, something tells me he'll weasel out of that somehow.

Ya know jack, Hitler was a pretty nice guy before he rose to power after WWI and started his genocide. He had no previous history of violence and call me crazy but im willing to bet Grand Theft Auto wasnt around back then...

Ahh crap.. I just noticed these comments are not screened which means...

yes... we all know what that means.

Brace for Impact.

Oh sweet Jesus he can't be serious. If there was ever any doubt that he was nothing more than an ambulance chasing nut with an agenda then doubt no more. I can't wait to watch this one bite him on the ass.

Looks like Bugs Bunny's not the only one making a wrong turn at Albuquerque.

The whole "training" thing is more than ridiculous in this case, even if you ignore the fact GTA:VC had auto-targeting.

According to the Wiki entry, Posey unloaded the snakeshot (like mini shotgun rounds, for those who don't know) and loaded "more lethal ammunition" into the gun. For him to do that, and even know the difference for that matter, means somebody in meatspace taught him about the ammo and how to use the gun. Or at the very least he read the manual or something. After all, GTA:VC does not have different ammo types to reload with.

Being that he was living/working on a ranch though, I'll bet money that someone (probably the father) trained and let him practice with the gun so that he could deal with cyotes and general varmints. If so, this case should fail in under two minutes of testimony. If it even survives a motion for dismissal.

And to think I was right up the street (literally) when this press conference was going on. Had I only known about...and not had a client meeting at the same time. Oh well, such is life.

Lost Watcher,

Fear not. This new and improved version of GamePolitics has the ability to IP block and the first comment from each email is screened. I doubt we'll be having visits from any uninvited guests.

Andrew Eisen

I just saw this on the news today. They also mentioned Jack's involvement in Strickland vs. Sony, but they fail to mention he lost his pro hac vice.

>>Lost Watcher,
>>Fear not. This new and improved version of GamePolitics has the ability to IP >>block and the first comment from each email is screened. I doubt we’ll be >>having visits from any uninvited guests.
>>Andrew Eisen

Ahh, I didn't know Wordpress had the ability to do that.
I'm used to using other apps like this, like Mombo.

Anywho thanks. (But the e-mail part can easly be changed)

I just read that Grumpy Gamer dialogue

Wow. Just wow. Now, I don't believe in any religion but what Jack says there is just... beyond words really. Using the bible as some motive for his insane crusade offends even the anti-religious at heart. And, like the history of every crusade ever undertaken, no innocent is spared.

His one sentence, childish emails always amuse me though. It's as if he can't construct a full argument or back up his words, extremely funny considering he's supposed to be some kind of lawyer. Almost reminds me of his dialogue with Mike Krahulik from Penny Arcade, or Scott Ransoomair from VGCats.

Also GP, WTB a home link somewhere on the comments page (maybe hyperlink the pic up top). I'm too lazy to click back. o.O

So, his very abusive father and whatnot weren't what drove him over the edge, but a game that has nothing like what is described to have had happened to him in it is what did?

Unbelievable..... Jack, you sir are a prime example as to why lawyer jokes are so popular. You're a ****ing punchline!


A link to the home page is something that's in the works but a little lower on the priority list.

Andrew Eisen

Yea, Jugg... open a new article in a tab. Makes things alot easier.
(IE 7, Opera, and Firefox support tabbing.)

Hehe yeah OK, I was just being pedantic and lazy. Sorry for hijacking the thread ^^. Anyway, back to the point:

JT is a lunatic.

The guy's a grumpy jerk. I just find it sad that he's sunk so low as to latch onto such a tragic case in order to promote his bizarre agenda...

...speaking of which, wasn't he supposed to tell us about how the gaming industry's continually harassed him for his appearance on 60 Minutes?

Hmm, and I was sure JT was referring to the Motreal shooting. He'd probably have a better chance at succeding that this, since the scapegoating for that case was ruthless, yet I haven't heard a peep about this killing and games until Jack jumped into the fray.

Were games metioned at all when he was sentenced? This sounds like Jack is pulling this out of his ass as a publicity stunt.

Yeah, I hadn't heard a single thing about this case and certainly no link between the killer and games. I think JT has gone so far that he's trying to attach himself and games to any case containing some disturbed killer teenager. What's next, sueing Sony because Metal Gear Solid is promoting smoking and killing millions? Give me a break.

By no stretch of the imagination can any sensible person believe that GRAND THEFT AUTO had anything to do with this kid's murderous rampage. Any evidence that there is ANY CONNECTION WHATSOEVER between VIDEO GAMES and this HORRIBLE TRAGEDY could only have come from the voices in Jack Thompson's head. He is trying to waste a courts time just so he can inflate his own ego, I don't see why any judge should have to tolerate this kind of circus. I doubt that they will. I'll be very surprised if this little stunt gets very far.

It's not surprising that so many people in the "gaming community" speak out aginst him so often. It's hard to contain your frustration with this clown. GO GET A JOB THAT YOU ACTUALLY TAKE SERIOUSLY YOU NUTCASE!


I've no doubt that the lawsuit itself will go forward (wasting precious court time and taxpayer dollars in the process) but like the Alabama suit, I expect it will continue without Thompson.

Andrew Eisen

@ Andrew

Yeah, and it's not like the Alabama case ever had a chance in hell to begin with, since Devin Moore was also a victim of parental neglect and abuse. Any thinking person could see that it will eventually be thrown out just like similar cases in the past. When will Jack learn? He's not just fighting a multi-billion dollar industry that actually has competent lawyers, he's fighting a pretty hefty stack of legal precedent.

Just a suggestion ,someone needs to keep an eye out on the Media, and remind anyone reporting this story that jack was Kicked off the Alabama case for ethics violations.

In both reportings of this story, neither paper mentions this.


Other wise both papers are reporting this suit fairly straight fowards. Expect the industry to either Hit back at thompson hard by citing his various ethics violations or to go after Sanders for backing a lunatic.

either way, should be fun

“grabs popcorn”


I took a look at the forums on Yahoo- and anyone who has even glimpsed at those forums topics knows how awful those things can be. And you know what I see in those forums?

Nobody buys what Jack is selling.

People know better.

Ok, just to clarify things, someone has stated that the media is only reporting jacks side. Problem is, thats the only side avaible, the industry hasn't made any real statment yet other then Take Twos generic reply. So, it might be best to reserve judgement on the media till tomarow.

That being said, I rate jacks chances in this at about 0.00000000001 percent.


Twenty to one Jack gets thrown off the case within the first two weeks and that his sharp mental decline follows after that.

The guy is a joke, plain and simple. He only warrants coverage because he's become a joke to the gaming society as a whole and continues to try to associate our hobby with the most base, despicable acts he can find. No doubt within a year he'll be trying to convince people that games can cause ocular cancer (or ANY cancer) and blaming the greed of game companies for third world debt AND hunger.


"This was an early teen, 14 years of age who had no history of violence."

I'm 15, and I first played GTA 3 at 12 you moron. I've beaten GTA3, Vice City, and San Andreas and I am not violent at all. I let people at school pick on and hit me all the time without hitting them back. I avoid violence wherever possible and prefer for it to be the last option, but I enjoy blasting someone's brains out in a video game as much as the next guy. To say that these killings were caused by Grand Theft Auto is ludicris. Jack needs to go read the Wikipedia entry on this Posey dude.

Jacky Boy's regressed back to 1999 when he filed the Padauch lawsuit.

No connection to video games whatsoever, other than in his delusional mind, yet the murderer was abused by his parents, whom he murdered, and someone here mentioned the kid was on Zoloft at the time.

And the single common denominator in every major youth violence event from Padauch to Columbine to Red Lake: prescription psychiatric medication.


Note to GP: I'll have to change my email address eventually, as Comcast took over Time Warner Cable here in Houma recently.

Cripes, this is a pathetic new low. Talk about desperation. Trying to work a game angle in a case where they aren't even mentioned.

The lawsuit claims "The game trained him "how to point and shoot a gun..."
What idiocy! It's no different than pointing one's finger. ??????
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