Youthful Killer’s Lawyer Doesn’t Buy “GTA Made Me Do It” Defense

The New Mexico attorney who defended teenage killer Cody Posey during his murder trial doesn’t think much of Jack Thompson’s latest video game lawsuit.

Gary Mitchell’s skillful defense efforts kept Posey out of the adult prison system for killing his abusive father and stepmother as well as his stepsister in 2004. The lawyer told the Albuquerque Journal that anti-game activist Thompson had contacted him "numerous times" before the criminal trial, urging Mitchell to employ a Grand Theft Auto defense.

"I just didn’t find it had any merit whatsoever," Mitchell said. The attorney is seen in the photo at left, conferring with Cody Posey.

According to the newspaper report, Thompson was encouraged to pursue a lawsuit against the video game industry by prosecutor Sandra Grisham.

That seems a bit odd on a couple of scores. First, during the trial, Grisham downplayed any mitigation of the crime based on the horrible physical and sexual abuse that Cody Posey suffered at the hands of his father and stepmother. In fact, Grisham’s tough-as-nails approach sparked a fair amount of outrage in certain quarters. If she wouldn’t agree that such egregious child abuse might be a causal factor, why would she think that video games might be?

The newspaper does not specify what level of involvement Grisham might have had, nor does Grisham confirm urging a lawsuit in the story. However, the Albuquerque Tribune reports that Cody’s uncle, Verlin Posey asked the prosecutor about filing suit and Grisham contacted Thompson at that point.

Grisham did apparently raise the video game issue at one point during the trial proceedings, eliciting from Cody that he had played GTA as well as Tom Clancy’s Shadow Ops.

(so… why isn’t Ubisoft a defendant?)

Plaintiffs in the suit are Verlin Posey, brother of Cody’s slain father Delbert Posey and Pat Basham, father of Cody’s stepmother and grandfather of Cody’s stepsister. It’s interesting to note that Verlin Posey told Court TV that he was aware to some extent of the abuse Cody received at the hands of the deceased:

"My brother was trying to raise a man out of a boy that was admittedly skipping school and smoking dope and being a juvenile delinquent at times… I’m sure at times he probably crossed the line… Not only did he get spankings with a board or a belt… at times, he had to do push-ups because the spankings weren’t working. When I saw him cross the line, instead of getting five swats he may gave given him seven or eight. When we get to the fine line of corporal punishment and abuse, it’s all about opinion."

Other witnessed testified that Delbert Posey crushed Cody’s fingers with a pair of pliers and held a hay hook to his groin. Cody told the court that on the night before the murders his father tried to make him have sex with his stepmother and burned him with a heated metal rod when he refused.

For his part Jack Thompson told the newspaper, "Our goal is to punish (the defendants) so severely that they will stop marketing this game to kids. They market them for kids; they assure parents as well as kids through various lobbyists that games are not harmful to kids. That is not true."

Plaintiff Basham said he was not interested in financial gain, but in saving other families.

"If we can get this game off the market, this kind of thing won’t happen to other people like happened to us," he said.

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    Kenshin says:

    its idiotic things like this that Jack does that everytime i read about it my day just gets a little better. also next time he tries to bring up something like this the whole videogame industry should sue him.

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    Michael "Squirrel Boy" says:

    Interesting conflict of interest i just thought of:

    JT is suing the companies on behalf of the families, yet JT owns stock in one of the companies in question. Therefore it appears it would be in JT’s best interest, from the court’s point of view, to not do his very best in the lawsuit.

    Isn’t this an ethical violation of either being a stockholder or a lawyer?

    (sorry about the formatting/poor english, haven’t had a day off in over a month and i’m in the middle of class)

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    Grahamr ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I don’t like rockstar.

    I’m not a big fan of GTA,

    Frankly,while i see them as a legitimate company that markets adult content to adults,i find them to be rather controversy grabbing. but that’s not the point.

    If they strike back against JT,and beat him in this case,I am going to love them.,

    long live the first amendment.

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    Fife says:

    To be honest, I think some legislations that want to keep violent M rated games away from kids is a good thing. But i agree with everyone here, Jack is doing it for publicity and to get games out of everywhere for good. I watched the G4 loop video and he sounded dumb (i hate adam sessler, but he did pwn JT). What JT wants is to have games come to him first then he can say if its good enough for the american people. Who the fuck does he think he is?

    He doesn’t get to say whats wrong and right, we do. And now here comes another case about a child playing violent video games and wanting to kill his parents. Its wrong, very very wrong. JT has no idea whats going on. They can throw everything in his face about abuse towards the kid to incest, and he’ll still turn a blind eye to it and stick to his “GTA made him do it” case.

    GTA doesn’t do anything, doom doesn’t do anything, and games don’t do anything at all but give us hours of entertainment for when we’re bored and can’t go play outside sports, or can’t. I have asthma, i can barely run anymore cause i can get an attack and die from lack of air, thus i play more video games (i don’t like sports games though, its ironic i know). Then you have RolePlaying Games, you know what they do? They immerse the player into a fantasy/parallel universe where you take the roll of a hero to save a said universe.

    So lets bring up back in the 1980s about Dungeons and Dragons. The church tried suing TSR cause Dungeons and Dragons made kids go insane and kill people, but in all actuallity it made kids get with their friends and play to save a world, or princess, or do something that they can’t do (like cast magic missle at the darkness) Its a wash, rinse and repeat here.

    Now we have a kid who felt that he had to end this all once and for all. Did he do it wrong, perhaps. But what if he went to the government, and they came up to see what happened and the parents smiled all nice and said “nothing wrong here” and the government believed them, that kid would of been beaten to the very inch of his life for doing that. We don’t know what was going on through the kid’s mind, we’re not psychics here, we don’t if he wanted to sit there and just take it, kill himself, or do something. But he did do something, and now the bastards that damaged him mentally is dead. Good, they deserved it.

    To wrap things up, JT is just wanting more publicity to rabble his word, to say that games are evil and that anyone who thinks about video games are the antichrist/ evil hitler loving people. (hitler could of been a good person if he didn’t genocide everyone) Now he sits here and says to the family “hey, these game companies hate you and your family and want you dead, look at their games, you should sue them” Thus he gets more people for his crusade of stupidity and the stupid rednecks get money cause there misfit kid killed people cause of a game, not cause of the obvious things cockslapping them in the face.

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    Go Granny says:

    I have a question to ask what game system and video game trained Linda Posey the Mother of Verlin and Paul Posey and Cody’s grandmother to shoot and kill her husband Verlin and Paul’s dad while he was sleeping and then kill herself because I don’t want my grandkids to play that game?How stupid to say a video game trained Cody to shoot when it was proved in court what a child abuser Paul Posey was, the jury believed the abuse when Cody was only charged with manslaughter for Paul. Verlin you need to get a life and a job to go with it, your brother and Tyrone put the gun in Cody’s hand and they got just exactly what they deserved!I donate to Cody’s trust fund and I will do anything I can to help himand to try and make up to him what he lost in life because of Paul Posey.

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    Inari says:

    Oh, where to start on this one…

    First off, Cody’s abusive parents deserved what they got.

    Next, how the hell is GTA going to train anyone? It has autoaim! What, is someone going to learn that headshots are more fatal than a bullet in the torso? Hell, I learned that in elementary school science. Head wounds aren’t good.

    Finally, as anyone who has ever held a firearm can tell you, there is a vast difference between the shape of a rifle and the shape of a controller.

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    Beacon ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @ King Nintendoid
    No, the father is dead. I’m going to assume you thought Verlin was Cody’s father. Verlin is Cody’s uncle. His only crimes are turning a blind eye and trying to defend, even glorify, his brother’s abhorrent behavior.

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    Father Time ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    ” When you make your son shoot his dog because he had a broken leg and Cody wanted to pay to have the dog
    brought to the vet. The father stood over him and made him shoot his dog.”

    That’s just . . . cruel and unnecesary. What the hell is that supposed to teach him? That a dog with a broken leg is worthless? That his pet is not worth the money to bring him to a vet? My god I never knew that guy’s dad was such a jackass. It reminds me of a song.

    He had it coming
    He had it coming
    He only had himself to blame
    If you had been there, if you had seen it
    I bet’cha you would have done the same.

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    Grahamr ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Does anyone here think,that if given the chance to-without the discovery of the mainstream media-Kill gamers,would he take it? judging by his incredibly graphic description of A modest proposal.

  10. 0
    Beacon ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Good God, this kid’s been through a lot. How can someone blame this horrible tragedy on a video game and sleep at night?
    Because he’s Jack Thompson! Gamers like you and I are limited by our fried vestigial lobes and as a result, we get distracted by things like “common sense” and “cause and effect”. Jack Thompson, however, can see through such trivial matters like child abuse to the real culprit! These amazing abilities of his are how he knows things like how video games made Robida a killer, even after police failed to find any video games at Robida’s house! We mere mortals, blinded by “facts” and “substantial proof” should not question him.

  11. 0
    nightwng2000 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    More than contridictory, he admitted in the interview he saw NO signs that Cody was capable of killing his father, let alone others. He said Cody was a liar and sneaky (even as a baby which is… well, silly).
    Now, all of a sudden, he recognizes that Cody could have been a killer because he played GTA “obsessively” for months? What? Did that just suddenly pop up in his head? If he truly believes that violent video games would make Cody a killer, then he should have been saying so from day 1. Not just suddenly a “Oh my gosh! Of course! Why didn’t I see it before?” kind of thing.

    No, he doesn’t believe, Truly believe, for a microsecond that GTA is to blame. Or any violent video game for that matter.

    No, this is further evidence of John Bruce abusing people and the community and the law just to push his agenda upon people.

    NW2K Software

  12. 0
    Dustin1986 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    ” When you make your son shoot his dog because he had a broken leg and Cody wanted to pay to have the dog
    brought to the vet. The father stood over him and made him shoot his dog.”

    Good God, this kid’s been through a lot. How can someone blame this horrible tragedy on a video game and sleep at night?

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    howel2751 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    D&D seemed to have escaped with nothing more than a culture stigma (one that seems to have faded) and rap music calmed down for a bit and now its just about back where it was. Both were scrutinized in about the same way.

    Worst case scenario is what comics had to put up with back then. Also when the generation dies out and the scrutiny of our media genre is gone, our generation needs to not make the same mistake with the next big thing.

    Now if all this legislation stuff happened back in the days of the original Mortal Kombat, we’d be rather powerless to stop it. But we grew up and there are enough of us to affect a vote, thing is we need to rally ourselves and utalize our other rights. Our right to Petition and Protest in a peaceful manner. So far we’ve been sitting as not so silent bystanders watching the industry strike stuff down for us, but they can’t do it forever with guys like Thompson running around. So we have to be a little more involved if we want to get our point across.

  14. 0
    PyroHazard ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Well, if he is trying to sway public opinion, good fucking luck because most people I have conversated with who are not involved in the gaming community do not know who Thompson is. Besides, sanitation only occurs if game developers buckle into political pressure and unfortunately, that seems to be the case right now.

    I am still optimistic about this though. Perhaps as of present, we need to gather up and build a public figure that counteracts Wacko Jacko’s claims.

    Lowenstein sure as shit isn’t doing it.

  15. 0
    grey_poet ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    PyroHazard, it is possible that Jack is trying to win the battle of public opinion rather than actual court cases. If he keeps this issue in the public eye and keeps repeating lies like “murder simulator”, the public picks up on it. He won’t destroy the game industry, but he could force them to change their practices through public pressure.

    In the long run, yes, the anti-game movement will lose as that generation dies out and is replaced by younger generations. Between now and then, though, we could face a time where games become overly sanitized like comics were from the 50s to the 70s.

    Victory in the short term is by no means assured.

  16. 0
    PyroHazard ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Dutch, while I do respect your concerns about how manipulative Jack is, I cannot fathom how one person like him is going to “destroy” the game industry. To me, he is nothing but a paper tiger who only gets exposure from local media.

    Plus, why are people so concerned about a more charismatic and intelligent “Thompson” that will rise up after the old Thompson fades away into obscurity for whatever reason? Our generation grew up with games and we will more than likely fight against the archaic, backwards thinking that these anti-gamers propose.

    There isn’t a no-game Totalitarian utopia over the horizon. Not ever. Jack may be more intelligent than he looks but his side of the table is always being shut down by the courts for being unconstitutional. Freedom of expression and speech will always prevail in the cases of entertainment mediums and for that, I really have nothing to worry about.

    By the way, this Posey character has my 1st name so I am a little partial to this issue.

  17. 0
    Beacon ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Anne, it’s great to here from somebody who’s actually involved in it. If nothing else, it’s nice to have confirmation that there are reasonable, intelligent people in New Mexico.

  18. 0
    Luann Colgan says:

    Thank You Sherry for your comments. I figured it was Paul’s game and Paul’s playstation. I’m sure Cody played the game in between getting
    abused,working long hrs on the ranch with no pay,and being sent to his room all the time. The parents Paul and Tryone were the people in Cody’s life that taught him violence. When you make your son shoot his dog because he had a broken leg and Cody wanted to pay to have the dog
    brought to the vet. The father stood over him and made him shoot his dog.
    They don’t teach this type of violence on the video game in question.
    Verlin and his family need to face their own demons and stop blaming everyone else but themselves for the troubles in their life.Get a job and make a living like everyone else instead of trying to cash in at a young boy’s expense.

  19. 0
    Anne says:

    I have read comments on this latest negative development that good ole Vicious Verin s**ts out. People like him always find others like Thompson to join up for eveil doings. But my main concern is for Cody and how he is handling this latest effort by Vicious Verlin and his pea brain family trying to continue to give pain to Cody. Revenge for Verlin eats up his nights and days and allows him to “survive”. But sooner or later he will be eaten up by his own hands from evil and his pea brain will be a total vacuum, that is why he is into this hair brain venture. I only hope that the staff at Sequoyah has given Cody coping skills to absorb this kind of ugly event as a passing incident. I pray that is will not be allowed to go into a trial as ole Verlin will “enjoy” dragging Cody into the public eye again as his form of torture, sure is following his bothers footsteps!

    My other concer is whether Mr. Mitchell, Cody’s trial attorney, provided an ironclad legal setup on Cody’s Trust Fund that many of us have contribute. I do wonder if Cody’s future needs are in Jeopardy? For a fluke if this evil challenge succeeds, Verlin may feel nutty enough to file for Cody’s Trust Fund as compensation for the death of Delbert (Verlin’s lost of his brother’s companionship, LOL!!!) . Many of us considers ourselves as Cody’s Foster Mothers and we’ll be darn if Vicious Verlin, S**ts Shandra or any other pea brain members will get their filty hands on Cody’s future!!!!

    One of Cody’s Foster Mum

  20. 0
    Siftr says:

    Dutch_gamer, it’s not too late yet. Don’t forget this is only about the second lawsuit that Thompson has called for Walmart.

    Besides, Thompsons attempt to be “going against a faceless entity” has failed when he has tries to get game laws passed.

  21. 0
    dutch_gamer ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Some others have talked about this before but I will mention it again. Jack Thompson knows exactly what he is doing. He doesn’t want to win this case. That is not his goal. His goal is to keep Rockstar and eventually stores like Wal-Mart and Gamestop busy. The more they have to spend on lawsuits like this, the more this leads to a chill effect in creativity.

    There is a chance that stores like Wal-Mart will eventually get sick and tired (I know it is not the case with this lawsuit yet, but it will in the future with this case or others) of constantly being drawn into lawsuits about videogames. This can cause them to decide to pull games off the shelves. And that is exactly what Jack Thompson wants.

    Jack also knows that when the industry actively fights him, he will be portrayed as the defender of Freedom of Speech by the media. Jack can’t lose this in the eyes of the non-gaming crowd. He positions himself in such a way that he can only win, no matter if he loses a lawsuit or not. And this is the reason why he is such a dangerous person.

    I am almost 100 % certain that is not the last lawsuit in which he tries to link the violence with videogames. He will always be somewhat on the sideline with these things and let someone else do it. This way he can pull out when things go wrong. That way he won’t ever be blamed for failure but someone else will. He has done the same thing with the bill in the state of LA.

    There are some people that think that Jack Thompson is just a fool and a weakling but don’t be fooled by his act. Jack Thompson is much smarter than he portrays himself on the Internet to us. He knows that because he is a person fighting against faceless organizations, that whatever they do, it will look as they take away HIS Freedom of Speech. And that is all what matters in this fight. When we shoot him down, someone else will stand up to continue what he has started. This is why gamers can only win by getting the Supreme Court to announce that games are protected by the Constitution. The industry should have shot down Jack Thompson a long time ago, he may look like nothing but he has already gotten too powerful.

  22. 0
    Kerri says:

    This has got to fucking stop. This is beyond him trying to blame games for whatever twisted reason he wants.

    He is rewarding child abuse. He is giving this family, which was aware of the abuse the child was recieving yet still allowed it to go on – and now they’re suing for a huge amount of cash, hell ANY cash?

    This is child abuse of the worst kind. Not only did they allow it to go on, aiding in the abuse by willingly turning a blind eye, but they want money because the kid finally took the fight back to his parents?

    I am seething with rage after reading this. It is utterly disgusting he is promoting this level of abuse towards children, and rewarding it.

    I frankly don’t give a shit he’s trying to get violent games age resitrcted or whatever the fuck he tries next, this is something totally different, and destructive.

    If they do win, which I highly doubt, that kid better get every fucking cent. He’s the victim here, no matter which side of the story you listen too. He was ‘trained’ as a killer acording to Thompson, and according to everyone else he was abused.

    So. Fucking. Pissed.

  23. 0
    Alcuin says:

    As much as we all might hate Jack in a way we should all be grateful that we havn’t yet had to deal with someone who was given more than 1/4 of a brain. For all the yelling and screaming he does we should be thankful that his inability to put together simple ideas has allowed the mainstream media (for the most part) ignore him. My greatest fear isn’t of Jack but of who will come after him. If the next Jack Thompson turns out to be even a bit more intelligent than the man we battle today then we could all have a real problem on our hands.

  24. 0
    Grahamr ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I may be a bit behind,but who are you,Sherry? do you know cody in person? thank you for speaking up on this forum. your information is greatly appriciated.

  25. 0
    MaskedPixelante ( User Karma: -1 ) says:

    Finally, someone has some common sense to NOT just use video games as a scapegoat for today’s problems. Jack better reconsider his stance on this case, or it’ll just get chalked up to another loss on his part.

  26. 0
    GoodRobotUs ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Thanks for the info Sherry. It did occur to me that, judging from reports, the odds of Cody having access to his own Console seemed pretty slim. It makes more sense that it was his fathers.

  27. 0
    kathym says:

    Thanks for speaking up, Sherry, :-) It would be hard to believe that Cody bought the game himself after hearing about how controlled his life was. If Cody was like most young men and was playing against his father… he probably did play it a lot when he could so he could best his dad at the game. I certainly watched young people in my living room practice their game playing skills to prepare for “battle.”

  28. 0
    sherry clees says:

    I talked to Cody yesterday and he told me his father bought the game and loved playing it himself. He played it with Cody and by himself. Just thought that should be told.

  29. 0
    Kincyr ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “Oh Jack… it’s obvious that you only care about yourself and your stupid crusade.”

    Well of course. Since he’s a Republican, all he cares about is money.

  30. 0
    Father Time ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    When I see Jack Thompson, I see a man whose 15 minutes of fame ran out 4 years ago, and a one-trick pony who has brought nothing new to the table since the Padauch lawsuit he filed.

    It’s really the same old shit. The lawsuits he’s filed are no different than the ones that were filed against Ozzy Osbourne and Judas Priest over their music and against Oliver Stone over the movie Natural Born Killers.

    Yes I know but Jack Thompson seems so well, formulated, his character seems so incredibally one-dimensional that I can’t help but think that it’s all a big overdone sham. Maybe I’m giving him too much credit, but still something about his formualic cut and paste, easy to immitate, attitude that I’ve never seen in a real human being just makes me suspicious to say the least. Maybe I’m just paranoid, maybe I’m over analyzing into it but still . . .

  31. 0
    hayabusa75 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @andrew eisen:

    Yeah, I know he was helping the plaintiffs in the Moore case, but didn’t he create a conflict of interest when he unofficially advised the defense to use the video game angle after he had his temporary license revoked? That’s what I was referring to. Or am I thinking of something else?

  32. 0
    BearDogg-X says:


    4 inches away is pretty much point-blank range. So he didn’t need “training” to hit a target from 4 inches away.

    The holes in Jack’s case are equivalent to the Grand Canyon.

    Father Time,

    When I see Jack Thompson, I see a man whose 15 minutes of fame ran out 4 years ago, and a one-trick pony who has brought nothing new to the table since the Padauch lawsuit he filed.

    It’s really the same old shit. The lawsuits he’s filed are no different than the ones that were filed against Ozzy Osbourne and Judas Priest over their music and against Oliver Stone over the movie Natural Born Killers.

  33. 0
    Darkmane ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    (so… why isn’t Ubisoft a defendant?)

    Because thier game is about heroic soldiers defending the US from evil terrorists. You have to support teh troops.

  34. 0
    kathym says:

    This was not asked of me, but as to how close Cody was to his victims when they were shot… close range. The furthest was his stepmother who was sitting on a couch a few feet away. He wears glasses for some things and I don’t think he had them on when the shootings occurred… or during his confession tape. He can’t see very well at any distance without his glasses. The last two victims were very close and his sister nearly point blank range. That was the saddest part. She walked in right behind his father. He shot five times and all hit their targets… apparently, he was known for being a good shot.

  35. 0
    Father Time ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Jack’s tactics
    I think I’ve figured out Jack Thompson’s real tactics and I must say they are quite clever. One thing I have learned (through a funny experience I’ll share if you want), is to NEVER under-estimate your opponent. Somehow I don’t think that Jack Thompson (or anyone for that matter) could possibly be as stupid as Jack makes himself look like. So i thought what could Jack thompson really be doing? Well it’s simple tactic that I call shock value and run. Remember when he sued the Florida Bar and then dismissed the case himself? Yeah well that got me thinking, how could Jack possibly think he’s going to win this case? My answer he doesn’t. So why is he doing this? To garner media attention if he can persuade the media to scapegoat video games (shouldn’t be too hard) he wins. OR on the other side let’s say this stupid case goes to trial people start treating it seriously game developers think twice about making (realistic) violent video games and Jack wins again. So all he has to do is make a big fuss over this one case, (which would explain 600 million dollars or whatever the amount) and whether he wins or loses is neglible as long as he can get the gullible, ignorant public on his side so video games look like some great evil. That’s why he says all this rediculous crap that’s why he seemingly doesn’t give a crap about anyone he helps.

    There is also a reason why he ridicules us. If he can get us to believe he is an idiot disgrace of a lawyer (which he has done with tremendous sucsess) we willa ll under estimate him we will all just sit back and watch (popcorn anyone) while he slowly formulates his next move whether it be political or a lawsuit. He also insults us because he hopes it’ll make us do something stupid (like harrase him over the phone). So now gamers think of him as a sideshow and sit there and do nothing while he rallies public opinion against games while at the same time achieving nothing politically and losing his cases. Which brings me back to the 600 million dollar lawsuit, once public interest has faded, he’ll either do something to get himself thrown off the case or drop it completely (unless it starts to gain sereious attention). He’ll then continue on his stupid little mission and sit back and watch public do his bidding. His choice of crime may sound stupid but think about it Robida did hate crimes and this man codey is being potrayed as a psyhcopath if Thompson can convince ANYONE in power that a person becomes this from playing video games well . . . it would be bad. So there’s my theory on Jacky boy. You might think the theory is stupid but assuming Jack Thompson was smart would it really be that hard to believe?

  36. 0
    illspirit ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    I haven’t been able to find much about the distances anywhere. However a few old news articles say the step-sister was shot from like 4 inches away. Since it happened inside the house, the range was probably short for all the shots.

    Oh, and, I found something else interesting. When he was five, Posey’s grandmother shot his grandfather, then offed herself:

    So now we have murderous/suicidal grandparents and an abusive father in his life for him to have learned violence from. But he really learned it all from the videogames? Ooookay….

  37. 0
    BearDogg-X says:

    Michael Morris destroyed any credibility the relatives of the abusive father and the stepmother might have had.

    So far, in the last two years, Thompson has tried to extort through ligitation, at least $1.2 Billion from various video-game companies.

    And Jack has gotten very little publicity from this, as no major newspaper here in Southeast Louisiana has picked up this story.

  38. 0
    Attack Gypsy ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Now Jack has gone and done it.

    He’s filed a huge lawsuit. One Rockstar can’t ignore.

    Now they’re going to bury him. Rockstar has alot of money. And they’ll use that to bury Jack and anyone associated with him.

    They would be stupid to settle this. It would open them to all kinds of lawsuits, just to get money out of them.

    And poor Jack is going to have to pay their legal fees. Well, his clients will, anyways.

    Maybe Jack should be forced to pay the mil or two that Rockstar is going to spend defending this case.

  39. 0
    Kincyr ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “The defendants do not market GTA to kids. I’ve called Thompson on this repeatedly and all he’s ever been able to come up with was a GTA commercial airing during ESPN Sports Center at two in the afternoon.”

    What Jack doesn’t know is that the cable networks decide when to air the commercials. Videogame companies have no control over when their ads air. ESPN aired the commercial at 2:00PM, not Take-2, not Rockstar.

  40. 0
    jdmdsp911 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    To illspirit,

    Does the court manuscript show any evidence as to say how close he was to his victims when he shot them? Was it at close range? If so, how close?

    I’m smelling a Robida on this one as far as thompson is concerned. Any way to find out the sheriff’s deputy that told thompson about the game and console, if that even actually happened?

  41. 0
    Andrew Eisen ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    Actually, Thompson wasn’t defending Moore. He was suing him (and Sony, Take-Two, and Rockstar) on behalf of his victims’ families.

    Andrew Eisen

  42. 0
    hayabusa75 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Oh Jack, you sorry, pathetic excuse for a Cro-Magnon…stop acting like you care about those you represent, it’s obvious that you only care about yourself and your stupid crusade. You made that apparent when you tried to defend that scumbag Devin Moore who IMO, is only one step below you on the evolutionary scale.

    Sorry, had to vent a little bit. Everyone’s already gone over what I wanted to say, but OT, yesterday I received a response from the e-mail I sent to Mike Strobel, did anyone else get one? I want to see if it’s the same as mine.

  43. 0
    BlitzFitness ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    That is hilarious and scary at the same time. Not to get personal, but I was curious as to what city you are from (or near) and what network that was?

  44. 0
    beemoh ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Two points spring to mind-

    i/ With regards to the ‘abuse’ angle, if we’re going to say that GTA’s display of violence put the idea of Fatal Justice into Cody’s mind, can we say the same thing about the displays of violence by his parent, even before we start to think about resentment or scarring? Could he be imitating him and not the game?

    ii/ If we take JT’s line and say that if he didn’t play GTA and so wouldn’t have killed anyone, what would he have done instead? Would he have still have fought back, but just enough so that Dad backed off (whereas the game only really would have suggested an alternative method and becomes irrelevant, rather than an out-and-out solution, as is being implied by Thompson), or would he just have sat there and took it, and this would be a whole other murder case with Delbert in the docks instead?


    PS- seconded on the comments system. Wouldn’t know what to do about it though, so I’m no help.

  45. 0
    Grahamr ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    When people,I don’t know if it’s going to be us Joe-Gamers,the ESA,or the Flordia bar,FINALLY go to War with this maniac,this case will be their greatest weapon. i think that if his Desire to ambulence chase over his care for human decency was bought to light,he would lose his job and reputation.

    I would perfer it if that moment would come sooner. But i have to admit…

    It’s kind of sad that the man isn’t aware of his condition.

  46. 0
    bayushisan ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    And here we have definitive proof of Mr. Thompson’s motivations. The manipulation of grieving families only goes to show that he’s more interested in leaving a legacy than helping the truly agrieved.

    What I don’t understand is how on earth can anyone legitimately think that GTA had anything to do with this? I’d think anyone with even the smallest degree of common sense would be able to see that abuse was the sole motivating factor here.

  47. 0
    Dustin1986 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    This is a very serious and tragic event. I don’t even want to imagine what this boy and his family have been through. His abuse, the fact that he has to face what he has done for the rest of his life. I don’t think that there’s such a thing as a bad person. His life to a very bad turn and he made some very bad mistakes. We aren’t really hearing about this right now though are we? Somehow, all of the blame is being placed on something stupid and trivial. I’m insulted. I’m disgusted. If Jack Thompson really is the person driving all of this then I am beyond sickened with him at this point. I think this is the most insane thing he has ever been involved with. This may turn out to be a cautionary tale about what can happen when you throw common sense out the window.

  48. 0
    Beacon ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    the fact that Posey’s victims were each shot in the head, which he said is a somewhat unusual target given the smaller head mass.
    Ignoring the fact that the auto-aim in GTA aims for the enemies body, not the head, and the fact that Posey’s father taught him how to shoot, I’m sure no one has ever shot someone else in the head before. It sounds like these attacks were all done at close range, where the head is still easy to hit.
    Furthermore, who cares? I mentioned this in another thread, but is it a crime to know how to fire a gun accurately? If so, then shooting ranges should be taken down, and no father should be allowed to take his son hunting. Let’s ban NERF while we’re at it.

  49. 0
    father time ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Like I said before, chances are that the father is the one who taught him to shoot.

    Really? Well ain’t that kind of funny. The guy trains his son to use a gun, and then the kid shoots him (years later) for how badly he was treated, kind of ironic. He goes so over the top with his lessons and yet the one kind of nice thing he does to the kid comes back and bites him in the ass

  50. 0
    illspirit ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “The 68-page lawsuit also alleges that the video game trained Posey how to fire a weapon and turned him into an “extraordinarily effective” killer.”

    Is that so? But what is this I see in the transcript from the criminal trial?

    “”Finally, Cody, your dad bragged about what a good shot you were, didn’t he?” Grisham said.

    Posey’s face fell. Mitchell objected, but Judge James Waylon Counts allowed the question.

    “Yes ma’am, I’ve been known to shoot well,” Posey said.”

    So he had practiced with a real gun before? With his father watching? And his father even bragged about what a good shot he was? Like I said before, chances are that the father is the one who taught him to shoot. Either way, it’s quite clear the games are not what taught him.

    So does that mean Jack has beat committed perjury before the trial has even started? Sure looks like it to me…

  51. 0
    Bob says:

    My local news set just ran the story.

    The Mistakes:

    – While explaining the story, they showed a video of GTA: SA instead of the mentioned Vice City

    – The called Jack Thompson “Joe Thompson”

    – They labeled the wrong person as “Joe Thompson”

    And in a little color commentary, the anchors giving the news said it was “awful” how a game like that could be “given so freely to children”


  52. 0
    Lost Question ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I’m pretty sure that the abuse he sustained at the hands of his father had much more to do with the shooting’s then gta.

    Thou i have no problems with a kid being physically punished for breaking rules in-fact push-up’s seems like a good punishment.

    However spanking with a belt or a board then push-up’s seems like a good way to build up your childs resentment, then theres the crushing of his fingers with plyers more resentment, add holding a hayhook to his groin to intimidate him, then add his father try’ing to make him have sex with his stepmother and then burning him with a heated metal rod when he refused
    the whole… ordeal was the last straw all the resentment all the humiliation all the emotions he had been up all came out.

    After all his father punished him only for doing wrong (i hope). Then the whole go have sex with your stepmother thing happens. I dont know what he was thinking then. Maybe he thought it was a test or something so he refuses after all its the right thing to do… right? But his father burns him with a heated metal rod when he refuses.

    At the point of the murder he was either:
    1. His view of right and where skiewed he was confused and angry ready to lashout at anything or even everything kind of like a wild animal thats been run into a corner.
    2. So emotionaly and physicaly scared, beaten, and abused that he felt hollow. No anger, no pain, no fear, no pitty, and no remorse. What he had been through was what put him over and all he wanted to do at that time was to kill. Kill his abuser, kill all that was within sight, kill anything that got in his way, maybe even kill himself.

    whatever the reason. What happened next we more or less know already.

    And now Jack wants to say “GTA made him do it. Rock star should be punished”. Im sorry but that cheapens the “training” his father gave him, his abuse, those who where killed, and there memory.

    now im not saying what Cody is in any way right or justified. life worth far more then most anything. its just that death is also worth something no.
    You can give a life meaning. You can do the same with death. regardless of it being life or death there is meaning and meaning is worth a lot.

  53. 0
    Father Time ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “If we can get this game off the market, this kind of thing won’t happen to other people like happened to us,”

    What you mean murder? Oh I’m sorry but people have murdered others long before the release of GTA. Oh and in Gta you never kill family members (except for once and that’s because they tried to kill you).

  54. 0

    Small update since some have asked. Had a short interaction with Gary Mitchell today. Though he refers to himself as “Cody’s attorney” he has not been served the complaint. We shall see how this goes.

    At the same time an astute regular reader points out that Verlin Posey has one other dog in this fight. Second to a possible escape from his poverty Verlin always ran on about how his brother was not a terrible man and incest prn addict. This case may also be seen by him as a way to help vindicate Delbert as well.

    The link above may really have been –

  55. 0
    wxDiva says:

    I don’t know what I’m more saddened by: Jack’s usual ambulance chasing, or Sandra Grisham’s complete ignorance of evidence. It’s hard to say which one’s license to practice law I’d like to see pulled first.

    I’m not condoning what Posey did, but it’s obvious the kid had a problem that gaming in no way, shape, or form contributed to.

  56. 0
    nightwng2000 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    :: Evil alternate universe nightwng2000 takes over Good nightwng2000’s computer ::

    So, does anyone else think they shoulda launched at 7:30am? I mean, they waited til AFTER John Bruce polluted the atmosphere of NM with that braindead press conference and all those empty headed claims of his.

    I’m mean, really, I wouldn’t call this a coincidence that he had his press conference on the same day a rocket blew up, do you?

    :: Good nightwng2000 jumps in, pounds Evil nightwng2000 several times, then tosses him back to his own reality. ::

    Sorry about that. I’ll try to keep a better reign on him. :)

    NW2K Software

  57. 0
    Theory ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I’m having a very hard time with this one, moreso than any other ridiculous stunt he’s pulled. The only instance I can even begin to REMOTELY compare would be the whole Jacob Robida thing ( remember that guys?) where it was severely obvious that Robida was a neo-nazi fuck-hole who could obviously care less about what he did in a video game. His only lead was the quote from Robida’s friends that mentioned he liked playing video games. That’s not really a “lead” in normal legal terms, but hey, Jack needs to eat too, kids.

    This, however, seems a bit, how to best say this, “off the charts”, as a psychologist might say. Now I understand that he was, reportedly, “asked” to come and assist in this case, but we still have no real attachment to the “lead”. They stand to gain nothing by hiding details until the trial, none that I could foresee by examining what facts we already have, per se. My imagination could run wild attempting to conjure up some really drug-influenced “master plan” they could be cooking up. I just imagine Jack and this other guy standing over a boiling pot emiting an eerie green glow. It works really well because Jack already has the “mad-scientist” plumage going for him. It’s very funny.

    Either way, this really has no direction to it and odds are Jack is going to make at least 20 new enemies before he’s removed from the counsel, and this will all happen before the trial begins. He’ll still claim in involvement, just like he STILL does for Alabama (By the way Jack, how’s that going for you? Alabama…you know? Where tou were kicked off the counsel. Where you were supposedly asked to testify later on, but haven’t done so yet. That still goin for ya?), but in the end it will be another loss for Jack. Not really a win for us, since he’s not a threat. He’s a nuissance to us, but ask other people in your ordinary day, who aren’t part of this sort of “cult” and ask if they know who “Jack Thompson” is. They’ll either say the actor, or “nope”.

    Jack, my name is Dan Barron, you can contact me by e-mail at if you would be so kind as to answer some of my questions. I know you’re reading this because you google your own name just to feel like someone is paying attention to you. You, sad, pitiful, bottom-feeder, you. Pray to your god, the heavens may save you.

  58. 0
    SGT_Red_Wolf ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Oh sure go right past the abuse… More links there then in VG violence *sigh*
    And Jack is certainly lookin’ like an ass the more he does, least IMO.
    Oh and how do i post using my account? Can’t quite get it. -__-”’

  59. 0
    kathym says:

    My thought on this… for a kid like Cody… who would have purchased that game? It appears he did play it, but with the restrictions on his life, someone else would have had to provide the game system for him. Seems odd, doesn’t it? Maybe Delbert wanted to keep him busy in his room so he wouldn’t notice what else was going on in that house.

    I think violence in video games does have a negative impact on young people who become desensitized, but it was not the primary factor in the deaths of Cody’s family. It was also not the first time he was required to kill something on the ranch or use a gun. What about his own dog his father forced him to shoot?

  60. 0
    Volcanman says:

    Guys! Don’t you understand? Mario is a murderer! GTA isn’t the criminal, Mario and Luigi are! They caused that boy to kill his abusive family and snap! With the jumping (the horrid jumping!) and the throwing-fire-balls (oh heaven help us all!), Mario clearly caused this boy to snap and kill those innocent child-beaters and rapists!

    …and if anyone thinks I was being serious, then you need to go to a medical facility.

    On a more serious note, I don’t think anyone has even said that Cody Posey even played a SINGLE video game. I could have missed this, but if no one else saw it, then this charede (sp?) against video games is a lost cause.

  61. 0
    XGuNn3rX says:

    Dennis, is there anyway you can fix the comments? ONE of the best parts of this site was the comments section, but now it’s impossible to have a proper converation, and it’s harder to read what everyone has to say.

  62. 0
    markdstandridge ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    To the people asking about whether or not Sony/Take-Two/Rockstar can turn around and sue for costs: under Rule 1-054 NMRA, the “prevailing party” in a lawsuit can apply to the court for an award of costs, but the trial court retains some discretion in deciding whether or not to award costs. A party’s ability to pay is a factor in that decision. So, if this case is dismissed, sum judged out, or a jury comes back against the plaintiffs, the game companies could seek an award of costs (but I doubt they’d get ’em).

  63. 0
    Zerodash ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    My ultimate question is what can be done about JT. I think its naive to believe he is no threat to the game industry- just look at how readily the media jumped on the Montreal shooting and videogames. Since politicians have proven themselves to be clueless about these “videos”, they are easy pickings for JT’s lies.

    His vendetta is not against just the games industry, but Gamers as a whole. The ESA sure isn’t doing its part in fighting him, and nobody is taking him to task for his comments about Gamers (IE ‘shooting in the head’, ‘akin to hitler youth’ etc.).

    This latest lawsuit is perhaps his sleaziest moves. While it isn’t the place of Gamers to interfere with the course of law, something needs to be done about his slander and harrassment of US.

  64. 0
    bugashi says:

    Personaly, I am sick of hearing about the legal misdirections of Mr. Thompson. His involvement in this case holds no merit what so ever, and is a step closer to the charge of slander. He has no standing what-so-ever for anything game related. If anything, he’s the most democratic republican I’ve ever seen.

  65. 0
    Beacon ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @ Terminator 44
    If a kid is watching sports at two in the afternoon, I’d be more worried about his truancy than the fact that he might see commercials for M rated games.

  66. 0
    Terminator44 says:


    Yeah, because we all know that kids only want to watch adult sports /sarcasm.

    Of course, Jack hasn’t done anything to address the fact that it is easier for a kid to buy an R-rated movie than an M-rated game, according to the FTC. But wait, movies aren’t interactive, therefore they must be harmless, right? RIGHT?

  67. 0
    Pix ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Jack wont see this through, forst chance he gets he will bail for it and then claim for the next few years that he bought a case against the murder simulatar makers.

    Question, could the video game industry (well Rockstar) sue for costs if this gets thrown out?

  68. 0


    And the jury verdict of 1st degre murder in the death of Marilea and manslaughter in the case of father Delbert reflected that they considered that matter. I will dig out the video and my report of the “video game testimony” this afternoon.

  69. 0
    Andrew Eisen ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Our goal is to punish (the defendants) so severely that they will stop marketing this game to kids. They market them for kids; – Thompson

    The defendants do not market GTA to kids. I’ve called Thompson on this repeatedly and all he’s ever been able to come up with was a GTA commercial airing during ESPN Sports Center at two in the afternoon.

    Andrew Eisen

  70. 0
    dog_welder ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @ Black Manta and Warren —

    The ideal solution, dependent upon that laws in New Mexico, would be for the defendants to prove that this is a frivolous case. There are a few states where you’re allowed to turn around and sue for court costs.

    A large settlement against Thomson would probably negate any future shenanigans, but I suspect that the actual plaintiffs would be the ones left with the legal bills.

  71. 0
    dog_welder ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “Since Posey was named in the suit, all he’d have to do to destroy the case is claim that he didn’t play obsessively… And if he didn’t, the case against the game companies is destroyed too, since he had to play obsessively to be “trained”, right? “

    Bu-bu-but…ROCKSTAR! Murder simulators! Blank Rome! Magic bullets from the grassy knoll! It’s all right there! Don’t you see it, man!

  72. 0
    Black Manta ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    Well, disbarment would be the ideal. But seeing as how the Florida Bar, as much as they dislike him, seems indifferent to doing so, I wouldn’t hold my breath for that.

  73. 0
    Quad9Damage ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Jack gets more out of touch with reality with every lawsuit he files.

    This article provides a great example of Thompson’s lunacy. It devotes an entire paragraph to describing the horrible abuse the kid suffered: beatings, burnings, sexual abuse. Then immediately following that we have Jack’s “WE’RE TOTALLY GOING TO DESTROY ROCKSTAR FOR THIS” quote. Put side by side like that, it’s painfully obvious that this man has no idea what he’s talking about. He’s going to get laughed out of New Mexico, as he has everywhere else in the country.

  74. 0
    Blitz Fitness ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Michael Morris beat me to it. What a great world we live in, not only do people sue for everything but the money, but professional sports players don’t sign contracts based on money either. The money just kind of falls into these people’s laps mysteriously.

  75. 0
    Black Manta ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    I think that it really Jack’s technique. I don’t think he goes out to necessarily win these cases. I think his real tactic is that he thinks if he just keeps suing them ad nauseum, the companies would no longer be able to afford the legal bills, and that it would ultimately be more cost effective for said companies to stop making violent games in the first place.

    This practice, then, is far more insidious, resulting in a chilling effect through abuse of the legal system. We all say here JT is incompetent, but it’s because of this reason that I think he is an extremely dangerous man, a genuine threat to free expression, and that he has to be stopped.

  76. 0
    Mazinger-Z ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Unless I’m mistaken, there doesn’t appear to be a ‘nice’ way to get back to the main page from the comments section. I keep having to either have a history path or retype the site URL. Please make your banner go the main site!

  77. 0
    Cecil475 says:

    Y’know, I like to think I am an excessive GTA Player. I have all the GTA’s except the ones for the GBC/GBA/PSP. I am getting the PSP just for VCS. I will be getting other games later on. (I have LCS for PS2.) GTA is the most favorite game to play. Using Thompson’s ‘logic’ I should be one bloodthirsty killer. One, that could snap ant any given moment and starting shooting people up.

    – I don’t own a gun.
    – I have never used a gun.
    – I don’t know how to properly use a gun (how to hold it and such when firing one.)

    – Warren Lewis

  78. 0
    kurisu7885 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “So, GTA made him do it, no the abusive parents, eh?”

    Yup, that’s about the size of it. As he played the game, the console opened like a transformer, placed a gun in his hands, and went continously “kill your parents kills your parents kill your parents” untill he went and did it.

  79. 0
    joystickgenie ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Ok. I honestly don’t know that much about law, but is there a way to get Jack on harassment yet or something like it?

    With quotes like “Our goal is to punish (the defendants) so severely that they will stop marketing this game to kids.” and how he has added take two to the defendant list of every trial he goes to is there a way for take two to stop this?

    Maybe harassment isn’t the right word because that implies one person getting harassed but there must be some sort of defense for businesses to avoid being brought to court repeatedly like this.

    Honestly this kind of thing makes me very weary to put out games myself anymore because I don’t have the money to be able to defend myself from people like jack.

  80. 0
    ~the1jeffy says:

    @ Michael Morris

    Welcome to GP! I’ve read (skimmed) a few articles of yours since you posted. Keep these shiesters in the public eye as much as possible!

    @GP Readers – read Michael’s article here:
    It is an interesting look at Free Speech.

  81. 0
    GamePolitics ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Pat, Posey doesn’t need counsel, JT and plaintiffs are going after the deep pockets.

    Also – please, this is where we as gamers go wrong so often. It’s not our business to get in the middle of lawyer-client relationships and such.

  82. 0
    Jabrwock ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @ Mr. Pat.

    Heh, the reason it’s a good question, is because Mitchel seems to completely reject the video game causation idea, so the industry wouldn’t be the only group working on the defense.

    Unlike the last lawsuit over GTA:VC, this time the perp is also being sued. Last time it was just the gaming industry that was named in the suit.

  83. 0
    Mr.Pat says:

    Wow, I didn’t think my question was that good, but I’m glad to know it was.

    If it weren’t for the fact that I have to be at work in a little over ten minutes I’d do it myself, but would anyone be up for contacting Mr. Mitchel to see if he in fact would be resume his duties as Posey’s counsel? I’d be very interested in hearging the results of this when I got back tonight – roughly arounf 9pm EST.

  84. 0
    Dustin1986 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I’m still having trouble believing what I’m hearing here. I know that video games have been used as a scapegoat for a while now, but this? Where is this videogame connection? What posessed someone to think that somehow videogames were involved with any of this? All I’ve heard is that “he played it” and not much else.

    Is Jack Thompson the person responsible for this? From what I’m hearing, he suggested a “videogame defense ” before the trial even started. Where did he get his evidence? Did he just hear about a teenage murderer on the news and decide he was “another deranged gamer”? I’d bet that is exactly what happened, every time there’s a school shooting this clown sends out a press release, he’ll start condemning videogames before he even learns the kids name, or let’s the bodies get cold.

    His father beat him mercilessly? No, that’s not the reason. His father tried to skewer him with a hay hook? That’s not the reason. His father forced him to have sex with his step-mother and attacked him with a glowing hot metal rod?! Couldn’t possibly be the reason. It was the videogames. Somehow, God only knows how, it was the videogames. There is no limit to the lengths Jack Thompson will go to atack games. He’s completely out of his mind.

    Oh and one more thing, I wonder how this kid could even play video games after his father crushed his fingers with those plyers. I guess he played them with his feet.

  85. 0
    Jabrwock ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @ Mr.Pat

    That’s actually a very good question. Yes, Posey was named as a co-defendant. As to whether Mitchel would be defending him again, I guess it depends if he’s the Posey family lawyer, or if he was a court-appointed pro-bono. If he was pro-bono , it’s not likely he’ll be assigned to a civil suit defense.

    Since Posey was named in the suit, all he’d have to do to destroy the case is claim that he didn’t play obsessively… And if he didn’t, the case against the game companies is destroyed too, since he had to play obsessively to be “trained”, right?

  86. 0
    SnubStumpy2007 says:

    This just proves that Jack Thompson is just a communist who wants to take away our freedoms. What a communist and cry baby.

    *grabs nice juicy t-bone steak*

  87. 0
    Grahamr ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    If jack doesn’t bail,this will be the case that leads to his downfall. but chances are,when things don’t go his way,he tosses blame everywhere and then distances himself from the event in question. an for reasons we ALL understand,the media doesn’t call him out on it. that kind of bias is the only thing that keeps his career from crashing down

  88. 0
    Mr.Pat says:

    Just for a little clarification – if I could get some assistance here it would be appreciated.

    Cody Posey was named as part of this new lawsuit, correct? If so, then would Gary Mitchel likely be defending him again when this comes up?

  89. 0
    Siftr says:

    I find Jack Thompson silly to begin with.

    “Other witnessed testified that Delbert Posey crushed Cody’s fingers with a pair of pliers and held a hay hook to his groin. Cody told the court that on the night before the murders his father tried to make him have sex with his stepmother and burned him with a heated metal rod when he refused.”

    It’s obvious that games were not the reason he went and killed. It’s obvious that it was because he was abused at that level he killed.
    Case Closed.

  90. 0

    Personally, as the person who covered the trial the closest, find the silliest part of this whole thing the assertions of the plaintiffs that they are not in it for the money, but rather for some altruistic crusade to save others. This is in contrast with not only their vile performances at the trial, the video of which I am now abliged to get published, but the Bashams (stepmother’s parents) live in a run down old trailer and Delbert’s Brother Verlin and his wife Shanda were sued by their bank over their overdrawn delinquent checking account around the time of the killings. Another case of the poverty stricken altruist suing the deep pockets for the greater good. Sony will destroy them with what did not get into the murder trial.

    Thx for the mediadistortion link folks.

  91. 0
    Boffo97 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I feel sorry for this guy Steven Sanders.

    When this whole case starts going down like Titanic, Jack will do everything he can to foist blame onto him, and perhaps even go as far as to say he was bought out by Take Two or something asinine.

    Just like Louisiana.

    You heard it here first.

  92. 0
    KungFu-tse says:

    Wouldn’t it be funny if history were to repeat itself. You know, JT starts waving his book in court. Start bragging how it’ll be bigger than OJ and it’s the end of our industry. Blank Rome is on defense and files a complaint of unethical activities. Judge boots him for “bizarre” and “childlike” behavior. JT fires back and makes bogus accusations against the judge. JT writes even more conspiracy theories about Blank Rome.

  93. 0
    ~the1jeffy says:

    Ugh. Here it goes again. Jack Thompson, you are exploiting a severly abused child (now young man) for your own benefit. I think you are sick.

    Yes, the murders were horrible. But do you really think any video game had more of an effect on this young man than beaing severly abused, both physically, emotionally, and by all accounts sexually?

    Reason points to NO. Jack points to YES. Any questions?

  94. 0
    Jabrwock ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Curious that Grisham confronted him about GTA & Shadow Ops, considering she was avoiding the abuse angle (she didn’t want him to be able to excuse his behavior).

    Rather than implying that Posey was “trained” by the games, I believe she might have been using the games as an indicator that he was already a cold-blooded killer. Morbid interest in violent media and all that…

  95. 0
    kurisu7885 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    *sniffs* Do I smell someone about to pour gasoline on another bridge?

    Soo, Jack Thompson condones bullying, terrorism, child abuse, murder as long as it’s i nthe name of “god”, slander, and libel. Well, of course he woudl condoen child abuse, he supposedly used his own son to prove anyoen can buy a copy of The Warriors from Best Buy. And why has he not tried to say Rockstar’s Table Tennis had a part in a murder? I bet there’s a hot coffee mode in it just waiting for him to find it

    “My brother was trying to raise a man out of a boy that was admittedly skipping school and smoking dope and being a juvenile delinquent at times… I’m sure at times he probably crossed the line… Not only did he get spankings with a board or a belt… at times, he had to do push-ups because the spankings weren’t working. When I saw him cross the line, instead of getting five swats he may gave given him seven or eight. When we get to the fine line of corporal punishment and abuse, it’s all about opinion.”

    S osays the parents of alot of serial killers I bet.

  96. 0
    Ohma ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @ Beacon

    “Delbert is effectively being pardoned for his abuse of his son. It disgusts me.”

    Hey now! He only crossed the line once or twice, his brother said so! And so what? He was just trying to make a MAN out of the damn juvenile delinquent gamer.

    Now excuse me while I go whack some kids with a two by four…to…prepare ’em for life’s…hardships, yeah that’s the ticket.

    (disclaimer: I was not advocating child abuse, I was simply mirroring what Beacon said in my own inelegant way)

  97. 0
    Jabrwock ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Here’s how I’ll bet it went down:

    JT: Video games made him do it!
    Grisham: That’s silly, besides, I want him to take full responsability for his actions, no mitigating circumstances. I want him to do hard time, abused or no.
    JT: But but!
    Grisham: For the last time, no! If you’re so sure of yourself, why don’t you file a lawsuit?
    JT: Yaaaay! Grisham encouraged me to file a lawsuit, she agrees with me!
    Grisham: *sigh*

  98. 0
    Beacon ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    A couple of things I forgot:
    Thompson had contacted him “numerous times” before the criminal trial, urging Mitchell to employ a Grand Theft Auto defense.
    Because that worked so well for Moore. Congrats to Mitchell for using common sense!

    “Our goal is to punish (the defendants) so severely that they will stop marketing this game to kids. They market them for kids; they assure parents as well as kids through various lobbyists that games are not harmful to kids. That is not true.”
    I’m still waiting for some actual proof about this “harm.” A mild increase in aggression doesn’t qualify. And while we’re at it, I still haven’t seen any evidence that video game companies are specifically marketing M rated games to children.

  99. 0
    Charthepirate says:

    Great reporting Dennis/Jabrwock (you guys need writer credits in your stories!). The plaintiffs sound like they are trying to excuse the sins of their relatives, rather than deal with the horrible situation at hand. Vunerable and confused, enter the snake oil salesmen, promising to show why their family members died, and get them a little cash on the side!


  100. 0
    cppcrusader ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Remember what I said yesterday about watching this one bite him on the ass? Yeah, I didn’t think it would be this soon, granted this is only the beginning of him being laughed out of New Mexico.

  101. 0
    Demontestament ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    More than likely the newspaper got the info about the prosecutor telling Jack to persue a lawsuit against the video game companies sound like something Jack would tell the paper afer the defense told him to bite it. I have to have respect for the defense attorney for not going for the “Video Games Made me Do It defense. “

  102. 0
    Beacon ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “A video game may not, by itself, cause a teen or another individual to kill,” says the civil lawsuit filed in state District Court in Albuquerque, “but it can provide an indispensable or final link in a causal chain that results in tragedy.”
    A 100 pound weight is put on a camel’s back. A straw is added. This is the straw that broke the camel’s back. I propose that putting a straw on a camel’s back should be considered inhumane. The 100 pound weight is fine, though.
    This is exactly what I’ve worried about ever since I first heard about Jack Thompson. Scapegoating has victims. The result of this killing should be an increase in the battle against child abuse. Instead, Delbert is effectively being pardoned for his abuse of his son. It disgusts me.

    “If we can get this game off the market, this kind of thing won’t happen to other people like happened to us,” he said.
    If his daughter was a better person, she’d still be alive. I’m not condoning what Cody did, but there’s a clear cause and effect here. He was abused, and he lashed out at his oppressors. The stepsister, unfortunately, got caught up in the middle.

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