National Video Game Summit Agenda Details

The National Institute on Media & Family and Iowa State University have jointly released the agenda for their upcoming National Summit on Video Games, Youth and Public Policy.

The event, scheduled for October 20-21 in Minnesota will feature a number of well-known academics, many of whom have expressed concerns about either video game content issues or video game ratings. According to a press release, the summit will focus on "concerns regarding video game ratings and children’s access to violent and sexually explicit games." Although it is believed that ESRB president Patricia Vance was invited, no video game industry officials are listed as participating. Here’s the agenda: 


  • Welcome and overview, Dr. Douglas Gentile, Iowa State University Center for the Study of Violence
  • Plenary Session: “The Future of Game Technology” Presenter: TBA
  • Plenary Session: "Violent Video Games: Effects and Public Policy" Presenter: Craig A. Anderson, Ph.D. Iowa State University Center for the Study of Violence
  • Ratings, Research & Policy Panel: Dale Kunkel, Ph.D. University of Arizona, Joanne Cantor, Ph.D. University of Wisconsin, Kim Thompson, Sc.D. Harvard School of Health, Douglas Gentile, Ph.D. Iowa State University-Center for the Study of Violence
  • Education Policy Panel: Dorothy Singer, Ph.D. Yale University, Joy Asamen, Ph.D. Pepperdine University, Susan Hale, Ph.D. Pennsylvania State University, Karen Dill, Ph.D. Lenoir-Rhyne College
  • Legislative Policy Panel: Jeff McIntyre, American Psychological Association, Kevin Saunders, J.D., Ph.D. Michigan State University, Michael Rich, M.D. Harvard School of Health, Catherine Ross, J.D. George Washington University Law School
  • Public Officials: not known yet, but NIMF historically has had close ties with Sens. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) and Joe Lieberman (D-CT)

The agenda also has time built in for media interviews as well as breakout sessions for discussion groups. NIMF president Dr. David Walsh (left) will close the summit with a plenary session entitled "Call for Action”

A press release lists the summit’s goals as:

  • review current and emerging trends related to video game rating systems, education policy and government regulation
  • determine the accuracy and independence of video game ratings
  • recommend a 10-year action agenda based on the summit’s conclusions.


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