BREAKING – Miami Court Orders Take-Two to Turn Over “Bully”

GamePolitics has just received a short e-mail from Jack Thompson:

“The court ordered production of the game by tomorrow at 3pm, for his full review of the game while it is being played, up to or more than 100 hours.”

“This is unprecedented and reasonable as well.  This is a huge victory against the violent video game industry, regardless of the ultimate ruling on the injunction.  I anticipate an immediate appeal to the Third DCA by Take-Two”

Thompson is referencing Florida’s Third District Court of Appeal.  He is correct that the ruling is unprecedented, although in the long run it’s really not a win if it gets overturned on appeal.

GP has confirmed with Judge Friedman’s clerk that Thompson’s version is correct. She added that the Judge will view the game in chambers beginning tomorrow afternoon and is prepared to spend several days watching its content.

The clerk added that the hearing was not contentious, and that it was covered by the Miami Herald as well as a local TV news crew.

What this means is that Judge Ronald Friedman is saying he needs to see Bully in order to rule on Thompson’s claim that the game is a “public nuisance.” He’s given Take-Two 24 hours to produce it for the court’s review.

Destructoid has a nice report from their man-on-the-scene…

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