Washington Post: “Bully” Ruling a “Major Coup” for Jack Thompson

“A major coup…”

That’s how Washington Post reporter Mike Musgrove characterized Jack Thompson’s Bully win yesterday in a Florida courtroom.

“My view is that the game potentially impinges on public safety,” Thompson told Musgrove. “I’m pretty sure that the game is harmful to minors.”

Representatives of the video game industry defendants did not respond to the WaPo’s request for comment.

In other coverage, the Miami Herald, which had a reported in attendance, offered insight into Judge Ronald Friedman’s take on Bully.

According to the newspaper, Judge Friedman told the court that he needed to see how violent the game was before rendering a decision. Surprisingly, Friedman said that, while he could not change the ESRB rating, Bully “may be so bad that something has to be done.”

Thompson – accurately – called Judge Friedman’s order unprecedented:

”I’m not aware of a judge ever ordering the production of a game prior to its release for any reason.”

Judge Frieman also admonished an attorney representing Wal-Mart to have the mega-retailer reconsider sales to minors if he – Judge Friedman – decides it should carry a mature rating.

Wal-Mart exec John Simley told the Herald, ”There’s no question we would do exactly that.”

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