BREAKING: Jack Thompson Reacts to Court Defeat in “Bully” Case

GP just had an e-mail from Jack Thompson regarding today’s ruling by a Florida court that Bully is not a public nuisance.

The decision of Judge Ronald Friedman put an exclamation point on what turned out to be a remarkable week in the ongoing culture war over video game content.

Here’s what the controversial attorney had to say:

“Immediately after the non-hearing, which violated his own order to give me a hearing, I filed an emergency petition for a writ of mandamus… asking the Third District to compel production of the game and to give me a real hearing on the TRO (temporary restraining order).  The Third District denied it.”

“…I am a Christian. I am not charged with winning these battles; I am charged with fighting them.  I have done the right thing.”

“The BBC itself says this is a game with a lot of violence in it, and what is absolutely absurd is the notion that Take-Two can release this game to major media like the BBC and not thereby waive their right to keep it out of the hands of a plaintiff.”

“The judge never viewed the entire game, as he promised he would.  He took unsworn testimony from 2 Take-Two employees, with no right by me to cross-examine.”

“The judge’s spiteful ‘production’ of the game after the game was released, on ‘Tuesday morning’ was childish.  The judge, then, violated an order to give me a hearing that he signed.  He violated his own promise to watch the game to conclusion (he did not), and he denied the TRO with absolutely no idea what a video game is and the expert testimony, which he did not want to hear, as to what the harm would be.”

“When kids start showing up in ERs with slingshot wounds at the hands of Bully enthusiasts, don’t blame me.”

GamePolitics will have more on this later, including copies of legal motions filed by Thompson today.

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