More Mainstream "Bully" Coverage: Miami Herald

October 14, 2006 -
Reporter Bridget Carey covered the Bully trial for the Miami Herald this week. In this morning's edition she writes about Judge Ronald Friedman's (left)decision not to block the game as a "public nuisance" as requested by controversial attorney Jack Thompson.

As reported by the Herald, Friedman's comments in open court include:
''There's a lot of violence. A whole lot. Less than we see on television every night. Does that mean I would want my children to view it? No. But does it rise to a point that its a nuisance? The answer is no from what I saw.''

The newspaper reports that Judge Friedman did not render a final ruling, but said he would consider the matter if Thompson wished to pursue it after the game is released on October 17th. Thompson, however, told the Herald he does not plan to exercise that option.

Thompson disputed Judge Friedman's comments that he watched Take-Two employees demonstrate the game for two hours in chambers on Thursday. Thompson said it was only an hour, and chastised the judge during Friday's hearing:
''You did not see the game. You don't even know what it was you saw.''

Thompson objected to Take-Two employees showing the game on the basis that they could have avoided the game's more violent content.


Wouldn't JT want more than anything for the TT reps to show minor things like hookie, and hide the major violence.

Then he could have another hot coffee scandal. Except this time it's in plain view, rather than being hidden.

There goes his field day

"I’m not sure on what basis Jack can claim that what was shown was not representative of the game. Jack hasn’t seen anything the judge hasn’t unless the judge wasn’t shown the meager press materials out there, but those don’t really support his claim."

The odd thing is that it sounds like bats, slingshots, and fisticuffs were all shown to the judge. And what Thompson is harping on now is the slingshots and bats. So to claim that the walkthrough people TT sent were deceptive, while claiming that the worst content in the game matchs what was shown is counterproductive at best.

"Thompson objected to Take-Two employees showing the game on the basis that they could have avoided the game’s more violent content."
Buddy, a bunch of people (reviewers, magazines, etc.) have said that it gets about as violent as a baseball bat, and getting yelled at by a bunch of moronic teachers and students. Odds are, Take Two's got nothing to hide on this one.

‘’You did not see the game. You don’t even know what it was you saw.'’
Same can be said for you Jack.

I like this judge. He decided not to ruin the stroy for everyone.

"Are you going to believe me, or your lying eyes?"

I wonder who Jack expected would play the game. If you're not from R*, you won't have the proper cheats to get to the relevant content in a timely manner. Jack's a bigger idiot than I thought if he really thought they'd be playing and watching for over 100 hours. Can you imagine being Judge Friedman and having to watch some noob spend hours trying to familiarize himself and replaying failed missions? After 30 minutes I'd be like, "Ok, there's GOT to be a more efficient way to do this." The judge's reaction is all Jackoff's own fault anyway; he shot off his mouth so much about how bad Bully is, when Friedman finally saw know the rest.

Does anyone know what kind of recourse judges can take against shit-talking excuses for lawyers AFTER the business is done? For as dumb as I've heard it is to piss off a judge, JT certainly doesn't seem to be worried about it.

"Friedman would not elaborate about the content of the game, saying he doesn't want to spoil it for game players."

So i'm still gonna have to wait untill the 17th :(. However, this shows the judge at least thinks before making a statement, unlike our old freind Jack.

This is how your career ends, Jack. Not with a bang, but with a whimper.

Oh, don't fret! Our old buddy Jack will be back within a matter of weeks to go against some video game in another idiotic matter! I'd give him credit for his persistency, but that's counter-balanced by the fact he doesn't know when to quit.

‘’You did not see the game. You don’t even know what it was you saw.'’
I know it wasn't what you wanted to see Jack. It should've had guns and stuff. After all You know more about the game than the devs right?

Yeah they skipped past the parts when all the murders take place. :-))

"You don’t even know what it was you saw."

Is it just me, or are JT's criticisms of judges getting more and more childish? First they were "liberal", then "corrupt", then "incompetent", now they're blind and stupid?
-- If your wiimote goes snicker-snack, check your wrist-strap...

Yeah, but sadly he would more than likely want that. He would want it shown that there was something to hide with his killing, or it's part of the big R* cover up. Or worse..if he lived he could try and do that himself and try to use it as proof that gamers are violent and learn to only solve problems with violence. So I just treat him like my 5 year old (mostly because he acts just like him) and ignore him when he throws his temper around...and if he keeps it up long enough..punishment will hopefully be shortly behind. And yes, I am a parent of 3 kids and have every GTA game, Doom game, and even the internet game based around his little idea earlier (sadly one of the most violent games I have), and I do something Jack doesn't seem to understand..I actually WATCH WHAT MY KIDS PLAY AND a new and scary thing!

Oh well, on to the next "OMG TAKE TWO IS EVIL!!" case.....

Yeah, I was honestly surprised that he didn't go after Table Tennis for the advocation against violence towards paddles and balls. Or that he make the claim of a sex based S&M mini game with the paddles...he's crazy enough...kinda dissapointed that he didn't jump on THAT one lol.

I actually think that Judge Friedman made a decision (although possibly not intently) on another of the videogame debates currently in place. We've seen plenty of people argue that videogames do not constitute art, however, HH Friedman purposely avoiding spoiling any details on the game. This instantly made me think of the unspoken policy of movie-goers and book readers to avoid giving away too much information to interested parties.

Maybe it's just me, but I view that as raising the VG flag up next to the rest of the media/art flags. If so, that is one hell of an endorsement.

Thompson objected to Take-Two employees showing the game on the basis that they could have avoided the game’s more violent content.

*sigh* I hate it when I'm right... ;)
-- If your wiimote goes snicker-snack, check your wrist-strap...

"Thompson objected to Take-Two employees showing the game on the basis that they could have avoided the game’s more violent content."

While this is technically true, that would be a very stupid thing for the Take-Two employees to do. If they did, Take-Two would be in for a world of hurt for deceiving the judge almost immediately after the game's release.

Michael Nock:

"However, this shows the judge at least thinks before making a statement,"

Or at all. *rimshot*

I feel sorry for JT. I mean seriously. Here you have a guy seeing demons in every known form of media, from music to video games. So much to the point where he feels he is the crusader for protecting the innocent children. So bad that when normal reasoning fails something in his brain snaps and reality is altered for him where everyone is against him.

I know! Maybe all of the onscreen simulated violence fried the judges cerebral cortex! He couldn't help but make a moronic decision!

Because obviously the Judge, Take-Two, and the ESRB all are trying to fool the public with their blatant manipulation of... stuff... and things... *blinks* You know, Jack would probably be easier to bear if he'd just wear a tin foil hat.

And as I've wondered before, how is it that Jack still hasn't been disbarred from Florida's Bar?

"And as I’ve wondered before, how is it that Jack still hasn’t been disbarred from Florida’s Bar?"

Probably because it takes a lot to get actually disbarred. Like stuff that risks jail time, minimum, before they'll disbar someone. For lesser stuff, they'll likely go with lesser forms of census.

R* produced Lemmings, correct? At some point before he's through, I fully expect Jack to go after Lemmings, claiming that every person who ever jumped off a cliff or rooftop did so because they were influenced by the game.

Why is Jack Thompson obsessed with Rockstar and Take-Two? It's not like they're the only company that makes violent games.

One more thing, how can a lawyer send such a nasty letter to a circuit judge and not get reprimanded?

thompson is just plain delusional and pathetic,aside from being a lying manipulative idiot who acts like a crybaby.hopefully the angry letter he sent buries his career and pride

So, GTA:Vice City Stories is coming out soon..... Do you think he's going to jump right back and go after it or hold off until next year and bitch about GTA4?

He has a point about the potential conflict of interest, but no one else seems to be qualified to show the game quickly and as was pointed out, if they were deceptive, they'd be in huge trouble, including possible jail time. I'm not sure on what basis Jack can claim that what was shown was not representative of the game. Jack hasn't seen anything the judge hasn't unless the judge wasn't shown the meager press materials out there, but those don't really support his claim.

It's likely that in the course of the two hours, the TT people DID skip to all the worst bits in the game, just as games publishers have to submit in their report to the ESRB the bits most likely to infringe. They wouldn't have just played through it normally, and as has been said, are bound to do this because doing otherwise could land them in serious shit.

I find it funny that a lot of people suspect R* to have hidden content this time around. Isn't it likely they made a normal rated T game just for the attention? If they did have rated M content in this game I'm pretty sure the ESRB would have found at least one thing rather than pass it off as T, especially after the trouble hot coffee caused.


Less a lot of people and more just Jack.

Remember, this is the same guy who keeps asserting there's hidden code in GTA Vice City for a fully frontal nude version of the stripper scene that's been found.

Mind you, Vice City is a 4 year old game. If such code existed, it would be completely public knowledge by now. Not because anyone wants to help Jack, but because there are many gamers who are lonely perverts. (Of course, there are many people of any walk of life who are lonely perverts, so what can you do?)

(Excuse the language here, but) It looks like Jack Thompson needs to:

jack, i thought you were working with some sort of superority over the "idiot gamers" it would be nice if for once you start loosing like a man and not a two year old, hes a friggen judge you dont critisize judges all that does is make you look....... like a two year old

The ESRB and parents should be making the decision what games are appropriate for who, not judges and not J.T.

> "You did not see the game. You don’t even know what it was you saw."

I don't know about the rest of you, but I instantly read this comment as "I have no idea what this game is about, but I've spent months crying foul about this game without ever seeing it, and I've formed a horrifying imaginary vision of this game. When you all said that stuff about the game not being so violent, I came to the conclusion that you obviously have not played the game I imagined in my very head."

In other words, we're witnessing a schoolbook example of what happens when someone grabs a fantasy of theirs and is slowly waking up to the reality. "Denial is the most predictable of human responses..."

A hint for Jack: Sometimes it's very nice to consider the implications of the horrifying alternative that someone else might, as unlikely as it seems, be right.

What's funny about the complaints about the game being a "murder simulator" is that if this were the case then games like Need for Speed would be an "illegal street racing simulator" or perhaps Flight Simulator being a "terrorist flight training tool." All garbage. A game is a game, don't like it, don't play it.

From a players standard of this outcome
Judge: this game is teh shit, but i don't want my kids playing it, other can tho, dat's cool
Jack: wtf are you talking about, look at it, its teh Suck, no one should play this
Judge: stfu jack, you didn't want to play it
Jack: wtf Judge, you didn't even see it
Judge: STFU you stoopid Newb, your fucking retarded, i was sitting right in front of you
Jack: I still don't want to see the game, i won't even talk about it when it comes out
Judge: then STFU newb
Take-Two: you got pwned newby
Jack: *Cries*
Thank you, thank you *bows*

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