More Mainstream “Bully” Coverage: Miami Herald

Reporter Bridget Carey covered the Bully trial for the Miami Herald this week. In this morning’s edition she writes about Judge Ronald Friedman’s (left)decision not to block the game as a “public nuisance” as requested by controversial attorney Jack Thompson.

As reported by the Herald, Friedman’s comments in open court include:

”There’s a lot of violence. A whole lot. Less than we see on television every night. Does that mean I would want my children to view it? No. But does it rise to a point that its a nuisance? The answer is no from what I saw.”

The newspaper reports that Judge Friedman did not render a final ruling, but said he would consider the matter if Thompson wished to pursue it after the game is released on October 17th. Thompson, however, told the Herald he does not plan to exercise that option.

Thompson disputed Judge Friedman’s comments that he watched Take-Two employees demonstrate the game for two hours in chambers on Thursday. Thompson said it was only an hour, and chastised the judge during Friday’s hearing:

”You did not see the game. You don’t even know what it was you saw.”

Thompson objected to Take-Two employees showing the game on the basis that they could have avoided the game’s more violent content.

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