Jack Thompson Announces College Debate Tour

It seems that Jack Thompson is planning a road show.

The anti-game activist is lining up a college tour, during which he promises “to debate all opponents regarding the dangers of (violent video) games and what to do about them.”

Thompson’s designated opponent will be magazine publisher Bob Guccione, Jr. (Spin, Discover). As Thompson himself writes in a press release e-mailed to GamePolitics and other media outlets:

“College student video gamers who want to see this debate should encourage their respective schools to book it, and then to attend it in their “I Hate Jack Thompson” t-shirts…”

Rather surprisingly, Thompson’s press release included a picture of one such t-shirt as well as a link to buy them – from Think Geek, no less, which is associated with Penny Arcade, a site the attorney once tried to have shut down. 

For more info, see the tour promoter’s site

UPDATE: Thompson e-mails in to say that the first debate will be at California University of Pennsylvania (near Pittsburgh) on January 30th… We cannot confirm this, however.

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