Jack Thompson Says He is Running for "Bully" Judge's Seat

October 22, 2006 -
Game-bashing attorney Jack Thompson claims to throwing his hat into the political ring.

In a lengthy press release issued on Thursday, the controversial attorney says that he plans to run for a judgeship on the Eleventh Judicial Circuit in Miami. If that court sounds familiar to GamePolitics readers, it's because the Bully court case has been playing out there in recent weeks before Judge Ronald Friedman.

In fact, it's Friedman's seat which Thompson hopes to claim in the 2008 election.  Thompson has been harshly critical of Judge Friedman in the wake of the jurist's decision not to block the release of Bully. Thompson had sought to have the game declared a "public nuisance."

Circuit court judges in Florida are elected for six-year terms. The outspoken attorney says he is announcing his candidacy early in order to raise sufficient campaign money.

However, a source familiar with the Miami judiciary speculated that Thompson's announced candidacy could also be a tactic designed to force Judge Friedman to recuse himself from the Bully case, for which additional motions are pending - including, apparently, one filed by opposing counsel which seeks to hold Thompson in contempt.

Will we be calling Jack Thompson "Your Honor?"

Only time will tell.


I have to agree with Bissel: If he wins, the case will simply move to higher courts that will likely undo his rulings.

But before we even get to that. Does he even stand a chance? He has a clear and obvious bias. His professional attitude offline is starting to fall apart. And his entire reason for running for judge is narrow-minded and selfish. In short, he has nothing.

So he can't win, and if he could the higher courts would prevent him from doing what he wants anyway. A waste of effort.


[/comic book guy]

He's out fo his gourd. That "release" looks more like a post on GameFAQs. Heaven help that poor moron if he tries to enter the political arean again- his past indiscretions will get him eaten alive.

Judge: Jack, please sit down and stop hopping around. This is a courtroom, not a circus.

Jack: Your honor! These porn-peddlers are corrupting our youth and if that coloumbine sim...

Judge: Call it a "Coloumbine Simulator" again and I will hold you in comtempt...

Jack: ...Sir, if Bully is not put out as a 'public nuisance' soon, an epidemic will occur that will be worse than the hurricanes here in Florida.

Judge: Mr. Thompson, I have made my final verdict and I am sticking to...

Jack: FINE! You know what! If things aren't done in the name of the lord and myself, I will make damn sure you are thrown out of your seat by 2008!

Judge: ...2008?

Jack: When I beat you in the race for your seat! Brain-dead pixelantes will know me as the honorable 'Judge Dredd'!

Phoenix Wright: OBJECTION!

Judge: Hey...how did you...

Wright: 'Judge Dredd' is a trademark name protected by the copyright of John Wagner. In no way, shape, or form, can Mr. Thompson use it as his alter ego...

Thompson: No, you idiot. My alter-ego is Batman. Duh.

So according to Jack's logic, when all else fails, take the law into your own hands so that YOU can interpret it however YOU want.

I swear to gods, this guy is truly a megalomaniac. Now there's no hiding it. I've said it before and I'll say it again: he must be stopped. If not through the legal system, then by any means necessary.

@ beemoh

Hopefully you're right. And if that's the case, his career will implose right then and there.

BTW, I am serious about the class-action lawsuit. If my friend's dad gets back to me and says it has merit, we'll be defintiely be going forward with it.

This just continues to prove that Jack Thompson has lost all connection to reality.

What a petulant crybaby.

Christ, This means all cases against video games will be guilty. He will not look at the facts of them. We all just need to hope he does not get the position.

"....for which additional motions are pending - including, apparently one which seeks to hold Thompson in contempt."

Cripes, if only this were "Starship Trooper" reality where the next line would be "Would you like to hear more?" I'd break my rollerball's left button jabbing at the "Yes" button on the screen. :)

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Mark, I read the last part of your post and I died laughing. Considering that thompson tried to sue the florida bar, or whatnot, that just made it impossible for him to get elected.

anyways, I don't believe he'll even be seen, because even if he becomes a judge, he will have to resign to just torturing florida residents.


Tell us when it's out :) (or when you get sued)


Jack.. Thompson.. As.. A.. Judge..

*long pause


Well, if nothing else, this proves that Jack admits that all his so-called 'reasonable' excuses were bullshit, and that his only step forward is the Dirty Tricks club.

Well, we all know how well his political run againt Janet Reno went...

There is at least one other (sinister) motive that I can come up with for Jack's new-found desire to sit on the bench. Fla. Bar Reg. R. 4-8.2(a) states: "A lawyer shall not make a statement that the lawyer knows to be false or with reckless disregard as to its truth or falsity concerning the qualifications or integrity of a judge...or candidate for election or appointment to judicial or legal office."

Jack could be trying to make an end-run around other attorneys' ability to criticize him (legitimately or otherwise) by cloaking himself with "I'm running for judge, you can't attack me!"

Of course, there's Fla. Bar Reg. R. 4-8.2(b): "A lawyer who is a candidate for judicial office shall comply with the applicable provisions of Florida's Code of Judicial Conduct." Based on his past performance, I'm guessing Jack might have a problem with this one.

Upcoming news Jack Thompson loses bid for Judge.

This can't end well...

It has to be at least unethical to announce one's candidacy for the judgeship currently held by the judge one is currently arguing in front of. If this is the case though, it won't be like Thompson will gain anything. If anything, Friedman was biased against the gaming side (demanding Bully be produced before release despite lack of proper bonding for such a request).

I wonder if he intends to try and make Friedman fill in a checkbox form on his sexual orientation.

Well, really, if he does anything stupid, like win and start ruling on all sorts of video game cases (...can a judge bring up a video game case before himself??) you know the higher courts will hear all about it. And odds are, they'll reverse the decision...

Nothing to worry about here- look at that Wikipedia page-

28 U.S.C. sec. 155, captioned "Bias or prejudice of judge," provides that under circumstances, when a party to a case in a United States District Court files a "timely and sufficient affidavit that the judge before whom the matter is pending has a personal bias or prejudice either against him or in favor of an adverse party," the case shall be transferred to another judge.

if that extends down to district courts, then he won't last thirty seconds on any game case. That, of course, depends on who decides if the affidavit is timely and sufficient...


I'm pretty sure this won't work. You can't try to create conflicts of interest to force a recusal if you don't like a judge. Even if it did, Friedman gave Thompson more leeway than I think most judges would, demanding to see the game and all. He'd do worse with whoever it got reassigned to.

Does he really have a chance?

The ease at which you could produce something stupid this guy has said...actually come to think about it let him run it would take away any credibility he has in the press.

I really can't take this seriously.

[...] Jack Thompson is running for the position of the judge that said no to the Bully ban. Who the hell lets this man continue to practice law? [...]

Winning the seat could be the best thing for everyone involved. He wouldn't be allowed to whore himself out there for the cases he currently takes and he would have to immediately recuse himself for any cases involving those same cases for an obvious conflict of interest. Failing to recuse himself would bring on real sanctions against him as a judge for all sorts of hilarity.

Jack Thompson running for Judge..............I LOL'D!

It shouldn't be too hard for his competition to come up with some ads against him. Is is possible to find a quote by him that isn't negative?

@Benji. I believe complex appointment procedures are the best form of nomination for lower level courts. Lets say 50 Lawyers make a pitch for the position, then Jack has to look like one of the best 3-5-7 candidates out of those 50 in the eyes of his peers, other judges, NGOs and the Legislative Body. Then he would have to look like the best candidate out of those 3-5-7 nominees in the eyes of The head of the executive + 2/3 of the legislative branch. Much safer and better than heavy politicized elections were Jack can appeal to the "Would anyone please think about the children" population

We've already seen what happens when he loses an election. Check Wikipedia. ;)

Only in Florida...

Can you imagine what it would be like if he lost? We've seen how he acts when he loses a court case, just think of his reaction if he lost an election.

Can judges introduce legislation or file suit against "public nuisances"? Seems to me, that's the thing JBT likes best about being a lawyer, and if he's going to give that up in the hope someone else'll put legislation forward...

Not to mention, even if he did pass some anti-game law, it'd just get appealed all the way up.

The ESA and ESRB would only have to submit some of the letters he's sent them to give evidence of his incapability to be objective. Not a wanted trait in a judge.

I dont think I have laughed out loud at a headline for a while.

I think we should consider it a public service to inform any panel for the election of judges of his behaviour online. It really wouldn't be fair of them to make such a decision without all of the facts :)

Okay, he's a lawyer who's pretending to know the law and now thinks he's better than it despite being proved wrong several times? I dunno which is more pathetic, if he's serious or if he isn't.

'including, apparently one which seeks to hold Thompson in contempt.'

If this is confirmed, I think it would be the crux of the matter. After all, if theres still Bar compaints outstanding against him, that _really_ isn't going to help him, and he knows it.

Basically, Jack is saying "Well if I can't get my way, I'll just get rid of the authority figure that is in my way and I can rule all! Bwhahahaha!" I can't wait to see him lose. I think all gamers in Florida who are over 18 and registered to vote should go all out to make sure Jacko doesn't get that judge seat.

Oh goodie, Jack is going to run for judge.

You DO realize that it is now "Open Season" , to abuse a phrase, on him. We have so much stuff on him, its pathetic.

Have at, folks! I can see the Op-Ed pieces now. Start sending them...

However, a source familiar with the Miami judiciary speculated that Thompson’s announced candidacy could also be a tactic designed to force Judge Friedman to recuse himself from the Bully case, for which additional motions are pending - including, apparently one which seeks to hold Thompson in contempt.

Wouldn't Jack have to recuse himself from this case as well, since he alledges to be running for Friedman's seat on the bench?

Aren't judges prohibited from voicing their personal opinions on topics relating to the law? (Or is that just the custom?) Then that would mean that Jack wouldn't be able to say his inaccurate and inflamatory comments about videogames! Vote for Jack! Vote for Jack! Vote for Jack!

SEriously, if anyone runs against him, he won't have a chance. After all the trouble he gave Janet Reno when she ran for office, he should know that every bit of dirty laundry, whether it is even true or not, will be aired in the run up to the election. Hell, all an opponent has to do is go to wikipedia and he or she will have more than enough dirt to smear Jack's name behound repair. Actually this could work well for us. If an opponent actually does air Jacks crazy antics, perhaps the mainstream media will get the hint and stop paying attention to him!

Not sure, but I think that is the general idea, if the contempt hearing is true then it would mean that the Judge would not be able to try someone who is running for judge for contempt of court, hence Jack does his usual and abuses the law simply to try and get away with his own cock-up.

The old adage "Bad lawyers run for judge" can now be considered a universal law.

I always knew that things would get a lot stranger before we're done hearing about him. If this actually goes anywhere, I think things might get nasty. Can you imagine an attack ad from Jack? Also, I'm not sure that he's going to get elected based solely on his position on video games. I'm guessing that's going to be the focus of his campaign. This has the potential of a lot of unintentional humor on Jack's part. Let's just hope he doesn't accuse this opponent of being gay, like he did with Janet Reno. Is she still being blackmailed by the mafia about that Jack?

I wonder how far he'll take it? He might chicken out, but we'll just see.

PyroHazard: I roffled.

More to the point, Jack seriously has no hope in hell of winning a judge's seat. Patent inability to be unbiased or even civil when it comes to gaming issues, especially online, but even in discussions in the real world and courts of law, his composure is starting to unravel, reflexively spewing vitriol at Rockstar/Take-Two, stuff like that. He'll never get that seat, and I would encourage all the gamers who are of age to vote in 2008 make sure that he doesn't get that seat (assuming the general public does indeed vote on that.)

And there's a motion to hold him in contempt? Someone down there finally got sick of him being unable to hold his tongue, I guess.

Upon further reflection, both this and his earlier letter to Patricia Vance both smack of desperation. Jack's running scared now. He knows he lost a case that was very significant to his career and has done serious damage to his credibility. He's now trying anything he can to salvage what little he has left. I once said earlier when he announced his involvement in the Cody Posey case that he was like a drowning man desperately trying to cling to anything he could to keep from going under. This, ladies and gentlemen, is further proof of that.


I hope he drags himself into the crossfire. he might end up becoming a threat the ESA can't ignore.

Dammit jccalhoun, you beat me to it. What people should do to stop his step into political office is bring out everything he's done behind the scenes: Penny Arcade, Flower For Jack, every innaccuracy and lie he has pulled out, and every nasty letter, email, and message board post he has ever done to the gaming community and industry to ruin his chances of ever getting any money or spotlight ever again. I believe once he told a gamer the F-word twice in one message. Not very professional, is it?

I encourage everyone who is going to be living in Miami around that time to try and bring it all out. Ruin his chances of coming out into politics.

If he becomes a judge, will he stop sending out emails about how he just farted, and emails where he uses bad grammar to make threats on people's lives?

[...] Jack runs for Judge. [...]



Sorry, but this has got to be the funniest thing I've heard all week. Jack is the complete antithesis of the ideal judge - biased, temperamental, and doesn't exactly have a solid grasp of law. Even without the dirt we might supply, I can't imagine him winning an election against any minimally qualified opponent.

And of course, even if he were to win, it might actually be even better for gaming, since there's no way in hell he'd ever get to try a game-related case with his proven bias.

Don't judges need to be able to pass judgment after hearing both sides of the case?

Wow, isn't this like burning the bridge while you're still standing on it?

This reminds me of the end of Disgaea.

oh dear... Jack Thompson as a judge. I'm guessing no one under 18 gets a fair trial in HIS court.

Jack: So what did you do?
Boy: I beat up my friend in self defense...
Jack: Ok, so you say you played Bully and murdered everyone at your school.
Boy: What? NO!
Jack: Too late, I'm the judge and what I say goes. Guards, take him to the tower. DEATH PENALTY! DEATH PENALTY!
---You are likely to be eaten by a Grue.
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