Nassau County Ready to Pass ESRB Signage Law

Parents who find the ESRB system challenging should have an easier time deciphering the ratings while shopping for video games in Nassau County, New York.

As reported by The Northender, a committee of the county government has approved a bill which requires game retailers to post signs detailing the rating system. Retailers will also need to make printed information on the rating system available to consumers. The measure is expected to be finalized on November 1st.

“The rating level printed on the cover of the game is not enough,” said legislator Dave Mejias (left), a Democrat who also happens to be running for Congress. “Requiring retailers to clearly post the ratings information will provide parents with all available information and allow them to better protect their children from the violent and gratuitous behavior displayed in many video games.” 

Also testifying was Dr. Elizabeth Carll of the American Psychological Association, no stranger to research involving video games and violence. Dr. Carll’s testimony included:

“Efforts to improve the rating system for video games would be a first step in providing additional helpful information as to the content of video games.” 

If this measure passes, which seems to be a given, it won’t be the first such law. California enacted a similar measure in 2004. Georgia added one in 2005. The video game industry doesn’t generally oppose such legislation. Retailers who violate the proposed Nassau County bill could be fined up to $500.

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