Election Day Special Coverage - Races We'll Be Watching

November 7, 2006 -
GamePolitics is a single-issue site. Video games and politics, that's all we cover.

And while we don't advocate casting your vote based solely on this issue, we know it's important to you - otherwise you wouldn't be reading GP. So let's take a look at races around the country that involve candidates with involvement in the politics of video games:

U.S. Senate:

  • Hillary Clinton (D-NY): sponsor of the Family Entertainment Protection Act (FEPA)

  • Joe Lieberman (I-CT): his criticism of game violence in the mid-1990's led directly to the formation of the ESRB

  • Rick Santorum (R-PA): backs Hillary's game initiatives, but also backs the ESRB

  • George Allen (R-VA): backs the ESRB rating system

  • Candidate Mike McGavick (R-WA): trying to unseat Democrat Maria Cantwell; he believes the entertainment industry will not regulate itself and wants to explore legislative solutions

U.S. Congress:

  • Fred Upton (R-MI): sponsor of the "Video Game Decency Act"

  • Cliff Stearns (R-FL): sponsor of the "Truth in Video Game Ratings Act"

  • Jim Matheson (D-UT): sponsor of the "Video Games Ratings Enforcement Act"

  • Joe Baca (D-CA): sponsor of "SAFE Rating Act"

  • Betty McCollum (D-MN): offered harsh criticism of ESRB rating system at recent NIMF Ratings Summit

  • Candidate Ed Perlmutter (D): seeking election in Colorado; promises video game legislation

  • Candidate Dave Mejias (D): sponsor of Nassau County, NY law requiring ratings awareness

Governor Races:

  • Michigan incumbent Jennifer Granholm (D) - led her state's failed attempt to legislate video game content

  • California incumbent Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) - signed his state's video game bill into law; law is currently blocked, awaiting a final ruling

  • Illinois incumbent Rod Blagojevich (D) - led his state's failed attempt to legislate video game content; state was ordered to reimburse the video game industry more than $500,000 in legal fees

  • Oklahoma incumbent Brad Henry (D): signed his state's video game bill into law; law is currently blocked, awaiting a final ruling

  • Minnesota incumbent Tim Pawlenty (R): signed the Gopher State's ill-fated video game law into effect.

  • Minnesota challenger Mike Hatch (D): current Attorney General, defended the Minnesota bill in court and lost. Along the way Hatch called violent games "worthless, disgusting speech" and "speech of low societal value."

  • New York candidate Eliot Spitzer (D): the popular Attorney General is a shoe-in to become governor; earlier this year he promised video game legislation

  • Texas challenger Chris Bell (D): promised video game legislation, but seems likely to lose the race to incumbent Rick Perry

  • Georgia: Candidate (and current Lt. Guv) Mark Taylor (D) promises video game legislation

  • Kansas: incumbent Kathleen Sebelius (D) backed a video game bill which failed in the state legislature

Other State-level Races:

  • Minnesota: Rep. Jeff Johnson (R), co-sponsor of the state's video game law, is running for Attorney General

  • Georgia: incumbent Attorney General Thurbert Baker is running for re-election; Baker has publicly supported the video game industry's ESRB rating system

  • California: Assembly Speaker Leland Yee (D), sponsor of his state's video game legislation, is a lock to move up to the State Senate

  • North Carolina: State Senator Julia Boseman (D), sponsor of her state's failed video game legislation, is in a tough re-election battle

  • Kansas: Rep. Tom Thull (D) promises video game legislation



I mistook you for someone capable of engaging in rational dialogue. My mistake, doubly so since it's OT for this board. I won't make it again.

*smiles* Nice to see we can both recover and finish on a civil note :)

I appreciate the response, Yuki.

I will accept your points on the Clinton Administration, I will just point out that at some point the National Debt which I referred to eariler HAS to be paid back or it will spiral. This will no doubt be done after Bush has left office as frankly he does not care a damn with only 2 years left. Today the Republicans lost the House of Representatives which they have held for the last 6 years. This means that budgets and spending that have gone through without any problems will no longer be able to do so. Hopefully in the next 2 years some of the financial damage that goes unseen can be repaired before the next President is elected. Billions of Dollars have to be paid back and these can only come from Tax increases or reduction of breaks, and the upper 10% are the ones most equipped to assist with this. Thats pretty much what I was getting at anyhow.

I will concur that some of the media you highlighted will give a more Democrat related approach, though some I don't see. However just because I highlighted Fox News doesn't mean there aren't other Republican News channels out there. I happen to think that a lot of the fear enducing titles and such are the result of a Republican agenda, but thats a seperate discussion.

One thing we can definately agree on is to approach the media with a reserved scepticism and research for facts. However, often the facts we search for have been filtered from Congress/Government and you have to look beyond the spin placed upon them even then.

I find the comments on Israel the only disturbing thing in all you have said. I find the quote "One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter" quite appropriate. There's really no justification in the deaths of Palestinian civilians be they women and children or men. However, conversely, suicide bombings in Israel are equally vile and inhuman. Sadly we in the west have to take part of the blame for the unstable situation as after WWII we pretty much gave land to Israel that was currently in posession of Palestinians and the subsequent disruption has ended in the constant war we see on our screens today.

Theres no easy answers to this one and somewhere along the lines there has to be a willingness to compromise. I hold out hope though. It wasn't too long ago the IRA was planting bombs in the UK killing innocents. These days Sinn Fein are a Genuine Political Party no longer affiliated with terrorists (I go by recent reports by those proposing reinstating the Irish Parliment). People can change for the better. I hope it happens there too.

Finally, don't worry. I am not a religious man. I also do not rule out the existance of God, I just don't believe in the organised religions which have had Man's hand in translations and agenda.

Once again, thanks for this reply, it was heartening. Will converse with you again on the subject in the future :)

I can't believe Blagobitch won. Illinios voters must be absolute morons. He's by far the most corrupt, idiotic Governor ever in the history of U.S. politics. Lieberman winning sucks to.

"Saddam was murdering hundreds of thousands every year to keep an uprising from happening."

Uh no. In fact Saddam in under 30 years killed far less Iraqs then the United States has in the three years since the invasion.

A well researched study whose critics have not been able to debunk it by doing their own research shows that over half a million Iraqis have been killed by violence since the occupation.

A quarter of that half a million are those killed by coalition forces with the vast majority being done by the United States. Over half of the dead killed by coalition forces are children under the age of ten.

The United States in a study mentioned by the Christian Science Monitor said that over 30 innocent Iraqis were killed by coalition forces for every insurgent and that figure was in 2003. It looks like several hundred innocent Iraqis may be killed trying to kill an insurgent now.

The Death Squads in Iraq that were funded by the United States as well as trained have taking over many hospitals, morques with the purpose of murdering Sunnis who come to collect the bodies of dead relatives or seek medical care.

Bother to do some research Chuma the Iraqis will tell you now that a 100 years of Saddam are better then one year of what they have now thanks to his removeal. The Christian Iraqis were safe under Saddam there were half a million of them now there are very few since they are being slaughtered by Muslims. Under Saddam there was no street crime, people had electricity, medical care, schooling. Women went to college, now in Iraq women are getting killed for not wearing headscarves, men are killed for wearing shorts.

Iraq was the best friend of the United States. Funny how the United States didn't object to what Saddam was doing which was no different then dozens of other countries around the world at the time and today.

Btw those Iraqi police we are training our own damn soldiers will tell it will take decades for them to police the country. Same with the army. Btw those Iraqis often attack the American forces or refuse to fight the Insurgents. American troops have often seen the police give orders to not fire on the insurgents or join the insurgents on firing on them. The American instructors are in fact afraid of being killed by the trainees. The American instructors are always in full combat gear and guarded by other American troops when they are instructing the Iraqis.

GOd I hope Bob(Banny hen) Corker dose not win...as stupid and pointless Ford and Bredison ,another "proper" business man that managed to make money off buying and selling land when he was mayor making millions off it of coarse.......Tennessee dose not need another Corrupt business man in office...

Yes and no,vote 3rd party when you can just to send the message,BTW IND is not 3rd party,if there is no choice pick the lesser evil,really there should be a default for non of the above if it gets more than 5% of votes the whole thing will have to be done over...but no...lets keep things quick and painfully corrupt...

Yep... Voting for Granholm. Obviously not because I like the whole video game legislation thing (although maybe she's learned her lesson...) but I like her better than slimebucket Devos... Something about another rich boy who rode daddy's coat tails to a political office that sets my teeth on edge...

Really wish Fred would be voted out. Sadly, given that part of the state, there's a better chance of me being struck by a meteor right now.

Ok, how bout we see some of these ? I'd be interested in seeing some of this stuff since, last time I checked, Iv'e not seen word one in the news about troops killing civis "under orders". Strange how you'd think that'd be big news durning the recent election eh?

Sorry lurk, I call bs till I can see the evidance myself. You dont' have to take my word for it if you don't want, but unlike you ,I know acutally troops who were in Iraq. I've spoken to field commanders. My dad is Ex military and has contacts in the army still.

You know what they call your "alligations" ? Bullshit!!

Abu grad probaly has some wrong doing, they agree to that, but beyond that, theres no proof of any wide spread illegal action by either Contractors or troops, green zone or not. While some troops have commited actions outside of there orders, for which they will be punsihed, no one, in the admin or on the field, ever ordered the killing of civis, and I trust the word of the troops over yours any day.

hate to stamp a label on you lurk, but, you sound like nothing more then a Liberal drum beater.

Far as i'm concerned, Liberals are as much responible for the problems in iraq as anyone. After all, dozens of Democratic leaders voted and supported the war when it started then turned tail and ran when it didn't go as planned.

But then again, you'll probably ignore that fact since it doesn't fit your Agenda!


Length of post and Errors forgiven, thats one things I have no right to comment on.

It doesn't matter who you vote for. Both parties are screwed up.

Yeah... Amway. About that...

Devos was never willing to actually say what his positions were, and just point fingers. I've never liked him, though... "Oooo, I almost revitalized downtown Grand Rapids and got a building named after me!"


Since you want to go point by point, thats fine. AS for links, I"ll see if I can dig them up for ya and send them your way. Most of the info I got was from paper media, mainly finance reports, but I'm fairly sure I can find them online.

1. last reports that I had seen, and admittedly, this was just about 3 months ago, showed unemployment at a near 30 year low, with the majority of new jobs landing right about 25 grand give or take. SOme lower, some higher. All in all, it's not world shaking but at the same time, no, it's not poverty either. While there is still room for improvment, it's a fair cry from the massive jump in unemployment that happened in the clinton years. Only reason clinton had no deficent was cause he cut the defense budget to shreds to save money, among other things. And look what that got us, The Uss cole, 3 embassy bombings, maybe more. I have to check news archives for that, and the first attack on the world trade. Great work huh? While people love to tout the clinton deficent reduction, he did it by raising taxes, cutting defense, and using tax money to smoke screen poor economic activity. But thats niether here nor there anymore.

2. The tax numbers came not from me, but from the most Recent IRS tax bracket audit. I'll grab a link as soon as I can find it again. That being said, there are of course factual issues in it and some discrepinces, but for the most part, those numbers were accurate. While addmittedly, the upper 1 percent are able to shield a great deal of money, they still paid the highest tax rate of any tax bracket in the country. As you said they, it doesn't affect them as much cause they can afford it.

3. Thats not the point. But then again, it's my fault for not explaining. You mistakenly assume I was refering to you. I was refering to the media. Don't even bother with the "Faux news" stuff pal, your out of your league. Hows this for a list.


Gee, thats what, Four networks that are actively LIberal Vs 1 Station that is activly conseritive, not to mention hundreds of local stations around the country. Dont' start the "Right wing propganda" wagon buddy, I got a list of Left wing lies and slander 30 miles long.

You are however, right about this. REp are in no way innocent. Which is why I didn't vote straight Rep in my local elections. I have some serous hangups with the Republican party. I'm niether straight Conservitive nore Liberal. I fall in the middle in many respects. But when you break it down, the media, by an overwhelming percent, is heavily, and consistantly biased on the Left wing fringe. So, go ahead and say what you will, but the Reps are nothing compared to the Dems when it comes to smears,lies, distortion, and misreporting. You may not like what I said about the media, but don't dare tell me I'm wrong when better then 80 percent of the tv media is Left wing.

4. You didn't read did you? I didn't say the usa should "Go it alone", I said the us should either have the UN disbanded, and work on it's own with other countries without the oversight of the UN, or should drop it's funding from the un and let it fend for itself. A few months on it's own, the UN would come crawling to the us cause without the us, it has no resources, no money, and not nearly enough military power to stand against countries like China and North korea. Like it or not, one of the biggies mistakes of all time was the UN forcing Israel into a cease fire when they could have wiped one of the most pervasive and well established terror groups off the map and possibly defeated a dictator who, like saddam, seeks nuclear weapons for, in his own words "The utter destruction of israel". Yeah, the UN does a great job of bowing to terrorists and letting them run rampant. Sorry, but I will not, ever, back down on this. You can disagree, but might I suggest you look back of the last 30 years and remember where listening to the UN got america? From my memory, that would be NOWHERE! I say lets disband the UN, then the usa and uk can work on there own to establish relationships with other nations at there discretion, not be forced to acknowledge terrorist nations because of the UN's Weakness. Thats how I feel, and that isn't changing.

5. Iraq

Now on this, you make some damn good points, and some of the ones I've had the biggest issue with in terms of the Reps. Your right about the "War for Oil" arguments. Theres some major truth there and I have some major hangups with that. Always have always will. Second, yes, attacking first probably wasn't the right way to help Iraq become a democracy, but it's also true that they didn't have many options. Saddam was murdering hundreds of thousands every year to keep an uprising from happening. In fact, there was a new report yesterday morning that 50 bodies had been found, all murdered by saddams forces while he was in power. With that level of oppression, it's likely that any desenting Iraqi's would have been dead long before enough of them could organize a resistance. So while going in first and then building up the infrastructre second wasn't the best plan, it was the fastest way to prevert further blood shed by saddam and take his foreces of the streets.

Lastly, I don't pin you as a liberal, I was pointing out how your statment match nearly 100 percent to those of the liberal media, many of which have been proven wrong. You can belive what you want, but I live here, I see it, I research it, and I have to deal with the results of it. So I ask that before you go making claims, you take your own advice and consider the source first. The reps are angels, hell, some of them are bold faces liars and scumbags. But when you compare them to DEMS? Shit, they seem like pope john paul by comparison. Thats just my opinon of course, and your free to disagree. In fact, I encourage you to do your own research, and draw your own conclusions. AS you said, your not a retard, and I see that clearly from your response, which was both articulate and to the point. but don't assume I've not done my research. I live here, I don't have a choice, I have to know this stuff, cause I have to live with the results of it.

On last note, I'm not religous, and therefore did not make the Pope referance with any religous intentions, I'm simply saying that there is that big a difference in the actions between the 2 parties. Least, from what i've seen and researched.

anyway, I have to go chuma, hope to have some more civil discourse with you now that I've calmed down.

Well, I voted at 7 AM this morning. Being from PA, I only have sway in one of those races. Hopefully we Pennsylvanians will wake up tommorow with a new Senator-elect.

Mini Poll: Who at GP voted? (I am NOT asking for your decision, just if you voted)

~~All Knowledge is Worth Having~~

Don't forget that in IN district 9, the Republican party has been heavilly running commercials stating that Baron Hill, the Democratic candidate voted against videogame censorship. While that doesn't indicatte the Hill is for the ESRB or that the Republican candidate, Sodrel, is for censorship, it is worth noting that the nrcc.org has made it an issue.

Not to bring a big bash on your party guys...but why bring Iraq to this website, seriously.

Oh, and remember, the US put him in power, rode him up on a tank, you musn't forget that.

As for your president and that entire spiel. Like Father like Son.

Now back to something this place is based on...

All politicians have money though. You have to remember he runs Amway. What has Granholm done right? Wasted tax dollars on video game law It makes me sick.

The1jeffy: War, but that was a pretty neat analogy. Kudos.

I have to agree with Vinzent about Arnie in California. As a matter of fact, the first ad I saw come from the Angelides camp was not something that addressed the issues here in California, but attacked Arnold on the fact that he is a Bush supporter. Now I will admit Bush has been less than an inspiring leader and all, and I know it is fashionable to hate on Bush, but something is wrong with your campaign when your opening salvo for getting your message across is attacking a candidate based on the fact that he supports party lines which means he is a Bush supporter.

Arnie has not necessarily been bad, and while I don't agree with him on Leland Yee's bill and a few other things he has tried to do, he has genuinely tried to dig California out of the hole that was dug for us by the last two Governors (One Republican, one Democrat).

I'm so glad I live in Quebec, Canada. No politician here ever wasted time and taxpayer money on video game issues. In fact, the only bad news that have been reported here concerning video games are about "Columbine Massacre RPG" (the shooter of the Dawson College shooting played it) and of course "Bully" but that was a ridiculous news story from a single news channel. One that will leap at the chance to report anything "scandalous". even if they didnt have the facts yet.

@dog welder

Wow, just...wow.

Suddenly I'm glad I live in a small town. At least our local officials (yes, they are up for election as well) have more sense than to use negative campainging.

On the plus side, I came across this music video while sifting through related vids that describes this whole election year perfectly.


People shouldn't fear there governments.

People also shouldn't fear there Christmas/holiday bonus which might push them into a higher tax bracket.

Yes, that was pushing it but I'm really tired.

From msnbc.com:

Maria Cantwell beat McGavick.

Hatch and Pawlenty are tied 46% apiece, though Hatch has more votes.

The Govenator easily won as well.


I'll take this point by point.

1. Unemployment figures are not in question here. This is indeed a good thing as long as the jobs themselves mean the workers are above the poverty line. I would like to see for myself is this is the case with some actual links rather than taking your word for it.

2. The figures you plucked out of thin air. Can you provide a link to substantiate them and then show the earnings of each of those brackets compared to the tax paid? You will find that they don't correspond.

The upper 10% you say pay 40% of the taxes. Assuming this is true and you haven't just made this up or made a rough approximation from things you have read, how much of the total Income are they earning? If it is greater than 40% then they aren't paying their fair share. Statistics can be manipulated to suit any needs, which is why the term was coined "Theres, Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics", quite a famous quote.

Infact, earnings in the highest paid bracket are hidden behind shares, property and such. Basically there are outs to place your money with which the tax man cannot touch it, and these are incentives to what I coined as the upper 1%.

This is not unique to the US, but if you are so party biased that you have to start slinging insults around then there is very little hope, which brings me neatly to point 3...

3. "Typical liberal BULLSHIT!" "if you belive the liberal media over here, your(sic) a retard"

These sorta of Ad Hominen attack are the same ones you freak out upon whenever Jack makes them. How about a bit of consistancy and a little less hostility when someone offers an alternative viewpoint to your own?

As for propaganda, the Republicans have an entire news channel devoted to it; Fox News.

Your insults have lost any respect I have for you and if you cannot accept my points without spouting out that sort of hostile attack, and you actually believe the Republicans are incapable of lieing whilst everything the Democrats is to be treated as biased... Frankly you remind me of the Sony/Nintendo/Xbox fanboys; incapable of coherrent or rational thought.

If you had actually bothered to read what I said instead of reacting in a typically childish manner, you'd have seen that the Labour Party (A traditional Socialist and Liberal party) in power in the UK where I am based at the moment are shown in the same light as the Republicans are in the US. Blinkers off please...

4. As for your comments on the UN, well basically the US didn't play ball with the UN. If they did then they would have realised that Iraq did not have Weapons of Mass Destruction. Do you remember that? That was the original reason for going into Iraq, which somewhere along the lines got lost in all the shit and spin that was batted about. The UN was undermined between the US and the UK. The UN does need updating, but if you are seriously suggesting that the US should go it alone in all decision making of World affairs... I don't think I have words for just how bad an idea that is.

5. Iraq.

I'll start with the point about the UN and WMDs. Over in the UK there was the famous '45 minutes to launch WMDs' Dossier which has been subsequently torn to shreads and ruled as misleading. I'm not sure what the intentions of the War were, all I know is that 9/11 was predominantly committed by Saudi Nationals and what was the first thing that happened in the US? The airports were all closed down except for *1* flight and that was the flight to get the Bin Laden Family off US Soil, the biggest provider of oil to your country, rather than questioning and releasing them. Why wasn't Saudi Arabia taken to task? Draw your own conclusions.

Iraq was a mistake. Period. Yes Saddam Hussein is a Tyrrant and yes the world is better off for him being gone, but we can't just go around getting rid of anyone we don't approve of. When France helped liberate the US from English Rule in the War of Independance, it was done so after the US citizens started an uprising and they helped re-enforce the position. Thats the way to do these sorts of things. You help, you don't dictate a position. Some peoples just aren't ready for such a big change. And that is my position on the Middle East; we should watch and wait and help when needed, but never step over the mark to enforcing our own morality and political ideals.

Now you can pin me as liberal if you wish, frankly I don't care (though I will say that my views range from very liberal with regards to security measures, healthcare, abortion, etc to very conservative with regards to Justice, Capital Punishment, etc). However if you want to debate with me in a reasoned fashion then stay away from insulting remarks, stop with the strawman arguments and try to be a little less hostile. Believe it or not, we can have opposite opinions and share them without resorting to calling people retards, something I can assure you I am not.


I voted, although I'll be surprised if my POV carries the day on any of the issues on the ballot, let -alone- the candidates.


Excuse me? You're pulling your analysis of that Westword story out of thin air. It talks about bad logistics at a voting site in Denver, and there are no indications either in the article or in the larger context that party politics have anything to do with it. Next time read the article before you link it.

As for the allegations of voter intimidation, time will tell. You might want to broaden your reading, though, since you make it sound like this is a Republican activity, rather than a standard practice of both Republicans and Democrats, although the most -recent- tidbit of interest is the indictment of some workers from ACORN on charges of voter fraud:

One study covering allegations and incidents of fraud and/or tampering by both parties in 2004:


The ACORN workers story:


In Michigan, we really are voting for the lesser of two evils. Although not old enough to vote, I would have to go with DeVos. Our state's economy has gone in the can (primarly because of a heavy reliance on the fledgling automotive industry). That "...and in five years, you'll be blown away!" line is a real riot. I also cannot support anyone who wastes taxpayer money by signing into law a bill she knows will get blocked on the basis of unconstitutionality. (refering to her failed attempt to legislate video games)

As for the other races, I hope Lieberman does not win. The two headed monster created by he and Hilary must go.

The webb/Allen Virginia race is very close less than 3.000 votes there will more than likely be a re-count in that state

Webb has said he won. by less than 1% though re-count here we come!

Edward kennedy won mass. senate again he was a shoe in but the real one was Deval patrick won the gov. race by a huge margin.


The problem is I've only seen the last part of that ad once. It either never ran again or was in a low rotation. Frankly, the Chabot/Cranley race has gotten nasty so I think the video game issue, if ever there was one in that contest, got pushed to the backburner pretty quickly. Here's a hilariously bad attack ad:


(I love the bit about tasering 7-year-olds.)

This isn't my district, but I have to listen to the ads.

I was trying to watch Sunday Night Football to cheer on my Patriots this past Sunday night, and every ad was either a vicious attack ad OR one of those damn Chevy-John Mellencamp "This Is Our Country" ads. By the end of the first quarter, I was sick of freedom.

@dog welder

I heard about that a while back from another comment (not sure if it was you or somebody else). So I did some research, and I couldn't find anything on Chabot related to video games. Not only that, but I couldn't find anything through Wikipedia or a broad Google search that mentioned anything about game legislation talk in Ohio. My guess is that you heard wrong, or if games legislation really was mentioned, it was mentioned in only the briefest of afterthoughts. Therefore, I don't consider that worth taking into consideration (and neither does GP aprrantly) because I couldn't find any confirmation or even the slightest mention about game legislation in Ohio proposed seriously by any candidate.

While this is most certainly the story of the day I'm slightly bothered that Dennis hasn't posted anything about the annual kick-off of Child's Play this year. We seem to focus so much on the negative and horrible impact of sensationalist media BS that it seems we're missing our chance to tout the great things gamers can do and the good will we generate. Pardon the thread hi-jack but I'd love to see one of the most popular and well-read gaming+politics site on the net skip out on the chance to promote gamer-goodness.

Mike hatch is conceding right now. Pawlenty barely pulled ahead. A lot of people were angry at him for cutting funding to a lot of programs to cover the state's debt left from former Governor Jesse Ventura. However, he did succeed in turning a surplus for the state of Minnesota without raising taxes. Otherwise, a lot of state house and senate seats were turned over to the DFL party. Either way, I'ld expect within the next four years too see bills addressing gay marraige, smoking bans, violent video games, and every other issues that our state has been slow on. Lets hope that they don't freeze up the government like last summer.

Longtimelurker said:

"Bother to do some research Chuma the Iraqis will tell you now that a 100 years of Saddam are better then one year of what they have now thanks to his removeal."

And if you bothered to actually read my comments you will have seen the paragraph where I said,

"Iraq was a mistake. Period. Yes Saddam Hussein is a Tyrrant and yes the world is better off for him being gone, but we can’t just go around getting rid of anyone we don’t approve of."

I even went into details as to the real reasons why the war was fought. Quite why you think you are making a point counter to my own is beyond me. Way to preach to the converted and antagonise at the same time...

I'm glad to see Maine's not on the list either... Olympia Snowe has a pretty good voting record in the Senate despite being a Republican, and none of the gubernatorial candidates are proposing anti-game legislation as part of their platform. Probably because we have bigger problems here, but....
I'd love to see Schwarzenegger and Lieberman lose their re-election bids, but I'm not certain if either will happen. I'd also love to see the Republicans lose the majority in the Senate but I'm certain that WON'T happen. At this point, I'm just mostly glad that the annoying political ads will be gone from my TV starting tomorrow.

Oh I should also add that your assertion that things were "better" under Saddam is foolhardy.

There have been more deaths and the infrastructure has been bombed to hell and back. There is potential for civil war as well as insergents taking controls of large sectors of the country.

On the counter point, people are no longer being sentenced to death by being dipped in acid for protesting against Saddam. One guy interview by the BBC had some horrific scaring after he 'wrote a phone number on a banknote with the face of Saddam on it'. He was 'taken pity on and only dipped in acid and released, rather than killed' ONLY??? That sort of repression and inhuman acts are just the tip of the iceberg. If YOU bothered to do some research you would see exactly the sorts of day to day repression of women, threats of death or violence to non-conformity and prevention of freedom of speech the Iraqi people had to deal with.

Has the coalition been a success? fuck no. Shoudl it have gone ahead? Not in my opinion, no and certainly not for the reasons we were originally given. Do I think the occupation is worse than rule under Saddam... I'll use the old chestnut...

"Which is worse? Aids or Syphilis?"

Well. Crap. Why did Yee have to win?! Heh.
On the subject that Dems got the house:
Even though they did get the house, the Republicans might still be able to get the Senate, pretty much negating a majority of the recent Democratic 'plan' (read: anti-republican).

Of course, this will be useful ammuntion for them in the next 2 years. The Republicans are really going to have to appeal to the middle class a lot more VERY soon if they expect to maintain any sort of majority in 2008, which probably involves pulling out the troops very soon, and most frightening of all, leading a stronger attack on what 'hurts the children'.

Even if my statement was based on conjecture:
God Help Us. Lol.

Already voted here. I'm with you jeffy. Hopefully after all the votes are tallied Santorum will be out of office. I have to work overnight shift tonight and as soon as the votes are tallied, I'll post the winners of the races we are watching if I can get them.

"Ask any of the troops who are actually over there what the iraqis thought of saddam. They paint a far different picture. Coming from a miliatry family, and having a personal friend who got back from Iraq alive, the truth is that nearly 90 percent of all iraqi’s are glad saddam is gone"

Dead wrong. Most Iraqis who when asked outside the Green Zone well tell you things were better off under Saddam.

Funny how things change when you get translators who are not living in the Green Zone to translate for you.

Abu Gharib allegations unfounded? You really are naive. Other countries have shown videofootage, pictures also the person who uncovered the scandal as well as other people confirm those allegations. Hell out of a 6000 page report on Abu Gharib abuses 5950 pages are classified. Tell me that should show horrible things beyond belief happened there.

A lot of people were not punished because under the laws of the Bushco admin contracters are free to kill anybody in Iraq without being punished.

Trophy vids of American paid mercanaries in Iraq show them killing innocent women and children. These people then trade the videotapes of the killing to get things like pornography or alchol.

Many GIs from Iraq do confirm horrible things going on namely American troops killing civilians under orders. It's just like Vietnam. Of course due to body armor and medical advances 90% of the fatalities that would have occured don't.

It's funny how many Iraqis will admit to reporters but not to US troops things that are true. Maybe they are afraid the US troops will shoot them for telling the truth to their faces?

I'm damn glad Ohio isn't on any of those lists. Goodness knows we already have enough real problems here.

OK... so are there any candidates who support the videogame industry or has the American government forgotten gamers can vote as well?

I haven't voted yet but I will soon.. I think the choices here in Michigan kind of suck, especially when it comes to Governor. I don't like Devos but I absolutely despise Granholm. As for other candidates, it's a whole lotta "meh" but then of course there's the proposals.

"Err, no, the Lancet Study is politicized, twisted statistics at its worst, and even people AGAINST our current operations in Iraq think so, such as here:"

Here is the thing numerous people thought the 1000 a month in Baghdad alone was myth. I hate to tell you but the number of Iraqi dead has been drastically underplayed by the United States. Heck the Iraqi goverment doesn't want the number of dead brought into the morques to be known.

People are burying their dead in their yards since the morques have either no room or they are unsafe to go to. Cemetaries are being filled in Iraq that were meant to last decades. They have had to open a lot more and like I said that is the known dead.

The Lancet Study was not political. It's one of the most accurate ones that can be done in Iraq to determine the number of deaths. Bother to do some research.

Not every death is reported like i said and the goverment bans casulty figures know. No person in Iraq unless they lived in the green zone or benefited from the occupation would deny the accuracy of the 600,000 figure. Nearly every Iraqi has had a family member killed since the occupation a first or second degree relative.

"As for post-war stabilization..well, it took ten years and 500,000 soldiers (Plus the British and French forces) in West Germany after WWII, and seven years and 340,000 soldiers (plus at least 40,000 from a UK/AUS/NZ/CAN force) in Japan. Both countries with better infrastructure, a much more unified national identity, and previous experience with democracy"

How lovely you forget that in both Germany and Japan the occupation forces were welcomed after favorable surrender terms. The Japanese and German people were not brutalized by American troops and law and order were restored by those same troops. Also the occupation like I said was not viewed with hostility in the case of Japan the emperor due to how he was treated in the terms of surrender made sure resistance would be nonexistant. The German people were pretty much battered and the revelations of the concentration camps made resistant also pretty nonexistance.

Also you had coherent rebuilding plans. The Bush admin had no plan. In fact all plans for rebuilding that would have worked were rejected because guess what they would have required more troops, contracter reliability, oversight etc.
Also we fubared Afganistan rebuilding that would have built a Democracy and made Al-Qaeda, The Taliban, other Muslim extremcists lose a lot of support and strength. Other Muslim countries after seeing a rebuilt Afganistan would become more Democratic or less hostile to the West.

Iraq has done nothing but been the most fertile recruitment ground for Muslim Extremists since the time of the Crusades hundreds of years ago.

"Never true. They were the enemy of our enemy" Wrong our own intelligence and goverment prior to 1991 said Saddam was a friend. Donald Rumsfield has a very famous photographic moment with Saddam back when Rummy had a full head of hair.

"However, you seem to be implying that funding=operational support and/or command oversight, and that’s bullshit."

I suggest you do some research on what happened in South America when the CIA was involved in Anti-Communist activities.

In jan of 2005 Newsweek reported the following "The Pentagon is intensively debating an option that dates back to a still-secret strategy in the Reagan administration’s battle against the leftist guerrilla insurgency in El Salvador in the early 1980s. Then, faced with a losing war against Salvadoran rebels, the U.S. government funded or supported “nationalist” forces that allegedly included so-called death squads directed to hunt down and kill rebel leaders and sympathizers."


Also it is bull that the goverment in Iraq is independent. They were set up by the US. We could get rid of them if we needed. Heck most of the Iraqi goverment intend to hand the country over to Iran when the US leaves.

Btw the US military has been destroyed by the Bush admin. Reliance on contracters who btw send large amounts of cash to Republican coffers is responible for that.

We could increase the number of troops to a million in Iraq but the thing is the Iraqi police, military will not be able to restore order for decades.

The longer we stay there the worse things get. Adding more troops will cause more anger and hatred in the Arabic world. Withdrawing to Afganistan will let us crush the Taliban who are taking over the country there.

I guess you really haven't heard how bad things are in Afganistan either.

Latest news:

Pawlenty beat Hatch for MN governor by about 16,000 votes and Jeff Johnson lost his bid for attorney general.

Source: StarTribune.com

Thurbert Baker won re-election easy. source: onlineathens.com

Tom Thull lost by 63 votes. Source: kansas.com

Julia Boseman won re-election easily as well. source: Raleigh News-Observer, newsobserver.com

Leland Yee won with 77% of the vote. Source: sfgate.com

Matheson won re-election, as did Baca. And Perlmutter won election. source: msnbc.com

Long time

Ask any of the troops who are actually over there what the iraqis thought of saddam. They paint a far different picture. Coming from a miliatry family, and having a personal friend who got back from Iraq alive, the truth is that nearly 90 percent of all iraqi's are glad saddam is gone

As for Abu grad, yes, perhaps some bad stuff happened, but most of that is still unsubstaniated and unproven. With saddam, we have proof, years and years of it infact. And just recently, 50 more bodies were found that had been victums of saddams death squads.

So, if you haven't been over there, and don't know anyone who was, kindly do the world a favor and be silent till the facts are fully revealed. Right now, all your doing proving why Dems should not have gotten power back. The next 2 years will determine who is right in government. lets just wait and see what the dems do, and weather or not we have a second 9/11 or perhaps a 9/11 times 10 in the next 2 years.

Then we'll know which side was right.

@ Jabr

Yes, he wants to force signage. Not PSA's (which are good). It's questionable from a Constitutioanlity perspective, because legally required speech falls under the same strict scrutiny. (Immediate harm, obscenity, etc etc) And video games are hardly imminent harm/threat, and AO games are not sold in major retail chains.

~~All Knowledge is Worth Having~~


Your change of residence shouldn't matter. At least here in Florida, you can go to ANY polling place in the state, and if it isn't your precinct, you'll be issued a "provisional ballot," which will then be sent to the supervisor of elections who will verify that you are, in fact, a registered voter. I'm not sure if this is a Florida system, or a national system, but you should have some kind of option there. Call your local supervisor of elections office and see what they say.

Well, I voted absentee a few weeks ago to remove the last minute emotion that comes with the final few days before the elections. While I voted against Schwarzenegger, I happen to live in a different geographic area than the where that idiot Leland Yee runs, so while I'd rather vote against him, I can't.

Yes, I DO think he is an idiot, despite the fact that he apparently has a PhD. You can be book smart, common sense stupid-a PhD is not an automatic "you are more insightful than average" credential or anything...

you made one mistake here in Texas, he's likely to come last in a 4 way race, with kinky friedman winning :D

I can't, owing to voter registration issues that I thought were resolved when I renewed my driver's license. Apparently I'm still registered at my last residence, which is prohibitively difficult to get to. Which is bothersome, though at least MA isn't home to any of the super-close races.
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