Election Day Special Coverage - Races We'll Be Watching

November 7, 2006 -
GamePolitics is a single-issue site. Video games and politics, that's all we cover.

And while we don't advocate casting your vote based solely on this issue, we know it's important to you - otherwise you wouldn't be reading GP. So let's take a look at races around the country that involve candidates with involvement in the politics of video games:

U.S. Senate:

  • Hillary Clinton (D-NY): sponsor of the Family Entertainment Protection Act (FEPA)

  • Joe Lieberman (I-CT): his criticism of game violence in the mid-1990's led directly to the formation of the ESRB

  • Rick Santorum (R-PA): backs Hillary's game initiatives, but also backs the ESRB

  • George Allen (R-VA): backs the ESRB rating system

  • Candidate Mike McGavick (R-WA): trying to unseat Democrat Maria Cantwell; he believes the entertainment industry will not regulate itself and wants to explore legislative solutions

U.S. Congress:

  • Fred Upton (R-MI): sponsor of the "Video Game Decency Act"

  • Cliff Stearns (R-FL): sponsor of the "Truth in Video Game Ratings Act"

  • Jim Matheson (D-UT): sponsor of the "Video Games Ratings Enforcement Act"

  • Joe Baca (D-CA): sponsor of "SAFE Rating Act"

  • Betty McCollum (D-MN): offered harsh criticism of ESRB rating system at recent NIMF Ratings Summit

  • Candidate Ed Perlmutter (D): seeking election in Colorado; promises video game legislation

  • Candidate Dave Mejias (D): sponsor of Nassau County, NY law requiring ratings awareness

Governor Races:

  • Michigan incumbent Jennifer Granholm (D) - led her state's failed attempt to legislate video game content

  • California incumbent Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) - signed his state's video game bill into law; law is currently blocked, awaiting a final ruling

  • Illinois incumbent Rod Blagojevich (D) - led his state's failed attempt to legislate video game content; state was ordered to reimburse the video game industry more than $500,000 in legal fees

  • Oklahoma incumbent Brad Henry (D): signed his state's video game bill into law; law is currently blocked, awaiting a final ruling

  • Minnesota incumbent Tim Pawlenty (R): signed the Gopher State's ill-fated video game law into effect.

  • Minnesota challenger Mike Hatch (D): current Attorney General, defended the Minnesota bill in court and lost. Along the way Hatch called violent games "worthless, disgusting speech" and "speech of low societal value."

  • New York candidate Eliot Spitzer (D): the popular Attorney General is a shoe-in to become governor; earlier this year he promised video game legislation

  • Texas challenger Chris Bell (D): promised video game legislation, but seems likely to lose the race to incumbent Rick Perry

  • Georgia: Candidate (and current Lt. Guv) Mark Taylor (D) promises video game legislation

  • Kansas: incumbent Kathleen Sebelius (D) backed a video game bill which failed in the state legislature

Other State-level Races:

  • Minnesota: Rep. Jeff Johnson (R), co-sponsor of the state's video game law, is running for Attorney General

  • Georgia: incumbent Attorney General Thurbert Baker is running for re-election; Baker has publicly supported the video game industry's ESRB rating system

  • California: Assembly Speaker Leland Yee (D), sponsor of his state's video game legislation, is a lock to move up to the State Senate

  • North Carolina: State Senator Julia Boseman (D), sponsor of her state's failed video game legislation, is in a tough re-election battle

  • Kansas: Rep. Tom Thull (D) promises video game legislation


Heh, I was hoping if I posted my gripe someone would come through with helpful advice. Thanks Shafty!

Wow, too bad this was posted a day late. Quite a few people vote before they head in to work and wouldn't have a chance to read this before voting. I know I didn't.

Candidate Dave Mejias (D): sponsor of Nassau County, NY law requiring ratings awareness

??? So like forcing retailers to post signs? Or is he advocating government PSAs?
-- If your wiimote goes snicker-snack, check your wrist-strap...


AIDS is worse. No cure. Much like Saddam. But the Coalition (war), painful urination and all, is treatable. Sure it sucks, but Syphilis has a cure. But you can't stop taking the anti-biotics before it has run it's full course. Otherwise, the disease mutates, and becomes virulent in new and scary ways.

Are we talking about STDs or War here? You tell me.

~~All Knowledge is Worth Having~~

Manta here in Maryland. My girlfriend and I voted earlier this morning. None of the candidates here used video games to try and garner votes, which might be a good thing that they didn't stoop to such tactics, or bad because we didn't know where they stood on the issue. I would have especially liked to have known Ben Cardin's position as well as those of the candidates for Attorney General. Maybe they realized there were more weightier issues than games at stake, and better ways to get votes. As it was, we voted for the candidates who best represented our interests.

It's kind of sad, as a gamer, i'm supporting Lieberman

However, even if Lieberman were to lose to Lamont, i'm almost positive that Lamont would continue the attack against games, with more intense regulations

As a Californian, I'll be voting for Arnold. I know we've become the brunt of many jokes for electing him in the first place but hear me out.
Arnie will win this election for the same reason he won the last one. The people running against him are worse.
Arnie may not always have the best plan, but he spends his time trying to do something. And he openly discusses his plans for California's future. His opponents like to spend all there time attacking Arnie (or hacking his website for dirt). I haven't heard a single, genuine idea escape the lips of his opponents.

What, no Conneticut? We been preaching about this before it was popular.

Another Texan (by choice, not birth), here. Voted early. Kinky Friedman is interesting and popular as a candidate. He won't take the election. But he does market a darn fine Peach salsa.

The GP list notes the movers and shakers involved in game legislation, but it's important to note that in every state where a restrictive, non-constitutional game law passed, a majority of the congresspeople in that state demonstrated their position on games and their lack of understanding of constitutional rights.

Ugh, four more years of Crapholm...

Did anyone else have the "fill in the broken arrow of your choice" ballots? WTH was that all about?!

Those annoying campaign calls. Guess what they were funded by the Republicans and are being investigated by the FBI for violations of the do not call list as well as jamming people's phones.

The Republicans did a similar thing years ago and people went to jail for it.

Seems the Republicans are the ones largely trying to stop people from voting.

http://www.crooksandliars.com/2006/11/07/another-voting-open-thread-beca... has some info on various election problems. Oddly enough the Republicans were behind the voter id laws which do not prevent voter fraud at all but prevent mostly black people from voting.


We know you’re going to vote for the Democrats, so we’re not letting you in the door, say the election judges in Denver. Read about that at http://www.westword.com/blogs/?p=305

Even though Allen won by a narrow margin (his racism hurt him by a large margin) his connections to the Robocall scam may get him thrown out of office if the FBI does it's damn job and throws some Republican officials in the slammer.

I think Allen won't be a presidental candiatate. Pity the press didn't roast him even though there is enough material to light a bonfire five stories high.

Attack Gypsy here in Connecticut.

I'll let you know what happens.

Personally, I think Lieberman won't win. This is a democratic state (ok, we have a republican governor, who will get re-elected today), and no independent candidate has won her in over 100 years. And he's on the LAST line on the ballot. Which means most people won't see his name. He's done a good education job on that, but you can never actually counter that.

Wow, lost my vote to a squirrel.

Selibus backed the bill since the legislature is Republican dominated and going against them on that would be nasty for her other initiatives.

She is considered one of the best governers around. I highly suspect she know the bill was worthless and get rejected but not signing it would have cost her some support.

Allen and Webb are neck and neck.

Lieberman won because Republicans funded him and they in turn funded the so called indepedent parties such as the Green Party to sap the Democrats. Without the Republican support Lieberman would have lost big.

You should see the Republican spin meisters on tv they are in a huge state of denial. Even Bush is in it too but that isn't a new state for him.

You have to look at more issues then the video game stuff. Quite a number of democrats are only doing that because the fricking republicans in their state legislatures are wanting it.

it's official, santorum is out on his ass.

too bad hillary and lieberman won.

Rick Perry's projected to have won re-election in Texas. Kinky Friedman has 11% of the vote according to msnbc.com.

Oh and please excuse the length of post and any grammatical errors.

Also, Brad Henry's projected to have won re-election in Oklahoma.

Sonny Perdue's won Georgia over Mark Taylor as well.

Hatch leads Pawlenty in Minnesota, but it's still early.

Selibus won in Kansas as well.

Stearns retained his House seat, as did McCollum. Meijas' losing his race.

George Allen's hanging on in Virginia.

Source: msnbc.com

Last polls show Casey ahead with a 62% to 38% lead

Ouch, there's a resounding "no" to Santorum if I ever heard one...

I was just watching the "best and worst" political ads on msn, and they showed Santorum's "Oh NOES, TEH TERRORISTS!' ad...
-- If your wiimote goes snicker-snack, check your wrist-strap...

I voted for Arnold. I know he signed our law and all, but his opponent, Phil Angelides, was also a staunch supporter of it, so there really wasn't a choice on the issue. On all other issues, Angelides has proven to be a hack.

Blago won reelection? Damn, I heard he wouldn't even make it out of the primary.

@ Blond:

Yeah, Blago won. I doubt the game issue did anything, the most press I saw it get was a short article in the back of the buisness section of the Chicago Sun-Times.

He isn't that bad besides that.

Santorum is now out of a job. He has conceded to Bob Casey Jr. Last polls show Casey ahead with a 62% to 38% lead


You're looking forward to -Democrats- reducing -Spending-?? HAHAH!! That's a good one. Now on a more serious note. Also, I suspect (although it would take a longer discussion) that your sense of "fair share" is suspect.


Err, no, the Lancet Study is politicized, twisted statistics at its worst, and even people AGAINST our current operations in Iraq think so, such as here:


"Death Squads funded by the United States"

Define funded by, and source your assertion. If you mean funded by in the sense that we've helped to equip Iraqi military and police units, and that there is corruption in those units, then yes. However, you seem to be implying that funding=operational support and/or command oversight, and that's bullshit. In fact, that's the biggest problem with having set up an independant government. We now have to deal with them on their terms, and it's been one headache after another.

"Iraq was the best friend of the United States"

Never true. They were the enemy of our enemy, and so we supported them for as long as that mutual enmity benefited us. In real life, LTL, the Enemy of your Enemy is NOT your friend, and in this case the adage would have to go "The Enemy of my Enemy is one of my lesser Enemies".

As for post-war stabilization..well, it took ten years and 500,000 soldiers (Plus the British and French forces) in West Germany after WWII, and seven years and 340,000 soldiers (plus at least 40,000 from a UK/AUS/NZ/CAN force) in Japan. Both countries with better infrastructure, a much more unified national identity, and previous experience with democracy. If anything, we should be planning to increase troop levels in Iraq, supplementing them with far more professional LE trainers than we are at the moment. And that's from someone who -hates- government spending.

Don't worry, though, that won't happen because the American people have demonstrated a basic lack of commitment to Iraq. It would be political suicide to argue in favor of anything other than withdrawal, and frankly I don't believe we -could- put 450,000 more boots on the ground with our current force structure (the military of the late 40s to late 50s was much larger than the military today) even if we wanted to. In essence, Nasrallah and company are right when they assert that today we're essentially weak-willed, and will give up and run away from any fight that lasts longer than a year or two.

Correction to the above:
"...I’d hate to see one of the most popular and well-read gaming+politics site on the net skip out on the chance to promote gamer-goodness."

Not "love" to see. :P

Wow. One guy supports the system. I guess the rest have decided to jump on the speeding train that is attacking video games.

I wish we could bring a large group of gamers to some meeting and prove to them that they are just throwing out garbage. I see no one trying to censor violent movies.

From the polls, Hillary Clinton is way ahead and should win re-election easily.

Lieberman is ahead but within the margin of error against the Democrat who beat him in the primary.

Allen is literally within a dead heat with Webb in Virginia. He closed up a lot of ground in the past couple of weeks after revealing the content of some of Webb's books.

Santorum is pretty much toast. He was about 10 points behind the last time I checked.

Not sure about the other elections, but it looks like the Senate will barely stay Republican (according to the polls). The House is looking for a major flip, however.

And Terminator44, I wish I could remember which candidate, but one of them in the Cinci area was touting video game legislation. It might have been Chabot (a Republican) who's in a tight race that's turned nasty here.

As a native Texan, I'm pretty confident Bell doesn't have a chance. When in the few weeks before you have to beg to an Independent candiate to drop out of the race to gain votes, it's a good sign you are screwed. For the other candiates in the Govenor race, there has not been any real discussion on violent video games, with the big issues being education reform, the controversal Trans-Texas Corridor, and border security. Bell was probably looking for a hot-topic moral issue to sway the so-called "values voters."

And on that note, it's part of the reason why I voted early for Kinky Friedman.

It appears that Blagojevich is going to win his race as well

George Allen (R-VA): backs the ESRB rating system

The only one on the list that supports us.

PS. Lurk

I'm the son of a solder who served in VIetnam, and KOREA. Watch your tounge cause I can tell you right now, John kerry lied about what troops did over there. I know, My Father was there to see what happened.

You can dislike the war if you like ,I dont' hold that against you, as even I have doubts about it some times, but don't dare impune the troops until all the facts are out. Otherwise, your on the same level as John Murtha and John Kerry, both former solders who turned there backs on US service men for political gain.

Yeah, thats real leadership, stabbing the us troops in the back for your own benefit.

MSNBC is predicting that Santorum lost to Bob Casey even though it appears that they are tied.

Chuma, you prove my point.

Everything you said is a parroting of what the media says. Problem is, it's not accurate, least, not totally.

While I already said that the deficet did rise, Unemployment is at it's lowest point in nearly 30 years. Nearly 20 million jobs have been created. And despite what you may have heard, the Rich, as you said, the upper 10 percent in america? Pay better then 40 percent of the taxs. Upper middle? 25, middle, 20, the rest is divided between the middle class and the lower middle. The lowest class of wage earners in america? They pay a whooping 3 percent under bush.

Yeah, that tax break did the top 1 percent a gread deal of good didn't it.
Typical liberal BULLSHIT!, and it saddens me that someone as bright as you chuma, didn't see through it. That being said, Reps got there share of problems. Went into war with the right intentions, fucked up the execution by playing nice nice for the UN, didn't act fast enough to help iraq stabilize, now there getting hit for it.. And in the intrest of full disclosure, I'm on of those who belives that the UN should be disbanded, or that the US should stop funding it and let them fend for them selves.

Now, that being said, your right on the whole gaming thing, Ironicly, your quote for carlin is proof of my point.

Tell me, who was it that was trying to distract the middle class about how bad there being fucked, even when all the evidance shows the exact opposite? thats right, Democrats.

So, yeah, neither party is the best, but if you belive the liberal media over here, your a retard. They've been a biased self serving load of jack holes for 2 decades now. I don't belive a word they say. I do my own damn research.


Tax breaks only work on a strong and well managed economy. At the moment the US$ is weaker than it was in parts of the 1980's and the US Debt levels are at unprecidented levels... this since Clinton actually managed to balance the budget and get rid of the national debt. Thats right, Bush started at 0 and in 4 years managed to get the US into the most debt it had ever been in. In the 2 years following it has doubled further. On top of that, most of the tax breaks are aimed at the top 1% of earners who, lets face, could afford to pay more tax...

This side of Atlantic is going to be much more strange come the next election. Everyone is fed up of Blair and his agenda but Labour is traditionally a Centre Left party, now very much moved to Centre Right. It's entirely possible as the US moves to a Democrat, the UK moves to Conservatives. Ah politics... its all nonesense, lies and corruption.

As for gaming... well it's just a scapegoat to, and I quote George Carlin, 'distract the Middle Classes from how badly they are being fucked by the upper 1%'. Promote fear, fear of anything, and you get conformity, histeria and stupidity. The US isn't the only country to use this, it just seems to have an administration that is most reliant upon it at the moment.

MSNBC is projecting Granholm as winning in Michigan

Same with Brad Henry in Oklahoma.


Indeed. That's what makes Ohio special. :D (I WANT OUT OF OHIO)

Tomarrow will be better for me (and everybody): no more damn 'vote for so-and-so because that-other-guy did something-very-naughty' calls keeping me from Halo 2.

"On the counter point, people are no longer being sentenced to death by being dipped in acid for protesting against Saddam. "

Hundreds of people each month in Iraq are being dragged out of their homes, shops and shot in the heads on the street. You may want to verify stories of supposed torture under Saddam. Just like a lot of stories of Iraqi soldiers doing stuff in Kuwait it turned out to be lies or embellishments.

People are found with their bodies holed with electric drills, entire families.

Torture under the occupation is far worse then anything Saddam ever did. Heck in Abu Gharib under the US occupation forces boys under the age of 10 were sodomized to get their mothers to tell where their insurgent husbands were. Women prisoners were often repeatdly raped by US troops.

Studies have shown that torture is far worse far more widespread in Iraq then under Saddam. Saddam if you were to ask Iraqis on the street a good number of them would tell you that life was better under Saddam.

Let me guess you think that statue toppling was done by Iraqis. Nope it was a US military psychologial warfare op. They brought people in.

Well most of the polls are in, Dems got the house, but senate is still in debate. That being said, I personally see this as not really making anything better, but thats just my opinion in general. Sure, maybe we get our troops home soon, and then six months later, boom, 9/11 2 happens and everyone is screaming again, this time at the dems. Had the reps won, we stay safe at home while our troops fight it out abroad. I dont like it either way, but one is clearly better then the other in my eyes. Secondly, say good by to your tax breaks folks, dems gonna fleece you good. Shame that, since they'll also trash the economy and make it harder to get jobs. Despite what the media claims, doing research shows that while we had a deficet increase, overall, the economy grew by leaps and bounds.

So, that being said, and trust me, I could still be proven wrong if the dems can drop the "Hate bush" stick and get something done, well hell, i'd be the first to congratulate them.

But that being the case, I do think one thing won't change, and it's the thing that is directly related to this site.

Dem or Rep, they might finally STFU about games now that the elections are over. least for the next 2 years.

So, whats you take folks?


I link you to a an argument from an -anti-war- site criticizing the methodology and conclusions of the lancet study on rational grounds, and you respond with accusations of mass conspiracy and governmental coverup on the part of -two- different governments, again without providing any references to back up your claims. As for the political nature of the study, I give you the Editor of the Lancet speaking at an anti-war rally:


This is not the behaviour of someone dedicated to the accurate collection of scientific, medical, or epidemiologic data. This is the behaviour of someone pushing a specific political agenda.

I point out that supporting an enemy against a more pressing enemy does not make them your friend, you caounter with the argument that because there's a photograph of Rumsfeld shaking hands with Saddam in '84 that means he was friendly towards us. Here is what our intelligence agencies -actually- had to say on the matter:


To summarize: Our priorities were to keep the Strait of Hormuz open to shipping traffic, and to ensure that the region remained relatively stable. Iran was extremely hostile towards at the time (and still is) after the Islamic Revolution and the removal of the Shah, and a strong victory by Iran could threaten both those goals. Therefore it was in our interests to support Saddam as long as he continued to help us maintain access.

I can't say I agree with the Reagan Administration's realpolitik-ing with Iraq in the early 80s, but there's nothing in those documents or any others suggesting that the relationship was every anything other than an alliance of temporary mutual interest: mutual inerest that disappeared when Hussein invaded Kuwait. He went from being instrumental in protecting our national interests to threatening them.

I call bullshit on your claim of "death squads" in Iraq being supported by the US, and you respond not with proof, but with more -accusations-. You may have missed it, but that article talks about CIA support of nationalist forces that ALLEGEDLY had death squads. More importantly, how does what the CIA may or may not have done in South America constitute -evidence- of activities in Iraq. Once again you respond to a call for references or evidence with more accusations instead of facts.

"Also it is bull that the goverment in Iraq is independent. They were set up by the US. We could get rid of them if we needed."

"We could get rid of them" is not the same thing as "they are not independant", LTL. We could get rid of France's government if we wanted to, or that of any other country on earth with the possible exception of China, and yet I don't hear any accusations that they're puppet governments. It would be far easier if they -were- under our control, since we wouldn't have to deal with bullshit like this:

or this:
or this:
http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=6186826 (I especially recommend this last one. The bit on General Ayoub starts a minute or two in)

General Bashar Mahmoud Ayoub is a great soldier, and a patriot, and he was removed from his command because he criticized the Iraqi MoI and MoD for supporting militias. We -fought- to keep him in place.

"under the laws of the Bushco admin contracters are free to kill anybody in Iraq without being punished.Trophy vids of American paid mercanaries in Iraq show them killing innocent women and children. These people then trade the videotapes of the killing to get things like pornography or alchol."

More random allegations without evidence. Have a source for this?

"Many GIs from Iraq do confirm horrible things going on namely American troops killing civilians under orders...No person in Iraq unless they lived in the green zone or benefited from the occupation would deny the accuracy of the 600,000 figure."


...I served in the US Army for five years. I've been to Iraq, fought and lived there in the cities just north of Baghdad as well as Mosul and the cities and towns that stretch west of Mosul to the Syrian border like Tal Afar, Biaj, and Sinjar, and -I'm- denying the accuracy of the 655,000 figure because not only did I see nothing to support it, and not just because no one else who served with me, or who is still in Iraq saw or see anything to support it, but because even people who are -against- the war and have demonstrated that there are serious flaws in the numbers. I've put up with about as much of this slander as I can take, because I can tell you from -personal- experi
I'm not sure where you're getting youence that your allegations of US misconduct "under orders" are -bullshit-. No one is shooting civilians under orders from the chain of command, and when there have been individuals or units that have gone out of control such as the Marines that are currently on trial, we have brought them back under control and charged them criminally. There are no "overflowing graveyards" either, for that matter.

I know, I said I wouldn't post again, don't feed the troll, etc, etc, but I'm getting tired of people spouting off outrageous whoppers without even -trying- to back them up with facts or evidence.


GP has it first troll. I thought the 'lurker' in LTL's avatar was a strong clue, but the recent posts show exactly what LTL is.

Anyway, keeping it only slightly off-topic for a comment section dedicated to the election -

"Nasrallah and company are right when they assert that today we’re essentially weak-willed, and will give up and run away from any fight that lasts longer than a year or two."

*sigh* Sadly, this is true, Americans turned out in record numbers to vote Democrat in order to get out of Iraq. Unfortunately, this will cause problems down the road. See my little STD analogy above.

"Clear Exit Strategy" is all well and good, but when I see the advice from US Military leadership of 'More troops, longer term deployment,' and the growing will of people both domestic and abroad of, 'Get out of Iraq," I grow worried, because the tremendous disconnect between what has to be done and the will do it wwill lead to problems. (Run-on sentence!!)

To the topic: Santorum is out, as I hoped, but the measely 1% (roughly) that write-ins took is not enough to send a message. Too bad; I tried. I couldn't stomach voting for a arch-conservative who is plainly terrified about the simple reality of human sexuality, or someone who's platform is enitrely - "I'm not THAT guy!" I wrote in Carl Romanelli (Green Party), who wasn't perfect, but closely mirrored my own views. Either way, the impending gridlock in Congress will mean nothing major will get done, for good or for bad.

~~All Knowledge is Worth Having~~


I'll take gridlock over rubberstamp any day of the week, although I would have preferred a split (with Republicans keeping the Senate) to the control of both houses it -looks- like they'll have pending VA. As for Santorum: good riddance to bad rubbish.

Unfortunately most of these politicians were never in any real danger, or at least not in danger of being replaced by others who would actually vote -against- video game legislation.

Hello...I Googled for the history of electricity, but found your page about ll Be Watching...and have to say thanks. nice read.
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