GTA Ads Pulled from Portland, Oregon Transit System

In the wake of the Boston GTA ad controversy comes word that officials in Portland removed the same ads from mass transit vehicles in the Oregon city last weekend.

TriMet, Portland’s transit authority, yanked the ads for Vice City Stories after receiving complaints from riders. The agency said its policy does not permit it to accept advertising whcich encourages illegal activity. TriMet stands to lose $71,000 in revenue by removing the GTA ads.

Local TV station KPTV-12 has a report.

GP: A shout-out to Joystiq reader Dam That River, who posted this info as a comment to yesterday’s The Political Game column.

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    ramya says:


                        This Agency will not allowing  the advertising immediately their revenue will come down gradually, So think about this case seriously, then utilyze proper way.




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    Artemis Cú Raoi says:

    What ever happened to freedom of speech?

    Whoops, dont put that advertisement for the internet on that transit! That might encourage hackingcomputers/downloadingmusic/porn/childporn/stealing/anythingelseyouwant throwupthere

    Seriously, anyone can get any impression from anything.

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    Daniel says:

    I don’t think it’s right that many of you bash Doug Lowenstein. I have been to many other websites and I have read that Jack Thompson bashes that poor man a lot. He is the victim. Mr. Lowenstein is a victim of Jack Thompson’s lying attacks and you all need to stop bashing poor Mr. Lowenstein. What we should do is write letters to him encouraging him to take action against the lying accusations of Jack Thompson. I’ve read the things Jack Thompson has said about poor Mr. Lowenstein. He attacks him tirelessly and the only real problem is Jack Thompson.

    Please, fellow gamers, don’t say negative things about Doug Lowenstein. He is obviously a meek person who doesn’t quite know how to respond to the vulgar lies and false accusations of Jack Thompson. We need to send him letters telling him about the huge holes in the theories and lies of Jack Thompson. The only person that we should be saying negative things about is Jack Thompson. Don’t attack the victim. Attack the victimizer, which, in this case, is Jack Thompson. He has tried very hard to hurt Doug Lowenstein and we, as gamers, shouldn’t be saying negative things against Poor Doug Lowenstein. We should be sending him letters encouraging him to try to help destroy the bogus case of Jack Thompson.

    Doug Lowenstein is not the bad guy. He is the man who has been attacked by nasty Jack Thompson. Anyone who has been attacked by Jack Thompson, the way poor Mr. Lowenstein has, is okay in my book. Let’s support Doug Lowenstein because that’s what Jack Thompson doesn’t want us to do. Let’s make his lies backfire. I read on a website that in an interview a little over a year ago, Jack Thompson said that he is going to do everything in his power to destroy Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar Games in five years. Doug Lowenstein is defending our games and is on our side. Granted he isn’t as aggressive as we might like, but he is, nevertheless, on our side. Jack Thompson is the real monster on this issue.

    Let’s rally behind Doug Lowenstein, who is trying to save violent video games from the evil lying hands and case of Jack Thompson. We have to stand behind the people who are against Jack Thompson’s case. Why do you all have to bash him? He is on our side!!! Jack Thompson says very nasty things against him which should tell us something about whose side he’s on. If Jack Thompson attacks someone like that, then that person can’t be bad. Let’s get behind Mr. Lowenstein and end this threat to our games and our fun.

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    Derovius ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Reminds me of those “Are you Pregnant? Scared? Call us…” posters you see on buses. Having stared at something like that for 50+ minutes for a year and a half, I can say for a fact, no, I’m not, on both counts.

    Next, they will pull political adverts because someone doesn’t like those communist democrats promoting their baby killing agendas.

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    konrad_arflane ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    Yeah, that’s how I understand it. It just seems odd that a refund is all they have to pay for reneging on a contract for no good reason. And the “encourages illegal activity” deal is bullshit. The more I think about it, the more convinced I become that even if the GTAs did encourage illegal activity, that wouldn’t actually be covered. The ads for the game only encourage buying the game, which is perfectly legal.

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    neoelasticman ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Am I the only one who noticed that the two gamers that gave quotes about the game were total dunces? I don’t remember what they said exactly, but I can still paraphrase accurately enough:

    yeah, I like GTA. You steal cars and shoot people, its pretty realistic. It’s fun!

    Somebody here said that they gave both sides fairly. I don’t agree. If you sit there and tell me that the gamer saying that killing people is an accurate depiction of real life is giving us a good appearance to the general public, you’re wrong. That makes it seem like he’s going to go out and kill the next guy he sees. He is either stupid or his quote was taken out of context. Same for the girl.

    To combat the Ignorant Masses and their master Mass Media, you must learn to think like them. Mass Media will seek out the crowd pleasers for their quotes, so of course the few gamers that actually fit the bad rep we’re getting will be the ones quoted.

    I think its about time to plan something out that will get Mass Media’s attention and provide strong evidence one way or the other. Some kind of balanced evidence that does not favor our faction or the opposing faction in its execution and still proves the point we’ve been making quietly this whole time. In short, we need to find a way to reach Mass Media and their Ignorant Masses in an intelligent, well thought-out manner. This may involve a conclusive study, a big ol’ letter to a relevant character in Big Government with lots of signatures, or whatever might apply best. It would be a whole lot better than seeing “ooh that is stupid and not true” forty times in the comments section about every game basher that gets posted. No non-gamers look here to discover our evidence, with the possible exception of Jack Thompson whom I don’t think will be converted any time soon.

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    hayabusa75 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Not only did the dumb broad hold up San Andreas first, but then they showed footage from Vice City as well as the box cover. They can’t even get the game they’re bashing right.

    And how stupid does Trimet sound? Feigning ignorance about the content of VC Stories? Just the title alone should’ve set off alarm bells if they were that serious about scrutinizing their ads. I don’t buy that for a minute; I think they ran them hoping no one would say anything, hoping to make some dinero, and now that some bonehead called them out they’re like, “Hey, nobody told us, not our fault!”

    Pathetic AND cowardly.

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    Yuki says:

    Ok, now do you all see why I keep saying we should be laying the Lawusuits on thick and heavy for this kinda crap?

    I hate to sound like a broken record, but the ESA needs to dump doug, and get someone with balls in there to stand up to this crap.

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    illspirit ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Hmm.. Given the timing, who wants to bet that the mysterious “riders” who complained there were gamers who read about this on the net, and decided to poke the proverbial hornets’ nest just to watch the insanity unfold?

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    Siftr says:

    *double takes on a certain paragraph on the story*


    “The video game allowed players to become a hardened criminal, stealing cars, shooting police and killing innocent bystanders.”


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    konrad_arflane ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “TriMet stands to lose $71,000 in revenue by removing the GTA ads.”

    The interesting question is, is that the extent of the cost to TriMet? I’m thinking an argument could be made that the publisher of GTA has lost the opportunity to spend their advertising budget elsewhere in the relevant timeframe. Thus, they might be able to sue for damages in excess of the contractual amount.

    Not that I’m a lawyer or anything, I’m just thinking out loud. The idea that ads for GTA “encourage illegal activity” is pretty clearly not going to hold water in a court of law. If the games themselves can’t be conclusively shown to do so, advertising for them clearly doesn’t.

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    Kyouryuu says:

    Given that my original home is Portland, I would sardonically suggest that it has to do with the anti-technology crowd in some circles here.

    Seattle is a mecca of technology, as is Silicon Valley to the south. Ever since the dot com bubble burst, I’ve accused Portland of being hostile toward technology firms. You don’t see video game companies around here. They show up in Eugene and, of course, Intel is an enormous employer in terms of the state. But Portland itself? Not much going on except endless rows of salons and art galleries. I can only imagine that the city doesn’t do much to attract technology firms as the ones that were here left and were never replaced.

    Ironically, they once again put all their eggs in the same basket in building the new biomedical facilities. You know that market will collapse at some point, since it seems like every city is vying to become the premiere biomedical hub.

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    finaleve ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Well the cops should be here by now, arresting my criminal ass because video games are illegal. Then a mass shut down of all video game stores, companies, and the like will commence, followed by a severe increase in unemployment.

    Good job Oregon, you are a credit to the people.

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    Daniel says:

    This is ridiculous. Complaints from riders? What do they care if a violent video game has a few posters on the train? They have every right to. All you anti-game turds out there need to SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s non of your damn business if M rated games want to advertise in a subway. They paid, and therefore, they should have the legal right to. Since when is playing a video game with violent content a crime? Please tell me for my sake because I don’t know!!!!!!!!! It says that these signs are promoting illegal behavior!!!!!!!! What illegal behavior? People like Jack Thompson, David Grossman, Joe Lieberman, Hillary Clinton and Leland Yee all have their heads so far up their butts that they don’t know anything other than to blame innocent video games.

    David Grossman likes to write books about a BS topic called Killology. What kind of stupid BS is that? He says that violent video games desensetise people to killing and that people have a natural tendancy to not kill their own kind. That is so full of CRAP that you could stop up every toilet in North America with that BS. If that’s true, then why is it that you don’t see people going around all the time killing each other? A lot of people play these innocent games and buy them all the time and very few kill anybody. You see there are now, and have always been, people who have severe mental problems and go out and kill, games or no games. Also I have played many ultra-violent video games and I can’t stand the sight of real blood. Tell me why. OH, could it be because those games are so animated that it doesn’t even look real?

    Blood in video games never bothered me for a second, but in real life, I can’t stand the sight of it. I only like to see it in video games and movies. I also could never kill anybody even though I’ve played tons of violent video games and seen tons of R rated violent films. They also don’t teach people how to kill. If David Grossman’s theory held air, there would be a lot more murders and I wouldn’t be so sensitive to the sight of blood. When I see a real injury, I can’t stand it. Also, what does he mean that people have a natural abhorrence to killing their own kind? There have been many people who never even played violent video games and killed just like that. A few examples are: Jeffrey Dahmer, John Gacy, Son of Sam, Ted Bundy, Adolf Hitler, Albert Dessalvo, Jesse James and Billy the Kid. They never played any violent video games because they didn’t exist back then.

    There have been bunches of people who have killed without hesitation who never played a single violent video game. If you spend any time at all with the theories of Jack Thompson and David Grossman, that violent media desensitises and causes people to kill, you can start destroying their theories immediately. There is nothing wrong with M rated games advertising where ever they damn well please. If you think there is, you got your head up your butt and please pull it out and stop attacking violent video games and then take a bath because your head probably smell like CRAP. They’re innocent of everything they’ve been accused of by Jack Thompson and David Grossman. Their theories are lies and David Grossman probably only wrote a book about killology, which is a bogus science made up by a bogus scientist, just to get money and fame for himself. Those morons probably don’t even believe their own CRAP!!!!!! They just say it because they like being in the spot light.

    The lies of anti-game fanatics reek of feces and they will never stop dumping their CRAP on innocent video games until everyone ignores them. All people have to do is ignore them because their lies don’t hold air and are completely bogus and full to brim with CRAP!!!!!!!!! As I said before, I have seen a ton of violent R rated films and played a ton of M rated games and I have also listened to heavy metal and rap music for half my life and I have never even thrown a punch at anyone. OH, that goes to show that their theories are completely incorrect. These people need to stop being BSers and SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Nuiembre ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Yet, movies, comic books and music and even the freaking NRA can “promote” guns and be left alone. Some religious groups accused Harry Potter of “promoting” witchcraft but I dont think anyone ever pulled ads for the movies.

  17. 0
    Terminator44 says:


    If I was a betting man, I’d wager that the same people who bitched about those ads will also be bitching about the higher fares that will inevitably come with such a big loss of revenue.

    These kind of people are the thorns in the side of every democracy. They demand officials to follow foolish policies, then blame them and only them for the negative consquesces that usually follow vote-grabbing policies. It’s pitiful. Just pitiful.

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    Jahkaivah ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    ONCE AGAIN they mistook it for Sans Andreas.

    I was almost expecting the cameraman to pop round and say “whoops wrong one… here ya go” and give her his PsP.

    Though in there defense, the report was more balanced.

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    Kyouryuu says:

    I really wonder who these “riders” are that have nothing better to do than complain about ads. Do they have important things in their lives? Do they have jobs? Are they so thin-skinned that they felt compelled to write letters to Tri-Met over this? Grow up.

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    Grahamr ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    This Is*Ratatatata* Pixelante S division, We are encountering heavy- *Ping*-Resistance! Censorcrat forces are flanking us, *Fire in the hole! BOOM* And we need immediate ESA reinforcments! Oh god, Get down! *BOOOM!!* Fremen, do you copy! *Hannah down, Hannah down!*

    “This is Jabrwock fortess, The ESA is not responding, Over!”

    Ohhhhh crapp………*Look out, it’s a Press Release Panzerfaust mounted on a Banmobile!* *Banmobile INC!*




    “Our supplier has just defected!”


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    Muetank ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    It’s kind off funny if you think about it. The news reports how people hate violent media, but the news will report 10 seconds later “A bus full of nuns explodes! more at 11!” Why don’t people complain about the news being too violent?

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    BustermanZero ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Figures. We get a smart transit chief in one place, and an idiot in another.

    I don’t give a crap how he justifies this. The guy’s a freaking idiot. The add encourages people to buy a legal item from a store.

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    Velkrin says:

    “The agency said its policy does not permit it to accept advertising whcich[sic] encourages illegal activity.”

    So….how many ads arn’t they allowed to show?

    Music ads.
    Movie ads.
    TV show ads.
    Book ads.
    Some culinary ads (depending on what foods are banned)

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