Sunday Editorial Roundup: Journalist Examines Portland GTA Ad Controversy

As reported by GamePolitics, mass-transit officials in Portland, Oregon recently removed ads for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories from Tri-Met buses and trains.

Writing in The Oregonian (and reprinted in Mass Transit Magazine), columnist Jerry Boone makes reference to the Fayette, Alabama case in which 18-year-old GTA player Devin Moore gunned down two police officers and a police dispatcher:

Grand Theft Auto… has been linked to similar crime sprees around the globe…

Players dismiss the criticism, saying hundreds of thousands of people play “GTA” who don’t go on stealing, killing and raping binges.

Most don’t. Once in a while, someone does.

The advertisements go contrary to TriMet’s standard that says it won’t accept an ad that “promotes or encourages or appears to promote or encourage, unlawful or illegal behavior or activities.”

Dropping the ads is a hard hit for TriMet. Value of the contract was $71,250.

Value of a cop’s life: Priceless.

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