Schindler’s List – Would You Play the Video Game?

GamePolitics notes yesterday’s thoughtful commentary by David Edery, Worldwide Games Portfolio Planner for Xbox Live Arcade.

Writing in his Game Tycoon blog, Edery asks whether games with serious themes could enjoy commercial success. By way of example, Edery cites the Holocaust and the Civil Rights Movement:

Would these games reach enough people? Would they be profitable? And how would you make them fun without blurring the social message?

Movies like Schindler’s List seem to be evidence of a possible market for this kind of game. However, there’s a big difference between asking consumers to commit to a passive two to three-hour experience and a longer, much more interactive experience…

A Holocaust game could take place in the Warsaw Ghetto. Starting activities might be as simple as obtaining food… but might quickly graduate to… establishment of the Jewish resistance… Player activity could even end on a “high note” (i.e. a major victory during the uprising), though the closing sequences of the game should clearly reflect that in the end, the uprising was crushed. I imagine this game playing like a stealth-centric FPS.

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