Tivo Alert: Jack Thompson on ABC’s Nightline

Controversial Miami attorney Jack Thompson has contacted GamePolitics to say that he will be profiled tonight on ABC’s Nightline program.

Nightline airs at 11:35 PM in the Eastern United States.

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    My diatribe insult to ABC Television when their free video streaming was not available to me as a Canadian.

    You self-righteous American assholes have decided that Canada can’t get your abc shows online because you only want to give to Americans. Well I as a Canadian have watched American tv since I was born in 1964 and I have American values but nowdays I hope Al-Quaeda wins the war against you mother fuckin’ pigs. Fuck you and your Republican shit. You sell your product all over the planet but then put restrictions on who can get what online because we weren’t born in America. Fuck you because Men in Trees is filmed in my country and we will boycott you and all of your fucking bullshit American products if you want to sell to us but deny us the same priveledges online that you give to American citizens. You need to fuckin’ grow up in the States and realize that Mexicans and Canadians live on the same continent and consume the same products as you fuckers. Moron idiot ABC assholes.

    Nicholas Roach

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    Black Manta ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    That’s something I’ve often noticed about a lot of these Born-Agains. Many of the hardcore ones, the ones who are really into it and have “devoted their lives to Jesus” etc. before they got “saved” used to lead really out of control lives (drug addiction, alcoholics, abusers, etc.) It is because of this that I have long believed that religion is mainly for people who can’t control their own lives, and thus use it as a crutch. As Karl Marx said, “Religion is the opiate of the masses.”

    Likewise using their faith as a form of escapism, I have to wonder if the real reason they hate stuff like video games Harry Potter, Dungeons & Dragons and any other form of Science Fiction or Fantasy-based entertainment is because they see it as competition. Really, if you look at the Book of Revelation, and all the stuff that’s been based on it (the Left Behind series, The Omega Code movies, et al), their religious themes notwithstanding, they could also be classified as either Fantasy or Sci-Fi.

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    Beacon ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I thought the interviewer was surprisingly non-biased. There were a couple of times I got the impression he was thinking “You can’t really believe that!” but stayed professional anyway.
    Did anyone else notice that Thompson hesitated before he said the word “homosexual”?
    It looks like Thompson’s finally learned what vigilante means, or else no one told him what the segment was called.

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    Zerodash ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I just had a bit of a “revelation” about JT after speaking to a hardcore-Christian co-worker of mine. Her life is constantly out of control (helplessness, abusive spouse, etc) yet always talks about the glory of her Lord and her rewards waiting for her in Heaven.

    The point is, she uses her faith as a form of ESCAPISM from the real world. She does the same thing that JT (a hardcore Christian) says about video game players.

    Hypocrite +1

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    majestic_12_x ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Wow, I haven’t seen that much recycled material since I stopped buying the newspaper. How many times have we heard about the pioneer taking the arrows? How many times have we heard about T2 going down? Give it a break Jack. Is it too early to say that he’s just a one-trick-pony?

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    KungFu-tse says:

    I just went over to Kotaku for a sec and I noticed that kcaj (that’s what they call him now, hehe) is at is usual “I was on TV! You’re Not!” rant again. So basically, THIS is his new 60 Minutes bragging rights.

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    Zerodash ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Wait. He really claims that fewer people are reporting violent youth crime now? If so, that is the #1 craziest thing he has EVER said.

    I could go on a news show and talk about the epedemic of Nuns killing babies. The reason no one knows about these killings is because nobody reports them…

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    Chris says:

    I just sent this to the people at Nightline:

    I recently viewed your feature “The Virtue Vigilante” on tonight’s Nightline. I have to say, I am absolutely enraged by the unbiased nature of this report. Further, I cannot believe that you have attempted to make credible a man who is as much of a bully as the game he rails on.

    Blatant ommissions and unresearched facts litter this report. For example, Jack Thompson issued the challenge for a game developer to make the “I’m OK” video game in return for a donation of $10000. When the game was actually made, he called his challenge satire and withdrew his donation. It was left up to video gamers, “pixilantes” as Jack Thompson describes, to fill in this glaring error, and the creators of Penny-Arcade (http://www.penny-arcade.com), a popular gaming website, donated the money to a charity in his name. Jack Thompson would later file charges against them for this. He filed charges. Against people donating money. To charity. Think about it.

    In a recent congressional hearing, Doug Lowenstein of the IDSA reported that out of a large market of video games, only 9% receive the M for Mature rating by the ESRB. 63% of the market of video gamers are aged 21 and up, with over a 125 million Americans playing them daily. 43% of this market are comprised of women, so the idea that these “murder simulators,” as he says, are targeted to adolescent boys is preposterous.

    Our children are not at risk from copying these games, they are as likely to copy a video game as they are any form of violent television or movie. It is up to the parents, not the government, to protect their children. Through good parenting our children can discern fact from fiction, what is right and what is wrong, and ultimately what is a game and what is reality.

    The First Amendment does not offer any protection for obscenity, but in the same vein, video games are traditionally categorized at artistic, political speech. Thusly, the video game falls under strict scrutiny and is thoroughly protected. There is no overarching law banning violence in the media, and further there should not be. In order to ban violence out of media, we, as Americans, must give up our right to listen to speech, even if it is a little. If we give an inch, we give a mile.

    If these restrictions and regulations that Jack Thompson clamours for enter our law, then we have given into prior restraint (which is, historically, something the Supreme Courts hates to do) and applied Christian conservative ideals to a country that is strikingly, as of late, against such. We cannot allow anything this man says come to fruition, for if we do, we have set a precedent for speech and media to be regulated in the future — not just in video games, but also in television, movies, and print materials.

    We would give up rights, and the rights that our children have to view media as well. If we, as Americans, have to give up rights in the name of protecting our children, then we have seriously damaged our nation. Video games might seem like a small hill to die on, but in the name of free speech, nothing is too small.

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    KungFu-tse says:

    I’m watching it right now and I love how Bill Weir asks about how the FBI study on juvenile crime rate went down and J.T. gives a bullshit answer (reduce “reportage”, whatever).

    Overall, Bill Weir did a good job covering the basic stuff, but seemed to miss out on massive blunders like the Louisiana Bill and his recent trouble with judges (two judges at least). To be fair, I guess you can’t cram every little detail into a 7 minute report.

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    Siftr says:

    that was awesome. Jack had to make a new line. “they are no longer reporting the crimes to the authorities” LOL.

    just wow. they actually ripped everything he said apart.

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    Gil ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    They called him the Virute Vigilante, like he’s doing something noble…

    Newscaster is presenting them as a solely-kids media…

    “American culture going straight to hell”?!

    /sigh, they used “murder simulator”

    …..”it is perfectly legal to sell them to kids”?

    HAHA, they mentioned the gamer hatred for him.

    Paranoid about people trying to kill him…

    The “clever plan” stuff makes him look like a jackass.

    Ah, interviewer brought up “rock and roll was treated the same way”. Me like him.

    Used a movie AND a game as a scapegoat? Wow, multitasking.

    “No one in their right mind says a video game changes an angel into a demon.” YOU DO!

    He’s using technobabble with a picture of a MRI…

    Brushes off falling violence levels….

    “the experts I talked to” Anyone else wanna see this experts?

    This seems fairly NonPOV. Not a bad segment…

    Hey, a “Modest Proposal”. Too bad they don’t mention Penny Arcade with that, and him backing down from money to charity.

    Fine with bible violence, but not video games.

    Is the segment over?

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    jccalhoun ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Nightline’s website has a message board. If the segment is a “videogames are evil. Isn’t Jack Thompson a wonderful person for looking out for the children” story, I suggest we politely and intelligently post on it telling them a little more about our favorite lawyer.

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    Gabriel Celesta ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    (*reads the story from the link Zdyne gave us*)

    I liked the Reno vs. Thompson part…

    “I came up with this clever plan of handing her a questionnaire asking her, ‘Are you heterosexual? Are you bisexual? Are you homosexual?’ And so forth,” Thompson said.

    In response, Reno approached Thompson, put her arm on his shoulder, and said, “I’m only attracted to virile men, which is why I’m not attracted to you.”

    CLEVER? That was fucking asinine, Jack. As for Ms. Reno’s reply… that was ownage before ownage was ownage.

    At least Jack admittied that he made a mistake when it came to filing battery charges… but the sexual orientation question was still inappropriate.

    Okay, about the Paducah incident….

    “Nobody in their right mind says that video game or a movie can turn a little angel into a demon,” Thompson said.

    Shit, dude, that’s what YOU’VE been trying to tell everyone all these years. Then again, technically, Jack, you’re NEVER in your right mind anyway.

    There is one potential culprit Thompson refuses to indict: the weapons.

    Yeah, and I want to know WHY? Oh wait — here’s “why”…

    “Kids went to school for more than 300 years in this country with guns because after school they would go hunt for dinner. And they weren’t turning those guns on one another.”

    Really, Jack? I call bullshit on that one, but can anybody really confirm that?

    On the legal front, Thompson is still searching for success.

    Yup. Still searching… and still failing miserably. Success is a journey… and it seems Jack can’t even leave the house. (Okay, that sounded bad, but you get the idea, I think.)

    Thompson also blames his failure in some of his missions on the odds stacked against him. He says it’s simply “not a fair fight.”

    Crybaby Jack just doesn’t get it. If he had tried to keep people on his side and worked with them instead of turning against them and burning bridges (oh, I forgot — “There are no bridges”), then maybe he’d have a better chance of winning. It’s basically one man against the “giants” because Jack seems to keep it that way. He can’t bring himself to add anyone to the one-man side.

    Well, I’ve said all I could about that story. I’ve run out of stuff to say that hasn’t already been said before. At any rate, I ain’t watching JT on ABC.

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    BearDogg-X says:

    Can you really call it “NightLine” when Ted Koppel’s no longer there? And Leno and Letterman regularly beat it in the Nielsens.

    Anyway, not watching it.

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    calvinball says:

    Once again he refers to experts without giving any clue as to who they might be.

    MY EXPERTS who have purple skin, devil horns and live in the glowing green mushrooms in my pants assure me that Jack’s split personality is the real programmer of all GTA games and the main founder of Rockstar.

    See life is good with experts.

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    Pixelantes Anonymouis ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Having Thumper on a TV show as an expert on video game violence is like having David Duke on as an expert of race relations.

    It’s perverted.

    It appals me how little research goes into making these “serious” “investigative” pieces that air on network TV. It’s ridiculous.

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    hayabusa75 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I love how he attributes his failures to the fight not being fair. Then again, narcissists aren’t exactly known for their ability to acknowledge their own incompetencies.

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    Kinglink says:

    They should show a line graph of “people willing to associate with Jack Thompson” I’m sure it’ll be like the Alpine in the last 3 or 4 years.

    It’s hilarious he’s allowed air time, but with the networks biased so liberally slanted I guess even he can get some time on screen.

    On the other hand this means the population of the US might think that it’s “news” and not bias tripe. I’m not talking about the people here, or even people smart enough to use a computer, but the people who watch nightline normally will take it as fact.

    I remember a time when conservative republicans would just about shit a brick about violent video games, now you have liberals like Hillary Clinton, and Joe Lieberman, and psychos like Jack Thompson (I won’t attribute him to any party, neither deserves his brand of psychosis.)

    I do advise people to write Nightline if the news story is biased against the video game manufacturers, I’m sure it will be as I’m sure they will ignore us. I won’t say video game makers are blameless (just like Hollywood isn’t blameless), but it’s sure as hell more the parent’s fault that they get the games then anyone in the game industry, from the gamestop employee, to Doug Lowenstein.

    If 20 years old who have no previous mental problems start carving people up, we should start taking the threat seriously but there’s many other factors contributing to these problems.

    P.S. Love the fact he contacted you personally. Kudos Jack.

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    K-OSS says:

    “he had to send a list of questions to the interviewer for the interviewer to ask.”

    That would be interesting. “Mr. Thompson, how did you become a god amongst men?” “Mr. Thompson, how is it you have this brilliant foresight that the rest of this moronic planet doesn’t?”

    “”It was banned in Canada, taken off store shelves just about everywhere in the U.S., and 2 Live Crew doesn’t exist anymore,” Thompson said.”
    …what? They performed at the GotJ in 2005! They had 8 albums after that! I can go and buy it in a store TODAY! What is he talking about?

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    Daniel says:

    This madman is at it again. When oh when will he stop attacking an innocent industry? What is he going to say? When is he going to realize that he’s beaten and stop going on T.V.? I’m sick of these T.V. networks giving time to a moron like Jack Thompson. What’s the matter with them? They need to stop.

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    GoodRobotUs ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “The murder rate is down because now the emergency response of emergency medical teams is so rapid that people aren’t dying like they used to.”

    But isn’t his other job a medical malpractice lawyer?

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    Mnementh2230 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I predict lies, misrepresentation of facts, claims of “murder simulators”, and the use of studies that misrepresents their findings (causation/correlation differences, and quotes taken out of context).

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    yuki says:

    Allright them, time we contacted the ESA and ECA and ABC, and let them all know that this shit has to stop.

    The ESA and ECA should threaten legal action against the network unless it updates that story with several important facts they happened to omit. For example.

    1. They talk about the Paducah shooting, but fail to mention that jacks argument was thrown out in court.
    2. He once again Quotes that APA report, even after Dennis proved jack wrong on it.
    3. They made no mention of bully or his ongoing contempt case, nore his multiple bar complaints.

    Thats just for starts, I can go one, given some time, so could you all. We need to get the industry to rally against this kinda crap. Until they do, the media will continue to be against them.

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    PanicButton42 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Thompson dismisses statistics showing that while the popularity of video games has gone up, violent crime has gone down.

    Though the FBI reports that the number of teenagers arrested for violent crimes fell by half between 1994 and 2004, Thompson attributes it not to reduced violence but reduced reportage.

    “The experts I talk to in fact indicate that assaults, violent incidents in schools, are up, and they’re being handled in-house as opposed to going to the local law enforcement officials because schools don’t want to have that stigma,” Thompson said.

    Talk about trying to warp the facts to fit your cause, but I like this opne even more:

    “The murder rate is down because now the emergency response of emergency medical teams is so rapid that people aren’t dying like they used to.”

    People aren’t dying like they used to… Damn, that is priceless. Now there is a stretch to explain why official numbers contradict your case. “Back in my day people had the decency to die immediately!” I know that is not what he means, but it sure is what it sounds like.

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    PeteDawson says:

    Jack isn’t so much important as the idea of him is. Yes, he got involved in that Louisiana bit, but he pretty much embodies a ceasepool of ignorance and idiocy directed towards the game industry. When I wrote a report on the government and gaming I felt the need to include a section on him, though I also covered people line Clinton and Lieberman.

    Anyhow, I highly doubt this will be fair and balanced, but few profiles are. If it is as bad as we think we can just flood ABC with complaints. They have words on their side, but we have facts. Words tend to be louder than facts, but if there’s enough of them the words become useless.

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    Shadow-Breaker says:

    Siftr, looks like they are going to side with him. I read the report on the nightline website, and out of all the 4 pages, nothing was fair or balanced. Everything was about the video game industry being the bad guys, and hes fighting for a “righteous cause” as it said like a million times. Oh well, this is the media were talking about here. They know as much about Video Games as Jack Thompson does, so I didn’t except anything balanced anyway.

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    nightwng2000 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    You’d loose the “disbarred” bit because, unless it happened while I wasn’t looking, he hasn’t been disbarred yet. Last I’d heard, the FL Bar was still investigating the complaints.

    NW2K Software

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    Pixelantes Anonymous ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I’m all for the drinking game, but I suggest a few changes.

    Janet Reno – 2 drinks
    2 Live Crew – 1 drink
    Bodycount / Ice-T – 1 drink
    Batshit insane – 5 drinks
    disbarred – 10 drinks
    moron (referring to JT) – 10 drinks
    Louisiana bill not passing – 2 drinks
    JT’s love letters to Louisiana AG – 5 drinks
    contents of JT’s love letters to Louisiana AG – 10 drinks

    Because if any of that ever gets mentioned in mainstream media report about him I’ve clearly already died and gone to heaven and no amount of alcohol can any longer hurt me.

    Nightwing…the usual media trick to combat the manipulation is to NOT ask the questions the profiled doesn’t want to get asked, but then introduce them into the piece anyway by either interviewing third parties or referring to other sources.

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    nightwng2000 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    We do, however, have to remember one important thing that the average viewer doesn’t realize: Such profiles are manipulated by the profiled.

    I remember quite awhile back when an issue sprung up about John Bruce being interviewed and he had to send a list of questions to the interviewer for the interviewer to ask. As I recall, Dennis, or someone, pointed out that this is standard practice in many interviews (Dennis or someone will correct me if I’m wrong, but I seem to recall this).

    There is no doubt that even if ABC News actually prepares a fully unbiased profile, John Bruce can reject the profile if it doesn’t meet with the biased view he wants aired by the network.

    Otherwise, and I’m only vaugely being sarcastic/funny, he’ll threaten to sue them as he did with Amazon and Wikipedia. (Anyone wanna dare to bet against me on that one?)

    NW2K Software

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    nightwng2000 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Really? He’s going to be profilled? About time too. I mean, it’s taken the FBI long enough…. Oh, you mean… uh… ok….

    So ABC is doing a story on… what? Schister lawyers around the world and he’s in the list of lawyers who couldn’t even make that honorable of a list?

    I could go on all day but I think if Dennis keeps making that angry of a look on his face because I’m not behaving, it might stick that way and I don’t think his family would be happy with me one little bit. :)

    NW2K Software

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    hayabusa75 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    GP, my Dish guide says that Nightline is on at 11:35 Pacific Time, but there’s another news program starting at 2:30 on ABC. I’m gonna record both, but I thought I’d mention the discrepancy for everyone’s “FYI”.

    Personally, I like hearing about what JT’s up to because I love to see him fail. It’s kind of like why I like watching the Lakers, except those bastards actually win.

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    Wolf ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Hey, now…We should all watch it, maybe for comic relief. Or stress relief as you argue at the TV. And possibly to give fuel to good webcomics.

    But, yeah, I hope it gets posted somewhere accessable, as well. I want to see it for the hell of it, but not sit through Nightline while I could be watching other stuff, or, playing video games (a little bit of irony?)!

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    Transmission ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I can only hope thjat the host will point out how much money he cost the state of Lousyana and how similar bills have, and will, cost states even more money.

  34. 0
    tollwutig says:

    Actually I would love to see Jack grilled by someone like Barbara Walters, I know she isn’t on Nightline, but she has a habit of making people logically defend their beliefs and playing devil’s advocate.

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    ~the1jeffy says:

    Let’s make it a drinking game (adults, please)!
    – Everytime he says ‘pornographers’ – 1 drink
    – ‘Smut peddling’ – 1 drink
    – ‘murder simulator’ – 1 drink
    – ‘vdieo games literally train kids to kill’ – 1 drink

    Wait. Bad idea. I sense alcohol poisoning from this game.

    Ok, seriously now, will someone tape (youtube, whatever) it for me (us)? I refuse to sit through Niteline for what will amount to a 20 second blurb on his ‘moral crusade.’ And will likely ignore his glaring failures – notably his LA law, which will cost that thin-walleted state tax dollars.

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    Zerodash ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Perhaps we will get an update on the hidden blood, nudity, and gore that JT found in Bully. I thought the ESRB’s “deadline” passed long ago.

    This TV appearance is all JT has left- 2006 has been nothing but a string of failures for him.

    If anything, he will take credit for Take Two’s dishonesty with their stocks. Even though that has nothing to do with GTA.

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    Verbinator ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I’m all for JT being profiled.

    Oh … wait … it’s another meaning of the word. And here I thought this was about an enemy of freedom coming under more constant police scrutiny. Darn. 😉

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    AgnostoTheo ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    You don’t suppose that Dennis is doing this because he knows we all love to hate JT do you? Besides. As long as Jack has the media’s attention, we’re never going to be rid of him plauging the industry because he’s ALWAYS going to be pushing for legislation. Failed or not, it’s still important to know.

  39. 0
    Black Manta ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    This to me is the equivalent of seeing an auto wreck; I know I shouldn’t watch, but feel compelled to anyway. I just wonder what bile he’s going to spew tonight?

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    Siftr says:

    Dennis, I should care about the fact that an incompetant lawyer with an obvious inferiority complex that cannot win a single case against the videogame industry, is going to be on tv for maybe the fourth time?

    Jack Thompson has already proven to everyone that he can neither
    A) Write a constitutionally bulletproof anti-videogame bill
    B) Prove that videogames are actually dangerous or
    C) provide a logical and intelligent debate.

    The man does nothing but grandstand and whore at every chance as has been shown by both the previous times he has appeared on your site. Whether by the times he used to post at GP or the occaisional post on joystiq or even a newspost about something he said. Jack Thompson has proven that he cannot be the game industries worst nightmare and he cannot destroy rockstar because every single time he has tried, he has failed.

    I mean even if he DOES appear on Nightline tonight, so what. He will most likely get in about 20 seconds and then boast that he was on Nightline talking about violent games. Jack Thompson obviously has psychological issues and requires attention, that would be the most obvious reason to informing you about it (if that is how it happened, if he emailed you about himself being on Nightline).

    Of course regardless of what happens he will try to make games look like supposed murder simulators (which we all know they are not) and claim that videogames are the reason that people are dead. I mean after watching him on Attack of the Show, the tidbits on CNN, and every time he has posted as a whole, the man is nothing more than a publicity stunt in himself.

    As much as I respect you Dennis(and I know that it has been a while since a story that had anything to do with JT), I would love to see no more stories about Miami Jack. I mean I use Gamepolitics as one of my main news sources, and that is because I trust to be able to wake up and see that logic has once again prevailed over a videogame law. Besides, it isnt really a big news thing when JT talks, because you already know exactly what he is and isnt going to say.

  41. 0
    Rich says:

    Actually ol’ Jack has popped up over at an anti-censorship site I visit, http://www.melonfarmers.co.uk, and there’s a link to a religious website on there. It seems that there’s some adult toys of two reindeer humping each other and Jack’s been involved in complaining about that…

    So from government to rap to video games to santa’s horny helpers… looks like Jack’s career is really taking off!!

  42. 0
    Yuki says:


    Yep, but, he can’t post here, so thats good news.

    heres hoping that abc isn’t stupid enough to be biased like always and actually reports this fairly.

    But I doubt it.

  43. 0
    Terminator44 says:

    Good thing he can’t post anymore. Otherwise, we would probably never hear the end of his appearance on Nightline. He’s just found his new “60 Minutes.”

  44. 0
    Yuki says:

    Ok then. Three things we need to do.

    1. Inform abc that this will be observed and closely scrutinized. If they show bias, either in favor of jack or against the industry we will know.

    2. If they should chose to omit certain key factors about jacks carrer in an effort to keep it from looking like the total wash out it is, we will know and will be informing the industry of it.

    3. I may only speak for myself, but I will inform them, that if they do either of the above, i wll request action against them be taken by both the ESA, and the ECA.

    You people might think I”m going over the edge, but this is the point I keep trying to Drill into your heads. he will no go away untill the MEDIA knows that it will be to costly and foolish for them to glorify this psychos crusade.

    It’s why I keep saying, the ESA and ECA should activly and constantly threaten any media outlet that lies, defames, or other wise attempts to smear the industry, the industry needs to tell them, you either stop this shit or we see you in court.

    Win or Lose, it would get the point across.

    Besides that, I for one would be jsut fine with with jack being shown to be the self rightous bastard he is.

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