Jack Thompson Nightline Video...

December 14, 2006 -
Catch the video of Jack Thompson's Nightline appearance here.

GP: ABC news reporter Bill Weir did a credible job, we thought.

Is anyone uploading this to YouTube?

UPDATE: Yes, it's now on YouTube...



The problem with school shottings and bullies is the "system" ignores kid and teen social issues and lets them develop to a unhealthy stage,I myself suffered from bulling and took things internal instead of lashing out...I still cant stand people much >

(stupid smileis...)
The problem with school shottings and bullies is the "system" ignores kid and teen social issues and lets them develop to a unhealthy stage,I myself suffered from bulling and took things internal instead of lashing out...I still cant stand people much 0_o,

heres a 50 year old collage bully case,the shotter is now a collage prof

has the system for adults or kids evolved any since then...

This one was a hoot...Wacky Jackie looks like a goofball...especially thse buggie eyes. More on my thoughs about this interview on my blog...

Tom Buscaglia - The Game Attorney

He has a pool and a nice house. That bumps him up to a three out of 1000 on the coolness scale.

I found the interviewer to be surprisingly unbiased. He has to be polite and professional, so he never called Jack too directly on anything, but I definitely got the feeling he didn't see eye-to-eye with Jack at points.
Did anyone else notice that JT had to pause before he could say the word "homosexual"?

I thought it was a fair piece. Thompson didn't go unchallenged on many points, and I really don't think we should expect him to get grilled as much as we would prefer on national television. I would have liked them to mention the donation to charity that he claimed was satire and didn't pay, but that they even mentioned the incident at all impressed me.

yea he did hesitate on the "homosexual" line. Also glad someone else got the feeling that JT and the reporter weren't exactly on the same pageas far as opinions go. Unbiased, yes i say, it was conducted fairly well i say. The court cases were mentioned as well as the general denial of the studies done on video games. Kinda interesting that the reporter was playing the games himself during parts of the interview. For what reason i dont know, probably to keep the unbias going or to prove a subtle point.

*we really need an edit button here, so sorry for the double post*

another thing that kinda suprised me was they mentioned JT's Mortal Kombat, despite what happened with that, he almost seemed to smile at it a little (not much)

Though the FBI reports that the number of teenagers arrested for violent crimes fell by half between 1994 and 2004, Thompson attributes it not to reduced violence but reduced reportage.

Yep, it's all a conspiracy.

"The murder rate is down because now the emergency response of emergency medical teams is so rapid that people aren't dying like they used to."

But I thought gamers were being taught how to do perfect head shots? I guess CPR really CAN treat head wounds. ;)
-- If your wiimote goes snicker-snack, check your wrist-strap...

"poor me, I'm just a poor Jesus fan in the heart of Satan-ville. oh, those horrible horrible companies, mentally masturbating into the hearts of our sweet and innocent children. I'll keep fighting the good fight, no matter how many times they try to put me away for being so Christian... they eat puppies too you know"

-- If your wiimote goes snicker-snack, check your wrist-strap...

I liked how Jacky paused for a while when asked how anyone can claim reportage is down after Columbine. It seemed like he didn't have an answer so he made up some phony excuse.

"Kids have gotten in trouble for bringing Aspirin to school" the reporter stated.

Yeah Jack, reportage must be way down if kids are getting in trouble for bringing aspirin to school (sarcasm)


Of course, silly! You just need to modify the process so that you're sucking on the head wound! With the heart being manually pumped the slug will just pop right out!

I'm glad JT got grilled on TV. I'm glad that reporters and the mainstream media are starting to pay attention to his lies.

That was surprisingly evenhanded I thought. The article version that was linked in the original story doesn't come off as well as that did.


He just mis quoted Churchill, now I am mad.

I hate how he paints himself as a Christian Crusader. He isn't, his utter lack of empathy for people has proven that to me. He made fun of someone who killed himself. He mocked the mans friends.

Sounded like the same old song and dance to me. "Rockstar bad, blah blah blah, murder simulator, blah blah blah, trained to kil on Doom, blah blah blah." Someone please change the record.

And when it comes to crime statistics I'm willing to believe the FBI as opposed to Thompson and these experts that apparently no one has ever seen.

Very unbiased. I was honestly surprised when the reporter brought up all the flaws in JT's thinking. Huzzah to Nightline for showing some spine. 'Course, JT will prolly sue them soon for slander as they didn't put him in the best light possible.


Notice that althought Jack says reporting of crime is down, it actually it is gone up.


News Alert "Fights Happen in Schools and the School doesn't call the police!"..

Thats basically what happened when I went to high school. Guess the FBI is wrong and schools don't care about violence. I would have to believe schools report any and everything now a days. Why would they care about how people view them when all they can say is we care about the children and take violence seriously in our school.

I smiled and even came a little close to laughing when watching this. That reporter seemed to put JT on the spot on a lot of points.

The only thing I didn't like was how much it seemed to be free publicity for him. Case in point, when they started talking about the character in MKA modeled after him, he started smiling and chuckling a little bit, contradictory to his actions towards Midway Entertainment in the whole ordeal.

What I'm saying is that JT follows the same route Eminem and numerous gangsta rappers have taken. The whole mentality of knowing that they have a bad rep that they can use to garner attention and potentially money. JT realizes that the fact that people hate him can garner him attention as more people get curious as to who he is and why gamers hate him so much. Basically we are giving Jack exactly what he wants. Like I have said time and time again, don't give him the satisfaction of feeding his cause by constantly paying attention to the things he does. He's like a spoiled child that acts out specifically to get attention from the people who feed him.

Anyways, I think the reporter should have grilled him more. Namely his mocking of the gamer suicide, giving out rude emails and letters to gamers and industry officials telling them to go smoke pot or for us computer nerds to get out from behind our computers or whatever else he dreams up. One exchange he had told a guy to f*** off twice. I forgot where I found that though.

Fair? I'm not sure about that really. On one had they pretty much just said the facts and I never had the feeling that they were with either side of the argument. "There's violent games the there, Someone's fighting against them, here's the details." That was great!

On the other had, I can't place my finger on it, but something about that report feel little off. At a couple points it just felt like the reporter just wanted to ask "Can you beleive this crap?" They didn't have a bias in the core argument itself, but it felt like they viewed the situation around that argument as stupid.

Instead of the righteous firebrand who crusades against the corruption of the children that this man purports himself to be, this article seems to portray him as a silly, unfortunate and harmless figure.

The interviewer has fun with him about the Janet Reno incident, about violence in the Bible, and regarding the reduction in teen violence and in each case it's like he stumbles to come up with an answer that doesn't make him seem as ridiculous as he is.

Even at the end when the news anchor refers to him as the "Virtue Vigilante", it's like tailing off at the end of any feel-good, unimportant news story that's used for filler on a slow news day. You can imagine her saying in the same tone of voice "So that kitten will "paws" before climbing a tree that high again!".

From his press releases clamouring to inform everyone about this appearance, you would think they were going to praise him from the heavens. This seems to be nothing more than a novelty "Look what this crazy guy is up to!" piece. Next week it'll be the guy with the biggest rubber band collection in the world, after that, the oldest athlete in the world, etc. He's the latest in a line of "curious characters" highlight by news networks when they are clutching at straws for stories.

@Thompson looked foolish

Actually, having a school try to keep a felony on their grounds under wraps isn't unheard of, at least not in my state.

Around a year back, there was an incident all over the news here in which two boys sexually abused a handicapped student in a well-to-do Columbus(?) high school, and no staff members where around to help her. It's so sickening because it was during an assembly and the entire student body saw it happen and did nothing. Afterwards, the school urged the parents not to call 911.

Don't get me wrong. I don't believe that this is enough to validate JT's point. And I certainly don't think he has a leg to stand on in that theory if he doesn't mention any specific examples or who exactly his "experts" are. However, we shouldn't outright dismiss the issue. I for one would like to see an investigation of administrative policy at schools across the country.

@Shoehorn O'Plenty: Now that's what I was thinking. Thank you!

There's a lot of that going around. And just as John Bruce once tried to limit people shooting others in the face to hitmen and video gamers, so too does he limit violence by teens to be caused by video games.

Truth is, schools by and large cover up a great many crimes. Not all are sexual assaults or even physical assaults, but a great many hate crimes are brought about mental and verbal abuse that is ignored or even advocated and encouraged by authority figures in the school who agree with the abusers' attitudes. School officials are notorious for covering up abuse in schools for a great many reasons. Fear of lawsuits, approval of the acts due to common personal, religious, and/or political beliefs, fear of media, lack of understanding how to deal with certain situations, and many others.

John Bruce, as always, wants everything to be about him and his agendas and everything else not even come in 10th, let alone second.

NW2K Software

While that's true, I hardly think that this is a new thing, which is the lynchpin in JT's argument. It seems these numbers would be hard to get, but I think it would be interesting to see how much unreported school violence has gone up or down in the past 10 years.

I like how the implication was that only kids play games.

Wait, who was that correspondent who was interviewing JT? I would love to know. He asked tough questions.

me - didnt you get the note? Only kids or adults who have the mental capbtilys of kids play games.

It would have been cool if they mentioned his feud with Penny Arcade over his game suggestion.

Wow, Jack really did get Pawned. Good to see the media is not kissing the ass of all the anti-gaming morons out there anymore.

"In some cases, those lines turned to violent mobs, providing one man in Florida yet another sign that American culture is going straight to hell.

"The violence, and the mayhem that we saw in those lines, I think, is somewhat indicative of the mentality," Jack Thompson said. "

.... Tickle me Elmo?

""The murder rate is down because now the emergency response of emergency medical teams is so rapid that people aren't dying like they used to.""

Oh, so THAT'S why so many attempted murders are so far up. *cough*

@ Terminator44

My point was there is no reason to think that schools are NOW all of a sudden leaving things unreported, especially after Columbine, and especially after students are getting in trouble for the dumbest reasons - like aspirin.

What makes JT so sure that schools in the past reported everything, and only today are under-reporting incidents? My point: If schools are possibly not reporting all incidents today, they may just as easily not have reported them in the past either, which would in turn make the number of incidents that were documented in the past a lot lower than what they really were.

There's nothing to suggest that schools are NOW under-reporting things that they would have reported in the past, but quite the opposite.

That was much better then I thought it would be.

Though they left out certain aspects about his Modest propesal, they were quite fair overall, which for those who know me, is high praise.

Still, Is it just me, or does the jack thompson on tv seem highly different from the one we used to deal with.

He does know that the crusaders of The Crusade are often considered the bad guys of the time for genocide, right?

But I think it's funny that most of the game clips were of Rockstar games. I just wish they showed Rockstar Table Tennis too.

Also I'm surprised that he goes on arguing that because MRIs show that violent video games stimulate the "animal" part of the brain (making children revel in the feelings of violence) no one ever talks about what that part of the brain is there for. If we have a part of the brain that has only the job to make us violent, doesn't that kind of say something about human nature?

He really does look foolish... especially when he doesn't have the press eating out of his hands. Ah well...



I like how the reporter was about to laugh in his face.

Two things:

"The pioneers take all the arrows..." Jack's way past the pioneer stage. He's been at it for years and if anything he's less successful than ever. I like how he never gave a real answer as to why he can't win.

Which family was the correspondent talking about that disassociated itself from him?

All in all, I was pleasantly surprised how it all turned out. It wasn't the asskissing session I feared it might be.

hayabusa: I thought they said "family organisation", in which case they would be talking about NIMF.

He thinks it was reasonable to hand Janet Reno a question about her sexuality? That's mature.

I just...don't get why this man still has a career.

although NIMF dropped JT before the modest proposal, as I recall. But I can't think of who else Weir could have been refering to

I found it very funny when he started talking about the brain scans. He makes it sound as if video games are the only things that can stimulate this activity in the primitive/animal part of the brain.

I wonder what the results would be if a similar sample of teens were scanned after taking part in competitive sports. I would like for these researchers to repeat the experiment, but instead substitute a half hour spent playing basketball or football against each other, in place of the video games.

I imagine it's the drive to succeed and overcome a challenge that stimulates this brain activity, and the same results would be seen whether you've been trying to get headshots in Counter-Strike, or trying to weave past the opposition players in a game of football.

Sports seem to increase aggression a lot more than video games in my opinion. I've seen an huge amounts of clips of fights starting during games of soccer, GAA sports, basketball, etc. As someone who has played video games for most of my adult life, including as part of my job, the most violent behaviour I have ever witnessed is a punch on the arm delivered to someone who wouldn't stop being a cheesy player in Soul Calibur.

The only other family group I could think of would be Tyndale Publishing, which publishes his book as well as the Left Behind series.

But J.T. broke relations with them because of the Left Behind video games.

So NIMF does sounds a lot like what Weir was referring too.

On a side note, the video is also on iTunes if any of you guys subscribe to the Nightline podcast.

I think it is extremely amusing to see how somebody that is SO against violence and agression, openly states that one of his biggest "examples" is a wartime leader :-) ( The quote he uses even comes from during the War, i mean, come on, that's just ridiculous...

What are you guys talking about? The video was exactly the same thing as the story. Or did I watch a different video?

“[My] most favorite story in the Bible is David and Goliath,” Thompson said.

This story involves David using a single stone in a sling to hit Goliath in a weak point in the armor. (The rational was faith in God managed to guide the stone, although immense skill and accurracy can have the same result.)

The message of the story somehow fell on deaf ears. In this case, it looks like attempts to inaccurratly throw rubber balls in a general direction of a target, with the hopes that it would actually inflict damage (which it won't.)

Really, I thought it would’ve been that little story in the Bible about a guy called Jesus,

Depends on the Bible. There's two testaments involved - the Old Testament and the New Testament. Judaism places its focus on the Old Testament (specifically the first five books), while Christianity focuses on the New Testament (specifically the four books of the apostles.) Not that it matters, since there's ~6 billion religions on the planet.

He has a nice house at least, but his jumpshot needs some work.

@shoehorn O' plenty: Make it basketball, much funnier that way as he was playing basketball with his son (poor kid) in the video.

@Zento: He said the most popular story as I recall, not his favorite.

"[My] most favorite story in the Bible is David and Goliath," Thompson said.

Really, I thought it would've been that little story in the Bible about a guy called Jesus, but hey, I'm a gamer, so maybe my priorities aren't straight.
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