Polls Return to GP – Pick Doug Lowenstein’s Successor

We haven’t run a poll since we switched to the new WordPress format in September.

But now, polls are back!

With the upcoming departure of ESA boss Doug Lowenestein, vote now for who you think will take the reins of the video game industry.

Jump here to vote…

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    Soldatlouis ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I voted for Gail Markels.

    Though Patricia Vance would be excellent, she already has a job at the ESRB. Hal Halpin already as a job at the ECA, and the 2 organizations (ESA and ECA) must be completely independent in my opinion. And finally, Reggie Fils-Amie being in Nintendo might cause problems when defending a concurrent company.

    So Gail Markels seems to me the best choice, as he’s vice-president of ESA : he already knows the company, and he already has some experience.

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    The Land of Smeg says:

    Patricia Vance

    Recently, she mas made leaps and bounds to gain support from politicians and parents with the ESRB rating system. Imagine what she could do with the whole industry.

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    Benji says:

    I’m with Soldatlouis on this one – some of the given likely candidates already have pretty good positions. Patricia Vance might do a good job, but she’s already doing a stellar job with the ESRB. Hal’s doing fine, too, and Reggie I don’t see as enough of a hard-ass for the job – say what you will about Lowenstein but he did send out the lawyer minions when it was necessary. Reggie’s great at PR but he’d need more than that.

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    Fojar says:

    I think that Reggie should be it. He’s been doing a good job leading NOA, And if all else fails, he can crush the opposition like a can of coke on his forehead. 😉

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    Thefremen says:


    I don’t know if that’s a good idea, Gail rhymes with Fail.

    Barak is DREAMY but he is also a Democrat so he would probably betray the ESA to pass anti-game legislation.

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    Daniel says:

    I hope that, although Jack Thompson is getting what he wants with the departure of Doug Lowenstein, the next person to take over fights with Jack Thompson’s lies and destroys them. I hope the next one is someone who will attack the theories that these games make people violent because that simply isn’t true. Whoever replaces Doug Lowenstein is going to have a hard time with the lies of Jack Thompson, but if the next person debates with him on T.V., then his case should fall apart. We should keep our fingers crossed.

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    Marshie says:

    Vote for Vance!

    Though seriously, I picture Ms. Vance taking this one. She’s been doing a fantastic job with the ESRB and her kind of leadership is exactly what the ESA needs. She can certainly keep her finger in the ESRB’s pie if she takes on Doug’s old job and it would give her the opportunity to start pushing far more strongly for some of the things she’s been lobbying for as the head of the ESRB.

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    Brer says:


    I’m going to try not to think about that one.

    Personally I don’t think anyone here, myself included, has the qualifications to speak on this issue, unless we have a beltway insider for a regular and no one ever noticed. What’s needed is someone with A) a good record and connections inside the game industry and B) a good record and connections in Washington, DC. A political infighter, in other words, not one of the talking heads from the big companies that most of us are familiar with.

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