Left Behind Book Publisher Supports Left Behind Game

Who would have thought that Left Behind: Eternal Forces would supplant Bully and GTA as perhaps the most controversial game of 2006?

And yet, as criticism of the T-rated real-time strategy game reaches a tipping point, that suddenly seems to be the case. Christian, Jewish and Islamic groups alike have condemned Left Behind: Eternal Forces.

But Tyndale House, the publisher of the mega-selling Left Behind book series, is backing the much-maligned PC title. The company issued a press release to that effect yesterday:

Tyndale Publishers strongly stand in support of Left Behind: Eternal ForcesTyndale House extended an exclusive license to Left Behind Games to create video games based on the storylines and characters of the Left Behind series.

Tyndale’s president, Mark Taylor (left), said:

We are careful to guard the content of our own products, and we worked with LBG to ensure that the content of their game is appropriate. There is a certain level of violence inherent in the story, just as there is a certain level of violence in the ‘Left Behind’ books. After all, the period in which the game is set is a chaotic and dangerous time… The game is designed to be a classic battle between good and evil, but it does not gratuitously depict violence or death.

Today’s Christian Science Monitor has one of the more comprehensive articles we’ve seen on the Left Behind controversy.

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