Moral Kombat Movie Trailer Released – Film Explores Game Violence Controversy

Independent film maker Spencer Halpin has just released the trailer for his upcoming film Moral Kombat, a documentary which explores the controversy surrounding video game violence.

Those appearing in the film are a diverse group, including former ESA boss Doug Lowenstein, Dr. David Walsh of the National Institute on Media & the Family, Jack Thompson, reporter Dean Takahashi, game designer American McGee, ECA president Hal Halpin, game violence critic Lt. Col. David Grossman, and MIT’s deep thinker Dr. Henry Jenkins.

In discussing Moral Kombat with GamePolitics, Spencer Halpin said:

I knew that I wanted my first feature film to be a documentary and was hoping that it would be both topical and hopefully shine a light on a subject that needed it. The more I learned about violence in video games, the more compelled I was to tackle the subject matter. It’s so visceral… The interviewees are really intelligent, interesting folks who all care very passionately about the issue, which makes the story that much better in my opinion.

Halpin, who labored on Moral Kombat for over three years, is currently seeking a distribution deal. Toward that end he will be showing the production at several upcoming film festivals.

We’re told the film’s budget was about a million dollars. Halpin said he is especially excited about Moral Kombat’s score, which should be available on the film’s MySpace in the near future. For an interesting Apple feature on some of the tech behind Moral Kombat, click here.

Full Disclosure Dept: Spencer Halpin is the brother of ECA president Hal Halpin. GamePolitics is an ECA partner.

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