Festival Sponsors Force Super Columbine Game Out of Competition

The ultra-controversial Super Columbine Massacre RPG has been dropped from the upcoming Slamdance Festival’s independent games competition.

According to Kotaku, festival sponsors threatened to pull out unless SCMRPG was removed from the roster of games under consideration for a Slamdance award:

In a last minute phone call Thursday evening, Slamdance president and co-founder Peter Baxter, told game developer Danny Ledonne that he regards his decision to remove the game from the festival as “deeply flawed,” but necessary to the festival’s survival.

Ledonne told Kotaku editor Brian Crecente:

I don’t want to paint them as the villain in this. I don’t think the real issue is a couple of guys at Slamdance who decided to reject my game, it’s the larger pressures placed on them… There are people in the gaming community who think I should protest. But I haven’t decided what to do yet.

Georgia Tech professor Ian Bogost of Persuasive Games commented:

If (Persuasive) made a game with a political opinion one of the Slamdance sponsors didn’t like… would we have a place there? It’s a concern.

UPDATE: Corporate sponsors listed on the Slamdance Festival’s website include: Kodak, Dos Equis Beer, All Seasons Resorts, Michael Collins Irish Whiskey and Fiji Water.

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