SOE, GamePolitics, Jack Thompson in Search for Missing Gamer

January 18, 2007 -
If politics makes for strange bedfellows, perhaps the same can be said for GamePolitics.

It doesn't get any stranger than finding GP, Everquest II publisher Sony Online Entertainment and controversial Miami attorney Jack Thompson all pulling in the same direction.

The unusual story begins on Tuesday, with GP's coverage of Jacob Pribyl, a missing 20-year-old MMO gamer from Forest Lake, Minnesota.

Desperate for information about their son, Jacob's parents enlisted the help of Thompson, a longtime nemesis of the video game industry. Although it is unclear what efforts Thompson may have undertaken, late Wednesday afternoon, the attorney e-mailed GP with the following caustic update:
We found the Pribyl boy. He is in Illinois holed up with crazed gamers. We found him because of my going public and good police work. Tell your sycophantic, panting audience that. 

Crazed gamers? Sycophantic, panting audience? Whatever. In a follow-up e-mail, Thompson wrote:
He said he is with the gamers he met online.  He is still in Illinois, and he won't return. Maybe (former ESA president) Doug Lowenstein can talk him home.

At this point the story really gets interesting. About the same time Thompson's e-mails landed, GP got an urgent message from Andy Zaffron, Senior Vice-president and General Counsel at Sony Online Entertainment.

Andy had seen our initial coverage of the Jacob Pribyl story on Tuesday and was eager to help. I mentioned that Thompson had already claimed the young man had been located, but Andy suggested we call the family to see if he could provide any additional help. With GP conferenced in, Andy dialed the Pribyls.

Debbie Pribyl, Jacob's mom, answered. It had been a hectic, stressful couple of days for her and the strain could be heard in her voice. Not being a gamer herself, it took a few minutes for us to explain who we were and what information we might be able to offer.

Andy told Mrs. Pribyl that although Jacob wasn't currently subscribed to any SOE games, customer records showed that in the past he had played some SOE titles. Andy's team noted that the e-mail address Jacob used for those games was now attached to an account for a game currently in beta testing . The beta account itself, however, was registered to a different gamer from the Chicago area. Not too uncommon, really, since MMO gamers are known to unofficially swap accounts.

With a little legwork, SOE established that the beta account had indeed been loaned to Jacob. SOE was finally able to track down a phone number where the missing man was said to be visiting a female friend he met through online play. GP's small part in this was to reverse-check the phone number. We came up with an address in a southern Illinois town. This was new information to the Pribyls.

The good news is that the parents told us they had spoken to Jacob Tuesday night and learned he was safe. The missing young man had still not returned home, however, and the only contact info the family had was for a completely different phone number in another Illinois town, not too far away from the one SOE turned up. It's unclear why this was the case. Perhaps the young man had visited multiple locations. In any case, the Pribyls expressed their thanks to SOE for taking the trouble to gather and pass along the information.

GP: While Andy Zaffron credits GP's coverage for prompting Sony Online's efforts to assist the Pribyls, the fact is that SOE did 99.999% of the work. GP was simply gratified to be able to participate in a process that hopefully will be of some assistance to the Pribyls and Jacob.


Come to think of it. I was actually younger than he was when I went galavanting accross the UK.
Oh and my friends in Scotland? We're good friends and visit each other every year.

Heya, i'm from the Gucomics community.

I basically did the same thing. Except I said "Mum, Dad, going to Scotland for a week or so. See you when i get back" and buggered off on a long trip.
Also, this is no ordinary 'kid' or 'child' he is a 20 year old, fully grown Man. JT completely blew this out of proportion.
His comments against gamers are discraceful and a public apology is in order I think. Either that or a proverbial slap.

Lets sum up. Man goes to 'meet a friend'. He doesn't contact his parents and they flip out. Idiot lawyer gets involved and blows everything out of proportion. Large gaming community help locate him. They discover he's with 'friends' and completely fine. He may even now have a girlfriend.
Idiot Lawyer discovers, well. Nothing.

One of those things that is just stupid for being brought to anyones attention. If this didn't have that pathetic excuse for a Legal person it wouldn't have the press coverage as it has had so far.

Pardon any grammar or spelling. I'm rather knackered and want my bed!

Does anyone know exactly how JT got involved? (Who contacted who first?)

@ Jabrwock
"You’d think he’d be happy to tell them he’s met someone…"

You mean someone who he's never met apart from on t3h 3vil interw3bz?

In the words of a fairly close neighbour of mine "They're not real people. They're just a load of numbers on your screen". His parents do sound like they think like that.

Nemnoc got pissy with me cause someone I know gave him an account to use after his account was taken away or suspend a month earlier. I considered nemnoc a friend at the time and went to bat for him trying to get the account back and even filed a police report even though it was really between him and jared.

Nemnoc stil pissed published my home phone with some descriptive words inside the game on his player profile as a way of trying to get back at me. Every time he did it, The gm changed the info. He was never suspend nor ban for these actions. He did multiple times. I had to change my number because of it. I believe Nemnoc had some ties to SOE. The last Gm that was involved in the investigation came after me and after my toon. SOE gave me a free name changes and server transfer after I threathen to call Jack on them. But then Management linked my new toons names on the new server. Management accused me of being a cheat and threathen to strip my account on April fools day. I was not amused.

Oh, I thought it was a kid. Whoops.

Still, props to SOE anyways.

And Sony is using his billing records to hunt him down?! Scary!

I think you touched on something here that I have not heard anyone bring up yet. While everyone is caught up in the feel good 'yay! the concerned parents found their beloved son!' and no one really stopped to consider the possible flip side.

As one who has known people who get stuck in a home-situation (sometimes into adulthood) with abusive parents... there are some damn good reasons why the person might not have wanted to be found. Flip the gender and I think most of us can think of at least one case of parents who would not let their daughter be 'on her own' even into adulthood,.. watching over her ever social interaction, not letting her make her own relationship choices, making sure she is utterly dependent on them for support till she can be placed with an appropriate husband.

Hypothetical example - ok, so it is now known that he was going to see a female friend. Alone. Who he is not married to. Fundie parents might have SERIOUS issues with that and would have moved to stop such a visit, possibly punishing him for acting against their will. Or harrasing him where he is now. (as an example, my SO's family has sent members of the local branch of their church to our doorstep to 'check in on her', which while they are nice people it is still a bit unsettling)

So Sony seems to have done a 'good deed', but in a way they took the parents word on things and potentially stuck themselves into internal family matters, which depending on information none of us have could make life very unpleasant for the son in question.

"SOE was finally able to track down a phone number where the missing man was said to be visiting a female friend he met through online play."

(in my steven colbert voice)
WE CALLED IT! Some commenters on here said he would be off with some girl somewhere and they were right. Also big ups to the SoE for there help finding the kid. Also lets have a big hand to JT for, yet again, bringing yet another smile to everyones face with his misguided ranting and raving.
*golf clap*

If nothing, this case shows, yet again, that Thumper will go to any lengths to exploit any situation to his benefit.

Here's a quote that fits perfectly:

You have done enough. Have you no sense of decency sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?

Except that I wouldn't call Thumper a sir.

Talk about parasites, indeed. What a waste of airspace he is.

How many times they does someone have to publish someone's phone number where it can be viewed by anyone who clicks the profile? GMs spent two days changing the info back?

I am thinking of sueing SOE because of this action. CS STAFF has been told not to commute with me about any of these issues. Andy Zaffron no longer returns my emails nor his staff. John has been quiet as a church mouse.

Nemnoc's guildmates got up a petition to blackball me from the server Last I heard there were over 90 names on the petition. Dimencia, aka GM Brenlo, said to me as a player how could 90 people be so wrong. Who going to pay the light bill if we ban them?

I have hard proof like screenshots and chat logs about the harrassment I have recieved from the beginning.

I may not agree with everything Jack stands for or the way he goes about it, but among certain legal circles he gets things notice. Me as a station player has no rights because I dont have a law degree but I know when wrong is wrong. Andy talked down(basically told me to get a life) to me as a player for more than 7 years I have support their product. It takes money to fight injustice.

So you going to repost that captured post again moderator?

Andy says,

(1) We’re people first: corporate formality concerns are somewhere below that on the list;

The Gms spent 2 days changing the info back where my Home phone was published by this "crazed" gamer. Maybe you took action against his account after the first "my bad" then I might have some respect for you. I did nt appreciate the way you talked down(politely told me to get a life) to me when I tried to email you with my problem. I am sure you dont talk to Jack that way.

(2) Seasoned and sound decision-making is using judgment (taking into account various relevant factors), to make a mature and hopefully correct decision; and

Sound decision making after two days of editing his profile multiple times where it showed my home number. I am not surprise that the GMS did nt get tired of it and suspend him. THey were using him to catch big fish so they had to protect their NARC. I had to change my phone number because of this.

(3) We take privacy concerns very seriously; 99% of the time, I require a subpoena before divulging any customer information to any person or entity. However, SOE’s posted privacy policy provides, among other things, that “We may also disclose any of your personal information to . . . other appropriate third parties . . . as we deem necessary in our sole discretion . . . .”

Really? Is that right? I know for a fact he was never banned nor suspend because of it. Maybe I need to supoena my world file from EQ and take a look?


In the words of a fairly close neighbour of mine “They’re not real people. They’re just a load of numbers on your screen”. His parents do sound like they think like that.

That's true. I've heard that before. My usual response is "what are penpals then, just a load of letters on a paper?"
-- If your wiimote goes snicker-snack, check your wrist-strap...

Uhm, am I getting this right. This "kid" or "boy" is a 20 year old adult and he was visiting a female "friend"? Nothing like trying to get laid only to have your parents declare you "missing", have SOE track you down, and having your sex life sprayed across the Internet. So much for that relationship.

Oh, did I mention having Jack Thompson refer to the young man like he was a prepubescent youth?

At any rate, perhaps Jack should start crusading for no premarital sex and the "two feet on the floor" rule.


Nice work to all involved in locating Jacob and getting him back in touch with his parents. Next step should be discussions between Jacob and his parents about what the boundaries are for a relationship between a young adult and his parents. May want to involve a couselor or therapist in that discussion.

Moving on.

What JT said and/or wrote about Jacobs friends sounds like a case of slander, libel, and defamation of character. It's one thing to defame high profile public figures in business and entertainment, it's another to attack private citizens without cause. Maybe there's an attorney in Illinois as hungry for some attention as JT is who will take the case.

[...] ,a href=>SOE, GamePolitics, Jack Thompson in Search for Missing Gamer [GamePolitics] [...]


Good answer. The problem I can hear coming is that you normally become penpals with people you have already met in a different context. Online, I know/talk to several people I've never seen anywhere but that website.

On behalf of Sony Online Entertainment, I'd like to thank Dennis and for the "heads up" on this matter (given the purely local reach of the television interview, we'd have never known of the parents' concern without, and applaud him for all the time and effort he puts into this site.

I just knew that, somehow and/or somewhere, I'd see or hear a comment like that posted by "Jay" above. I have three responses:

(1) We're people first: corporate formality concerns are somewhere below that on the list;

(2) Seasoned and sound decision-making is using judgment (taking into account various relevant factors), to make a mature and hopefully correct decision; and

(3) We take privacy concerns very seriously; 99% of the time, I require a subpoena before divulging any customer information to any person or entity. However, SOE's posted privacy policy provides, among other things, that "We may also disclose any of your personal information to . . . other appropriate third parties . . . as we deem necessary in our sole discretion . . . ."

Considering all of the circumstances here, and as human beings, we deemed it necessary.


If I'm understanding the timeline right, did Jack Thompson take the time to taunt you with an e-mail BEFORE he told the family where their son was?


True. To dismiss them completely though, is rather insensitive, and I ask those who do to ask themselves why they would treat someone he met at a party or through school any differently.


Thanks for your thoughts and help! Hopefully Jacob's parents have changed their outlook of gaming companies. Or at least taken a dimmer view of JT's BS...
-- If your wiimote goes snicker-snack, check your wrist-strap...

@Doctor Proctor

If I’m understanding the timeline right, did Jack Thompson take the time to taunt you with an e-mail BEFORE he told the family where their son was?

Probably not. It *sounds like* before SOE tracked him down, he called from a different location, telling them he was ok. That was likely the "we found him" email JT sent. But then he moved on to his current location (the next town over it sounds like), and that was the number SOE gave his parents.
-- If your wiimote goes snicker-snack, check your wrist-strap...

It is not a violation of privacy under the EULA that he agreed to. It was at SOE discretion to do so.

It's not a violation of privacy, period. Aside from Sony already requiring such information (e.g. for Credit Card billing - any chargeback that doesn't meet both AVS and CVV2 is expensive), there is a genuine belief of an emergancy situation. Trying to restrict Sony from helping out is no different than allowing such situations to grow worse.

Usually, when a person disappears unannounced, it may either be:
- A standard runaway
- A kidnapping
- or the death of the individual

#2 and #3 usually has a sudden disappearance, where the user is only last known at a specific location. Sometimes such information doesn't help directly, but when combined with other events, can give at least knowledge of what happened before the incident.

#1 may have information indicating that it is a runaway - for example, the user makes postings on the message board complaining about his family life. In cases like these, Sony can disclose these postings in question to the family, but could potentially take a risk by disclosing more information to the family.

If the user so-desired, he could easily look for assistance in tossing his old identity. There are organizations available that help hide people from abusive spouses and relatives, by assigning new identities, locating some low-scale jobs, etc.

@Michael James Nock

I think JT takes the same stance as your neighbor (and apparently Jacob's parents), unwilling to acknowledge a change in the dynamics of human communication has occured. People make real friendships and begin romances through communication on forums, IRC, email, dating services, etc. with people they may not meet face to face (in the case of friends). Friends I never met in real life helped me through a divorce. I met my wife through an online dating service. I've deepened real life relationships with people I play games with online. I communicate more through the written word with people I never meet than I ever do over the phone with people.

I may be a conservative, but I don't fear change. I just discriminate (in the proper use of the word) between change that is good and change that is not good.


I thought this was the kid that went missing and showed up four years later.

You're thinking this story, about the kidnapped kid who had an Xbox Live profile that led to his rescue.

This is just some Sony employees hearing that his parent were freaking out about him being missing for a week, and gave them a phone number to contact him. After that, you just use reverse lookup in the phone book to find the name/address...
-- If your wiimote goes snicker-snack, check your wrist-strap...

Did they give away credit info?
Did they give away things that could be used to steal someone identity?
Did they release it to the public?

They gave a phone number to his parents. Only his parents. The people he lived with.

No lawsuit.

No they did this with a reason. If someone randomly calls up they won't give this information out.

I was confused, I thought this was the kid that went missing and showed up four years later. This is just some adult who didn't tell his folks he was going out of town. And Sony is using his billing records to hunt him down?! Scary!


Even at 20, he's the Pribyls' child. You're never too old to have your parents worry about you, it's their job to do that. They'll still be considered about your welfare when you're an adult with kids of your own.
Either way, the real sickening part is Thompson feeling it's a priority to email a gaming website with critics than it is to keep up communications with the family who sought his help.


Probably not unless it's a widely publicized media story about you missing... A lawsuit would have difficulty establishing that this wasn't a special case.

I can see some concerns, but I doubt SOE would get slapped for this.
-- If your wiimote goes snicker-snack, check your wrist-strap...


True, and I won't deny that he was a bit of a jerk for not telling them, especially since he's living with them. And I won't begrudge them for being worried. What disappoints me was their going to JT and the media after he'd been gone a week after they drove him to meet someone.

My guess is somewhere in there, he dropped that he was going to go visit. Did he pack a bag, or just leave with nothing but the clothes on his back? The guy lives with his parents, but doesn't talk to them at all about what's going on in his life? You'd think he'd be happy to tell them he's met someone...
-- If your wiimote goes snicker-snack, check your wrist-strap...

[...] seems they found the kid __________________ [...]

This is insane.

So SOE will reveal my account info to anyone who claims that I'm missing? I feel a lawsuit coming on, with GP right in the middle.

What kid are we talking about here..... He is 20 years old and he moved out of his house. I'm proud of him. I had been in the Marine Coprs for 2 years at that age. I know young MEN that are younger than him that are fighting a war right now. Prehaps Jack should try to find them as well. What a loser.

Ok, take this with a grain of salt. It comes from someone who has had a kid missing.

Who gives a fuck if Jack Thompson blows his horn. The child is safe. That is ALL that matters. Nothing else does. Not Jack Thompson, not Sony, nothing.

And big time props to SOE. They really showed that they care. They may have taken some hits recently, but this was going above and beyond corporate policies.

From someone who has had a child lost, Thank You SOE!


Remember, this was not a child. Don't confuse this with that kid who was found after being kidnapped. He was tracked down with his online profile.

This was a 20 year old MAN living in his parents basement who met up with a friend he met online, and spent a week at her place without calling home to say where he was.

Granted it could have been worse, but honestly, hands up all adults who call their mommy every few days to tell her where they are. This was blown way out of proportion.
-- If your wiimote goes snicker-snack, check your wrist-strap...

What was it that Mr. Thompson said in his shameful and insensitive post on the MGS forum where the young man tragically took his own life?

"The playing of these video games is masturbatory activity, meaning senseless self-stimulation..........All of you gamers need to put down the controllers and get a life."

Sounds like this is just what this guy did. Maybe he was taking Thompson's advice, making HIM responsible!

Whilst I'm glad he's been located, and really think he could have at least told his parents what was going on, he IS a 20 year old man and capable of making his own decisions.

Personally, I think JT screwed up...again. What he wanted was to find the poor lad dead in a gutter somewhere so he could try and sue someone for it, as it is, all he's been left with is a perfectly legal, if somewhat inconsiderate young man.

Not surprising he'd lash out at all and sundry, rather than simply be pleased the boy was still alive.

To GoodRobotUs,

I agree with you, sir. I told everyone else before, Jack Thompson is not a man of peace nor a man of God, he is a man of hatred and himself. All he do is only care about himself and not about others safety.

I tell you, hating video games and gamers like us will defintely won't bring back the dead ones on Columbine and Dawson College shooting. What you can do now is to cherish everyday either yesterday, today or tomorrow, value your family and those around you whom you loved is alive.

Choose, either apologize, learn from mistakes and carry on your life or you can, continue to... satisfy your thirst of obsession.

Hooray, GP's good deed for the day! ;)

Good to hear that the missing guy is apparently fine, and unsurprising to hear that Jack and reality are still firmly out of touch with each other.

"He is in Illinois holed up with crazed gamers"? "Maybe Doug Lowenstein can talk him home"? Next thing we know Jack will be legislating mandatory wearing of tinfoil hats to thwart the evil game companies in their devious bid to beam unpure thoughts into our heads via satellite.

Wow, so GP readers pretty much called it when they said this was most likely due to him finding a girl. This really doesn't seem to be about video games at all once you get down to it. Sounds like a guy who got babied by his parents growing up, never had any room to become independant so he meets a girl online which gives him enough ambition to break away from his overbearing parents. Jack probably really is bummed that there wasn't a body count. Even sounds like he tried to spin the story by claiming the guy was held up with a bunch of insane gamers. I'd hate to think of the worry Thompson caused the parents by spitting out his twisted views on gaming/gamers. Probably had them convinced that their son was most likely in some condemnded building, playing GTA on a TV and PS2 powered by a back-up generator, as they drew up plans on how they'd blow up a shelter for puppies suffering from cancer. The guy wasn't in any danger and all this could've been prevented if he had just called his parents. He wasn't saved by anyone. Man I'd hate to be that guy right now. You know his mom is going to kill him.

What's funny is that young adults have been moving out of their parents and into digs with friends who have similar interests for years. Had Jacob simply moved in with some buddies from the School football team, nobody would raise an eyebrow, even if he'd moved in with some guys from his D&D group, anyone who started shouting 'Coven' or the like what only be met by widespread cynicism.

Thompson tries to make it sound like he'd moved into a heroin den or something, which fits his own self-serving view of the world but is, when held in the light of day, a complete fabrication on his part.

Lucky lad. Finally got the hell out of his basement. As much as he should have told his parents, I hate to think how his parents would have reacted. I don't think this kid has a car. So I doubt they would have taken them to school that day. I know how my mom acts and she knows where I am at college.

The way he had been babied, I know his parents would have tried to prevent him from going. In there mind he is still a child without the ability to fend for himself. He should have called after the fact.

Oh hell. I applaud him for taking that big a step. I really hope this girl was worth it though. On second thought he is pretty lucky that her real name wasn't bubba.

Holed UP?!?

Was there a 36 hour swat standoff? Were the in a compound 100 miles outside of town? Were they beating him? Was he being tortured? Or were they just having some non fucking puritanical fun.

Oh wait. This is a JT email. Reason has no place in or around them.

That this was all for a girl makes so much sense now. Considering how his parents reacted to finding him missing, and immediately blaming games for it, they probably would have scoffed at the possibility that two people can meet in an online game and decide to go further with it. If he felt that was the case, I don't particularly blame him for not getting his parents involved.


Depending on how you look at it, technically he did tell them. They were the ones who drove him to meet this person at his school. So they knew he was visiting a "friend" at least.

Granted he could have called after a few days, but he's 20.

I'm glad the parents realised that a grandstanding lawyer got them nowhere, and appealing to the gaming community got them proper contact info. Makes JT look pretty useless.
-- If your wiimote goes snicker-snack, check your wrist-strap...

Alright, Mr. Thompson, I've seen enough.

While we all appreciate what MINOR assistance you may have been in finding Jacob Pribyl, I find it remarkable tonote that you felt obligated to insult the gaming community as a whole in your little mission of charity.

Time and again I've seen you call us retarded, idiots, and morons. Today you've even bothered to dig through your vocabulary and label us all as sycophants. In the past you've even gone so far as to allude that we are all crazed, school shooting, drug-dealing murderers. You, sir, are a disgrace to your profession, your state, and humanity as a whole.

While you may find it nessecary to sling mud into the eyes of the videogame community, you will quickly find that most of us hold ourselves to a higher standard, rather than stoop to tossing insults through your ever so loving 'press releases'. You may want to play at the role of Moral Crusader, but if you don't have the testicular fortitude to communicate with us in a dignified, respectable manner, then you may as well crawl back into whatever little hellhole that spawned you and be SILENT.

We gamers are a community, with each others interest and health in mind, and no matter what insults roll off that forked tounge of yours, Jack Thompson, there is NOTHING you can do about it.

I am Tad Aaron DeMartelaere and I am a 21-year-old, College attending, Gamer. And I defy you with all that I am, Jack.

"Sycophantic" best describes Jacky Boy, so it's further proof that Jack is talking about himself when describing gamers or talking about Lowenstein or other pro-game people.

Glad to see the dude's OK.

I agree with Goodrobotus. If somebody died from this, JT would have gotten more fuel for his crusade. Thank gods nobody did. And while he's trying to spin this, the fact that he's alive and with friends (the "crazed gamers") makes him look ridiculous. Considering he's 20 and technically an adult (although legally it seems the space between 18 and 21 seems to be kind of a gray area), I'm sure he already knows who JT is, will tell his parents all about him, and then turn around and tell him to fuck off.

sycophantic....lets see says...."a self-seeking, servile flatterer; fawning parasite"

Though I can't say people aren't just naturally self-seeking and GP-goers are no different, I don't believe gamers as a whole are generally willing to kiss the ass of others in order to make them think better of us. If that were the case we wouldn't be complaining about other people all the time.

Also sycophantic is a cool word. I wonder how long it took Jack to find it. What word would he have chosen if he had to actually SAY the word in person? Can he even pronounce it? It is one of those words you use in an English paper to make yourself sound more sophisticated, but in the end you just sound like an ass with a thesaurus.

Well, she could be the girl of his nightmares, just because she's a gamer, it doesn't make her perfect, though it's pretty close ;)

Seriously though, from his behaviour it would have appeared that he did have a bit of an addiction with MMO's but if he was courting a girl, then that actually explains a great deal of his behaviour up to that point, most boys will turn very very secretive with regards to their parents at that stage of their life, and when you are young, you can never spend too much time together, whether it be online or offline.

In many ways, oddly enough, this might be an interesting example of how jumping to the worst possible conclusion from the evidence available can provide completely the wrong image of events. Basically, it would be interesting to see if this whole case turned out to be the Video Game debate in a nutshell.

Heh, I couldn't have asked for a better outcome. I just hope the human stain doesn't get to soak up any of the credit.

Oh wait, hold on...

*pant, pant*

There, almost forgot.

"Man I’d hate to be that guy right now. You know his mom is going to kill him."

Probably too relieved to put up much of a fuss about it.

And I am not surprised at what Jack said, well, partly, It sounded like he was trying to get the parents to think their son was already dead at the hands of online gamers, hell, Jack seemed to be praying for the man's death so he could make some money. This is, just, sickening....

However, I am glad the guy is alright and likely meeting the girl of his dreams.

In re: Jacob and his parents:
Mom and dad, breathe a sigh of relief, and when you see him, give him a great big hug that he's safe...
Then kick him in the arse really good for not respecting you enough to say "Hey, mom and dad! While playing a fictional game online and chatting with real people, I met this girl online. I think I wanna take a risk, go out, and go to meet her. I'll be back... or not. But, hey, ya wanted me to do something more than play games." Yeah, it's always a risk to go meet people you meet online. Sometimes it works out.

As to Andy and team:
Good work. I'm glad things worked out and I'm proud that you folks offered your help where you could. Am I bothered by privacy issues? Not really. I think it was for a good reason. Just don't let anyone abuse your kindness. :)

As to John Bruce:
That bigoted piece of gutter trash with no honor, no ethics, and no value to the human species can go sit and spin.

NW2K Software

"- where the missing man was said to be visiting a female friend he met through online play."

Do I detect Romance on the 'tubes'?! ;)

This doesn't come off as surprising though. Young man knows someone and wants to visit, but don't want to give a full 30-page confession to his parents... Easy way out? don't tell 'em. Of course, not advisable unless you know the people in question, but I digress...


Amen. After all, it's nice to just get out and travel around once in a while.

Oh, and who'd have thunk JT would've spouted crazy and attacking ramblings... ;)
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Big PermHer costume is amazing. It may be the best costume ever08/28/2015 - 8:30am
E. Zachary KnightLike I said, she looks like a fun character to play, but her costume is really obnoxious.08/28/2015 - 8:29am
MattsworknameMika was always about being a show off and using her but to crush her foes, even back in the alpha days. They just took that and maxed it to the extreme, and I LOVE IT!!!!!08/28/2015 - 5:36am
IvresseJust saw R Mika trailer myself. I do like the inclusion of Vega as the punching bag, especially with that Stone Cold Stunner knocking his mask off....but that ultra move with his face between 4 buttcheeks...class! :-)08/28/2015 - 5:20am
MattsworknameOk, finally got a chance to look at the R mika trailer for SF 5, and I Heart her so bloody much. She just looks like pure fun to play as and is SO colorful. All the YES!08/28/2015 - 3:23am
PHX Corp Sony is Disabling Users from Archiving Their PS4 Livestreams of Until Dawn08/27/2015 - 8:47pm
MattsworknameAndrew: SOrry I didnt get back, i went to bed before I saw your post. The Producer is listed as Arbitor36508/27/2015 - 6:06pm
Andrew EisenNope.08/27/2015 - 4:17pm
ZippyDSMleeDid you guys cover Fatal Frame 5 being nintendo Eshop only?08/27/2015 - 3:55pm
Big Perm120 bucks for a tetanus shot. Thanks Obama08/27/2015 - 3:01pm
Andrew EisenMatthew - Of course they do. I wasn't suggesting otherwise. Hell, Quiet's already been cosplayed quite a bit.08/27/2015 - 1:25pm
Big PermThere's been some pretty good Kill La Kill cosplay08/27/2015 - 12:56pm
Matthew WilsonI saw someone cosplay as the main charector from kill la kill last year at pax, so people do it.....08/27/2015 - 12:55pm
Andrew EisenPerm - Well yeah, Kojima himself said something along the lines of "Cosplay this, I dare you! No, seriously. Please cosplay this!" I was just wondering if there was an in-universe explanation.08/27/2015 - 12:45pm
Andrew EisenCheck out last week's story on The State of Play book for an updated cover and a list of all the authors and their essay titles! - 12:44pm
Big PermI figured it was because titties are awesome08/27/2015 - 12:37pm
Andrew EisenI'm still waiting to see if any reviews spill the beans on the story reasons behind Quiet's goofy getup in Metal Gear Solid 508/27/2015 - 12:33pm
ZippyDSMleeHave you seen what the Deva wrestlers wear? Now lets get all that Japan only DLC for DOA over here, and DOA Volly ball,ect let the whining commence!08/27/2015 - 12:18pm

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