Thompson: Impeach Utah Attorney General

In yesterday’s GamePolitics coverage of the increasingly ugly situation surrounding Utah’s pending video game legislation, we mentioned in passing that controversial Miami attorney Jack Thompson had issued a call for the impeachment of Attorney General Mark Shurtleff.

Several readers wondered about the content of Thompson’s letter, which we chose not to include in yesterday’s GP. But you asked, so here it is (MS Word format).

In regard to Thompson’s dust-up with Shurtleff, GP posed three questions to the anti-game attorney last evening. Those questions, along with his answer, follow:

GP: What has (bill sponsor) Rep. Wyatt had to say about your attacks on A.G. Shurtleff?

GP: How do you see demonizing the state’s A.G. as an effective strategy?

GP: Do you fear that the ugliness (surrounding your legislative efforts) in Louisiana and now Utah will dissuade people in other jurisdictions from working with you, going forward?

JT: Listen, goofball.  Wyatt today endorsed everything I said.  Secondly, morons like Shurtleff need to be called out as morons.  The bill has no chance of surviving as a law if Shurtleff scuttles it.  Finally, if you weren’t such a coward and would allow me access to your site, you’d know even more of what is going on.  You are absurd.

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