Citing “Wild Accusations,” Judge Dismisses Jack Thompson’s Lawsuit Against Florida Bar

A Federal District Court Judge in Florida has dismissed a lawsuit against the Florida Bar and other defendants filed by Miami attorney Jack Thompson.

Judge Paul C. Huck made his ruling on December 27th in response to the Bar’s motion to dimiss Thompson’s suit.

Judge Huck also dismissed Thompson’s claims against the other named defendants in the suit, including Miami shock jock Neil Rogers, Rogers’ attorney Norm Kent and the Beasley Broadcast Group, which carries Rogers’ radio program. The culturally conservative Thompson and the openly-gay Rogers have a contentious history which extends back nearly two decades.

Thompson initiated the case on October 3rd of last year alleging, among other things, that the Florida Bar had infringed upon his rights to free speech, religion and due process. In dismissing the case, Judge Huck wrote:

Thompson reiterates these claims of violations repeatedly, but fails to explain what exactly the Bar has done to him… Thompson accuses the Bar of condoning the misbehavior of others while going after him…

Thompson finally asserts that the Bar is involved in a conspiracy with individuals and law firms who have filed SLAPP actions against him in order to deprive Thompson of his constitutional rights…

Thompson’s second claim of “selective prosecution” also fails to meet a showing of bad faith… To the contrary, Thompson submits nothing beyond wild accusations of a vast conspiracy against him…

Thompson has filed a motion with the court to reconsider its dismissal of the portion of the case pertaining to Rogers.

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