Zappa's 1986 Stance Against Music Censorship Echoes Modern Video Game Debate

January 30, 2007 -
In 1986, rock icon Frank Zappa testified before the Maryland State Senate in opposition to a bill that would have modified the state's obscenity law to include music and CD's.

Sound familiar?

Video game legislation drafted by controversial attorney Jack Thompson and currently under consideration by the Utah legislature would have much the same effect on violent video games, equating them with "materials harmful to minors," such as pornography.

Ready for the ironic part?

Thompson told Rolling Stone magazine recently that he's a big Zappa fan, gushing to writer David Kushner:
I think Zappa was prescient… and I love his live album at the Fillmore East!

GP: Thanks to reader Laurens Blei aka DoggySpew for the tip on the Zappa testimony...



Its to late for this one, just give up, we can save others, but he is to far gone.

It's so scary that it sounds exactly like whats going on today.

Just replace music with Video games and it's the exact same agurment.

@ Yoshiko

I don't say things in the real world with that much emphasis. It's just so easy to not get it in cyberspace. I love the fact that you people here are referring to me as the Jack Thompson of the video game community. I am an extremist just like him on the other side of the issue. Violent video games are the most beautiful thing on the planet. I definately do believe that. I get carried away sometimes. I don't mean to scare anyone. What I do want is for us to fight against the lies of anti-game activists.

Some people tell me that it's not good to be the opposite of Jack Thompson. However, I think we need a person who is a zealous in defending these games as he is in attacking them. We need to make our voices heard. Yoshiko, I think that you should go all over the internet like I do and find places to post comments insulting Jack Thompson. He is a bum and I don't like him at all. You're right about my views in that I am a total pro-game activist.

Triple post for the lose.

"I want people to see my points and I guess I’m afraid that if I don’t do things with a lot of emphasis, people won’t see how badly I hate anti-game activists and how much I love violent video games."

^Jack Thompson. Right there. RIGHT THERE.

"@ Korrd and Bigman-K

I guess you’re right, I do sometimes get carried away and try to add a lot of emphasis to what I’m trying to say. I want people to see my points and I guess I’m afraid that if I don’t do things with a lot of emphasis, people won’t see how badly I hate anti-game activists and how much I love violent video games. I’m afraid that no one will know that very well unless I add a lot of emphasis. I guess I could try to tone it down. However, it does look to me that sometimes hayabusa75, Brokenscope, and others on this site do think that violent video games cause violence. It just seems that way sometimes."

I totally missed this post. Christ, this is what I'm talking about with you.

"it does look to me that sometimes hayabusa75, Brokenscope, and others on this site do think that violent video games cause violence. It just seems that way sometimes."

I don't think you've ever noticed, but when the 10 plus people here who get into with you, it's not because we think that violence in video games kills. It's because you act like a moron whenever you start pressing buttons on your keyboard. You don't need to be "I LOVE BLOOD AND GORE IN VIOLENT VIDEO GAMES AND I THINK EVERYONE SHOULD PLAY THEM BECAUSE THERE THE BEST THING ON EARTH RRRRRAAARRRRGH I HATE THOMPSON" for us. In fact, with the majority of your posts you come off as a -PSYCHO-. You sound like a person who would seriously kill someone because they didn't agree with you. If you said even half the stuff on here in real life to me I'd back 100 feet away from you and call a damn bodyguard.

To sum that up, since you don't read people's posts:

Just because we argue with you doesn't mean we think violence in video games causes violence in real life. I argue with you because I don't like you or the way you seem to come off as a loon here.


I agree with Bigman. This is going to sting a bit but you're like the Jack Thompson of the gaming community with regards to your actions.


Whatever, dude. In heated debates it's easy to loose yourself momentarily, especially when it's a topic that you're passionate about. What proves to everyone that you're not the degenerate low-life JT thinks all gamers are is the fact that you had the balls to swallow your pride and apologize. This puts you on such a higher ground than Thompson, because we all know he'd never apologize to the gaming community for slander, libel, and stereotyping all of us.

I don't recall him ever apologizing to the charity PA donated to in place of him, nor apologizing to millions of human beings for telling them that they're all drug addicts and should kill themselves.

Just don't commit sepuku to regain your family honour- We need you here =P

I think the point Bigman-K was trying to make is that you tend to fly off the handle a little too easily and your comments tend to be very emotional and not so much intellectual. It has nothing to do with your views, which he was actually praising.

It might be wise to read more carefully so you can respond to what's actually being said, rather than immediately launching into a diatribe on how much you hate anti-video game activists (which, incidentally, I've seen you do even when what you're responding to had little to with that subject).

Or maybe K meant something else entirely. Either way, I've wanted to say something along these lines for a while, so the sentiment stands.

I missed the word "do" near the end of the second paragraph.

That's going to keep me up all night.


"What do you mean by change? I like you too. You are a fellow gamer and a fellow enemy of Jack Thompson, but if by change you mean say that violent video games sometimes cause violence and are responsible for deaths, I can’t do that."

I don't believe violent video games cause aggressive or violence behaviour in people. Far from that. It is the way you express your opinions in an over-the-top manner, it's how you constantly repeat yourself in nearly every single post you make, it's how you don't get the gist of what other people on this forum are saying in their posts. It's like you're a parody, some kind of joke. I don't know how i can get any clearer.


You pretty much summed it up right there.


Truth is namer, you showed a lot more control then i would have, I'd have rushed the stage and beat him to a pulp. I've hated the man for a long time. Only one other human being has ever generated that much hate in me, and it's the man who ran over my friend ashly in high school

Sorry forgot to add something at the end of my post to Daniel. So i'll post it here:


You got to stop doing those things i mentioned and start adding something intelligent to the conversation here. It's almost as if all your posts are 37 paragraphs worth of "Violent video games ...... GOOD!!!!!" "Jack Thompson ..... BADDDDDD!!!!!" like James Hetfield from the Napster Bad! flash cartoons.

@ Korrd and Bigman-K

I guess you're right, I do sometimes get carried away and try to add a lot of emphasis to what I'm trying to say. I want people to see my points and I guess I'm afraid that if I don't do things with a lot of emphasis, people won't see how badly I hate anti-game activists and how much I love violent video games. I'm afraid that no one will know that very well unless I add a lot of emphasis. I guess I could try to tone it down. However, it does look to me that sometimes hayabusa75, Brokenscope, and others on this site do think that violent video games cause violence. It just seems that way sometimes.

I'm with Yuki. You sir showed alot more restraint than alot of us had.

@ Bigman-K

What do you mean by change? I like you too. You are a fellow gamer and a fellow enemy of Jack Thompson, but if by change you mean say that violent video games sometimes cause violence and are responsible for deaths, I can't do that. I came to this website because I wanted to defend the violent video games that I love to play. Why is it that some of you here think that Jack Thompson is somewhat right?

As for whether or not they can influence mentally disturbed people, that's ridiculous because people who have violent fantasies, don't need to learn how to be violent. These games don't teach people how to be violent and kill. There is a big difference between picking up a controller and killing some computer animated characters and picking up a real gun and killing real people. Another thing I can't do is say that these games are not appropriate for young people. I played them for many years before I came of legal age and I would be a hypocrite if I said that.

I think that violent video games are appropriate for everybody because that's what I've always believed. I don't think there should be age restrictions because age has nothing to do with it. I don't believe that violent video games have ever, or will ever, encourage people to kill. They have never killed anyone and the gamers who killed, would've done it anyway with or without the games and no game is guilty of anything.

If by change you mean acknowledge that sometimes these games lead to violence and death, that I cannot ever do. I would be a lying hypocrite if I said that and I never will ever. I know that these games are innocent of everything and shouldn't be blamed. Please tell me what you mean by change.

I wish it was that easy Snake.

What I did was immature and very damaging to myself, my family, my university, and my friends.

I owe apologies to every single person that was in attendance for how I acted.

I do have to work on things like this, unfortunately this was the first time something like this has ever happened on this scale. I understand within the scope of things, it's minor...but for me right now... it's not "minor"

You shouldn't feel too bad, because from what you say, I think you had some valid points. I won't know until I see some video or a transcription of what happened, but I am sure it wasn't as bad as you think it was. Thompson is just really good at pissing people off. I know that if I were in a debate with the guy, I would be tempted to yell or curse at him, but that is why I am not a public debater. Just relax and see how this plays out. JT is a two-faced snake, and you should beat yourself up just because he ticked you off. Just learn from this encounter, and the next time this situation comes up, handle it with grace, poise, and intelligence.


"That would be like mixing vinegar with baking soda. We’re on the opposite side of the issue. On the issue, I am the absolute 100% opposite of Jack Thompson. It would be crazy if we got into a conversation. I get angry whenever I hear anyone attack violent video games and I think that Jack Thompson has the same thing go on in his head when someone defends them. It wouldn’t surprise me. We’re the exact opposite."

It's funny you say that Daniel because many of us think you and Jacky boy are alot alike. Not in your opinions, in that way you are truely 100% opposite, but in the way you express yourself. Don't get me wrong, i actually like you as your opinions and my opinions are pretty much the same when it comes to the gaming issue BUT you have got to change if you want people to respect you. I really hope you do.

@ Bigman-K and Brocenscope

That would be like mixing vinegar with baking soda. We're on the opposite side of the issue. On the issue, I am the absolute 100% opposite of Jack Thompson. It would be crazy if we got into a conversation. I get angry whenever I hear anyone attack violent video games and I think that Jack Thompson has the same thing go on in his head when someone defends them. It wouldn't surprise me. We're the exact opposite.

Problem is Namrepus, this is exactly the sort of trap that JT sets, that's why we see 2 different Jack Thompsons, the one who claims he only wants to stop children from playing games they are not ready to deal with the content of, and the JT as displayed on here, who treats us like Drug dealers hanging around outside a school trying to corrupt the children and who writes laws which, despite his claims of wanting to give parents choice, gave them no choice whatsoever.

Don't worry too much about it, just think of Jack parading around a courtroom, of all places, waving a placard whilst being held in contempt.

Jack missed his chance to debate like an adult a long time ago, in many ways he is only recieving what he has given, he's just too dumb to realise it.


That would be funny as hell.


Don't worry. I probably would have done the same thing and like you regreted it afterwards. Jack has that way with people. BTW, can you imagine what hell would break lose if Daniel was there. S**t would be crazy. HAA!


Don't feel too bad, any one of us may have reacted just the same way. We are still indebted to you for making the debate available to the rest of us. Thanks!


I'm sick of it too, i thought you guys always said that the esrb should be used to help parents decide what games to buy not as the single and only factor. Wouldn't a good responsible parent decide for herself whether their child for each individual game? (and wouldn't they also realise that they don't have a rating for every age so a 14 year old might be able to get a M game). Ironic that you ask for parents to take responsibility and be good parents and yet making their own judgements about appropiateness somehow doesn't fit this definition (which is even more ironic because there are two ways a parent can figure out the appropiateness of a game without their own judgement, the esrb or the government and the news odds are some of them are going to pick the latter)

Namrepus --

Hm, a useful cautionary tale for us all.

Just remember, guys, if you ever come face-to-face with the man, he WILL try to rile you and get you to fly off the handle. Don't do it. Laugh it off -- or, better yet, wait until it's your turn to speak and point out how tasteless his comments are.

Something like:

"Sir, did you just joke that I should commit suicide? Well, I think that telling people to kill themselves is very funny, but not nearly as funny as offering ten thousand dollars to charity and then claiming it was a joke. Mr. Thompson, I will concede one thing: you certainly are an expert on poor taste."


I dont' know if I will be able to even look at the footage for quite some time myself as I am still coping with what I did and the ramifications it will have on me and my friends.

Needless to say, "it'll be up, when it's up" is an accurate timeframe to see the video.

I get that you're upset about it--perhaps rightly so--and I don't want to seem unsympathetic or callous... but did you end up getting video of the event?

Zappa was an interesting man. A very interesting musician as well.

Now i have to find that vinyl.

Basically I was interupting his explanation of why he attacks people ad homen.

I didn't want to hear a long winded explanation, I wanted to know why he felt it necessary to insult individuals who put forth good arguements, or wished to speak to him. But after mentioning they were a gamer, he attacked them. He mentioned at the beginning of the debate that he recieved a call from an 8 year old that was threatening to kill him. he sat and talked to the kid and found out why based on some misinformation (though from his postings here, you'd think he was lying).

I just found it strange that he can go from someone wanting to kill him to having an intellegent conversation somewhat to discuss something like that. But when individuals attempt to talk to him about his comments or actions and mention they are a gamer they are treated to being called "worse than the Hitler Youth, Skinheads, etc" and advising one individual to "play a suicide game, and get really good at it" (though given that it was a prank phone call it really doesn't help matters).

He tried playing it off as "satire" and trying to turn the arguement back towards the person, but that's not the question I asked. The final interuption was him mentioning how Rockstar makes fun of him on their website (likening him to being a bisexual), I then mentioned that he did the same to Janet Reno somewhat implying that he is no better than they are in that regard. He then went on to explain how Ms. Reno was blackmailed and such. Which is all BS as far as I am conserned.

Yes it was an open forum near the end.

I've just ruined friendships and such with this "outburst" that I doubt that ever will recover. I've quit a possion in a club I am in because of this already because most of my friends who were in attendance were ashamed to have known me and what I did and I do not want to be arround them until this "blows over" so to speak.

I was fighting a very bad flu as well, making my speak sound hoarse as well as a little angry as I tried to speak and be heard.

I've heard people tell me "don't worry, it's in the past" already...but the damage has been done regardless.

In regards to apologizing to Jack, I did it because it was the right thing to do. I told him that if my grandmother had been alive she would be ashamed of me for what I did and that apologizing would atleast help. Hopefully he accepted the apology sincerely and was not just trying to "save face".

If you were able to ask questions, then what, if i may ask, was that whole bit about interrupting? and what led up to that?

It does show character if you are able to admit to fault and show that you are humble.

If he did accept, he would not make a big fuss over it if it ever come up in an interview or such. If he didn't, he would be making a ruckus...

i with korrd on knowing how the whole event went down before placing any major comments.
was it an open forum where audience members were allowed to ask questions?

Hmm. Well, can't really comment until I see/hear what happened and how it played out, but Manta's right. Jack does have a tendency to infuriate. Actually, I think perhaps he tailors his speech specifically to that end. Cause your opponent to lose his cool, and all you have to do to win an argument is maintain your own.

I wonder if he's taken social engineering training courses or somesuch...

Well the debate went without incident…untill I spoke…

I asked why Jack called gamers worse than Nazi’s, Skinheads, and others…why he said someone should go play a suicide simulator and get really good at it…

unfortunately… I attempted to interupt him several times, very unprofessionally…

After he changed the subject arround on me a few times I became disgusted and turned my back and gave him the finger…

I’m ashamed to call myself a gamer right now…I really am. That I attempted to confront him about how he treated individuals like gamers, and in the end became the confirming factor.

After the debate was over I did approach Mr. Thompson and offered my apologies for doing something like that the way I did… Luckily he accepted them. unfortunately this will be written about in the newspaper and other news sources, will be on video on television here…

I’m really sorry guys… I really am…I’ve failed you all


Dude, I wouldn't sweat it. JT gets under everybody's skin. He's good with that. I'm sure there are quite a few other people here, me included, who would have wanted the chance to take him to task and flip him the bird. The only thing I wouldn't have done is apologize to him. The scumbag doesn't deserve it.

Mature? No. Does it only reinforce what he thinks of us? Probably. But really, what does it matter? He's going to lose anyway. So it doesn't matter what he thinks of us. He'll soon be seen as in the wrong and games will be here long after he's gone to dust. We'll see to that.

I have never seen this video before. This IS very similar to today's legislations.

@ the above posters:
I can see why you would be angry at underage kids yelling profanity during online play, but, as others have stated, there are those that are underage but act more mature during these games.
I myself am underage to buy M games, but I find that the violence, language, or drug references in them don't affect me. To pass a bill to prohibit any underage kid to have an M game is unfair to those that can deal with the content with understanding that it's just fantasy.

Wait, for some reason 1 + 1 does not equal 2 in this equation. I must be missing something. Maybe I should stop studying engineering and instead study law, because this just doesn’t add up.

I didn't know that Jack Thompson is a fan of Frank Zappa, but wait! Don't be fooled by that statement, I think Jack Thompson is trying to think of a plan to exterminate the gaming world.

But my thoughts are, Jack Thompson's words are definetly not true and cannot be trusted. Trying to hide his wrongdoings and pretending to be innocent by saying that he is a Frank Zappa fan, for shame.


I highly doubt all of maryland considers that illicit zappa was jsut saying that to mock the bill and its definitions of illicit sex.

A good majority of the people on here should stop stereotyping kids/teenagers as being loud, annoying little punks who feel the need to curse constantly. Were not all like that. Actually, a good precentage of us aren't like that. When I'm on live, about 95% of the time my headset isn't even on because of the constant trash talking from people who sound well over the age of someone who can purchase a Mature rated game.

Another thing I want to touch on is how alot of you find the need to say every parent who buys a mature rated game for their kid who isnt 17 is lazy and irresponsible. As an example, my parents have been buying me mature rated games for years and years because they understand I love video games and they also understand everything anti-game politicans and activists say is a lie or an uninformed statement (they were kids when comic books were under attack and when Elvis was thought to be doing the work of the devil, so being the intelligent people they are, they saw history repeat itself).

To end this though since I don't want to trail off into a rant, to sum up what I have been saying all this time, many kids and teenagers who are under 17, play video games that aren't recommended for our age, and we always will. I also understand my comments really didn't have anything to do with the subject of this news post, but since so many people found it right to turn the comments into a bash of kids, I felt it neccesary to get this off my chest.

Does anyone know if the Dee Snider and John Denver portions of the PMRC hearings are available online anywhere? Frank Zappa's testimony is on YouTube, but I'd like to see the others again as well.

@ Daniel
The story was about music.

I'm tired of video games getting equated with pornography. Video games are NOT pornography. I'm TIRED of it. Why do they have to say that these games are the same as pornography? They aren't DAMN IT. I know that the Hot Coffee Mod in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas was somewhat pornographic, but overall, games are not pornographic. Violent video games aren't evil murder simulators and they don not teach people how to kill. They are innocent games and they have nothing to do with pornography. People need to stop making that connection.

Damn video games being equated with porn. hmm makes you wonder about some movies then like American Pie, Eyes Wide Shut, Secretary, Arabian Nights, Advocate, Bliss, Two girls and a guy, Yu tu mama tabian, Poison, Orgasmo, etc.

Ouch man, Zappa made some great points especially the t-shirt bit at the end, that never even crossed my mind, and that bit right there exposes the grim outcomes the bill could have more than anything else. The fact that thompson likes this guys music is ironic. However video games and music fall under different categories and its much easier to play spot the bs with music or at least easier to debate that it doesn't cause violent behavior than it is with video games. For example with music there is no images only sound, and even then there's another thing, with music you only here of it you don't hear the actual activity (i.e. they talk of sex but don't actually play a recording of it being done), video games on the other hand have an interactive element and show the images. But like i said they are different ballparks, video games bring up the possibility of anger release (like beating the crap out of a pillow) music does not. I am not for videogame censorship though i just thought i'd point out the arguments an anti-gamer might make. I doubt thompson is going to lose much sleep over this (even though a lot of his arguments can be made for games as well). Also is there a youtube video of the tipper gore hearings (i don't know what they are officially called), I'd like to see those.

"We have to stop thinking about their civil rights and start thinking about their mental development" (or something like this)

What the hell? This sounds a lot like what they're trying to pull on us now, and the last time I checked, this was still America, the land of EQUAL opportunity. So what, do you magically turn into an upstanding citizen the day you turn 18 and before that you're just a stupid, little monkey? Frank Zappa is awesome in this video (I think I have a new hero) and he really shoves it to the Maryland delegates. One point I think he should have said was that the bill essentially says that ALL sex is "illicit." Makes me wonder if those delegates have children, because if they did, then by their own messed up standards they are criminals.

"This [rock and roll] is the worst form of child abuse out there..."

Um...I wonder if some kid out there whose parents are whipping his ass and beating him half to death because they're out of booze would think that that is better than listening to rock and roll. Essentially, this is what the bills that JT and some of the states are trying to say. Politicians need to learn to actually shut the hell up and think about what they are trying to say before they actually open up their mouths and say dumb stuff like this.

This video really irritates me in how politicians have learned shit in 20 years. We need another Frank Zappa to go out there and publicly refute the false words of the dumb politicians who seek to persecute the gaming community the way all arts have been throughout the years. "Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it." We already have many precedents before us, the book burnings in China, the destruction of so many sculptures and paintings throughout history, the criticisms and censorship of the film industry, and the censorship of the music industry. We don't need another media format to be censored by the idiotic masses who believe anything the government spits at them. We have to speak out against the people who attack games before they actually manage to get lucky enough to pass one. If they pass something, it will set a precedent against the game industry, but apparently, no matter how many times the game industry wins, no precedent will ever be set for them.


"Besides, for every one 12-year old punk I have to deal with on XBL, I’ve had to deal with five who sound in their late teens or early adulthood"

Too true. I knew 40 year olds on WoW through team-speak who were just as assenine as the 12 year olds. Granted most of the annoying brats WERE 12, but they weren't the ONLY annoying jerks... My cousin is a prime example of the exception to the rule. He's 25, and he acts like he's 12. He lives in his parent's basement, and when he finally got a job in another province, he couldn't stand being away from home, and moved back. He's whiney, a racist, a die-hard US fan (X-box/US-developed games only) (even though he was born & raised in Canada, and still lives here). You should hear him bitch & whine at people through XBL when someone who doesn't speak english accidentally joins a channel he's in...
-- If your wiimote goes snicker-snack, check your wrist-strap...


Yes, Dee Snyder was the frontman for Twisted Sister, which the PMRC made one of its poster boys as to why there needed to be censorship. Snyder was very articulate, Zappa was combative, and Denver is the one that swayed everyone as to why the PMRC was so wrong.

Nope, links don't work. All right, here's the site where I found that transcript:

@rammsoldat, kurisu, and others

"there was an american kid hurling abuse at me on gears of war the other day and i kept thinking to myself “how has he gotten a M rated game”. "

Well, since we don't know the kid, I don't think either of us will ever find out. However, the most likely explaination is that his parents bought it for them, as is the case for most minors who own M-rated games. These stats from the ESA's website seems to confirm this:

"Ninety-three percent of people who make the actual purchase of computer games and 83% of people who make the actual purchase of video games are 18 years of age or older. The average age of the game buyer is 40 years old."

Considering that, I don't think the example you cited makes a very good case for outlawing the sale of M-rated games to minors. The parents will likely buy the games for their children anyway, either out of laziness or a lack of understanding of the games rating system. As has been said over and over again, education, not legislation, is the key to helping parents decide which games are and are not appropiate for THEIR children.

Now, rammsoldat, if the "penalty on retailers" you want entails a voluntary set of guidlines for the retail industry, I'd be okay with that (thought it would probably never work, considering how competitive retailers are these days). But if you're talking about getting the government and the force of law involved, then that won't fly in the U.S., as you can tell from the string of defeats that such bills have suffered. This is because these laws violate the 1st Amendment, which does apply to minors, as established by the courts in the famous Indianapolis bill. I don't want the government regulating content just to shut up one or two trolls on Live.

And that brings me to Iliad's point: What the eff does the behavior of certain 12-year-olds on Live have to do with game legislation? I know it's an issue that affects many of us, and one we like the complain about. Really, though, what would any of this legislation BS do to deter them? As I pointed out above, it's not these kids getting the games, it's their parents. Besides, for every one 12-year old punk I have to deal with on XBL, I've had to deal with five who sound in their late teens or early adulthood ;).
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TechnogeekSo you willingly paid more money than you needed to in order to watch a crappy Adam Sandler movie (but I repeat myself), just to spite a reviewer that you can't even spell the name of properly.07/30/2015 - 4:01pm
Goth_SkunkMy one regret was paying extra for a DVX seat, which jostles and vibrates in relation to the action on screen. What a waste of money.07/30/2015 - 3:55pm
Goth_SkunkYes, I did watch Pixels just to spite Chipman. I was originally going to see Minions, but moved it down the list. AND I ENJOYED IT. So nuts to you, MechaCrash.07/30/2015 - 3:44pm
Matthew Wilson@phx works fine for me, but I did it the long way. I upgraded, made a recovery drive, than did a full install.07/30/2015 - 3:24pm

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