Opponents Comment on Thompson – Jones Video Game Debate

As reported by GamePolitics, controversial anti-game attorney Jack Thompson kicked off a college debate tour Tuesday night with an appearance at the California University of Pennsylvania.

Thompson’s opponent was Gerard Jones (left), author of Killing Monsters: Why Children Need Fantasy, Super Heroes, and Make-Believe Violence.

So how did things go? Thompson commented via e-mail:

Even the gamers loved it, many of whom came up to me and said:  “Based upon what we read about you at Internet sites like GamePolitics, we thought you were going to be a jerk.  We think you’re a down-to-earth guy, and we agree with a lot of what you had to say.”  One student thanked me for sharing my Christian faith and for noting the self-centeredness of his generation.  In fact, the longest applause was when I noted that gamers, in spending time with their games, are helping no one and are simply self-absorbed.

The longest part of the evening was the question and answer period, and we stayed until all the questions were asked.  One student gave me the finger from the mike and then came up and apologized.  The club in which he is an officer came up afterward and apologized and said that they were looking into how to discipline him.  I said, “He’s apologized.  This is a heated topic.  Let it go.”

I won the debate, of course.  Facts trump pop pyschology.  Gerard Jones is a very nice man.  We have boys the same age.  Hope to do it again.

For his part, Jones told GP:

I thought it was a great conversation and I enjoyed it very much. A young, clearly pro-game audience too, which always makes it easier… I’m sure Jack would have won on points in a debate class, but I just want to say what I say, and I got to do that.

The student Thompson mentioned posted about his experience in the comments section to a recent GP article, expressing regret for losing his cool.

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