World Economic Forum Covered inside Second Life

Second Life, the increasingly political MMO strikes again…

Reuters reported recently that its in-game bureau chief, Adam Pasick (left, in avatar form), would provide coverage and interviews at the recently completed World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Pasick planned to discuss SL as well as other ways in which people are using digital communications technology to get their message out. 

While all of Pasick’s interviews were conducted at Davos, they were also broadcast to an avatar audience made up of SL residents at the game’s Reuters Atrium. Pasick interviewed a diverse selection of business leaders, entrepreneurs, writers, and government officials, including San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, and Newsweek International editor Fareed Zakaria.

The content of the interviews varied, but a common theme involved the use of blogging for companies and political leaders to speak to and receive feedback from the public.

Richard Edelman, CEO of the global public relations firm which bears his name, noted that one of his clients, Microsoft:

…has done a really good job in listening to the conversation from gamers about X-Box (through blogging). They’ve adapted their products, they’ve adapted their marketing and I think that it’s really been positive for them.

Author and columnist Arianna Huffington told Pasick:

I’m expecting Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama to have their avatars in Second Life very soon.

Many of the interviewees saw Second Life as the next, advanced form of blogging, not only for companies and political leaders, but also for people looking for another way to express their opinions and views.

GP: this story was reported by Michael Brooks, a University of Maryland journalism student.

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