Second Life Protest Against U.S. Military Action in Iran

In his The Click Heard Round the World blog, Second Lifer Rik Riel reports on an in-game demonsration protesting possible U.S. military action against Iran. According to Rik:

There are twenty-some avatars gathered at the Capitol Hill sim holding signs and shouting slogans at each other…¬† Someone is shooting off some rather spectacular particle effects, which is quite pretty…

The Second Life Herald has more, including news that the protest appeared to be more or less of a spontaneous event:

When asked why he was here today, Anit-Ban leader Cochise Collas simply said: “I am against war and afraid the US will attack Iran.” I think he was going to say more but a dog and a bear came charging through at that point dancing to an infinite-looping “La Cucaracha”. That’s protesting SL style!

Amid the bizarre spectacle of a Second Life protest, one person that caught my eye was John Gage from Sun Microsystems. I asked him what brought him here: “…Years ago, I was one of the organizers of Vietnam Moratorium…we had 400,000 people on the Washington Monument grounds, and had a significant impact on Nixon… we should do the same here.”

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