Second Life Griefers Claim Credit for Attack on John Edwards Campaign HQ

March 6, 2007 -
Last week GamePolitics covered an attack on the Second Life headquarters of Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards.

Now, the culprits behind the virtual vandalism have revealed themselves. The 10 Zen Monkeys blog reports that one of the vandals, using the name Mudkips Acronym, has taken credit for the attack in a comment (since deleted) on the official Edwards campaign blog, where news of the incident first surfaced:
Guess what: we’re not Republicans. In fact, I’m one of the most hard-core liberals I know... We simply did it for the lulz… The fact you were so bent out of shape to make a blog post on the OFFICIAL JOHN EDWARDS BLOG about how some people placed a bunch of sh*ttingdicknipples on your lawn is mighty telling.

We had something much bigger planned, and the actions of a few in the organization sort of spoiled it... If this sort of hilarity is getting out after something rather routine, we can only dream of what would happen later.

Mudkips Acronym is apparently a member of an established Second Life griefing organization. An update on the group's website mentions the Edwards incident:
One of the most hilarious things to happen since last Thursday, PN raided John Edwards' campaign, causing lots of lulz. Immediately, the Edwards camp branded the people making trouble in the neighborhood as ultra-rightists... Notable blogs such as Kotaku, GamePolitics, and of course our favorite little wanna-be press organization the Second Life Herald all took note.


I like the "sage" in the email field bigmike. I lol'd.

Exactly though! There is no reason for politeness on the internet. We should take advantage of anonymity and call each other fags and niggers and wops and chinks because it is fun and ridiculous and stupid. 4chan KNOWS it is stupid. It makes fun of its self for that very reason.

I remember an instance in which someone said "Fag" in a post. Another anonymous use said he was offended by that because, according to him, he was in fact homosexual. This was on 4chan mind you. I immediately thought "This guy should grow up". The word "Fag" as used in the post was not used with intent to offend anyone. The poster said it because it was a stupid thing to say. It was a satire of those who use it seriously. Just like saying nigger. No one on 4chan really hate anyone (for the most part since there will always be bad eggs). If anything they're making things better by taking away the social stigmas that such words and slurs conjure. If you looked outside of your little infinitesimal bubble of taboo and no-nos, you'd see that its all just a joke. Silly shit for silly people.

Anonymous: Making Things Better

"Whether or not you want to believe it… The majority of 4chan is made up of smart people who like acting stupid."

I was just about to say this. /b/tards are people who have found a relatively harmless way out of the social pressure and norms that bind us IRL. The motives vary, but I for one enjoy acting like the horrible, uncaring monster that a human deep down inside is.

While I understand that not all people enjoy the 4chan humor, whining about how it's unfunny and immature does nothing except feed the lulz for the Legion. This is our sense of humor, you need to accept it like you accept other people's sexual preferences or else you're a racist. Also learn to notice when people are just trying to annoy you into responding an overly serious comment. A glorious example of this is Wolf's DNA response to 4ailchan's anonymity joke. I fukken lol'd.

Seriously, people. If you can't take it, gtfo my internets pl0x.

Some of these guys just don't get it.

Its not about making a point. Making a point (or arguing) on the internet is retarded. 4chan (and its users) know this.

They also know that silly little "virtual-world" games are useless and generally just bad. Thes games include (but are not limited to) Habbo Hotel, Active Worlds, IMVU, et cetera.

Spamming, scheming and other such activities bring them "lulz" and happiness.

They'll call you on your bullshit regardless of how it makes them look.

Most people don't like them because
A)They rag on something you like and you can't take a joke
B)You're an attention mongering tripfag that anonymous doesn't dig

Places like Something Awful, eBaumsWorld, and others of the like, contain stupid people trying to act smart. Whether or not you want to believe it... The majority of 4chan is made up of smart people who like acting stupid.


It is not the matter of people knowing what lulz is or not. It is more of a matter of "Do they actually care about lulz."

Linden Labs should release the full names and street adresses of the griefer scum responsible, they should be held accountable for their crimes.

Hai guys what's going on in this thread?


Sour-pusses: "Internets are serious business!"

Anonymous: "Hah lol"

Sour-pusses: *tl;dr*

Anonymous: "tl;dr"

KN: "Don't these people know lulz when it hits them straight in the fucking face?"

@ demon fox

You sound like jack thompson saying that.

I love how this has now gone on for a month. I just found this because I was looking for /b/ in Second Life. I have to use Second Life for a class project, and I figure I needed some lulz. This article and the following posts are the funniest things I've seen in a while. NO SRSLY! I have a few of my own comments about this hilarity:

1. The internet/interwebs/intarwebz/etc. is a cruel place. If 4chan wanted to cause any damage to the campaign, they could have taken a virus to the entire network. That's what some people do when they are trying to do things "for lulz". However, 4chan does not. They just cause chaos through annoyance.

2. In a space such as Second Life, there are people spending real money on virtual gambling, virtual homes, and even virtual prostitution. In fact, prostitution is one of the largest things in Second Life, and through my discoveries, I have seen people selling sexual animations so that others can have sex with other avatars in the game. Why would Edwards have his campaign in a place for hormone-infested teenagers who probably don't care anything about voting?

3. 4chan knows how the internet works, and by acting like idiots, they have brought attention to the real stupid people on the internet. When people complain because their website was "raided", well that usually brings attention to the situation rather quickly. Something Awful has something much less invasive, but still calls attention to some of these people. It's called "Weekend Web", and highlights terrible forums. When people find out that their forum was on "Weekend Web", they complain to everyone that they find. 4chan was on "Weekend Web" once, and they "lol'ed hard".

4. ????

5. Profit.

6. I consider 4chan to be a "social experiment" just like Second Life. It is a collection of many different kinds of people who like different things. There are different sections for work-safe and non-work-safe boards. There are boards for Mecha anime, cooking, anime pornography, music, animals, and many more. /b/ is a board that is just there, and it is loved and hated for that reason alone. It's there. The fact is that people on /b/ are intelligent, and they know just how to push someone's buttons so that the people who are attacked can be shown for what they really are. People could have just ignored it and said "Oh, some assholes came through and tried to take the campaign down, but we fixed it and banned them", and no one would have noticed a difference. But the whole reason that all these posts are here right now is that the people in charge of the Second Life campaign got angry at this joke, and caused a fuss about it all over their blog, Second Life, and the entire internet. Every /b/tard who sees this story is laughing in front of their computer screen, because they now have proof to say "The Internet: Serious Business." I love that people are saying that the people responsible are "republicans", or even funnier, "anarchists". 4chan users, especially /b/tards, are some of the most politically minded and knowledgeable people around, and most of them would consider themselves to be liberal. If it was a campaign for a Republican candidate, a Green Party candidate, a Socialist candidate, etc., they would have done the same exact thing. I'd say that that is the funniest aspect of this entire fallout. That as soon as a political group is "attacked" for "lulz", then of course its the people who they are running against, and not just a bunch of internet users causing trouble. I guess the lesson learned is that all politicians will point fingers, and not just continue with their own campaign.

And posting on the blog? It's like having the Edwards supporters say, "I'm gonna go post about this on LiveJournal, then listen to emo rock music and cry myself to sleep." Too bad they didn't have a press conference about this. That would have been some serious "lulz".

-Anonymous Out

@Yoshiko, Wolf and EOTD:

Thanks for the clearup and backup on those - I thought I remembered it right, but I was too lazy to look it up, hehe.

And agreed that it can be fun to rile up people on occasion too - I try not to do it TOO much, simply because like anything else it can lose it's fun after a while, and it can become more trouble than it's worth, but when I'm feelin' a little mischievous... :-D

Also, lol @ everyone making the stereotypical nerd jokes. You say internet memes died years ago, but you're still rehashing the same old basement dwelling pocket protector shit. Fact is, who's the nerdier one: the people taking 10 minutes to make an alt and spam shit all over your lawn or the people that spend hundreds of dollars to make virtual houses on virtual islands and buy virtual sex with pixels?

Second Lifers are pathetic, their attempts at denouncing "griefers" are pathetic, and the fact that 99% of them say they're in for some grand social experiment but are just in it to have cybersex is pathetic. John Edwards would have a better time taking his campaign money and spending it on hookers and blow. The only people that'll effectively be able to advertise in SL are Fleshlight salesmen.

"And while we’re at it, let’s discuss where this might go in the future. How long will it take before these “lulz” of yours do some real damage, whether to someone’s virtual property (virtual world land or possessions, a website, important data, etc.), or even to their mental health - with virtual reality coming in the future, large-scale griefing could potentially traumatize even in low-quality, sight only VR. I shudder to think what damage griefers might do if/when fully immersive, all-five-senses VR comes onto the scene."

This is hilarious. The future? More like the past.

4chan has destroyed countless lives, intentionally driven people to suicide, faked a national terror event (NFL dirty bomb stadium hoax was them) destroyed entire internet cultures such as the white nationalist movement via Mr Hal Turner and generally shown that they do wield actual power that extends beyond the internet.

They have for all intents actually killed people, caused tens of thousands of dollars of damage, ruined lives and caused untold harm on a whim. If they are treating it as a joke you would be well advised to treat it as such.

Before, I mentioned the name "Parry Aftab", it seems this is the wrong person to mention as having "idiocy", because she has none. I meant to say "Prokofy Neva's idiocy".

I heartily apologize to any insulted. Unless you were meant for it.

Anonymous isn't about cowardice, you stupid cockfags.

tl;dr post:

The intended aim of having names/trips is so that when the discussion at hand is turned in a direction where individual discernment between posters is essential to the conversation (e.g., a thread created by a moderator for the sake of communicating with the userbase) then the names can be seen and reacted to. However, many of the moderators are “just another one of the guys”. We post anonymously with the rest of the userbase. We laugh at the same stupid threads, we photoshop all the same stupid images, we engage in the same stupid flamewars.

Yet we still understand that there is a time and a place for revealing one’s identity. The adage “What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him” applies itself readily here: for if there is no need to show everyone “HELLO MY NAME IS ANONYMOUS-SAN AND I HAVE BEEN POSTING HERE FOR THE PAST 23 MONTHS ALSO I AM A MODERATOR” with every single post you make, then showing it when you post will get in the way of what you are trying to say. Any threads that you make will be full of posters kissing your ass and never disagreeing with you for fear of being banned or ridiculed, even if the thread you make turns out to be a stupid thread or if you don’t know what you’re talking about.

However the concept of names/trips only has validity if the poster in question was already known at the time he entered the community, and people are free to post in any way they want. With a name alone, if they have not been educated as to the concept of a tripcode (and thus looking like a nonlurker, something that singles one out among any group); with a name and trip, if they wish to broadcast to everyone that they and they alone are posting (in some contexts this is fine, but in most others it can be interpreted as egotism, an overwhelming desire to stand apart from the community and even as an antisocial gesture if used with every post), or anonymously, where one’s words are judged solely on their meaning with absolutely no prejudice or closed-mindedness.

Of course, there are many people who believe that “standing by the words that you say” is the only effective way of communicating. This has its good points and its bad points. If you are out to build an internet reputation, to distinguish yourself among your peers, this can be seen as a detrimental attitude, especially when applied to a community that already has a rich and detailed culture. Not a culture defined as “who said what” but merely “what happened”. If you make a legendary post and then find that it has changed the political and ideological landscape of the BBS, or if you make a really good joke and it becomes an instant catchphrase, then saying Yeah, that was me that said that. Look at me, I’m posting with my name so you can all look at me and say “that’s the guy that said that really funny thing about three months ago” can and will be considered egotistical.

On the other hand, if you make good contributions to the community and don’t want to be seen as egotistical, then posting them anonymously is a lesson in humility and taking things in strides. As long as you yourself know that you created a fad or delivered the finishing blow to a heated argument, then that victory is both yours (internally) and shared by the community (externally), because there is no real way of knowing who has said what. Your victories become the victories of the group: your losses become the losses of the group. Anonymous posting promotes a sense of closeness, of comaraderie, of a shared culture that is seen on only a superficial level in forums where anonymous posting is seen as “cowardly”, or that anonymous posters are there merely to troll because they are afraid of revealing who they are.

The fact is, that anonymous posters don’t post without a name to conceal their identity: they post without a name because the things they are talking about are not of such critical importance to warrant plastering one’s signature all over everything.

Personally, I have a name and trip that is known by many of the posters on the BBS. However I don’t post with it because of the reasons I’ve stated above, mainly because who I am really has nothing to do with what I say. If you think that your identity somehow is supposed to give more or less credence to your words, then you are mistaken: for it is this preconviction that starts one on the road to elitism, a difficult issue with any forum. The words that you say will be judged merely on their own merit in an Anonymous system, and believe it or not people WILL adapt to it very easily.

Once usernames and avatars and search functions and all that fluff is removed, anonymous BBSes become solely focused on the transfer of ideas, and can be an interesting sociological study on the dynamics of a group. When someone reads an anonymous post, he will not spend any time thinking about who the person is, but will focus on what he says. People will become more adept at paying attention to details, to writing styles, to little unconscious touches that mark each poster. They will learn from and in turn give back to the community, and will help it grow.

Some other guy said:
I think this is backward, Russell. The problem with message boards isn’t that you can’t be anonymous, it is that you CAN be anonymous. It is darn easy to have a fake identity on the web, and then you can flame and spam and do whatever without any accountability. I can’t imagine the discussions on 2ch would interest me. I definitely consider the source when I consider a comment.

Wow! You good sir need to take a step back and look at things from another perspective! The only time anonymous posting ever devolves into that kind of environment, with people giving false information for the sake of doing so, and flaming and spamming, is when the majority of the other posters are expecting nothing more than clear-cut on-topic conversation. If you’re talking with your friends, and the conversation slowly shifts to another subject, do you forcibly tell them “HAY GUYS STOP TALKING ABOUT THAT SOMEWHAT RELATED TOPIC WE’RE STILL NOT DONE WITH TALKING ABOUT MY NEW CAR!!11? and expect them to approve? No, because doing so stifles the natural flow of conversation.

If you put up limits to the way people are allowed to express themselves, then people will not feel comfortable expressing themselves. It’s as simple as that. A forum with flexibility is most resistant to hardship and will evolve as a community of real people do, because that’s exactly what’s going on behind the scenes. As I said before, sociological experiment.

The reason people do those kind of things, like flame and yell at people over the internet, is because people like this guy get so miffed about it. If he were to just sit back, relax, and have a good time, not being oppressive, and not being haughty, he would learn to take things in strides. Who knows; the people who you think are spammers and flamers may actually be really good posters in other threads, people you’ve agreed with! Are you going to throw out your acknowledgement of their ideas merely because you don’t like what they said in another completely unrelated thread? Isn’t the whole core of conversation about clashes and resolutions?

When multiple people gather in a place, there will be collisions at first. However these will diffuse throughout the space and eventually reach an even level. People will learn to get along with other people, they will learn to appreciate differences in opinion and be receptive to them, and they will do so without ever knowing others’ names. And that’s just so very poetic, to me. How amazing it is that the way we live and die is the way we most effectively communicate. At the end of the day, you close your browser and chuckle to yourself, saying “God, >>352 in that thread made such a hilarious mockery of that one idiot. He really got what was coming to him! He’ll think twice before opening his mouth and spewing that pile of bull in the future.”, you realize that not only did >>352 gain some personal satisfaction from his contribution, but everyone else in the thread did as well.

And it’s that fun-loving spirit, that ease of manner, that makes posting so enjoyable. You don’t need to worry about if someone is flaming or trying to pick a fight: ignore him if you want, or yell at him. But don’t take it too personally, it’s the Internet. Don’t worry about if someone made fun of you because you said something stupid: maybe you did, and maybe you should read up on stuff before you decry it. Maybe HE is the one who’s wrong– okay, so what? You know he’s wrong, everyone ELSE in the thread knows he’s wrong, so bitch him out about it. You should be able to take what you dish out to communicate on the internet, free of pointless protocols and mannerisms and politeness that really have become a hindrance.

It’s good to have two selves when you’re on the internet: one self that is your true self, with which you conduct your everyday real-life business; and another which is hardened through battle, through countless clashes of opinion, one that has emerged victorious one minute then been utterly defeated by a master wordsmith the next. One who isn’t afraid of telling it like it is, of needless “let’s be nice to everyone even if we really disagree with them” philosophy, of the Human Potential Movement. If you aren’t capable of comprehending the difference between when someone REALLY MEANS something and when he is just bitching on the internet to get a rise out of people, then you honestly should move back in with your parents.

To prove my point, I submit for examination two cases. The first is of 2ch’s News4VIP board. To briefly explain its purpose, it is a board to which moderators have the ability to banish troublesome posters. They can’t post outside of their prison, but others who are NOT banished are freely able to post as well. And what kind of threads do they make? “lololololol hay guys i farted” and “YOU FUCKING FAGGOTS SHUT UP ABOUT THE GODDAMNED BASEBALL GAME, I DON’T WANT TO HEAR IT” and often you’ll get an absolute gem of an Ascii Art Thread (look up the Soumen thread on world4ch to see what I mean).

The News4VIP board has the largest volume of posts of all of 2ch. It’s the largest, most active board on the largest, most active internet community in existence. And it’s not confined merely to those banished posters. A very good number of them post there for fun, as a trollsink, then switch IE windows to a serious discussion on physics. They can differentiate between the two modes of communication.

The second case is that of what has become known as /b/. You really can’t describe /b/. On Futaba, /b/ is the directory under which the “2D Misc. Image” pictures are posted and critiqued. Being Misc, it doesn’t have any specific guidelines for posts. Therefore, anything goes! You’ll see photoshop threads, pornography, anime screencaps by people who are watching shows on their TV Tuner cards, serious threads about philosophy, and threads where the OP bitches about his girlfriend. As of this writing, I know of no less than THREE separate /b/s, each one on a separate server, on Futaba, each one having millions and millions of posts.

By comparison, all other boards combined may strive to hold a candle to the postrate and types of threads that you can get there. It’s really a mixed bag, and it has good days and bad days. But it’s the best representation of human sociology that exists, because there are no restrictions. People are able to do what they want to do in a virtual environment, and it is healthy.

We here at 4chan have a /b/ of our own, and although it isn’t what we’ve intended it to become, it has taken on a life of its own with over 3.27 million posts itself, while the board with the next largest number of posts is /a/, the board where people post anime/manga related pics, with 194,000 posts.

Look at those numbers. Indeed, the reason why there ARE so many /b/s on Futaba Channel is simply because there are so many people posting at such a high rate that it has to be split up lest the board software utterly crumble. Something is obviously being done right here. Discourse limited only by the whims and imaginations of the participants allows for the most personal and community growth. Let’s compare with a traditional forum.

In the West, we do not have one universal internet culture. The closest thing we have is a scattering of acronyms and lists of popular websites, where people gather and bicker about who comes from where. It is a terribly feudal system, where the online populace lives out their entire posting lives ferociously dedicated to one particular forum and IRC channel. Oh, we all know about the same acronyms or what have you: but that’s only because they were invented at a time when we DID have one enormous communication medium that everyone went to– Usenet. They spread through Usenet, these emoticons and acronyms, and when everybody and their grandmother started getting Internet access, people wanted to have their own websites, and finally their own forum systems. And everyone started to take the initiative to create their own personal forums for, say, three people, on one limited subject - cars, football, baseball, music, particular bands.

After things split up, people made their own offshoots of these things so now there are thousands of forums, each with a maximum of hundreds of users, all completely separate and limited in their domains. The only shared community they have is with themselves and with the posters of Usenet twenty years ago. There is at this time no enormous community that people know of. Sure, people have heard of SA or Fark or Slashdot, and these are certainly some of the largest with thousands of people in their userbase. But with the penchant Western sites seem to have with plastering usernames and avatars and fluffy icons and stuff all over the place, it is daunting and unnecessary to the true aim of a forum– to spread ideas.

A system whose focus is on ideas should have a minimalist interface to lessen distractions, and also to maintain compatibility with all sorts of browsing/posting technologies. Perhaps some users are using cell phones to read/post, or maybe they are reading through an older system that does not have all the bells and whistles that a newer environment would have. In either event, using a CSS-heavy, web2.0-extended interface to a forum increases server loads, bandwidth loads, client-side processing, and adds visual elements that can be distracting and more difficult to grasp and work with than “type in the box at the bottom of each thread and press Post”.

Contrast this with the Eastern side of the internet. Sure, you have your spattering of personal sites and blogs, but 2ch is so huge that ANYONE with an internet connection who spends any time of consequence online has at least heard of it, if he doesn’t already post there. It’s huge, it’s popular, and it’s anonymous. Hiroyuki hit the nail on the head when he said that anonymity on the internet, where you don’t know someone’s name or face unless they choose to tell you, is the natural form of communication. And with a BBS as huge as 2ch is, you have to do something pretty enormous to garner any sort of fame there, if that’s what you’re after. (People who post for the sake of accumulating attention are incredibly vain and base people, and they are quickly weeded out by the posters who post because they *like going there*.)

On a phpBB forum, you have to remember lists of usernames, avatars; there is enormous drama on these forums. Let’s say you, the budding internet user, come upon a forum and sign up to post there. Now, why would you do this? There are two major reasons why you would go through a process and register to start posting in an already existing internet community which you have never seen before: either you have a one-time need that will soon be filled, a thread to create asking one question; or you are simply looking for a place to introduce yourself and make friends over the internet.

In the first case, you may get your answer to your question in a matter of hours or days, and then never go back there again. In the second, you may be ostracized because you posted without lurking. The practice of showing registration dates and post counts right in users’ profiles is evidence of the fact that inherently grained into the Western posting system are the excuses and red tape that bar new posters from posting and keep original posters at their place in the clique. A user coming to this site for the first time and making a thread will typically be greeted with “shut up faggot and stop posting” or “who gave you permission to post in our forum and hang out with us” or “why are you posting without lurking” or something to that effect.

However, with an anonymous BBS you don’t need to worry about that. Posting anonymously you are completely safe from people judging the worth of your comments based on the fact that you haven’t been posting there. In fact, as far as they know, you could have been posting there before they started going themselves! Thus ideas drive the conversation, not “who says what”. Of course there will be people who may give out incorrect information: but when they do so anonymously, they have nothing to gain from it. Where is the “proof” that they did that? Well, it can be manifested in other posters who correct them. It’s a discussion forum, meant to be the exchange of ideas, not a clique where someone can only speak and be heard if he’s proven himself to posters who have been there before him.

Anonymous posting is a relatively unknown segment of internet communication whose advantages need to be introduced to the large percentage of Western internet-residents. And we know that although 4chan has a HUGE number of visitors, only a relatively small percentage of them ever post. If only 5% of the userbase ever posted you would be guaranteed to see new content every time you pressed F5.

So hopefully this little essay has turned some of you on to the prospects of anonymity on the Internet!

-Looks at second portion of post then first-
Listen to this man. Hes an expert. I miss when this site was on Livejournal. At least there people didn't crush coal into diamond with their ass.

Wait, am I getting this right? /b/tards trying to justify their griefing?

Not gonna happen kids.. Virtual or not, whatever pranks you pull WILL affect someone, either through loss of content or time, or even both.

As such, what you do is harmful to others. Ergo, you're being jackasses who vandalize other people's property. In RL (Real Life, You might have heard of it) we call those people Criminals.

You know, like those 200 people who were arrested this last week in Copenhagen for vandalizing an entire city-block, almost all of of whom were in it for "the lulz"...

Guess who got hurt there? Everyone. The government, the pro-ungdomshus folks, AND random people who actually live in or simply pass by that part of town.

Good show, Anarchists.

"Yeah, they’re mean, but boohoo. At best it’s a minor annoyance, and ultimately; It just doesn’t have an effect on our real live"

That's complete and utter crap. It may be only a minor annoyance to me, but to the person they're perpetrating it on it's a major hassle. When the same type of people user buffer overflows to delete your entire webpage, would you call that "a minor annoyance"? And make no mistake - it's the same type of people. And if you feed me one of those lines like "if you don't have backups, you deserve what you get" - that's even worse. That's SANCTIONING the acts of any vandal who decides "oh, he forgot to lock his car - he DESERVES it if I steal it". It's a slippery slope. The bottom line is that you can't just say "it's harmless fun" when to the person who has to clean up after these idiots doesn't consider it harmless at all.

This hasn't affected me personally, yet, but when it does I will do whatever is in my power to cause those responsable a bit of personal pain.

This is why my solutions to the problem involve baseball bats - usually hurling at high speed towards their typing fingers.

"Bags over our heads and ski masks help us be anonymous where ever we are. Being at the super market or simply, molesting your mother we will ALWAYS BE ANONYMOUS!"

Yeah, until you drop some DNA evidence or fingerprints. Which is almost inevitable. Cause quess what: you're the only one with that information. There is no chance that someone will have the same DNA as you; hell, I'm not even sure if identical twins have completely same DNA.

But, either way, Jeffy pretty much said it; you're not funny, so why not just shut up, take a jar of vasoline, and return to the depths of your parent's basement where you can waste away on a sub-par game like a crack addict or something.

@ Richard C. Mongler, noman, LOL 4ailchan taking credit....

*Overly affectionate Grandmother voice*

Ooh! Aren't you just the cutest little thing! Pumpkins, you are so smart and wuvable. I just wanna hug you all to death. And buy you presents - I'ma just gonna spoil you more than your parents! So clever! So original! I just can't stand it, you lumps of pure sweetness. You're better that store-bought cake-icing! Let Grammie get some kisses!

* Clears throat *

My point, in case you can't see it through the haze of your inflated self-worth, is very simple. You aren't funny. Period. You aren't creative. Period. Perhaps a creative mind can take your 'shittingdicknipples' and 'Richard C. Monger' jokes and put them into a humorous context. I'd like to see what Trey Parker and Matt Stone would do with it, for instance.


If you are the only one in the room laughing, it's almost certain that you aren't funny.

~~All Knowledge is Worth Having~~

"Except a power outage. Because without the interweb you can’t be anonymous anymore. "

Bags over our heads and ski masks help us be anonymous where ever we are. Being at the super market or simply, molesting your mother we will ALWAYS BE ANONYMOUS!

I'm gonna look at this fro ma developers perspective. I worked hard and a for a good amount of time creating the object I wanted to make, and I put it up on SL for people to visit and view, then one day I log on and I get messages from people telling me my object was vandalized, I go to check and lo and behold, it has been vandalized with words like 'furfag' and pictured of things I'd prefer not to see.. Now I gotta pull it offline, and work to fix the damage they did, only for them to do it again next time, which in turn disuades me from re uploading something that people potentially liked.

Ive seen two types of griefers in these games. They either love a game and do it to chase off new players, they either hate a game so much that they try to chase off new players to keep the community the way they like it, or, as in this case, they just generally are assholes.

in fact we had something similar happen on the Gaia forums a few months ago. An item was released called the ORLY? hat, and iti n fact was an homage to the ORLY owl. well, the /b/tards felt that they themselves owned any and all rights to that owl, so they had a raid on Gaia. Guess what it accomplished.


I checked on the day of the raid, there were no signs it ever happened, and Gaia kept the item in circulations. all they accomplished really was getting their IP addresses banned, permanently. And Gaia is a PG13 website, a place of which things like goatse and tubgirl have no place, so basically they exposed minors to things minor shouldn't see. Why? Because they HAD to attack a site for using an internet meme to make a virtual item. Oh noes.

If the /b/tards attack, it never accomplishes anything, ever, and they are sad individuals for even trying. I lump then in with a group of people I dont like ,the ones who don't like something and go go great great lengths to let others know it.

Can I post in response to this article? I applied for meme status a while back...

A thought I have
*The right of unblocked uncensored protest*
At least thats what it seems 2nd life has as a rule,if they want to really let the polis have a go at things their "grounds" will need allot of anti grifer security but then that would take something from it....

I also have another thought of bastards always begin bastards and like being bastards and will be bastards to friend if it will not cost them anything..because they are cheap....bastards.........

I have a headache now mew go lay under mews rock =0-o=


But in all seriousness, it IS rather disturbing the lengths people go to when they are just doing it "for the lawls"

Father Time
By doing this for lulz, they thereby give this meaning

nice speech . . now tell me which movie book or whatever you copied that speech out of and claimed it as your own. hIronic that you try to define anonymous and yet the very definition of anonymous is that you don't know what it is (or they don't want you to know who/what it is). Also

"Enemies of the Anonymous include anyone who is not an Anonymous."
"We are void of human restraints, such as pity and mercy. "
"Under no circumstances are Anonymous human. We are above humans and mortality. "
Anonymous has no weakness or flaw.
Anonymous is in control at all times.

I take it you must have been a member of the third reich, good luck commanding much respect on the internet, since all your other quotes sound like something taken straight out of 1984 (the party's charter maybe).

"Anonymous are not to partake in meaningless tasks. Those who do are to be either reformed or eliminated. "

A lot of people would consider the attack on edward's office as meaningless, and also now that you've revealed yourselves as nothing but a bunch of idiots out for shits and giggles it really IS meaningless now.

It was not 4chan, it was ebaumsworld.


WoW players have the choice between full PvP and limited PvE servers. Someone who chooses a PvP server knows full well what he's getting himself into (or at least, he should). Killing other players is also something that's encouraged by the game design and a feature of the game itself.

I haven't played Second Life myself, but from what I understand, the game isn't promoted as being a playground of griefing. I imagine if someone were to build a house out of penises, that would be fine, but if someone builds his penishouse on the doorstep of someone else's building, that would be outside the generally accepted practices of the game.

As far as whether it's worth arguing over: if it's worth doing in the first place, why shouldn't it be worth arguing about? If a griefer says, "Why worry?" a regular person could ask, "Why do it?"

As an afterthought: I think acts like these are considered more nefarious because there isn't really anything you can do about them. An act of aggression between two players can be easily reconciled, but harassment on a scale like this is something entirely different.

On any other day I wouldn't worry about this, but this is more like a distraction to keep myself from doing actual work. How pitiful. :(


Just a clarification.

I don't think I'm an anarchist.

I think it's a terrible idea.

I find this halarious they are coming here now.

These people get their "lulz" from seeing us get angry or react to them.

It's like school kids teasing other kids....they do it for laughs and it makes them happy.

Only this is on the internet. Where people think (and probably can) Pull stunts like this and get away with it.

I find some memes on the internet funny as all hell. But I know when it's time to mature and time to be immature.

While I skimmed the comments. This place is kind of a place for mature behavour.

However there will always be places and people and situations like this.

@Richard C. Mongler

You're a /b/tard.

I know a meme when I see one.

Pshaw, I happen to be a /b/tard of sorts.

I understand the point behind things like this.

The point is that there is no point.

Chaos for the sake of chaos.

The means is the ends.

These people aren't really even trying to make a mark in history. Theyr'e mind is always on the present and only on the present.

They're though process is completely devoid of morals or political agenda.

The only wish to dirupt and destroy.


They're kids, let them have their agenda of a lack of an agenda.

In both cases your a total ass. The differnce with driving the car up and down the street. Is the physical danger you are putting the kids in, and the fact that you are likely cruiseing. SL = virtual game = virtual damage, that can be restored without physical harm to the user. Hit the kid with your car and its a little more then that. These people were being pricks, but didnt put anyone in real harm, deal with it.

Think of it from a utilitarian point of view. It's easier to not annoy people than it is for people to not be annoyed by annoying things. Therefore, the best solution is to not annoy people.

Of course, if you're not a utilitarian, you could think of it like this. Part of being a decent, respectable person is being mature and respectful. Part of being mature is doing things for a good reason and avoiding things that are done for poor reasons. Causing trouble, especially trouble just for the sake of trouble, is very immature. Therefore, people who do this are not valuable people. As such, it is within anyone else's right to complain about these people, because they are not acting as they should and are being disruptive.

It's like the smokers' rights issue. Smokers desireto be able to smoke wherever, but non-smokers desire to be able to go out in public without worrying about their health. Two conflicting desires; whose supercedes whose?


Ok fine. Let's remove the sense of physical danger altogether. Now instead of my car, my neighborhood turns out, and stands in the kid's way. Now it's impossible for them to be hurt, but we're still disrupting the kid's fun.

Then is it ok to be an asshole? Should they just "deal with it"?
-- If your wiimote goes snicker-snack, check your wrist-strap...

Its good to know that there are left wingers out there who will stand against Edward's communist values

Ouch, my sense of irony is hurting... ;)
-- If your wiimote goes snicker-snack, check your wrist-strap...


First, I gotta give you kudos for the Ozy and Millie strip- half because I enjoy the strip, half because I like furs.

Second, the comment you're putting up is correct. You have the right to be an ass, and people have the right to complain about you being an ass, even if you're not really doing anything wrong, so much as it is annoying. Although, there is an ambiguous line drawn when it crosses into "public disturbance", but away from that.

Second Life is indeed just a game. I think of it as a rather souped-up graphical chatroom. People really shouldn't take these kind of things seriously, when someone posts a disturbing amount of douche-collection all over the place. Take your business elsewhere, really.

That said, it doesn't really do much more than annoy the hell out of people- it's not a sign of maturity, and it's kind've like a hillbilly laughing and mocking handicapped people- nobody thinks it's intelligent, and people could care less. All you're doing is entertaining yourself and making yourself look like an idiot by doing it.

And nobody will like you.

The argument that it does "no real damage" is a straw man... of course it does no real damage. These are bytes inside a computer, and little lights that we look at on a screen. Does that excuse acting like an f'in jackass in anonymity? No chance.

If I were to walk down the street following men in business suits and tapping them on the shoulder repeatedly, even after they told me to stop, would you defend my position as "I'm not hurting anyone, so it's ok"? If I were sitting in a bus terminal clucking like a chicken every five seconds, would you not be annoyed? Why should you have to go to another terminal just to avoid some idiot whose trying to annoy you?

It doesn't matter whether or not it does real damage, and to argue that is missing the point completely: if you harass other people and become a public nuisance just for the fun of it, you should be locked in a closet for three weeks with a hungry Richard Simmons.

Now please, can we go on and stop giving these dipshits more attention than they deserve?

It's sad, but this is what happens when the power of anonymity is given to those who'll abuse it. Unfortunately, the days where people think about the consequences of their actions are long gone.

The people who see this now might think that this is fun and games, but if someone's going to react negatively to this in Edwards' campaign, then some of those feelings might still remain if Edwards is elected. For a large majority of the population, the internet is still a strange and foreign place, and giving anyone a reason to have a grudge because of one person's actions. If we're not careful and responsible about how we act even on the internet, then it could possibly lead to some potentially limiting and restrictive legislature on the internet itself, all because someone got their jollies by griefing someone else. It's frighteningly simple to persuade the opinions of the general public against an easy target, and I do believe that as it is right now, the internet could easily be labeled as a collection of soulless, immoral, and inhuman pedophiles eating away at the moral fabric of America.

And as much as the reasonings "it's just a game" and "it's just the internet" work for you, that doesn't mean that it'll work for those who don't even know what the game or the internet is. Surprise surprise, people who know how to use the internet EXIST, and they outnumber us by quite a bit. A lot of them are registered voters too.

One person stated on John Edwards' blog regarding this event stating -

"John, welcome to the internet. If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen, but if you are willing to laugh at the insanity you’ll find many friends there.”

Insanity is not something some people can laugh at. If he views the internet as a threat and he becomes elected, there won't be much to stop John Edwards from demolishing the entire kitchen and erect a parking lot on it's remains.

Hmm... in a virtual sandbox environment where anything is possible, can we really say that one style of play is better (or more valid) than another? Is pretending to build a house really better than pretending to fill the house with penises? Doesn't mean you're not a dick (pun intended) if you follow the latter course of action, but it's still allowed and, in a sense, encouraged by the design of the game itself.

In WoW, if you're playing on a PvP server, you can get a bunch of buddies together and take over a contested zone. This will undoubtedly annoy anyone who just wants to quest in peace, and it's both immature and unnecessary in most cases, so it could be considered a form of griefing. However, it could easily be argued that the game is designed to enable such an aggressive play style, so contested zone ganking is as much part of the game as PvE combat or PvP arenas, so most people don't take it too seriously.

In Second Life, however, even though the game explicitly allows to do "anything" (ie. not just happy friendly building and furry sex), player aggression of any sort is taken very seriously, even though at its roots, it's not all that different from sneaking up behind some noob and ganking him before he kills a quest mob. Part of this might be because a lot of Second Lifers really do treat the game as if it's equivalent (or superior) to reality, or perhaps it's just because each attack must be custom-made -- even though the tools necessary are built into the game, Second Life has no official combat system or anything beyond building and chatting. Scripting your own bomb and "exploding" it in somebody else's sim is somehow seen as more serious than using one provided by a company in another MMO.

Incidentally, I'm not exactly pro-griefer, but I still find the whole "Griefers are horrible human beings who should be punished in real life!" attitude to be a wee bit extreme. When we're dealing with virtual worlds, morality isn't always black and white.

And yes, I know I'm overanalysing this, but humour me.

Well well, quite a few missing words in my last statement. I meant to say that -

"Giving anyone a reason to have a grudge against the internet because of one person's actions is a dangerous thing."


"Surprise surprise, people who DON'T know how to use the internet EXIST, and they outnumber us by a large number. A lot of them are registered voters too."

I'm honestly offended by these people who think that just because they're legion, they have the right to do such disgraceful acts towards our social and political views. Second Life is more than just a chat room; it's an important communicational development system that can alter real life events and views. It's distasteful that this website can cause such disruption. Obviously this over-reaction is well just, and we should show to them that we are not afraid of "Anonymous", when we ourselves are posting anonymously to an extent.

What I really want to touch on was some of the horrifying things that could be seen on this game, because I was on Second Life, when a couple of guys who were up to no good, Startin' makin trouble in my neighbourhood. I got in one lil fight and my mom got scared, she said, "You're movin' with your auntie and uncle in bel Air".

ANYONE who takes anything seriously in Second life, needs a second life, but these people are in considerate morouns who are physotic and should be bansihsed from our society.

We are arguing with internet trolls. What has this site come to?

To everyone.
Second Life. Serious business. You put yourself on the internet, don't be surprised when this happens. People suck, so get off your cross, build a bridge out of it, and get over it.

@ Bizzo


They’re kids, let them have their agenda of a lack of an agenda."

Ahhh, to be 15 and going through the, "I'm an anarchist phase," again. Sigh, so cute.

~~All Knowledge is Worth Having~~

"The worst part? They don’t care, either. They just don’t care."

This is true. But it's also true that the more you care, the greater their satisfaction, motivation, and willingness to continue committing such acts.

Yeah, they're mean, but boohoo. At best it's a minor annoyance, and ultimately; It just doesn't have an effect on our real lives.

"So, you won’t mind me coming to your house to play loud annoying noises in your house then, because it doesn’t harm you or cause you financial distress, right?"

If they had actually physically come to your house, I'm sure it would create problems. Real world problems. But this is a game, and the game landscape and rules inside the game allow for trespassing onto this property, and doing pretty much whatever you want to it. If that's allowed, why complain about it?

"Still, it is quite amusing when stunts like these happen."

Completely agree.


"But this is a game, and the game landscape and rules inside the game allow for trespassing onto this property, and doing pretty much whatever you want to it. If that’s allowed, why complain about it?"

Refer to my street hockey comment... by your logic, since I'm using a public road, and I'm not breaking any traffic laws, those kids have no right to complain if I keep interrupting their game...
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"Griefers don’t bother to think about how the other guy feels, or about any consequences to their actions aside from the immediate, purile humor."

The funny thing is that if this happened to their own personal myspace page or something, they'd be screaming about how they're going to "get even" with those who wronged them...

Look at any site that says anything bad about /b/... that's pure childish vengeance.
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