Second Life Griefers Claim Credit for Attack on John Edwards Campaign HQ

Last week GamePolitics covered an attack on the Second Life headquarters of Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards.

Now, the culprits behind the virtual vandalism have revealed themselves. The 10 Zen Monkeys blog reports that one of the vandals, using the name Mudkips Acronym, has taken credit for the attack in a comment (since deleted) on the official Edwards campaign blog, where news of the incident first surfaced:

Guess what: we’re not Republicans. In fact, I’m one of the most hard-core liberals I know… We simply did it for the lulz… The fact you were so bent out of shape to make a blog post on the OFFICIAL JOHN EDWARDS BLOG about how some people placed a bunch of sh*ttingdicknipples on your lawn is mighty telling.

We had something much bigger planned, and the actions of a few in the organization sort of spoiled it… If this sort of hilarity is getting out after something rather routine, we can only dream of what would happen later.

Mudkips Acronym is apparently a member of an established Second Life griefing organization. An update on the group’s website mentions the Edwards incident:

One of the most hilarious things to happen since last Thursday, PN raided John Edwards’ campaign, causing lots of lulz. Immediately, the Edwards camp branded the people making trouble in the neighborhood as ultra-rightists… Notable blogs such as Kotaku, GamePolitics, and of course our favorite little wanna-be press organization the Second Life Herald all took note.

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