“Video Games Made Me Do It” Defense Fails in Oregon Murder Trial

Last week GamePolitics reported on an Oregon man’s bid to use violent video games as a defense against murder charges. So how did that work out?

Not so well.

As reported by the Associated Press, 19-year-old Patrick Morris was found guilty of the 2006 shotgun murder of a 15-year-old boy. According to the AP:

Defense attorney Robert Abel said violent video games, a history of emotional and behavior disorders and the use of mind-altering mushrooms affected his client…

His mother, Irma Espitia, told the judge her story about a troubled son, whom she tried to reach out to over and over. “He would just go into his room and play those video games,” she said.

The prosecution’s expert witness, Dr. Michael Knapp of Ashland, said it was ridiculous to blame video games. Moreover, he said, while you usually can’t predict violent behavior, other risk factors in Morris’ life, such as his drug use and his emotional disorders, were stronger factors.

Klamath County Judge Marci Adkisson apparently wasn’t buying the video game defense. After deliberating for 30 minutes she sentenced Morris to life in prison.

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