BREAKING: Take Two Sues Jack Thompson over Manhunt 2, GTA4

March 16, 2007 -
In the wake of a recent legal threat by Miami attorney Jack Thompson (left), game publisher Take Two Interactive has launched a pre-emptive strike.

With Thompson threatening to file suit to block the release of Grand Theft Auto 4 and Manhunt 2, Take Two has petitioned the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida for relief.

The software publisher seeks to block Thompson from trying to have the games declared a public nuisance under Florida law. Thompson filed a similar action against Take Two's Bully last October, but a Florida judge rejected Thompson's contention, allowing Bully to be sold by retailers.

In its complaint, Take Two claims the action is necessary because:
Thompson has a history of making multiple threats of legal action, whether substantiated or not, both against (Take Two) as well as the retailers who purchase the video games and offer them for sale to the public. Thompson has made such threats again in connection with Manhunt 2 and GTAIV...

The suit alleges that Thompson's public nuisance tactic violates Take Two's First Amendment rights. Lawyers for the game publisher argue that the Florida statute under which Thompson is seeking to have the games declared as nuisances essentially makes the controversial lawyer "a private attorney general on behalf of the State of Florida."

Take Two is also seeking to recover from Thompson its attorney fees and other costs incurred related to the pending legal action.

For his part, Thompson criticizes the Take Two complaint in a writ filed with the Florida Supreme Court, and rather dubiously takes credit for a recent shareholder revolt which is expected to result in the firing of CEO Paul Eibeler as early as next week. The attorney writes:
So successful has Thompson been in exposing the fraud and criminal conduct of Take-Two on the national stage... that a corporate coup by 46% of Take-Two’s shareholders is set for March 23, which nearly all financial analysts... are predicting will be successful and which will result in the firing of all Take-Two management and the entire board...


wow this guy should be shot for trying to get two video games banned. I mean that not as a gamer but as a rational minded human being he's trying to censor two games because he believes them to be nuisances, this man should not be in politics he should be in a mental asylum. this country has enough problems and he picks on video games? mother of god am I the only who finds this whole idea of banning GAMES foolish and silly?

It's kind of interesting that this comes so soon after the disbanding of Take Two's board of directors, and even more interesting that Mr. Thompson takes credit for that disbanding, when it seems very likely that the new board of directors is the primary force behind this legal action against him. Who does he think he's fooling?

Surely I'm not the only one who's noticed this?

Man do i miss posting here and reading all the good jt stories but i'll be posting prolly sometime next week around wednesday or thursday so duffy will be back in the loop!


Lol its good to see a bunch of new people here and im sure i'll get to know all the newbies and as soon as i can make my new screen name on the forum i'll be posting on there too since i cant use hilaryduffgta anymore cause i dont have the password so you will see me on as.......


All Take Two has to do is present God of War 2 as evidence that Thompson is harrasing only them.

[...] Is Thompson really so deluded as to think he has had anything to do with those events? Source: Game Politics Image Source: Ctrl-Alt-Del [...]

There should be some kind of collusion law against filing so many lawsuits in a period of time. A kind of speed limit.

SNOW in gta4!seen it around the website

I don't know why, but for some reason I just get this weird feeling that somehow Jack Thompson and Uwe Boll are the same person... I mean, they both have the same goal, after all: Profit off of the misery of gamers.

Good luck to you, Take Two Interactive, for whatever it's worth. John Bruce Thompson is always annoying...but I doubt this will completely shut him up if they make any progress.

I see JT trying to play this out as 'It's just the Take Two board trying to get their revenge on me for single handedly turning the shareholders against them!'

It won't do him any good, since this would undoubtedly get the backing of the shareholders, no holder is going to vote in favour of someone who costs them money by trying to destroy their products' market place acceptability.

[...] 802.11n Finalized UnderCoverXP (How-To article) ROLE REVERSAL! Take-Two Interactive sues Jack Thompson! (Jack Thompson’s Response) Guitar Hero II for Xbox 360 drops April 3rd Final Fantasy Makes Its Way to Xbox 360 Dragon Ball mmo coming to japan 2008 Devil May Cry 4 for Xbox 360! Resident Evil for the Wii Blue Dragon on Xbox 360 Best Buy No Longer Selling 20 GB PS3 NiGHTS Returns to the Wii Beautiful Katamari Returns On All Consoles! BRUCE CAMPBELL Speaking at FSU 3/23 - Free for FSU Students, $15 for everyone else! Come see us! [...]

So GTA4 is set to come out in 2008? In that case Take Two should just about be wrapping up thier case (they have will have alot of evidence).

So this probably won't bankrupt Jack, but at least it will sting him. Maybe after getting sued by a company, the people follish enough to listen to his garbage and lies will finally stop. By the way, whatever did happen to the other cases against him?

@ James
Only one problem with your idea. There are no other companies that could sue him! He really only attack Take Two and Rockstar. Ever heard of Jack attacking Eidos, Naughty Dog (even if just based on the name), Square-Enix or any other company? He literally attacks Take Two exclusively. They really do have a harrassement case against him.

About time. This was needed for a while.

Thompson got a taste of his own medicine.


wow... the grammar in that post was horrible!

it took long enough for someone to friggin do it, but i think the other companies should sue him too

HAHAHAHA Jack is gonna lose! yet, i thought he was going to lose his liscence to practice law...

See the issue here is not even really to stop JT from having the games declared public nuisances. The issue is that Bully should never have been given a day in court. It was ridiculous that the courts even entertained that action.

The point that T2 is doing now is to show that that precedent is dangerous. That JT can basically go and declare any game (I'm sure he would have wanted The Sims as well) a public nuisance because they allowed the Bully case to go to court. Thereby wasting taxpayer money, people's time, and basically that JT has hijacked the florida legal system for his own publicity stunts.

I will buy manhunt 2 and GTA IV and I promise I won't try to kill anybody :)

[...] 802.11n Finalized UnderCoverXP (How-To article) ROLE REVERSAL! Take-Two Interactive sues Jack Thompson! (Jack Thompson’s Response) Guitar Hero II for Xbox 360 drops April 3rd Final Fantasy Makes Its Way to Xbox 360 Dragon Ball mmo coming to japan 2008 Devil May Cry 4 for Xbox 360!  Resident Evil for the Wii  Blue Dragon on Xbox 360 Best Buy No Longer Selling 20 GB PS3  NiGHTS Returns to the Wii  Beautiful Katamari Returns On All Consoles! BRUCE CAMPBELL Speaking at FSU 3/23 - Free for FSU Students, $15 for everyone else! Come see us! [...]

i've been following JT ever since he chanllenged Take Two and Rockstar games to make a mod where the character is a father of a teen who basically pulls a columbine, and the character goes out and hunts down gaming CEO's. If i remember correctly he was going to put up 10K to the chariatble orginization of choice of the CEO of Take Two. When some programmers and artists with some spare time actually did it, JT bailed and said something along the line that is was a hypothetical idea and never had any intent on paying. this is when the kick ass guys Tycho and Gabe from Penny-Arcade steped in and footed the bill. Which JT tried to retaliate against . . . . . I mean really, either the man is criminally insane or he just doesn't get it. Viloent video games are here to stay, and there really isn't any thing you can do, mainly cause if the majority of the demograph that take two is aiming for didn't want them they wouldn't sell. Which incendently they are.

Can you ban something a year before it's even been created?

JT: Your honor, I would like to stop Take Two from releasing GTA4 into stores.
Judge: And when is that?
JT: According to this magazine rumor article, third quarter of 2008

If that's possible is there anyway we can do this against Uwe Boll before he releases those three movies on games very few people liked or played. (Honestly, does anyone even know what Dungeon Siege is about?) Or maybe we can get Jack to go after Uwe Boll in a legal boxing match! No matter the out come we all win!

All I can say... I'm glad I'm not that douchebag's child.

how bout we just nip it all in the bud and just claim these lawsuits are a public nusance in and of themselves. then we can free the courts time for people with real grievances

[...] As reported on Gamepolitics today, Take Two interactive are to take proactive steps to make sure that gaming’s favourite lawyer, Jack Thompson, isn’t even able to get as far as considering blocking the release of either Manhunt 2, or GTA 4, as has been alluded to, following on from the farce that was the lawsuit he brought up against Rockstar’s game, Bully. [...]

U c Jacky? this is what u get for messing with videogames and the people who play them. i played die hard trilogy at age 2 and u don't see me going on a bloody ramoage. I played GTA3 at age 10 and i dont do anything u say that i would do just for palying it. I played Halo at age 9 and u don't c me going beserk with a weapon. Jack u r just one of those stupid little bastards in life who think u can push people around just cause u have some degree or u r in seat of power. jack u tried to ban bully but u can't c that your a bully/asshole yourself!!!

Thompson won't be left destitute by this, you can all rest assured of that. The chances are high that the court won't even pass costs from a corporation to an individual for something like this, and whatever those costs are, Thompson makes that up in Medical Malpractice suits quite comfortably.

If I thought this was some sort of attempt to actually 'hurt' Thompson, I would probably be having serious doubts, but it's not, it's about stopping Thompson from doing what he did with Bully, which made retailers like Dixons refuse to stock the game, because they were too bloody ignorant to check the facts. That, in effect, hurt the effectiveness of Bully, though not enough to make it unprofitable, but just enough to allow to vicious misconceptions to be spread around.

Everyone remember, even after his court case against Bully failed, he still managed to junk mail local stockists with a legal-looking document stating that Bully had Homosexual Sex taking place in it. Frankly, what Thompson is doing is a deliberate and malicious smear campaign, and he's stooped incredibly low in order to achieve his 'high' ideals, as they say, actions speak louder than words.

So frankly, yes, I want to see this succeed and I want to see brakes put on Thompson's current strategy of vexatious litigation.

[...] But this time around, Take Two has decided to strike back. It has filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida against Thompson, arguing that his repeated failed lawsuits and public threats against the company comprise a nuisance. The company claims that Thompson’s numerous lawsuits are filed to generate publicity for himself and to damage Take Two’s business reputation, rather than to succeed on the merits. Take Two hopes the court will enjoin Thompson from bringing suit on behalf of the State of Florida to enjoin the sale of its games. [...]

Go Take Two! Can't wait for Manhunt and GTAIV!

Take Two should hire Phoenix Wright. Just to spite Jack. Losing to a video game lawyer would be a massive blow to his ego.

[...] Sources: | Gamasutra | GameSpot | ars technica  | Jack Thompson’s Initial Response | EuroGamer (Discusses Take-Two-Thompson Relationship) [...]

Jack is a very stupid person.
Video games & tv don't kill people, people kill people.
People have always killed people.

Kids don't kill people, gamers don't kill people, any one who plays a FPS don't kill people. it's people not raised right by there parents that kill people. It's not a video problem it's a parenting problem!

every generation has a scapegoat for the problems of the world in the

1920 it was jazz music
1930 comic books
1940 germans (it was true for once)
1950 elvis while on stage moved his hips in a provocotive manner (gasp)
1960 jimi hendrix
1970 computers
1980 kiss (the band)
1990 rap music
2000 video games

my what a crap world some people try to make

my point is every generation seems to blame everything on some form of popular media so no one has to claim responsibility for thier kids actions

heres a fun fact they tried to ban centerpiede for its violence

What really needs to be measured in these kinds of statistics is the type of parenting these people had, not how many video games they played per day. We live in a digitalized generation, and therefore there will be more serial killers who played violent games. This means nothing, as there are more violent games out there. But it has been known that serial killers are more likely to come from abusive parents than nurturing ones. That's been proven by statistics for a long time. One can be ascribed to coincidence, the other to fact, simply because there is a plausible explanation.

spyder335 you have a dam good point... GO Take2!

I'm going to skip the story itself, and get right to the stick thats up Jacks ass... Violence, and sex, in video games...

Violence has been around since the dawn of mankind, and before probably(dinosaurs don't look overly friendly), so please explain to me how an invention of the last 30 years is responsible for millions of years of violence?

In fact, explain to me why the last 30 years, could actually be considered the least violent times in the history of man? In the terms of the violence of all previous generations, the world is actually quite stable, and has very low rates of violence, when compared to times in history were the entire planet was basically engulfed in a war.. (Holy wars, World Wars, etc, etc..)

Video games are in no way responsible for the violent acts people carry out, they have been doing these things since before rap/metal music, television, and video games existed, or anything else for that matter..

People are by nature violent, most of us fight these urges, some of can't, or don't, or whatever, and when they do commit these acts, and get caught, they try to blame something else, it was tv, or games, or the voices in my head...

As for sex in games, well, tough, the games were for 17+ and up, I have seen just as much sex and nudity in R rated(17+) movies, nobody seems to mind that, and besides, sex is natural what are you so afraid of, I am sure that these 17+ years olds have had sex, not to mention they see nudity every time they get undressed,..

I agree little children should not be purposefully exposed to such, but seventeen is hardly a child, and the package clearly states that its not for children...

Ignoring this fact, lets say that they somehow missed the "Mature 17+" bit, well, there's a girl who is obviously very slutty showing cleavage, and licking her lips on the cover, a picture of thugs doing a drive-by, a police helicopter, gee, let me think, does this look like something I should buy for my child.. NOOOOOO!!! Of course not, are you stupid, so I fail to see the problem here..

Any one with half a fucking brain, can see this is all bullshit, and Jack Thompson is a fucking asshole, I mean he claims Christian, but supports murderers, then says Rockstar is bad for depicting violence, they're not the ones helping murders get lesser sentences by claiming "The video game made me do it!", now are they..

So who is the real asshole, the guys making games, ie, fantasy violence, or the guy thats helping the real criminals by making this an acceptable excuse in court rooms..

[...] read more | digg story [...]

Jack Thomson is just a F***ing moron!!!

The man is a hypocrite. He states that "no where in the bible does it say to kill people," yet I clearly recall one sentence above all : "thou shalt not suffer a witch to live."

If that's not an order to kill based on bull reasons, I don't know what is.

now, to find more sources and finish my research paper on how video games are only good for society.

YEA!!!!!!!!! GO TAKE 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did thomson get a big "OBJECTION!" When the judge declared bully could be sold?

Did anybody read the grey area thats under the story, it says "This entry was posted on Friday March 16th at 11:00 am". Brian posted a link to an old story and claimed it was breaking news. If it was breaking news ,it would have been on the front page of gamepolitics.

Darn, just when I was starting to miss seeing his ugly mug on the front page of GP.... NOT!

Ah well, good call on T2's part, win one for teh Gipper :D


Indeed. If he didn't sue them every time an M-rated game was announced (Which, last I checked was not, in fact illegal) maybe he wouldn't be in this mess?


Sucks to be him, I guess...

[...] [source] Game Politics [...]

[...] Gamepolitics: Take Two sues Jack Thompson. [...]

People - this is an old, old story (March, 2007)... I'm not sure why it suddenly showed up on Kotaku, but it is popping up on other sites since then as well.

OLD NEWS..... OLD NEWS.... NOT A NEW STORY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Old, old, old news.
March 2007. For example:

Case of blind copying of Kotaku, I see :)

OK, look... what we need is a flash version of Ace Attorney with this shoehorned into it. Someone call Capcom, STAT.

creo que es hora de que la indutria de los juegos regrese los ataques que a este señor.
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