Thompson Reacts to Take Two Lawsuit

March 17, 2007 -
Confronted with a federal lawsuit filed by Grand Theft Auto publisher Take Two Interactive (see yesterday's GamePolitics scoop), controversial Miami attorney Jack Thompson told financial website yesterday:
This shows the extent to which I have become a problem for (Take Two). Or maybe they are trying to show that I won't be a hindrance in the sales of their upcoming products.

The upcoming products, of course, are Grand Theft Auto IV and Manhunt 2, both scheduled for release later this year. Thompson said more about the Take Two lawsuit in a writ he filed yesterday with the Florida Supreme Court in relation to his numerous ongoing disciplinary issues with the Florida Bar:
(Take Two's law firm) Blank Rome... has, by this remarkable lawsuit, laid bare precisely what it is about - the silencing and destruction of Take-Two’s most abiding and most successful critic.

UPDATE: Thompson e-mailed GamePolitics and other media late Saturday afternoon with a promise to "strike back" in the coming days:
I have been praying, literally, that Take-Two and its lawyers would do something so stupid... that such a misstep would enable me to destroy Take-Two...

The pit Take-Two has dug for itself will be patently clear next week when I strike back.


Re: Andrew Riley

Turns out it's 26 charges, not 128.

Jakc thompson is a rea l #@*! i mean he has a grudge against a game just so he can get publicity instead of trying to get publicity and stop trying to destroy good games for no reason he should be plowing his wife :D

Before I begin I might have "the wrong end of the stick" so dont leave loads of "OMG FUXOR NOOB" messages if I say something stupid or wrong.

I just cannot understand this man. The games are rated 18 (UK) for a reason. If these children end up playing what is strictly an "adult" game it is fundamentaly the fault of the parents or the retailers who do not care enough about to whom this product is being sold, not the developers. It is exactly the same scenario with the porn/beer/cigarette/gun industries.

To the people who suggest making a "child friendly GTA", what is the point? For a start it wouldn't sell because everyone would be thinking: "I bet the 18 rated one is better" and of course it wouldnt be the same game, it would be on a par with some Simpsons based rubbish of which there is already plenty. The very idea (perhaps even soul) of the game is based around (often violent) crime, the word "theft" is even in the title. It would be like Tekken where rather than fighting the two players had to compliment each other on their outfits and make polite conversation rather than knock each other unconcious.

If (I say "if" because I am not entirely sure) he is a religious man as some reports have mentioned, well thats bloody typical - they spend thousands of years killing innocents in REAL LIFE and stepping in the way of science where-ever possible (evolution, the telescope, just to name two examples) and NOW they have the gall to tell us not to kill people who don't even exist.

If part of his case is that violent games like "Manhunt" and "GTA" turn certain people into killers, then surely those people should have been locked up in the first place if a set of pixels is liable to turn them into a killing machine - again, not the publisher's/developer's responsibility.

I will admit now that I find it deeply satisfying to go on a computer generated killing spree after a hard day of work, it is the fact that I can just do this with a game and vent all my frustrations on NPCs who wander around saying "Ma mother is ma sister" that prevents me from getting unecessarily annoyed (homicidal, take your pick Mr Thompson) with REAL people.

To summarise:

1) Mr Thompson - do something really worhwhile like using your legal skills to investigate the blatant corruption in the US (and UK - I am English btw, so no "oi johnny forienger!" comments pls) governments.
2) Religion is bad - Common sense and decency are good. You just have to look at history to find that out. And no the two do not mix - just read a little bit of Martin Luther (NOT Dr King - the other one).
3) Parents - Open your fucking eyes and read the label next time little Timmy asks for a game rather than just dishing out the cash to shut him up, be a parent rather than a sap.
4) Nutjobs intent on going on killing sprees - stay away from computer games/beer/drugs/weapons/other people/vehicles/any combination of the aformentioned.

Peace out and long live the freedom of publication that allows GTA etc. to be produced.

jack thompson should really learn what he is dealing with a vary favorable company think the civil war north vs south south was sqaushed like a bug because of lack of resources and being unfavorable they also really didn't know what they were doing whenever i see grand theft auto on tv it is always the violent side someone beating the hell out of a girl in the street so has jt and hillary clinton ever played grand theft auto NO!!! they just complain about what they think it is if we have her in office this term we are for lack of a lesser word FUCKED

I hate Jack Thompson.....No really
I dispise Jack Thompson....Not kidding
I curse Jack Thomspon.....I hope he will lose the lawsuit pies his pant over it....
I'm not very original am I?

Godwilltriumph: That's all very nice, but what exactly does that have to do with Jack thompson being sued into oblivion by T2?

My question is: what exactly is Take Two doing that is illegal? What constitutional law are they breaking? I don't care about morals, I mean the porn industry is destroying more morals than games are, so what is Take Two doing that is illegal?
Or any game for that matter?
It seems that Thompson should go after porn: more young kids see porn than play games. Just look at the $ for each industry.

Just because i go on homicidal sprees on games, doesn't mean I don't care for my fellow man

That's good to know teedee, even if you are not Christian it's always great to know people who support good values and morals.

Rapture isn't in the Bible. It's some made up "nice and cuddly" idea that people use to get around the fact that the end days will be huge persecution against Christians as the beast has his reign. It's quite clear that Christians will suffer in the end times before the Second Coming.

The final battle. It's already all pre-determined since the beginning. God has already won. If you knew the bible you would know this.

God Bless you Jack. May you smite the heathen Take-Two and raise their heads upon high to show all of Gods enemies that we shall take no prisoners in the battle for souls.

This is the biggest load of horse piss I have ever heard

The problem is the slim minority that have problems spotting the line of reality and fantasy, the problem is they are so rare and far between that you can't ban it or else you just end up with a very pissed majority, every batch has its bad apples…

Take two sniggers at its evilness by selling adult games to kids? Could that be why we have age certificates? How about laying the blame at the inadequate clerks or parents who don't give a shit? The sooner we man up and shoulder some real responsibility, the better.

And the whole religious thing is bull shit! Anyone can spout a quote and twist its meaning. I have a quote for ya Jackie boy, it may not be from the bible but i assume that doesn't make it any less significant
"Religion is the only thing that makes bad men do good, but good men do bad" need proof? Crusades, witch burnings and persecution. All in the name of God, need we say more?

Anyone can assume god wants us to go one some trumped mission to save the world, call it a wild idea but maybe just maybe the solution is medication/sterilisation for these fucknuts? Or how about fix our own problems without bothering God?

But come on! All evil in the world and you pin it down to a video game?


Yeah, right... what ever you say Jack

Now if you'll excuse me, I’m going to play on my source of evil

*IT* Being video games

Does that mean we can call off Rapture then? Or was it rain stopped play and we have to book another Armageddon next tuesday?

lol probably, speaking of which i'll be supporting the winning side, I may not be christian but i agree with the principles

Win? What has God won?

God will win in the end no matter what happens here He has already won.

Mr. Jack Thompson. You do know there is an article called the Constitution and in that article are Bill of Rights. You are trying to violate the 1st amendment on the Bill of Rights.

Maybe you should go back to Law School and reread that article or do you really think you are ABOVE the law Mr. Thompson?

Jack, how are you Take-Two's most successful critic? You haven't won anything against them, you're facing more heat from the bar because of your court is any of that even close to success?

...I say to the blog he won't be posting in anytime soon...

JACK get over it u dick

What really scares me is the blind zealous behavior this guy shows. He is in his own fantasy world it seems, oblivious to facts, save for the facts he made up himself. Whats even worse, is that people are believing him, espically high ranking government offical types. I hope he loses his licence and gets his ass kicked in the law suit.

A quote:

"At Bible Camp we made a flow chart. Since God created man, and man created the Transformers, the Transformers are like a gift from God, Randal!" - Elias, Clerks II

So that must mean that GTA is like a gift from God.


Okay I'm done. :)

Finally good to see Jacky-boy getting what he so rightfully desreves for once.


If god made video games, and Satan uses them to pollute our mind or whatever the devil you call it, then doesn’t that mean god is making GTAIV? And if thats bad doesn’t that mean god is in the wrong. God isn’t wrong, god CANT be wrong, isn’t that what you bible junkies believe. You don’t “HATE’ god, do you? Thats it isn’t it, your not Christian. I bet you work long and hard to thwart gods efforts, your like a god hating American version of the Crimson King.

You are basing your entire argument off the idea that God created EVERYTHING. Hasn't man made video games (or ANYTHING for that matter). If God really creates GTAIV why do we need rockstar? Where is the contract where God gives exclusive rights to Rockstar to publish GTAIV and make money off it? Until you can show me that we must assume man made it.
---------------------------------------------------- Debates are like merry go rounds. Two people take their positions then they go through the same points over and over and over again. Then when it's over they have the same positions they started in.

"(Take Two’s law firm) Blank Rome… has, by this remarkable lawsuit, laid bare precisely what it is about - the silencing and destruction of Take-Two’s most abiding and most successful critic."

Wait a minute I thought Jack was trying to silence and destroy Take -two through excessive lawsuits, lies and half-truths.
---------------------------------------------------- Debates are like merry go rounds. Two people take their positions then they go through the same points over and over and over again. Then when it's over they have the same positions they started in.


His house doesn't have stairs, he lives in Florida.

Jack Thompson is a dick.

I wish he would get his head out of his little ass hole.

If you want more proof of the man's delusions, I would like to refer you to this thread:

RE: The new case that John Bruce wishes to use and abuse the tragedies of the family and community.

After the trivializing of the mental, verbal, physical, and nearly sexual abuse of Cody Posey so that he could push his "video games made him do it" agenda, it wouldn't surprise me that John Bruce would do everthing in his power not only to keep the general public from hearing about other influences in this new kid's life, but also a high probability of attempting (as noted in the publicized email as noted in a previous link) to influence investigators using false and misleading information. Merely so that he can use someone else and their tragedies to push his personal, religious, and/or political agendas.

Having heard so much else being described as "immoral" and "abominations" and "indecent" in various news stories, and then seeing acts such as John Bruce's use and abuse of other people and their tragedies just for his own twisted agendas, one has to truly wonder where human priorities really are.

NW2K Software

... After reading the update im mostly convinced the man is delusional

Woah Jackie my boy, you got to give us time to catch our breaths from your last comic bonanza. I mean damn, its just joke after joke with you man.

Now i know using 'Logic' or 'reason' is considered cheating in your old and outdated book but you gotta maybe think before you speak.

If god made video games, and Satan uses them to pollute our mind or whatever the devil you call it, then doesn't that mean god is making GTAIV? And if thats bad doesn't that mean god is in the wrong. God isn't wrong, god CANT be wrong, isn't that what you bible junkies believe. You don't "HATE' god, do you? Thats it isn't it, your not Christian. I bet you work long and hard to thwart gods efforts, your like a god hating American version of the Crimson King. You toy with our beliefs with nonsensical Claims like "God wrote the psalm" and the classic "I WILL do something affective this time." (this I'm sure you pray to your heathen god)

Well know what i have to say about your unchristian...ness and marry attempts to surprise sex the video game industry? YOU SIR A RACIST. I say this with about as much evidence as you have for a connection between video games and violent teens. Using your TOOLogic i have grounds that you hate the black man, the white man, the Asians, the Hispanics, and the eugoogulites. for shame.

Now, as with your religious nut epidemic, there are indeed cures for what ales you. Might i suggest some form of a tolerance seminar? A word with god maybe? you could explain to him why you are so dead set against video games so he could translate it to us when he makes the Bible 2.0 vista. i hear its got free spyware protection so lots of people will buy it.

Also, do you have stairs in your house?

Dont be so sure of this legal terror you've created. The ability to pass the bar is insignificant, next to the power of human stupidity.

He's "successful" as long as he takes credit for things he had nothing to do with.

I'm surprised he hasn't jumped all over that senseless shooting spree in Greenwich Village last week.

Oh wait that's right, the shooter wasn't white. Carry on.

Too bad I gave up saying his name or ranting about him for lent. :D

128 felonies? Yeah, something tells me GTA is the least of this kid's problems. This sounds very much like the kid who beat up that homeless guy that was described by his stepmother in Penny Arcade. Let's face it, some kids are just bad seeds, and this is clearly one of them if any of this is to be true. Some of this stretches credibility. For example, how was he able to severely beat a witness? Hard to tell from that picture, but he looks like a twerp. Unless the kid is 6'4" and weighed 200 lbs., the witness thn must've been a 98 pound weakling. Unless there's any more substantiative claims to back this up, I'd be inclined to think JT made this up out of whole cloth.

Hit the road Jack, and don't you come back no more no more no more no more! Hit the road Jack, and don't you come back no moooorree.

JT threatening to strike back?! Oh my god, where will we all run?!

And what is with the "most successful" remark? Successful? How? He hasn't won a single suit against against them! Just trying to blow some hot air in his already over-inflated ego once again. The only success he has is in using the name of the supposedly evil GTA to get his face in public thanks to a lot of people who don't like him and make a royal ass out himself in other ways as well.

I heard a interesting proverb that applies especially well in relation to Thompson.

"The road to hell is paved with good intentions"

He will continue his work until he is damned to hell for it.


Oh wait. This is real life.


I don't know. Andrew Riley didnt train on GTA Vice City very well. He didnt kill anyone or had see with a prostitute.

I saw this coming a long time ago when new management came in and pretty much said they aren't putting up with Jackos crap anymore.

That being said I own shares of Take Two and odds are I probably own more than Jacko. Jacko ain't speaking since Take Two doesn't have to let him. Though if he plans on showing up for the meeting I am tempted to go as well.

And yes shareholders (especially those at the meetings) care about profit not morality.

Surely this email claiming he is going to destroy Take Two is evidence that should be presented in court of his non stop harrassment. The guy needs some time in prison for his stalking ways.

For any of you paying attention to the Andrew Riley case, one of Thompson's press releases states that the Riley household contained no furniture, except for a large plasma TV. That sounds more like inadequate parenting than anything else. Sounds like the kid was just trying to make some money to get some furniture.

Yup, apparently they had almost no heating or furniture but did have a '54" Plasma TV to play GTA on'.

So, who bought the Plasma TV over furniture and heating, the 13 year old? I think not.

Who is Andrew Riley?

What should be happening is that Take Two can concentrate on making a child friendly version of GTA4 that features no violence lor adult content. You throw rotten eggs instead of using weapons etc, ask people for their car keys, not car jack them. This version plays on any console that has been locked by a concerned parent who wants to make sure their children don't play games or DVD's that are not appropriate for their kids ages. All consoles now have this feature.

This would cost games developers more money, but provide a very responsable form of entertainment and a even bigger market for games.

Games are not like films, there can be 10 different versions of a game on the same disk.

By working with educational specialists and the games industry "Jack" could help the games industry provide new revenue streams and entertainment for all ages.

Instead, he seems to have been shouting "I want to be famous, do as your told take two, or else" and not achieving anything.

I want to play the 18+, "let's car jack and shoot everyone version of GTA4" I would like my children to be able to play the "lets drive around throw rotten eggs and solve puzzles and be rewarded for being a good citizen version!" I'd play that version with them even on my own once I had finished the "adult" version just for the replay value alone. When they are 18 they can choose which version they want to play.

Should all entertainment be made only for children as adults can't be trusted to make sure children don't use use or view it? Because thats half the books, albums and films ever made straight in the bin! Is this what Jack wants? Is he asking me to burn books????

A logical case could be made using "Jacks" arguement of protecting children from adult content that the "Bible" is full of war, ethnic cleansing, murder, violence, infantcide, adultry, homosexual references, sexual references and gore etc. Should we ban anyone from under 18 being able to view it?

Take Two could stop their critics if they did some of the above. Console makes should provide "idiot proof" age related control on their consoles. If Jack really wants to help then that is what he should be concentrating on.


Andrew Riley is the 13 year old that is charged with 128 felonies. Just do a search for the name and 128 and it should turn up the news stories.
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