Thompson Reacts to Take Two Lawsuit

March 17, 2007 -
Confronted with a federal lawsuit filed by Grand Theft Auto publisher Take Two Interactive (see yesterday's GamePolitics scoop), controversial Miami attorney Jack Thompson told financial website yesterday:
This shows the extent to which I have become a problem for (Take Two). Or maybe they are trying to show that I won't be a hindrance in the sales of their upcoming products.

The upcoming products, of course, are Grand Theft Auto IV and Manhunt 2, both scheduled for release later this year. Thompson said more about the Take Two lawsuit in a writ he filed yesterday with the Florida Supreme Court in relation to his numerous ongoing disciplinary issues with the Florida Bar:
(Take Two's law firm) Blank Rome... has, by this remarkable lawsuit, laid bare precisely what it is about - the silencing and destruction of Take-Two’s most abiding and most successful critic.

UPDATE: Thompson e-mailed GamePolitics and other media late Saturday afternoon with a promise to "strike back" in the coming days:
I have been praying, literally, that Take-Two and its lawyers would do something so stupid... that such a misstep would enable me to destroy Take-Two...

The pit Take-Two has dug for itself will be patently clear next week when I strike back.



You can thank Retard Jack himself for this one. Thanks to him, we learn of this one Andrew Riley, a 13-year-old boy with over 120(!!!) criminal charges.

And Retard Jack hears stuff to get him to blame GTA: Vice City. And earlier on this thread, someone posted this link:

Which pretty much shows Retard Jack's true nature. The kind of nature GamePolitics has had to live without. Oh well...

Aw jeeze, you beat me to it, Gray17... ~_~

Wow. Charged with 128 crimes at 13? I don't think having him in juvie until he's 21 will be enough "rehab".

Jack found yet another Lionel Tate to leech onto.

@BlueWolf72: "No one is standing up against jack on a gamers perspective. T2 is only doing this for money reasons first and for most."

Yeah, I agree, but it's something. Furthermore, I don't think any of us have a case, anyhow. Nah, you got to look at the law more and find something other than lawsuit.

What a bloody self righteous idiot.

I made a video about this, you can view it here

Wouldn't some conflict of interest come up if you own stock in a company, and file a lawsuit against said company?

Man, first he loses the Bully case, then sends a cease-and-desist letter to Midway Games for because you create him in Mortal Kombat Armageddon, and now, he finally gets what he deserves: a lawsuit. You know, they say that sugar helps the medicine go down, but I don't think that it will help this poor excuse for a lawyer choke his own down.

Oh, and Jack, if you want to quote scripture, then two can play that game:
"Judge not, that ye be not judged."
Mat 7:1, King James Version, Holy Bible

Or, if you want to go for video game related scripture, then how about this?
"It's Official, YOU SUCK!"
Shao Kahn 3:16, Elder Gods Version, Holy MK Bible

I prefer the last one, quite frankly.

- Phil Harris

as much as i would enjoy seeing JT lose his license to practice law, watching him fail and unwittingly give hype to GTA4 and Manhunt 2 will be enough for me to sit back and enjoy a beer

Hm? Jackie saying that he will "destroy Take-two". How is this going to be any different from all the other times he said that he would destroy them. Nothing new here. Just our same old geriatric drama queen.

Coming to a courtroom somewhere in Florida sometime next week...

Legal Wars
The Idiot Strikes Back

Starring: John B. Thompson, Blank Rome, One Pissed Off Judge, and James Earl Jones as Narrator

What will Jack have under his sleeve? Half-truths? Blatant Lies? Surpise Witnesses; each more surprising than the last?

After taking in some of the words exchanged (primarily by Jack), it sounds like someone is about to get taken behind the woodshed.

Dear Jackass;

Your end is near. You'll probably blow yourself out with a 22 Derringer, when you finally realize your stupid charade is over and your house is REPO'd (I feel sorry for your family, not you.). Religion won't save you. Stop believing your own garbage for your own sake, and become a gamer. You won't, because you are a 3-year-old in a 58 year old's man body, going through your temper-tantrums.

Stop what you are doing Jack. Stop and run into your house, and send a formal letter of apology to all of the gamers and Take2 before they take your house, you idiot.

Sheesh. This guy's further proof why America needs to rely more on logic thinking rather than emotional thinking.

"I have been praying, literally, that Take-Two and its lawyers would do something so stupid… that such a misstep would enable me to destroy Take-Two…"

He's a super-villain!

No one is standing up against jack on a gamers perspective. T2 is only doing this for money reasons first and for most.

Id like to file a class action lawsuit against Jack for the gamers he has labeled so evil. RAWWWR who is with me

To: Jack Thompson
From: Everyone

Now I am sure as you look over the bible that you no doubt have in your hands, asking God to save you from the whupin' you are about to recive, I would like you to ask yourself where your legal career is to go. Now if you want to know and are looking to the bible for answers then I know just where you should look. In Revilations there is a passage that is just up your alley. When you have read it please do us all a favor and press your luck more. In fact, we would like you to go after EA sports. Their football games get mighty violent and if you think that TakeTwo had hardcore lawers you got to see the team they have over there.

"Dear Jackass,

People who really know how to “strike back” don’t talk about doing so beforehand, they just do it. "

It's likely an attempt to scare Take Two into backing down

You know...I didn't even care about Manhunt 2 or GTA4 but now I've got to get them just on principle. I'll play for a while then I'll trade them in.

"Take-Two’s most abiding and most successful critic."

Thus why Take-Two Interactive still exists today.

Oh, and for the record, almost all reports are placing the increase in violence on Gang membership and an increase in Drug trafficking, with it's inevitable confrontations.,,-6469336,00.html

U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has asked Congress to spend US$200 million next year to help cities and regions combat gangs, illicit drugs and gun offences.

And absolutely NOWHERE in any report I can find does it have the quote Jack mentioned. As far as I can tell, he made it up.

Maybe they want to get rid of Jack so he will stop advertising for them, here me out on this one, recent games released by said company far outsold what was expected to in preorders and what not hence the delay in releases. The company had to make more to meet the high demand and this meant over time for many employees, and thus severely over-working the employees. Yes of course it all makes sooo much sense now with Thompson out of the way they can all take a vacation without worrying about meeting a ridiculously high quota for the next upcoming games, those clever bastards...

/end sarcastic rant

If Jack Thompson had some kind of trump card up his sleeve that proved that computer games caused violence, he'd have played it ages ago. All he's really going on is a case of a multiple offender with what appears to be very dubious parenting, and an offhand comment by a Police officer made because the level of Violence in Metropolitan areas has apparently mushroomed. Allegedly the officer said 'It's like everyone started acting out a Video Game.'

Unfortunately, JT seems to have forgotten the meaning of the word 'Metaphor' or the fact that it's the prejudice that he spreads around that promotes comments like that from people, not the opposite.

Either Jack has a VERY large trump card up his sleeve, or he's trying to BS his way out of this. Either way, it should be an... interesting court battle. All we need is for T2 to have Phoenix Wright and all will be right in the universe.

I'm starting to wonder if Jack Thompson is actually Sacha Baron Cohen in disguise.

*cues the Theme of the Intergalactic Empire*

"Paul...*breathes* I am your father!"

The question is to Jack, lawsuits or not, Take-Two management shuffle or not, do you have a prayer in stopping Manhunt 2 and GTA? Will you have the same success you had stopping Bully?

Dear Jackass,

People who really know how to "strike back" don't talk about doing so beforehand, they just do it.

He's going to "strike back"?
Who does he think he is? Darth Vader?

Well... he is on the Dark Side of the Force, so it's plausible.

Darth Thompson, failed Lord of the Sith.

I can buy that.

NW2K Software

The funny part about the counter-offensive is that he claims a 13 year old boy dictated the fact that the house had no heating and furniture, but did have a 54" TV and a console.


Click on my name for the link in question. scroll down for the username jackthompson(at the moment, his are the bottom 4 posts, each one more than a screen of text).

Ph33r the madness of the Jack-LOLantern, for now it is the very BIBLE he is trying to throw at the game industry.

I truly worry for this man's sanity. Who does he think he is, trying to quote scripture against gamers? Some sort of.. well, god-king? (Sorry, had to have a tie-in to the two posters before me when writing this one)

incredible... He will loose and after that he will be remembered as the lawyer ( or should I say comedian?) that was destroyed by a games developer LOL



Still just as insane as ever.

This is madness!

Madness??? THIS IS SPARTA!!!

This is one hell of a hype-train for Manhunt 2 and GTA IV! The lawsuits are just a distraction.

the sad part of all this really is just how dilousional jack really is. his actions have led him to a point where he is now facing legal action from the florida bar and take 2, yet he cannot and will not admit he has been wrong at any point. rather then seating back looking at what he has done, admit to himself he was wrong and try to move on he will continue down this self destrucive path untill he has nothing. its always someone elses fault when he fails and if these two lawsuits go against him then its going to be very interesting to see who he blames and how high up he thinks this conspiracy goes against him

i pity this man, i really do

@silverstar Link please, this I gotta see.

Wait, that whole long string of BS about him praying to god and quoting pseudo-scripture, was legit? He bloody well posted to his own thread at Kotaku!

I honestly don't know which way this one will go. T2 has a lot of evidence going for it in its case, I think. On the other hand, is it enough to back up their claims? We need "The_Lawyer" in here!

I do think it would be funny to see T2 win this suit, and immediatly following have Jack's license revoked. A double whammy might actually make him see just how misguided and delusional he is.

Oh man, I want play by play commentary for this! This is going to be the fight of the century!

The thing about that is, that shareholders care about money. had they been reading the news about their stock(and it is almost gauranteed they will considering they are going to the meeting), they will know jack thompson is out to hurt take two. moral or not, the shareholders will hate jack thompson more than gamers do. he is attacking the company they own.

jack thompson walking into the stockholders meeting would be like him walking into a lanparty. he will be the most hated man there.

Actually, he didn't buy shares for that reason, he got them so he could attend shareholder meetings and hopefully harass Paul Eibler directly, or any of the boarm members.


Well what jack is aiming to do doesn't really need a high level of power. What he plans to do is go straight to the shareholders and cause trouble for take-two. Bascially, he will go the shareholder meeting and start spreading his usual half-truths, misinformation, and outright LIES to the other shareholders. Shareholders who have strong morals but are ignornat of the truth (like so many politicans), will believe Jack's lies and act upon them, either pulling out of the company or in the worse case banning together to try and make changes in the company. Shareholders that are care more about their profits however, will be harder for jack to reach... in order to ban games through them, he would have to convince them that games like GTA will end up hurting their profits... He'll need a miracle for that one seeing as GTA is one of take two's most popular games, and thus difficult to convince them it will hurt them.

So ya, that's bascially what Jack is trying to do... he himself will not make any changes, he will however try to convince the other shareholders to either pull out or ban togather and make changes for him. How much those shareholders will listen/believe/care about what Jack is saying is all really questionable since we don't know what kind of poeple get shares in the company, particurly the bigger shareholders

though y'know... i'd figure they'd have certain rules for those meetings. Like only the top shareholders get to speak first, and minor shareholders only get speak after the big guys are done... afterall, the bigger shareholders have the most at stake... Jack more then likely got the bare minimum of shares which should put him at the bottom of the list of speakers... though i'm not sure how shareholder meetings work

um...yeah...good luck with that jack.

Most successful?... Wait.. what else has Jack done in his life? No one heard of this guy until he pretty much shoved himself in the path of the cameras and started making very uneducated statements aout videogames, psychology, just about everyone on the internet.

He's successful at being unprofessional, annoying, stubborn, and self-righteous to a dangerous fault. I don't think it's smart, otherwise, to stake your claim to fame on being a pest to a very successful company.

"Said the desert to the grain of sand"

Successful? Successful?! Successful??!! I wouldn't call one pissed off judge, one overturned ruling, and one completely scrapped legislation successful. That sounds more like a complete and utter travesty. You've got to be kidding me.

As for the law-abiding part, since when does threatening judges and making false claim fall under law-abiding? Did I miss something important here?

When I go to the beach (or outside in general) I usually don't mind flys and ants very much. If they become too much of a nuisance though, I've got no choice but to squish the living daylights out of them.

@Joe Bourrie

well it is possible, but it is highly unlikely to happen. he would need to have a consideribly high position of power in order to cause any real trouble. due to who he is, i doubt it would be easy for him to climb the ladder, in that sense, in a time frame that would be needed to be effective enough to make any noticable changes in how they run their corperation. i will give jack one thing though, he is persistant and is relentless enough to attempt almost every option or method possible to get his way even after facing countless defeats. people like that are hard to come by. fortunatley.


He bought those shares a long time ago, and uses them so he can have some sort of say in how the company is run. "Taking it down from the inside" and all that BS.

But not nearly enough to make any difference at all.

jack thompson when you wil die i will spit on your grave
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