In Countersuit, Thompson Claims Take Two at Center of Vast RICO Conspiracy

March 22, 2007 -
Last week GamePolitics broke the news that troubled game publisher Take Two Interactive had filed suit against anti-game activist Jack Thompson in Federal District Court in Florida.

Late yesterday, Thompson sent out e-mails containing a copy of his response to Take Two's suit as well as a counter claim which, among other things, alleges the Grand Theft Auto publisher is at the center of a vast conspiracy to deprive Thompson of his civil rights.

Referring to Take Two in the court filing as "thuggish pornographers," Thompson charges that the company violated federal RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) statutes, commonly used to prosecute organized crime syndicates.

Among Thompson's claims:
Take-Two has, since July 2005, been at the center of an effort to violate Thompson’s civil and constitutional rights... In addition to... extortion (intimidation) of Thompson... Take-Two has committed other predicate RICO acts, including but not limited to fraud, distribution of obscene and/or sexual material harmful to minors...

Additionally... Take-Two, through its Blank Rome lawyers, sought in Alabama to tamper with a witness in a pending criminal case, according to that witness’ lawyer.

Neither the witness nor the lawyer are named in Thompson's filing. The Alabama reference would be to the Strickland vs. Sony case in which an 18-year-old GTA player killed two police officers and a police dispatcher. Thompson represents the families of the victims in a $600 million lawsuit against Take Two, Rockstar, Sony, Wal-Mart and GameStop. The judge in that case, however, revoked Thompson's pro hac vice (visiting) admission to the Alabama Bar in November, 2005.

Later in the 37-page filing, Thompson adds perjury and obstruction of justice to his allegations against Take Two. He claims that Take Two has "collaborated and conspired with third parties to commit these racketeering activities." As alleged by Thompson, these "third parties" include many influential video game websites and publications, including this one as well as Kotaku, Joystiq, GameSpot, IGN, Penny Arcade, EGM, Game Informer and Spong.

Thompson also claims that game industry groups including the ESA and ESRB are involved as well as consumer group the Entertainment Consumer Association (ECA). The ECA is the parent company of GamePolitics.

GameSpot has more. Read Thompson's filing here (37-page pdf).


you have got to be kidding me. JT's really lost it now, do you think we can have him commited to an insane asylum? it would be for not only our sake,but his also

I also read a rather amusing comment on Gamespot's coverage of it - JT in one paragraph condemns GTA for its preservation of bad racial stereotypes, and in another paragraph remarks on the "Scottish sociopaths sipping their single malt Glenlivet in between brainstorming software programming sessions." Something about insinuating that Scots sit around drinking whilst planning their next depraved act doesn't scream 'racially sensitive.'
(If there is a God, and if said chief deity has a really cruel sense of humor, he'll allow a Scottish judge to decide the case. Nothing would be funnier than watching JT explain his remarks regarding Scottish sociopaths to Judge McGregor.)

The writers for FLCL and BOBOBO-BO would look at this and say this makes no sense. (while doing a fooly cooly motion with their hands)

This is Jack's swan song. This will go straight to the Florida bar, and I can't conceive of him even working as a law clerk after this. No doubt we'll see him initiating court cases and talking to politicians for a long time to come, and in fact he can probably represent his cause pro se, but he won't be joining any more out of state cases.

He's already a failure in politics (due to the same paranoia and lack of tact), so he'll probably just join up with some other far-right conservative group that will keep him on as long as he doesn't talk to anyone but their own members.

Sic transit John Bruce Thompson Esq.

I'm gonna be honest. I cracked a smile when I was this. Jack really wants to burn out brightly doesn't he? He wants to go out with a bang.

from page 21 "With Take-Two spewing its pop culture sewage to the world’s children from a headquarters a mere walk away from where the World Trade Center Towers used to be, what is America’s rebuttal to the Islamic Fascist recruitment call? This counterclaim is the rebuttal, not just to these terrorists but to Take-Two."

Holly Crap, he just called take two's games Islamic Fascist recruitment call. what the hell?

jack is nothing more then a racist plain and simple along with being a bully he had time and time and time again to act like a adult here and he didnt want to or felt he had to so i say good riddance and let him burn.

and even though i've been out of the loop for a bit my opinion on this whole "anti game" crap is BullS*** its pointless and there is no reason for it when we have more serious issues to figure out then making sure Video games like manhunt 2 and gta arent in the hands of "children" in which maybe if some damn parents went and did there jobs as parents then we wouldnt have to deal with this crap. Given i dont have kids or a wife for that matter but it just seems commen sense to me But it seems now that parents have this idea that it is wrong to tell your children "no"

But im done ranting i know how bad i can get when i do so thats it

@Andrew -- "Denied."

I looked at the long string of "Denieds" as Jack just answering "Nuh uh!" or "I know you are but what am I am?" several times.

Hey, duff. I remember you from when GP was in livejournal...

To paraphrase a recent Penny Arcade comic for the sake of irony "His entire career was the joke, THIS is the punchline" I mean really we all know that the gamer community is pretty close, you attack a few of us and we're all gonna rise up to defend our brothers and sisters. No Mr. Thompson there is no conspiracy here just a group that cares for one another.

see and thats what he doesnt like because in jack's eyes if your a "gamer" then your evil and your not an adult and for some strange reason you dont have rights yet he's said before his son plays video games so he is pretty much a hippocrite (i think thats spelled right)

oh well just for jack i'll go home and play vice city stories

[...] Source: Gamepolitics [...]

Man, I couldn't even bare to read through that 37 page product of stupidity. Jack Thompson should've given up when he lost the Bully case. I mean, none of Jack Thompson's claims hold any truth to them.

And as for Jack Thompson saying that his on a "crusade" against video games: Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the Christians lose the last time they went on a crusade? Meh, either way, Jack Thompson reminds me of a lyric from Breaking Benjamin's "Had Enough":

You had to have it all,
Or have to had enough?
You greedy little *******,
You will get what you deserve!

Quote for Emphasis:
"Joe Bourrie Says:
March 22nd, 2007 at 1:36 pm
“The goal I set for myself was to destroy Rockstar Games and Take-Two”
- Jack Thompson

“Take-Two has, since July 2005, been at the center of an effort to violate Thompson’s civil and constitutional rights…”
- Jack Thompson"

Alright. So most everything has been said before. I read the filing, skipping over several sections that were repetitive (there was a lot of it). So, here's my thoughts and observations.

I noticed he linked his psychological study, claiming it to be a causal effect once more, not a correlationary relationship as was explained. I'm pretty sure that the APA clarified through Dennis that is was not claiming causation. However, we all know Thompson doesn't believe what he doesn't like, as shown by his attitude the next day.

He's openly racist, hypocritical, and alarmist. His use of speech when describing "sexual" content he doesn't like (ie. kissing = homesexual sex, anal sex, etc.) is intended to shock. He brings in pages of quotes of important people, all unrelated to this series of events, in order to build up his own appearance. He repeatedly brings up violent crime that he claims as linked to violence in video games, no matter the game, in an attempt to legitimize his case, and demonize the entire industry.

His claim that media, industry groups, and even webcomics are in a grand conspiracy against him, all at the behest of T2 and their agents, is laughable. I doubt any of the groups will sue him over it. If anything, I could see them being called in as witnesses to define their relationship with Thompson. Penny Arcade would have quite the tale to tell.

His description of the harassment he has suffered is interesting. However, his listing is highly focused. T2 can easily wave it off as not their doing, no matter what. But I would enjoy them pointing out how some of those "deliveries" were in fact flowers from the gaming community, asking for an open dialogue, which he lashed out at.

Then, we come to the final page. The very end. Whereupon we discover how he could have a chance at winning this. He's requested a jury trial.

A jury of uninformed individuals, who would possibly be open to all Thompson's half-truths, outright lies, and libelious statements. Unless T2 does a significantly better job at highlighting all the holes in Thompson's "proof" and "experts", his case could possibly be seen as reasonable. If Thompson gets a good lawyer, and manages not to cut in with one of his rants, his case gets even better.

I sincerely hope that it does not go to a jury trial. I would much prefer to see an informed judge, one who knows what is legal and what is not, cut through the arguments. One who will do background research upon being given evidence by either party, and notice the inconsistencies. And one who will have no issue with telling Thompson not to try such blatant falsehoods with him after he's researched the issue.


Thanks for that link. I must have missed that somehow, or more likely I just forgot about it.

You do have a point there. The descriptors that were already there should have covered it. That makes me wonder if the FTC wasn't playing the political game when they were forced into the middle of that mess.

Page 20 is rambling craziness. He fails to realize that they died to protect Take Two's rights to make the games as much as his rights to ramble like a crazy goat-man.

JT likes to think of himself as David fighting his own personal Goliath, but I think it's more appropriate to think of him as Ahab going after his white whale. Though as it is I'm not about to bet the farm on who the victor of this will be. I think both of the claims are a bit overreaching, though JT's is more so. His has a lot of opinions and emotional rhetoric (the stuff about 9/11 and Islamic fascists was especially bad, being highly emotional and being relevant only with the greatest of logical leaps) and if you cut through it all there's not much there. In fact to me it hurts his case quite a bit - it greatly dilutes whatever his message is, so he talks about a whole lot while failing to actually make much of a point.

This man is just beyond all comprehension. He must really want that Dominoes Pizza Delivery Job to deep six his law career this thoroughly.

Saddened? Welcome to politics/activism/apathy/life.

People wishing pain suffering and death on people of opposing beliefs in nothing new. I bet jack has wished even prayed for the death of someone who disagrees with him.

He is accusing all these websites because they cover all the stories he is involved in and "let" user's post negative and hateful remarks about him.

He also accuses them because he puts his home and work addresses and phone numbers in each of his posts and expects the websites to protect his private information.

He is not very bright when it comes to using the internet.

From Take Two's filing:

"17. Videogames also contain extensive visual, graphic, animated and computer-generated artwork, as well as original music scores and songs."

From Thompson's filing:

"17. Denied."

Well gee, hard to argue with that, huh?

Andrew Eisen

@ Dog_Welder

I had almost forgotten he had a psyciatric examination before. I will have to steal a favorite saying of my husband's for JT's latest piece of work. He's so sane, he's in sane.

After reading through all 37 pages, I have extreme sympathy for the poor judge who has to read it.

Biggest lie so far:
"Thompson never, as Take-Two has incorrectly alleged, proceeded against Take-Two's Bully nor threatened to similarly come against Grand Theft Auto IV and Manhunt 2 in an attempt to prevent either game's commercial release" (Page 5)

I imagine Tycho and Gabe are working on a response right now.

Them or Tim Buckley. Maybe they can draw what simple words can't get through Jack's skull (with any luck).

LMAO. Too goddamn funny. I'm writing a paper on the industry for history, and this bit is DEFINATELY going into it somehow.

All in all though, one has to consider. This may be a monumental moment in game history. Jack Thompson is about to topple his own career. I say we throw a party after he's disbarred. Anyone care to join me? XD

"This may be a monumental moment in game history. Jack Thompson is about to topple his own career. I say we throw a party after he’s disbarred. Anyone care to join me? XD "

Truly something where we can say "I was there", eh? I'll bring ice cream.

I sat down to write an email to the address listed in the countersuit as Jack's ( for those to lazy to look) and I just... can't. I can think of no arguement. He has proven again and again ad nauseum that reasoning with him is like trying to get a brickwall to agree with you on the principles of thermodynamics and their affect on global warning.

Sure, the brickwall might nod to humor you, but you're really getting nowhere.

What's the point of naming all these other people? Is he hoping someone will break and "assist" him in order to avoid being named in the suit? Is he hoping T2 will catch flak from these other organizations being named? What's the goal here? All a conspiracy theory suit does is make him look totally batshit fucking loco.

I give him 3 hours, because he will walk in with another one of those cardboard diagrams.

@InsidiousMrMoo you got off lucky my mind exploded and now im using a commodore 64 as a replace.....*memory bug*32 kbs left*ment while i pick up the pieces.


This is the Take-Two suit:

Did anyone else notice he misspelled his home state on the first page? You don't have to be college educated to know there's no 'Q' in Florida.

Maybe word's spell checker is in on the conspiracy too.

In the title of the damn document, no less....

Lmao man my first actual post in a long time and its a jack thompson story man just my luck! and i've noticed he went more insane then he already was i didnt think that could even be possible but i guess it is

Kind of funny and ironic that he wouldnt have all this stress if he just played some gta and learned to relax


I'm a little disappointed he didn't mention the ebay auction of detroying his autographed book for charity. I mean he even called and threated me when the auction was up - I wanna be part of the consipiracy!
::jumps up and down::

Wow that was a long read. I love his mad ramblings. He does make some interesting points between mad ramblings, but none will hold up in court.

Way to go. This should go into the legal hall of shame.

"Take-Two has, since July 2005, been at the center of an effort to violate Thompson’s civil and constitutional rights…"

But when he does it it's ok? I'm confused.

Who rigs every court ruling?
Who makes every violent game?
Take-Two! Take Two!

Who controls the Florida Bar?
Who makes Janet Reno a star?
Take-Two! Take Two!

Who leaves sex toys at my door?
Who's simply rotten to the core?
Take-Two! Take Two!

Who makes toilet paper with my name?
Who makes every violent game?
Take-Two! Take-Two!

We Do as sung by John Bruce Thompson

Correct me if I'm not remembering this correctly, but isn't Florida working on disbarring him?

@Black Manta

Totally agree with you and your farther.

This man has clearly lost his way, and is willing to sacrifice everything he has to win his "holy" crusade against the evils of the gaming industry and of the gaming community.

What really floors me is some of the people here (as I read back through wiki quote) tried to open up dialog with him and he shot them down with a hate filled email calling them "Drug users" or "Stupid" this in my opinion is uncalled for and just shows the blatant ignorance of this man.

I have played video games all my life and I have became a very successful man, I have a wife, an college degree, an awesome job, and a son on the way.. yet according to ole' JT I am nothing but scum who needs to do something with my life.

Hopefully this case will finally show the rest of the world just how crazy and deranged that JT is, because at the end of the day the only person who is filled with hatred is JT and not the so called evil gaming community.

Somehow, I doubt Jack Thompson will want a lot of males age between 18-35 on the jury. They are all potential conspirators after all.

"...Take-Two, through its Blank Rome lawyers, sought in Alabama to tamper with a witness in a pending criminal case, according to that witness' lawyer."

That's funny, because Jack Thompson sought in New Mexico to tamper with defendant Codey Posey in a criminal case. Thompson promised to get Posey a lesser sentence if he blamed videogames. Posey refused, claiming all responsibility for what he had done.

I see "Admitted" in Thompson's countersuit, citing numbers from the original suit. Does he actually admit to some of his own craziness?

This guy is really that set on destroying the industry, isn't he? One day we're going to see him placing hits and going all-out Watergate on himself.

Guys, I apologize for that faulty link double-post. They got automatically generated. I'm not trying to spam or anything, honest.

I made a post about Jack's hilarious 37 page rant, and originally I was just going to write a few paragraphs. Then suddenly it became a line-by-line rebuttal, and I know nobody wants to hear my boring nerd ass prattle on for a novel's length, so I stopped myself.

However... one thing I did notice was Jack's use of wording and phrases. Employing "murder simulator" "homosexual sex" and "harmful to minors" is clearly a sneaky way of trying to evoke a certain response from the reader. Maybe that kind of rhetoric is a common lawyer's common trick, I don't know.

I've managed to make it to the half way point of that rant. I can not in good conscious call it a legal document, as the amount of inane material presented detracts from the issue at hand. The further I delve into it, the more it appears to be conceived by someone who has realized that the ship is no longer sinking, but already at the bottom of the ocean.

Terms like “the technologically adroit and morally
challenged cultural Neanderthals in the Edinburgh, Scotland,” stand out as childish and extremely unprofessional in my mind. I’m wondering if this is nothing more then a ploy though. Is Thompson merely playing the part of someone who is two cards short of a full deck in order to have some wiggle room for when the courts come down on him?

I was beginning to think that this guy is just one big internet hoax.
But I mailed him (politely) and got a typical JT answer (rude).

At least he respond to all his mails...

So I finally finished reading the full 37 pages. Wow. That's all I can really say. That was 37 pages of straight up, pure, concentrated crazy. I liked how GP was the first website at the end named in the "conspiracy", as well as the attempt to tie-in 9/11 and the Bush administration.

I think he's finally gone so far over the edge that I might actually be starting to pity him.
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