In Countersuit, Thompson Claims Take Two at Center of Vast RICO Conspiracy

March 22, 2007 -
Last week GamePolitics broke the news that troubled game publisher Take Two Interactive had filed suit against anti-game activist Jack Thompson in Federal District Court in Florida.

Late yesterday, Thompson sent out e-mails containing a copy of his response to Take Two's suit as well as a counter claim which, among other things, alleges the Grand Theft Auto publisher is at the center of a vast conspiracy to deprive Thompson of his civil rights.

Referring to Take Two in the court filing as "thuggish pornographers," Thompson charges that the company violated federal RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) statutes, commonly used to prosecute organized crime syndicates.

Among Thompson's claims:
Take-Two has, since July 2005, been at the center of an effort to violate Thompson’s civil and constitutional rights... In addition to... extortion (intimidation) of Thompson... Take-Two has committed other predicate RICO acts, including but not limited to fraud, distribution of obscene and/or sexual material harmful to minors...

Additionally... Take-Two, through its Blank Rome lawyers, sought in Alabama to tamper with a witness in a pending criminal case, according to that witness’ lawyer.

Neither the witness nor the lawyer are named in Thompson's filing. The Alabama reference would be to the Strickland vs. Sony case in which an 18-year-old GTA player killed two police officers and a police dispatcher. Thompson represents the families of the victims in a $600 million lawsuit against Take Two, Rockstar, Sony, Wal-Mart and GameStop. The judge in that case, however, revoked Thompson's pro hac vice (visiting) admission to the Alabama Bar in November, 2005.

Later in the 37-page filing, Thompson adds perjury and obstruction of justice to his allegations against Take Two. He claims that Take Two has "collaborated and conspired with third parties to commit these racketeering activities." As alleged by Thompson, these "third parties" include many influential video game websites and publications, including this one as well as Kotaku, Joystiq, GameSpot, IGN, Penny Arcade, EGM, Game Informer and Spong.

Thompson also claims that game industry groups including the ESA and ESRB are involved as well as consumer group the Entertainment Consumer Association (ECA). The ECA is the parent company of GamePolitics.

GameSpot has more. Read Thompson's filing here (37-page pdf).


Just got this interesting little exchange with Thompson;

Majestic_12_x wrote:

See anything else you want to add to your lawsuit? Don't forget that the Knights Templar and the Freemasons are really the ones behind everything. You might want to consider penciling them in as co-defendants along with Take-Two.

Jack Thompson wrote:

So, what illegal drugs are you taking this morning?

Majestic_12_x wrote:

Cocoa Puffs, I'm out of the wheaties that come with dried strawberries. What kind of hurtful stereotypes are you promoting this morning? (ie: gamers are druggies, scottish people drinking single malt whiskey, etc.)

Beautiful thing insanity is, really. because the only way to keep the illusion real is to make bigger and bigger lies.

Can anyone tell me where the gay sex in Bully was?

All I remember was seeing Jimmy kissing a boy... I don't remember any sex.

It is so funny watching him spit out the same garbage every suit he files.

It's going to be interesting to see how he proves his case here.

JT: Dennis of, are you part of a vast global conspiracy to destroy me?
Dennis: No.
JT: B-b-but! GTA!

The 9/11 conspiracy theorists look like perfectly sane and rational people compared to this.

"What’s next, Thompson for President? Will he be the crazy ultra-religious one from Escape from L.A.?"

He IS a crazy ultra-religious nut as it is.

But really, I can see why he feels there's a big conspiracy against him. Everyone hates him and wants him put in a place where he can't harm society again.

But that's not really a secret conspiracy, seeing as people OPENLY want him removed thanks to all the bullsh#t lies, harassment, threats and stereotypist attacks he's let out against everyone not exactly like him ever since he started his pathetic career.

After I read about this on Gamespot yesterday, I can't help but wonder if this is what he's really wanted all along. That at some point, he was just waiting for someone, anyone, to take a shot at him, and he's had this lying under his bed for the last several years in case someone did. It didn't have to be Take 2, it could have just as easily been Id Software, Actvision, Warner Records (who had Ice-T on their label), Howard Stern or any number of companies he's accused of wrongdoing in the past. And if anyone did, he'd just whip this out, simply inserting the name of the offending parties where applicable.

To name good people in this suit like GamePolitics, the ECA and Penny Arcade is just... Reprehensible doesn't come close! It just shows the total depth of hatred this man has. To see it is just mind-boggling. Seriously, how can one man be so full of hate? Where does it all come from? To hear him, you'd think us gamers and the game developers, publishers and advocacy groups are the most evil people in the world. What have we ever done to deserve this?

I once talked to my father, who also lives in FL BTW and is a religous man himself, about him. And he said that this is someone who's clearly lost his way, and that he's going to pay for it sooner or later whether he realizes it or not. We both agreed that he is going to lose his entire family over this, and that he will realize too late that he threw it all away over this ultimately worthless "crusade." Then again, he may never.

A couple weeks ago I saw a documentary on Jim Jones with his son being one of the people he interviewed. Basically, his son said that he was repulsed and embarassed by his behavior and felt no sadness or sympathy for him when he died. That feeling was saved instead for the hundreds of people he had lied to and manipulated. I have to wonder if Thompson's own son harbors similar feelings? At least Thompson won't have as many people around him to drink the Kool Aid as he pursues his own self-destructive path.

Here is a fun game if you don't want to read the whole thing - stop where he makes his first factual error. I didn't have to leave the first page because the 14th amendment, as well as other parts, clearly identifies people as citizens of the states in which they reside.

This is fantastic...among other things, he's comparing his crusade against video games to the civil rights movement, stating that the cause of September 11 was video games and comparing his"whistle-blowing" to that of the tobacco industry. His delusions of grandeur know no boundary.

I'd just like to add that my Wife is Scottish, and was not in the least bit amused by Mr. Thompsons racism.

I can imagine JT running down the street, stopping anyone who looks at him funny and saying, "I'LL SUE YOU!!! YOU'RE ONE OF THEM, AREN'T YOU!!! YOU'RE PART OF THE VAST VIDEO GAME MAFIA CONSPIRACY!!!"


Oh dear God, the insane cat is finally out of the bag.....

You know what your problem is Jack? You think the First Amendment applies ONLY to you. You feel you have a right to 'annoy people' and that's a recorded statement, but fail to understand that people can do things to wind you up without any backing at all.

Do you honestly imagine an organised crime group sending you 'The Book of Mormon' or tubes of lubricant on your door, are you so delusional that you think that is how organised crime works? You've been watching too much of the Godfather, methinks, what next, your cats head in the bed next to you??

No Jack, what you have there is 37 pages of hyperbole, assumption and downright lies, no evidence and a career heading straight down the pan.

You are the weakest link. Goodbye.

Oooo, total shutdown. Aw well. The case will be fun, assuming he doesn't bow out ASAP.

If/when Jack Thompson loses on this I fear I will be able to hear the outburst in Canada.

HE DIDN'T MENTION GP IN THE LAWSUIT?????? Dennis, you must feel deeply hurt!!!

You should sue him! :P

@ Esutaman

You forgot gays and Pixilanties. :) Your comment made me crack up.

This makes me recall a certain Rockwell song...
"I always feel like somebody's watching me
Who's playing tricks on me
I always feel like somebody's watching me
Tell me it can't be"

If accusing every video game organization under of sun of plotting against him doesn't work, he can always claim his wife is going in for an operation again.

Seeing the large amount of parties involved in this consipracy (Penny Arcade again?), it would seem that the lines are being drawn for the FINAL confrontation against JT.

As a member of the ECA, I would gladly donate $$ specifiaclly for some kind of legal fund to use this case to shut this zealot down for good.


This one is even more obivious.
"Thompson refers to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City as a "violence and sex simulation game" that perpetuates racial stereotypes, asking, "What else would one expect of Scottish sociopaths sipping their single malt Glenlivet in between brainstorming software programming sessions?"

Irony much?

... words escape me!

Though I must say, the fallout from this little misadventure of his should be... most interesting.

I think it's pretty clear that for YEARS not only Penny Arcade, but Sony, Wal-Mart, Rockstar, Take Two, EA, the IGDA, George Bush, single-malt-whiskey-drinking kilt-wearing Scots, NASA, Ronald Reagan's Ghost and the Jews have been conspiring against Jack Thompson to stomp out his brave quest for the greater morality. Either that, or the man is a walking punchline, but you know... either way...

Well, Mr Thompson just made sure that all credibility he had left with the judge fighting Take Two has gone out the window.

Makes a quite easy case for Take Two to win.

So by reading sites like this one and GameSpot, we're playing into T2's conspiracy?

You wish, Thompson.

#Just because you're paranoid
#Don't mean they're not after you...

JT, your career is really on the line with this one and you fill your case with lies and paranoid delusions. One thing is true though, we are bored of you and your agenda and we want you to fail and be barred. Please oblige us and continue on in the same vein. Thankyou.

It amazes me that one can put such outright lies in a countersuit without ramifications.

I could only make it as far as page 10. There's only so much crazy I can take before noon. Maybe after lunch I'll be able to stomach a bit more.

Just for my own clarification, the FTC did not find any "fraud and deception" on Take-Two's part correct? That's the way I remember it going, though I could be mistaken.

If Thompson knew shame, I would tell him to be ashamed of himself for wasting government resources for his own personal paranoia and thirst for conquest.

What's next, Thompson for President? Will he be the crazy ultra-religious one from Escape from L.A.?

Is anyone else reminded of the FBI file of Hubbard?

I always thought that he was partly joking, or at the least exaggerating his claims when he was talking about a vast conspiracy of the video game industry. But, seeing this is astonishing at the very least.

This paranoia conspiracy theory shit is one of the reasons he is in trouble with the bar.

Does a Judge have the power to terminate or suspend Jack's license to practice law? Incase the decides as well that this guy is bat local.

It seems our rivaly with Thompson is hitting a peak point......I think it's possable this man knows hes loosing and he's not going down without a fight.

I know some people predicted the other day that Thompson would file a counter suit......but this ime he's throwing in the whole card deck.

His time is coming to an end....and I think he might know it...and this is his way of throwing a tantrum.

That or this man is really senile to flat out lie on a mass scale like ths.

@ Rolic Rillic

Not only that, it gave Take-Two's suit against him even more merit and gave everyone else more ammunition to use against him.

I compared Take-Two's suit against Thompson to the WWE's suit against the PTC years ago, and this countersuit just adds to the similiarity(the PTC countersued WWE, claiming the First Amendment, and the judge tossed out the PTC's countersuit).

*sigh* Jacky my boy you've outdone yourself this time 37 pages.... *shakes head* I'm dreading having to wade my way through it.

Ladies and gentlemen of Gamepolitics, I present to you JT's lawyer's closing argument at the trial:

"Ladies and gentlemen of the supposed jury, Chewbaka. Chewbaka is a Wookie from the planet Enduron. But Chewbaka lives with a bunch of Ewoks on the planet Endor. Why would an 8' tall Wookie live with a bunch of Ewoks on a different planet? Does that make sense?

That does not make sense. Ladies and gentlemen of the supposed jury, does it make sense that Chewbaka would live on Endor?

It does not make sense!

This case does not make sense!

How can my client be guilty if Chewbaka is livin on Endor with a bunch of Eewoks? It does not make sense! If Chewbaka lives on Endor you must acquit! Thank you."

- if you're not a South Park fan, please ignore my senseless drivel.

On the plus side, by placing all these paranoid delusions into one big countersuit, maybe when it gets shot down any bit of his supposed credibility left will go with it.

He says people shot at his home, can anyone prove this/find a place where he mentioned this before? I'm inclined to think he's just making stuff up now as propaganda.

@#$%er. His email adress is "amendment one". Anyone remember the crazy names he came up with back when this was all livejournal?

Hahahahahaha.... Take Two has "conspired" with GamePolitics?

Hahaha... ha.

This man needs help

@ BearDogg-X

Don't throw that key away, break it off in the lock.

Odd, quote of another user disappeared...


Nice, but for pure hypocracy:
"You know, there are sociopaths everywhere. Some of them are in government, some of them are at TakeTwo. In fact, we got a bunch of sociopaths in Edinburgh, Scotland, sittin' around in kilts sippin' their single malt whiskey spreading racial, hurtful stereotypes in this country."
(from his Wikiquote article)

He has said such crazy things before. Saying that "sociopaths in Scotland" are spreading STEREOTYPES is simply hilarious in it's hypocracy.....

@ BearDogg-X

"Paranoia would be an understatement. Thompson needs to locked into the mental health place and the key thrown away."

No thanks. We don't want him either.

@Jojo Stix -- I don't think the insanity plea will work in Thompson's case. Remember, there was a case where he was forced by the Supreme Court of Florida (SCOFLA) to have a psyciatric examination, which he passed. JT has repeatedly claimed he's "the only certified sane lawyer in Florida," though I suspect that's written in crayon.

I personally find it truly ironic that Take 2 would be considered in conspiracy with the site that broke the story about Hot Coffee.

Actually I pity him. It's past obvious that he's a very ill individual and no one in his family seems strong enough to step up and make him get help. Its' a wasted effort to hate someone who probably has paranoid delusional schizophrenia.

How long till Gabe and Tycho do the right thing and file a countersuit of their own for Malicious presecution.

Off subject but does JT remind anyone else of the farting preacher?

I forgot to ask, did he mention columbine, pudacah and being on sixty minutes?

Racketeering? Like the mob does?

Jacky, step away from Vice City (or whichever one had the mob, eh...).

@ InsidiousMrMoo

I played the whole game and didn't find none. Just Thompson lying to justify his actions. No surprise there.

I think Jack might have a point after all, he is a living proof that videogames make you insane. ;)

first off yes this guy is taking it a bit to far

and being a gamer myself makes me want to kill him for his insanity. all he is doing is just trying to make money by blaming a series of games that have animated violence. he cannot prove the case for him and if he does i pray to everyones god that he f****** burns in h311

"Where would one find the ‘DISTRICT OF FLORIDQA’ anyways?"

im guessing yahoo search
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