Newspaper Report: Mexican State Govt. Will Seize All Copies of GRAW2

According to Juarez newspaper El Diario (link is to imperfect Google translation), the governor of the Mexican state of Chihuahua has ordered the seizure of all copies of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2.

Gov. Jose Reyes Baeza Terraces apparently took the action following recent criticism of GRAW2 by Juarez Mayor Héctor Murguía Lardizábal, who called the game, which deals with battles between an elite U.S. force an Mexican rebels,  “a crime against the intellectual capacity of Juarez residents.” The Juarez mayor offered this blanket condemnation:

Violent video games instill values which are upside down, and these actions are despicable because they attempt to divide the good will of the residents of American and Mexican cities.

Protection of the border between the United States and Mexico is, of course, an extremely hot political topic these days.

UPDATE 3/27/07: More in the El Paso Times, including word that Gov. Terraces reached out to Texas Congressman Silvestre Reyes (D) for help with the GRAW2 issue. No word on how Reyes reacted to the Mexican request for assistance.

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