GTA4 Trailer Outrages NYC Pols - Honeymoon Over for New Take Two Owners

March 31, 2007 -
That didn't take long.

Take Two Interactive's new management team, which seized control of the company via stockholder revolt late Thursday afternoon, is facing its first public relations crisis. Not surprisingly, the uproar is related to the controversial Grand Theft Auto series.

Just hours after new chairman Strauss Zelnick and his team wrestled control of Take Two from embattled former CEO Paul Eibeler, the company released the first video trailer for GTA IV, scheduled to hit retail on October 16th. The picture at left is a screen shot from the trailer.

While game websites analyzed the trailer frame-by-frame in an obsessive hunt for clues to GTA4's game play, officials in New York City began doing a slow burn over the Big Apple's obvious inclusion as Liberty City, the setting for the crime-oriented game.

As reported by the NY Daily News:
The latest version of an ultraviolent video game will unleash its murderous mayhem on the streets of New York. And outraged political leaders say the rampant brutality of the game, Grand Theft Auto IV, has little in common with reality.

 ...(GTA4) is set in a mythical city that bears a striking resemblance to New York... the trailer shows well-known landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge and the Cyclone in Coney Island...

Said City Councilman Peter Vallone, who chairs the Council's Public Safety Committee: 
Setting Grand Theft Auto in the safest big city in America would be like setting Halo in Disneyland.

A spokesman for NYC Mayor  Michael Bloomberg added:
The mayor does not support any video game where you earn points for injuring or killing police officers.

Take Two, of course, had no comment. So even though management has changed, the company's unfortunate duck-and-cover P.R. strategy apparently remains.


Re: GTA4 Trailer Outrages NYC Pols - Honeymoon Over for New ...

All RockStar have to do is create one paragraph in the manual saying 'This online game is set in an alternate universe where public transport is still at 1970-80's stages, but medical knowledge can completely re-assemble a human being from just a few cells. It is impossible for anyone to die, why do you think you wake up in a hospital after being hit by a rocket launcher?

Re: GTA4 Trailer Outrages NYC Pols - Honeymoon Over for New

Brilliant - I'm a brit and I've been playing GTA4 for a while now. I'd LOVE for a future GTA to be set in London or Manchester. 

Some of the Halo/Disney references are awesome.

Its mental that these politicians are so concerned about a fictional game and don't seem to care about real life issues. I bet they play GTA4 when they're supposed to be working on climate change legislation "From Home"


Gah! 'Ghost', not 'Dhost'...

(*still wishes foer edit and delete buttons*)

"And outraged political leaders say the rampant brutality of the game, Grand Theft Auto IV, has little in common with reality."
Now they'll have to cancel the accompanying documentary.
How many movies have depicted New York unrealistically, it's fiction, get over it.


First, Las Vegas politico decries Rainbow Six Vegas, then Juarez politico decries Dhost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2, and now this.

At least they understand it's nowhere near reality, but they continue to take this the wrong way. Berg, as you said, IT'S A GAME. Get over it.

Just wondering, but did New York kick off when aliens destroyed it in Independance Day, or a new ice age wiped it out in Day After Tomorrow, or when a giant lizard crushed it in Godzilla, or when good ol' John McClane fought off them bad guys in Die Hard 3?

I guess it's just another case of video games are still not taken seriously by a lot of people, and this is something each game company should start working on. I mean, the industry's worth billions, surely some positive PR should be in order?

On a side note, did they kick off when Driver Parallel Lines was released, or is it just a case once again of only attacking the most popular titles!

Just read the article, and saw this:

"In previous incarnations, players advanced through the game by killing cops, selling pornography to children and killing prostitutes. Details of the latest version have not been released."

Sorry, but in which mission do you "sell pornography to children" - surely this is liable of the highest order and T2 should do something about it... Oh and of course, you don't 'advance' by killing cops and prostitutes.

Geez, where have these guys been.

1. Gta 3,

2. True crime: streets of new york

3. Fahrenhiet/Indigo prophecy

And tons more.

Where was the outrage when these games depicted new york, in many cases showing it negitivly.

These besides, last time I checked, since they aren't useing any offical names or copy righted material, it's all clear.

So, NYC politicos, STFU and GBTW.

"Safest big city in the country" Who are you kidding?

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i think GTA just wants to make some sucess by adding the world's greatest city in their latest game, but the point about how GTA does not resemble the city's crime level accurately, your wrong, because in san andreas's Los Santos, or Los Angeles does have alot of crime and
gang type activity going on, trust me i've been living in Los Angeles
for 2 years.

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I personally have been playing GTA for several months now, (Both IV, SA and LCS) and I really don't see what they are making such a fuss about. It's all about making 'the public feel safe' and having more votes next campaign. Maybe Mr. Big-head Mayor should play the game himself. Also, people should remember - ITS JUST A GAME!!!!!! - Games aren't dangerous - it's the people who think that games are reality are! And anyways, responsible parents would not let their children play games that they consider inappropriate, right?

And by the Way, i liked the Idea of a Disneyland mod for Halo - could someone make that?

GTA4 is gonna rock. Hands down. I live in New York and I'm proud of it. :D

[...] Have you heard about the controversy surrounding GTAIV yet? Here’s a good article from In a nutshell, the mayor and other city officials have their panties in a bunch because this crime-oriented game is set in Liberty City. [...]

lol did anyone c that big billboard that sed get a life lol

Condemnant quod non intellegunt!

Well, that's just common sense. It's not like there's ever been a crime-ridden city based on New York depicted in film, television, literature, comic books, or radio drama.

Peter Vallone needs to focus on more important things. Like catching the Joker.


I would hardly call Bloomberg conservative bully, or blame him for the GTA4 backlash.
Brokenscope said it best, video games are politician's cultural whipping boy. Both parties are guilty of pet anti-game projects for winning quick campaign fodder.
The Political Spectrum is more like a circle, people too far left or too far right are the same type of person- those beyond the hope of making compromises or questioning there own beliefs.

I gotta agree with Brokenscope. I hate to hear people act that their political party is so superior. I don't like any politician. Too many of them lean too far to one side of the spectrum. And all they really care about is votes. Wasn't there a quote from a senator or representative about a 'Game Law' that said essentially, "This is a bad law, but I'm gonna vote for it, because It'll be brought up in my future campaigns if I don't"?

There is no one answer that fixes everything. A guy once told me that I couldnt support Englands actions in WWII and Martin Luthur King Jr (btw I'm white) because they didn't agree with each other or some BS along those lines. This statement dumbfounded me. If you play a any video game, watch any movie, read virtually any book, ask military generals, or even look at history you will learn that different promblems require different solutions. If a guy pisses you off, you walk away rather than punch him. But if that guy is raping a girl it'd be better to punch him, and then call the police.

Anyone else think it's ironic that we teach children history so "they won't repeat the same mistakes of the past", but virtually all politicians/leaders do just that?

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Oh yes, this is all the fault of the dirty conservatives.


Take off your blinders you some of you so conveniently throw up every time a "conservative" does some thing fucking stupid remember that a "liberal" just as far on the other side of the spectrum would do the samething or something just as stupid.

Neither party is a really the industries friend. both parties only give a fuck about votes. Get that through your skull. If there is a cultural whipping boy the only question is which party is hitting it harder.

God sometime you people piss me off.

These Conservies are just bullies, oy. If they were really smart, then they would just ignore it so that it would get more controversey, oy. But DA-ME!(no in Nihongo) They do it just like bullies to make themselves feel superior and look good in front of potential voters. But, hey oy. It's YOUR opinion. We really need to peacefully explain everything to these politicians and just give them torrents of emails on their main site, oy. VIVA la REVOLUTION!!!!

If you don't support GTA IV, why are you issuing press-releases about it? He CLEARLY supports game that allow you to kill police officers. He is exploiting his station to get these games free publicity, thus allowing the trend to continue so that he'll have something to place.


My name says it all...they are so wrong, as many have said, there is a long list of voilent movies taking place in New York City. AND other video games! Its just such a popular game with so many people judging it that it looks good on their part to speak out against it! If True Crime were as popular this would be happening to it! And I recall that in Just Cause you blow up a freakin nuclear bomb and kill the president! But its set in a different country and it's not as popular so it is in peace...

Hey, UnBiased is kind of like Conservapedia.


"I'M NOT BIASED, GAMEPOLITICS IS EVIL!" Or whatever. I dunno what word would be good besides "evil."

How is it possible that they JUST REALISED liberty city looks like New York? I think they just want some profit from the game like they said earlier..
"Grand Theft Auto IV, has little in common with reality."
err.. isnt that true for all games?
And halo would rock if set in disneyland :P

Wow. The fact that government officials are freaking out about this is shocking, if it wasn't for the fact that lots of government types are freaking out about a lot of stuff lately. I wonder how these government types feel about movies taking place in their cities? Its not like San Fransisco's mayor freaked out over The Rock.

Hmm... I'm reminded of Parasite Eve. I don't remember any major contraversy about the Statue of Liberty getting destroyed... ah, the good 'ol days.

I just want to say this:

Cortana: "...Chief, why did the mouse have to die?"
M.C.: "Sorry. My sniper scope needs cleaning. Thought he was a grunt."

well at least we k now it isnt jacky boy


You say we wish Take-Two would vanish?....

There's only one person who really does wish that, and he's not allowed to come here.

I wonder who this UnBiased guy really is?...

Ironically 9 guests have been killed in Disneyland since the park opened.
Probably higher than most amusement parks.

n.n() Oh man. Maybe they don't realize this simple fact: The more of a fuss they make over the game...the more appealing the game becomes.

"What is that you say? This game is pissing off politicians in New York? Awesome it must be one hell of a game if they are so fired up about it."

"The mayor does not support any video game where you earn points for injuring or killing police officers."
Well good. You don't earn "points" for killing cops, you earn wanted status and the cop's weapons. :3

I heard that in GTA IV you will be able to get points for crashing planes into tall buildings, is this true?

Thats good, I'm a police officer and I play GTA series specialy San andreas. And sometimes i kill COps in the games. Nothing wrong Mayor, Video Games > Drugs. Do you want kids dont play GTA and smoke drugs ?? STFU Mayor.

Okay anon. Who told you that? Rockstar is just begging to have politicians on both sides of the atlantic destroy the industry. They keep getting closer and if what you said then, anon, has been published it's a good indication of things to come.

STFU NY mayor, I let them set the San Andreas on Los Angeles so you should let them too. MOFO . Ill report you to Government

[...] via Gadgetell. Sourced from Game Politics. [...]

it's obvious who was involved here.

"ultraviolent" "The mayor does not support any video game where you !!!!!!!!!!earn points for injuring or killing police officers!!!!!!!."

Jack thompson please step up.

New York is actually the safest big city in the country. Crime rates are down across the board, and we're seeing 'dangerous' neighborhoods getting gradually safer.

People should dig a little deeper before saying things, especially since NYC is safer than all of the major cities in overall crimes. Check it out maybe...

"Setting Grand Theft Auto in the safest big city in America would be like setting Halo in Disneyland."

Seriously? Because if New York equals Disneyland, I'm guessing Detroit equals Cedar Point? And I'll tell you something, I don't think I'd want to walk into downtown Detroit and pay someone to "ride the roller coaster".

What I'm getting at is: this is a ridiculous comparison. Don't politicians have more to worry about (like poverty in New York, crime rate, etc) instead of video games ABOUT New York? Sheesh.

Someone needs to get working on a Disneyland map for Halo CE. NOW. I would, except I know nothing about making HCE maps.

i agree with rich and shoehorn! on both there points! and my note people are always blaming games for brutal violence! someone gets killed! where did they get that from? that game! what a load a shite! any kids who play this game and the perents go mad for the violence and brutality of the game want locking up! for one theres a age rating on the game 18 where i'm from and if you allow little johnny to play this underage then it's you at fault! anyone playing this game underage needs it taking away from them you would let them watch a 18 porn movie would you?( or would you?) well this is the same thing it's not ment for their age! get a grip perents and mayor this is a big kids toy and were not asking for much.

hmmm... Halo + Disney Land. Interesting, something definatly worth looking at.

looks like the parent groups strike(get to the politicians) again!...why cant tragedies like plane crashes accidentally hit these groups when they are in conference planing to build their anti-free speech death star?

*sigh*I think the terrorists have already won....

Hey if a lightbright could be a bomb because of what happened on 9-11, how does New York say its the safest city?

I think if Bostan has the right to say that pranks are not allowed because of 9-11 i think that New york is also not allowed to say its the safest city.
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