Will Thompson, IGDA’s Della Rocca Debate?

He called Jack Thompson a massacre chaser. Thompson called him a jackass. Both epithets were hurled on national T.V. over the last few days.

Now, International Game Developer’s Association (IGDA) executive director Jason Della Rocca (left) is considering a debate challenge issued by the game-hatin’ Miami attorney.

Thompson is fond of issuing such challenges, having thrown down the gauntlet with former ESA boss Doug Lowenstein (who ignored him) and GP favorite Tom Buscaglia aka “The Game Attorney” (Thompson backed out).

Della Rocca talks about the proposed debate on his Reality Panic blog. It’s not clear if it will actually take place, but we’d pay to see it. Actually, that may be what Thompson is hoping for, since, in an e-mail shared with GamePolitics, he suggested to Della Rocca:

You agree [to the debate] and then we get an agent to book it or them.  Nice of you to characterize me as worse than an ambulance chaser.  I was trying to stop these ambulances from being dispatched over the last eight years.  You can apologize at our first debate.  Do  you agree or not?

Thompson has a college debate tour set up already with Bob Guccione, Jr. (huh?) as his designated opponent. Bookings, to the best of GP’s knowledge, have been scant.

UPDATE: Yup, it’s a money thing, as confirmed by Jason Della Rocca in his latest blog entry, where he shares e-mails from Thompson on the subject. Thompson apparently would like to make this part of his underperforming college debate tour. He tells Della Rocca the pair would each net about $3,000.

It emerges in the e-mails that Della Rocca is not comfortable making money from the topic. Instead, he offers to arrange for the debate at Montreal’s Dawson College, site of last September’s Kimveer Gill shooting rampage. Thompson, however, declines.

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