Florida Bar Seeks His Temporary Disbarment, Says Jack Thompson

Controversial Miami attorney Jack Thompson’s difficulties with the Florida Bar continue.

On Friday the anti-game attorney e-mailed GamePolitics what appears to be a copy of a writ filed with the Florida Supreme Court. The document reads in part:

The Bar has now demanded in writing that respondent Thompson accede to a 91-day suspension from the practice of law on the basis of his alleged unethical conduct… in

a) claiming that three families who are his clients are in fact his clients and

b) preparing expert witnesses for their depositions. 

…this demand that Thompson receive the vocational death penalty is based upon The Bar’s secret collaboration with Blank Rome lawyers who represent Take-Two, the makers of the Grand Theft Auto  murder simulation games. 

It’s unconfirmed, but likely, that the the “three families” referred to would be the plaintiffs in Strickland vs. Sony, Thompson’s $600 million lawsuit against Grand Theft Auto publisher Take Two Interactive and other game industry defendants. The suit alleges that an 18-year-old who killed two police officers and a police dispatcher did so because he played Grand Theft Auto. A judge revoked Thompson’s visiting status to practice law in Alabama in late 2005.

GP requested clarification from Thompson, but the attorney’s answers didn’t shed much light on the issue:

GamePolitics: So this would be the Alabama police families? Am I correct that the Bar’s position is they are not your clients because you have no pro hac vice status in Alabama? What’s the part about the expert witnesses? What are they claiming there? If you agree to the 91-day suspension is everything else dropped, i.e. all of the other Bar complaints that are outstanding? Is that the deal? Do you plan to agree to the suspension?

Thompson: I’m not suspended from the practice of law and won’t be.  I have no idea what The Bar is claiming in this absurd regard.  I have no complaint in that regard because there is no complaint.  This is all an over-reaching contrivance by The Florida Bar.

As previously reported on GamePolitics, Thompson is suing the Florida Bar in federal court. Thompson amended that complaint to include the Florida Supreme Court as well.

We’ll post more info as we learn of it.

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