Florida Bar Seeks His Temporary Disbarment, Says Jack Thompson

Controversial Miami attorney Jack Thompson’s difficulties with the Florida Bar continue.

On Friday the anti-game attorney e-mailed GamePolitics what appears to be a copy of a writ filed with the Florida Supreme Court. The document reads in part:

The Bar has now demanded in writing that respondent Thompson accede to a 91-day suspension from the practice of law on the basis of his alleged unethical conduct… in

a) claiming that three families who are his clients are in fact his clients and

b) preparing expert witnesses for their depositions. 

…this demand that Thompson receive the vocational death penalty is based upon The Bar’s secret collaboration with Blank Rome lawyers who represent Take-Two, the makers of the Grand Theft Auto  murder simulation games. 

It’s unconfirmed, but likely, that the the “three families” referred to would be the plaintiffs in Strickland vs. Sony, Thompson’s $600 million lawsuit against Grand Theft Auto publisher Take Two Interactive and other game industry defendants. The suit alleges that an 18-year-old who killed two police officers and a police dispatcher did so because he played Grand Theft Auto. A judge revoked Thompson’s visiting status to practice law in Alabama in late 2005.

GP requested clarification from Thompson, but the attorney’s answers didn’t shed much light on the issue:

GamePolitics: So this would be the Alabama police families? Am I correct that the Bar’s position is they are not your clients because you have no pro hac vice status in Alabama? What’s the part about the expert witnesses? What are they claiming there? If you agree to the 91-day suspension is everything else dropped, i.e. all of the other Bar complaints that are outstanding? Is that the deal? Do you plan to agree to the suspension?

Thompson: I’m not suspended from the practice of law and won’t be.  I have no idea what The Bar is claiming in this absurd regard.  I have no complaint in that regard because there is no complaint.  This is all an over-reaching contrivance by The Florida Bar.

As previously reported on GamePolitics, Thompson is suing the Florida Bar in federal court. Thompson amended that complaint to include the Florida Supreme Court as well.

We’ll post more info as we learn of it.

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  1. 0
    Adams says:


    This man is honestly an idiot. He blames video games for the problems of the American youth. Video games have a smaller effect then he thinks. Consider most kids consider it a game, and nothing more. It’s not like the ooh and aah and go finally I can learn to kill somebody. A very small percentage of America’s youth take these games to heart. I’m not stating these games are good or bad, just that most aren’t taken literally. He’s grabbing an excuse where the support to the conclusion is so thin it stinks. He shouldn’t even be granted the right to practice law. According to him, if games are violent and obscene, freedom of speech becomes void. Honestly the man needs to reconsider his thought process.


                                                                                                                                      A 15 year old kid.

  2. 0
    1einstien says:

    Pantas law firm is the poorest excuse to be called attorneys. They are so incompetant and still are in business. My dog is smarter than they are and yes they can’t add. Time and a half of $10 should equal $15 they figure time and a half at$5, oh boy, doesnt that want you to retain them as your Lawyer to collect your money. If you want to see the new form of snake oil salesman go listen to their spiel, flim flam talkers at their best. Root canal would be more fun than hiring them,whoo who. They don’t like to be corrected either or being called stupid. Forest Gumps said ther stupid.
    Don’t forget you have been warned stupid is what stupid does.

  3. 0
    Michael says:

    I’m not going to sugar coat this at all……I don’t like him. In a nutshell, he is trying to take away MY VIDEOGAMES and I am very, very, VERY unhappy with the man. I am a dedicated gamer because it’s alot of fun and great competition. Love’em (videogames). And this guy can’t even get his info straight; take a look at this stuff……..

    Thompson accuses the game to have sexual content, which he believes to be unappropriate for a teen audience:

    “[The] Sims 2… contains… full frontal nudity, including nipples, penises, labia, and pubic hair,” Thompson said.

    “The nudity placed there by the publisher/maker, Electronic Arts, is accessed by the use of a simple code that removes what is called ‘the blur’ which obscures the genital areas. In other words, the game was released to the public by the manufacturer knowing that the full frontal nudity was resident on the game and would be accessed by use of a simple code widely provided on the Internet,” Thompson said in his statement.

    Thompson went as far as to claim that The Sims 2 is delighting pedophiles with child pornography. He said that the nudity of the Sim kids is, “much to the delight… of pedophiles around the globe who can rehearse, in virtual reality, for their abuse.”

    The user “illspirit”, administrator of the GTA fan page GTA Garage, claims that he was the one who informed Thompson about the posibility to remove the blur in The Sims 2 . Illspirit also warned Thompson, that the models in the game do not possess genitalia, which Thompson’s news release suggests [1]. Thompson later admitted in a chatterbox interview, that he was misinformed about The Sim’s 2 content [2].

    If he is going to slander video games, he should use points that EXIST NOT FICTIONAL TRASH.

  4. 0
    Kevin R. Brown says:

    This is actually quite sad, in my opinion.

    Yes, Jack was an egotist, and yes, he ignored perfectly good and sound advice on perhaps hundreds of occasions because he put his own opinions and values first (not a wise decision for a lawyer). He insulted and belittled and bothered (in some instances harassed) people he had no real grievances with, and essentially claimed that every person that plays mature video games is a terrible human being (given that I both play mature video games and do my damndest to be a decent human being, yes, you better bet I find that kind of sentiment insulting).


    Read that writ again, or the response he sent to this website. The man is literally losing his mind over this. Apparently he’s even started messing-up extremely standard legal procedures lately. If the Florida opts to disbar him, his career is flushed down the toilet. I understand that it is extremely rare to be disbarred in one state but left with the ability to practice in any other.

    I don’t think, by reading his responses to the situation, that Mr. Thompson even thinks it’s possible for them to take away his ability to practice. And while this is foolish, if they do take it away while he’s under this assumption, it’ll topple his while world like the house of cards it is. He’ll be left miserable and probably feel like an old, alienated idiot.

    Maybe you feel it’s what he deserves, but as much as I myself felt insulted by Mr. Thompson, I know I was never felt ‘put down’ by it and certainly not impacted for any real length of time. You recognize that he’s just full of himself, let it roll off of your back and refrain from listening to him anymore. I don’t think his rhetoric has likely put anyone through a state of genuine misery.

    Let him keep his license and continue living in his own imaginary world where games crank-out unstoppable killing machines as fast as a gamer can run a chainsaw bayonet through a drone. He’s mostly harmless, with lawsuits that get tossed out of court and claims that no reasonable person takes seriously. He’s the Patricia Pulling of our generation.

    Maybe someone should just compile a ‘Thompson Report’, of similar calibre to Michael Stackpole’s ‘Pulling Report’? Better yet, why not film a feature-length documentary of the guy? Title it ‘Pixelante’, and go around interviewing all of his supposed expert sources to find out whether they really give him their 100% support, how they arrived at their findings, etc. Interview judges and other BAR members, to see what their opinions of Mr. Thompson are. Interview law enforcement, to see whether or not they agree that any escalations in criminal activity are directly related to youths playing video games (as opposed to, say, youths getting involved in gang activity).

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    SleepingKing says:

    I believe this man is a idiot, from what i’v just read and researched on this man doesn’t even know what he is talking about, he does not see the consequences of his actions, if he some how takes down the gaming industry, thats what i read from wikipedia, he would ruin hundreds of people lives losing jobs, make the gaming economy go into ruins!

  6. 0
    DojaSmoka says:

    and i agree with ConcernedMom if someone wants to kill someone they’re not gonna do it because of videogames or music or movies, they’re gonna do it because they’re completey mind fucked and crazy and then blame what they did on videogames or music or movies and if hillary clinton gets elected president this whole country will be fucked and one more thing this jack thompson dude should be arrested

  7. 0

    […] Jack Thompson has had a busy week, part 1 Well, the week started off badly for our favorite whackjob, Jack Thompson. You see, the Florida Bar is trying to disbar him. A temporary one, anyways. Part of the writ that was filed in the Florida Supreme Court, and sent to Game Politics read, and I quote: The Bar has now demanded in writing that respondent Thompson accede to a 91-day suspension from the practice of law on the basis of his alleged unethical conduct… in […]

  8. 0
    ConcernedMom says:

    First of all:
    I have children. They play games that would probably be considered violent. They are the most down to earth kids you could want to meet.

    Games DO NOT cause violence. No more than violent movies, music or anything else does. This is just another way of saying “Not my fault… the devil made me do it”.

    Too many people are “sue happy”, and I’ve never seen anyone so quick about making claims that have no backing as does Jack Thompson. It’s a good thing he is a lawyer (currently) because no one else would take his case.

    and finally:

    Here is what worries me about this nut case. Hillary is buddy buddy with the guy. If she is elected President, he will be by her side filling her ear with his rantings.

    I’m from Arkansas. I was born, rased and still live here. I have seen the Clintons in the public eye my entire life. I DO NOT like the thought of Hillary as President, not entirely, but mostly because of her association with Mr. Thompson.

  9. 0
    Phantom says:

    What documentation does he have to verify this secret collaboration? I mean, it can’t be a very well-kept secret if he already knows.

  10. 0
    ~the1jeffy says:

    Was that writ for real? I mean really reals as in the natural earth world? I swear in all my days lampooning JT under the guise of his #4 fan, I could never so expertly made him look like so large an ass as he went and did all by himself …

    Og Thompson, you’re out of a job, too.

  11. 0
    kurisu7885 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Well, looking at the email, I think he’s praying that someone from Take Two sees that and sues him. He’s trying to provoke them into suing him, that way he can claim the big bad corporation is beating up on the little guy, the ltitle guy with a head outsizing the Goodyear blimp.

  12. 0
    Kajex ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @ Mike

    It’s not blasphemous- it’s natural to be worried about the mental security of a potentially unstable individual like Jack- who knows what he could do if let loose. He could seriously hurt/unsuccessfully litigate someone.


    Somehow I doubt it. He COULD sue them, and hope to get another monetary sum, but a second psychiatric evaluation to discern whether he is fit to continue to perform as a lawyer might, in this case, discredit him enough. You have several different sources that say he’s distinctly lacking in any professionalism whatsoever, public claims that there is a conspiracy out to get him with Take-Two, Blank Rome and the FBA working against him, and a shot history of violating gag orders, compelling a judge to revoke his Pro Hac Vice status, acting unprofessional on national TV by using the words “Idiot” and “Jackass”, screwing up complaints through obvious submission errors, and all-in-all proving that something’s not right with him.
    So… I have to disagree. Religious motivation is no excuse- the courtroom has very little favor for religious motivation, hence the separatin of church and state. If a religion is driving you nuts to the point of doing something wrong, whatever, but it’s not going to grant you special protection.

  13. 0
    AgnostoTheo ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Was Thompson’s reply even supposed to be coherent? “I have no complaint in that regard because there is no complaint”? Seriously, did this man ever pass grade-school English? I read that statement and hear “Duh… what?” O.o

    As for the rest of the matter, if he does get suspended (And again, IF, Jacks a slick old weasle), 91 days won’t be nearly enough to shut him up. Hello Martyr-dom.

    BUT! Here’s hoping he goes down! A Toast to Jack “Massacre Chaser” Thompson. *Lifts Sake bottle*

  14. 0
    MaskedPixelante ( User Karma: -1 ) says:

    I’m afraid I’m with Jack on this one, nothing is going to happen to him regarding this. He’s probably going to threaten to sue them if they follow through with this, and they’ll probably do what they always do, and drop it and call him a hero. This is absurd, they’d basically treat Jack like he’s above the law if they do that.

  15. 0
    Mike (DeathRain) ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Just…..wow. I swear, someone is going to end up reading this stuff and get a court order for him to get another psychiatric evaluation. That is some serious paranoid delusion going on there. And I’m not even trying to joke. That is worrisome. I’m honestly worried about the man (sorry, I know that’s blasphemy to some around here).

  16. 0
    Kajex ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    He didn’t make much sense when he e-mailed me a few days ago, either. Paranoid to the max, and it doesn’t matter- if the FBA disbars him, any sane court and judge will uphold it, no matter what delusional, paranoid ramblings of conspiracies he fabricates for sympathy.

  17. 0
    GoodRobotUs ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Considering that Jack is still playing the ‘Massive Conspiracy’ , I’m amazed he hasn’t blamed the Vietnam and Iraq wars, as well as 9/11 on Blank Rome and the Video Game industry.

    I don’t think it ever quite sunk in for Jack that when he got kicked off the case, his clients became, at very best, people he could advise.

    As for the Preparing Expert Witnesses, that doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. The last thing Jack wants is, for example, his expert witnesses to admit that there is no evidence of a causal link, so he’s probably trying ‘spin’ their answers, just like he tries to spin everything else he hears.

  18. 0
    Kajex ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @ Timothy

    You forgot the first part- he can go around and publicly make a fuss to anybody that Take-Two is committing wrongdoing- but not directly to T2 or those who do business with them, like Shareholders, retail stores that sell their products. And he’s prohibited from suing or threatening to sue T2 for released or to-be-released products by them or their subsidiaries, but he’s perfectly welcome to scream and rant and whine and have a tantrum if he wants.

  19. 0
    Timothy says:

    Another comment he made towards Take Two practicing wrong doing is:

    “the authors of other actual Bar complaints filed against Thompson in order to facilitate their client’s marketing of adult products to children.”

    So, who will be the first to notify Take Two’s legal department?

  20. 0
    Timothy says:

    “or make comments of them committing wrongdoing”

    I’d say conspiring with Blank Rome and the Florida Bar justifies as them “committing wrongdoing”, thus he breached the settlement already. That was faster than I anticipated.

  21. 0
    Khyris says:

    Well, he didn’t say take two was involved…. he said Blank Rome lawyers were involved…. which Blank Rome lawyers? The ones that represent Take Two. The symantics only identifies Take Two as a clarifying attribute, not as a co-conspirator in this instance..

  22. 0
    Kajex ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @ Timothy

    The agreement was not to publicly file complaints against them for products they have yet to release, nor publicly make complaints about aforementioned products, sue them or in any other way prevent them from releasing their material; talk to people at shareholders meetings to publicly criticize Take-Two, or make comments of them committing wrongdoing; and must take up any legal complaints with Take-Two’s attorney’s.

    Essentially, they shut him up good.

  23. 0
    Archgabe says:

    I would say this marks the begining of the end for him but I will only belive it when I see it. Let me know when he is canned and then I will rejoice.

    On a side note, can someone be commited into a mental hospital if a large group of people belive that he is a danger to himself and his suroundings? I frear that he is going to try and shoot someone and blame it on games just to exaust all his avenues to get the gaming industry.

  24. 0
    E. Zachary Knight ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I have two things to say about this writ:

    1. Wow! his contact information was not included (or at least GP removed it.)

    2. He sure waves that “Thompson was rendered the only officially Bar-certified sane lawyer in Florida.” Flag around a lot. Isn’t it true that the truly insane are the only ones that believe they are sane?

  25. 0
    Timothy says:

    Wait, isn’t this also a breach of his previous settlement with Take Two? I thought he wasn’t supposed to mention them again? Or did I read that wrong?

  26. 0
    Flynn says:

    Well I have to say that this was a but of good news in my day. I do feel kind of bad for Jackie-boy though. It would have been too much to ask that be bow out gracefully, instead he’s going to be as pig-headed about things as he always is until the FBA smites him and shatters his strange little world. On the other hand, with his delusions raised to the ground he’ll be left a sad, broken man, and I imagine we’ll never need to hear from him again.

  27. 0
    Christian ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Oh man… shouldnt we put him on medication or something? For his own safety and for his surroundings. He is obviously severely delusional and paranoid.

    “Its all a huge conspiracy! They are out to get me!” D:

  28. 0
    Jabrwock ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Notice how he dodges the questions GP put to him. Namely whether he was claiming to represent the Alabama families, and whether he was preparing expert witnesses for them, both of which would be in direct violation of the judge’s orders in Alabama.

    JT clearly fails at law school, because while the Alabama order revoking Pro Hac Vice does not generate a complaint per se, it is automatically considered a valid reason for opening a disciplinary investigation into his conduct (according to both Alabama Bar rules and Florida ones).

    Plus there’s the whole fact that he’s claiming to represent clients he’s not legally representing. Doesn’t matter which state it’s in, he’s still in violation of the Bar rules. Again, automatic grounds for investigation, no complaint needed.

    I can just see the presiding judge shaking his head after reading that writ. It’s pure schlock B-movie writing… only not bad enough to be funny.

  29. 0
    cullarn ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    lol i believe he is gone for good this all stems from the fact that he sued the bar itself for “religious discrimination” (as well as the florida supreme court) like i said during that trial post on here. now they have to deal with him lol

  30. 0
    Jabrwock ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    On the other hand, if it gets really nasty, the judge could just toss it for being vague, incomplete, and “too broad reaching”. It’s happened before. The document was 100% bitching, and he forgot to include a claim, so the court rejected it…

  31. 0
    cppcrusader ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Every time I read a legal document written by Jack I lose a little more faith in the legal system. I can’t believe that this kind of stuff is actually allowed.

    Who would possibly think its a good idea to submit a document to the courts dripping with sarcastic comments? How does this not go directly into the shredder when the court receives it?

    It honestly boggles the mind.

  32. 0
    Dog_Welder ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Wow. Thompson’s writ is a mass of gibberish filled with invective and loony conspiracy theory.

    Jack, if you’re reading this:

    1) If you are disallowed to practice law in Alabama, which you are, you can NOT claim that people in Alabama are your clients. People on this very forum have pointed this out to your repeatedly, but you responded with your usual backhanded hatred.

    2) I hope this does go to a full trial and I hope it costs you your law license permanently. You are nothing but a sorry massacre chaser and an affront to lawyers everywhere.

  33. 0
    Greatnocturn says:

    vocal? damn i was hoping for…well he can’t sue me if i think it.

    oh well if its true than 91 days will be like a summer vacation from the school of jack thompson!

  34. 0
    GoodRobotUs ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I’m surprised and more than moderately amused that Jack is now trying to include the Florida Supreme Court in his massive conspiracy theory, the guy really is going off the deep end.

  35. 0
    GetWellGamers ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “As previously reported on GamePolitics, Thompson is suing the Florida Bar in federal court. Thompson amended that complaint to include the Florida Supreme Court as well.”

    Did he at least amend it correctly this time? If we’re getting to the point where Jack can’t even file correctly, I think the industry can see a light at the end of Jack’s delusional tunnel…

  36. 0
    cullarn ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    my guess is the three “families” are the floridqa bar the floridqa supreme court and rockstar (forgive me if im pointing out the obvious)
    (as for the typo i couldnt resist) (if you dont get it check back on his filings a few cases ago on this site)

  37. 0
    Jabrwock ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    I don’t think JT has ever represented those 3… :)

    Fought against, sued, threatened, cajoled, insulted, whined about… yes.

  38. 0
    Zee says:

    “The undersigned is not making this up. He could not make this up. He does not have a sufficient imagination.”

    His actual words, beautiful.

    But really, how can any judge reading this not agree with the suspension? Spouting crap about vast conspiracies and then including the information that you’ve been “threatened” with a psychiatric evaluation doesn’t seem like the smartest thing to do. How would the possibility of such an evaluation be considered a threat anyway by someone who’s so desperate to prove he’s sane?

    On the subject of conspiracy theories, anyone else think this guy is in league with the pharmacuitical companies to raise their sales of painkillers? He must be gving everyone that reads these things headaches as they try to follow his ‘logic’

  39. 0
    monte ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    You see Jack COULD say that he “used to” represent the families in alabama, cause that would be true… However he can not say or imply that they are currently his clients cause they are not. When he lost his right to practise law in that state he lost any clients he had their aswell. And so far, Jack has been saying they are his clients, not his former clients.

  40. 0
    KotatsuNeko says:

    OH. MY. Gwell, I’d be lying if I said I was surprised by this. But, my god, assuming he did file this (which he may not have), I’m starting to get seriously worried about Jack’s mental condition.

    Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking, but no. He’s not crazy, or at least he didn’t used to be. He’s a *jerk*. You don’t have to be clinically insane to ignore anything other people say if they disagree with you; that’s an all too ‘normal’ human attribute.

    But this… Jack *must* know that you can’t write a legal document the same way you’d write a Livejournal rant. But for some reason, he can’t help himself. I think, in all seriousness, Jack needs to see a counselor or psychiatrist to help work out some of his issues, because he’s clearly losing it.

  41. 0
    Dustin1986 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Jack’s earned this. He really put a lot of effort into getting disbarred, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time. There are so many ways he could have avoided this.

  42. 0
    That_One_Guy127 says:

    You know what! I say good riddance! It feels good to know that Thompson is not practicing law for 91 days and that he is on the verge of getting a vocational death penalty.

  43. 0
    Ban Strife says:

    I just read the .doc file and all I can say is, “Wha?”

    I can’t even begin to explain my feeling of disgust for this guy.

    Honestly, even as a teenager, I can sense something is very wrong with Mr. Jack Thompson. I admit there is a certain amount of fear that I attain when I hear about him. The first question that pops in my mind, “What did he do this time?”

  44. 0
    Majestic_12_x ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Baghdad Bob = Miami Jack

    “There are no tanks in Baghdad”

    “I have no complaint in that regard because there is no complaint.”

    C’mon people, Jack said there are no claims.

  45. 0
    Jackmack says:

    I’m not sure he’s actually filed it with the Court. The Court’s docket doesn’t indicate that any such writ was filed. Jack’s got a well-established history of claiming to have filed, mailed, faxed, etc., documents when he, indeed, has done no such thing.

  46. 0
    hilaryduffgta ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    ha ha jack’s gonna get disbarred *does the happy dance to a jo jo cd* but hell he deserves it for the crap he’s pulled

  47. 0
    chuck ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I am so amazed that no one has yet pulled out that Billy Madison quote. If anything deserved it.

    But he hasn’t filed it. If it don’t have the court clerk’s stamp on it, it basically don’t exist. Jacko is just trolling GP.

  48. 0
    Father Time ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    acting unprofessional on national TV by using the words “Idiot” and “Jackass”

    I don’t think that can count as anything against him (legally speaking) and if it does then it shouldn’t. He was not practicing law when he made those statements, and the man is entitled to free speech.

  49. 0
    attackmole says:

    TBH, thats actually the first time I’ve ever seen Jack in contact with a gaming organization that he’s not actively belittling. Then again, I don’t know his game politics record. But, if its a general trend its actually a good move for some more rational discussion.

  50. 0

    […] Florida Bar Seeks Temporary Disbarment for Jack Thompson Filed under: Uncategorized — recar @ 12:56 am Florida Bar Seeks Temporary Disbarment for Jack Thompson Controversial Miami attorney Jack Thompson ’s difficulties with the Florida Bar continue. On Friday the anti-game attorney e-mailed GamePolitics what appears to be a copy of a writ filed with the Florida Supreme Court…[gaming] [gaming news] [game] [news] […]

  51. 0
    finaleve ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    He reminds me of the teletubbies., because that show didn’t make much sense either.

    I wonder when the baby in the sun will come out to laugh at us.

  52. 0
    crispyfritters says:

    This is why he gets held in contempt of the court at every one he goes to. He pays no respect to anyone. He openly insults the florida legal system, claiming that the courts are conspiring against him with moneybag corperate types (with small penises). Is it any wonder at all that nobody exept anti-tech paranoiacs take him seriously?

    I find it disgraceful that he can still wriggle his way onto national television anymore actually.

  53. 0
    Mike says:

    He might as well sue the entire US government while he’s at it. Suing the Bar and the Supreme Court of Florida… makes me think of a runaway kid suing his parents.

  54. 0

    […] more | digg story No Comments so far Leave a comment RSS feed for comments on this post. TrackBack URI Leave a comment Line and paragraph breaks automatic, e-mail address never displayed, HTMLallowed: <a href="" title=""> <abbr title=""> <acronym title=""> <b> <blockquote cite=""> <code> <em> <i> <strike> <strong> […]

  55. 0
    Flaps ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    This should be settled on a show like ‘Judge Judy’. I don’t want to hear about JT wasting the time of a real court ever again.

  56. 0
    Ghede says:

    I believe Jack may be slipping something in his morning orange juice. Something from the Lysergic acid diethylamide family maybe? Or maybe the generic version Crazipillus. Or maybe he has simply skipped the morning orange juice and gone straight to the evening bottle of Wild Turkey. In any case, I really believe he should get another psych evaluation. I’m also taking bets: Paranoid Schizophrenia gets 2:1, Drug abuse 4:1, and He isn’t crazy gets 42:1, He is right about the conspiracy gets Three talking mushrooms, to one singing badger with wings and a Salvidor Dali mustache.

    I’m sorry my comment has no actual content, I just really needed to get that out of my system. Preferably in public.

  57. 0
    Kira says:

    Hopefully disbarment will silence Jack forever. He probably will still continue his insane and pointless crusade… in the happy hotel with the men in white.

  58. 0
    ooftygoofty says:

    Ok, I don’t think he’s technically violated his deal with Take Two, but I think this is pretty clear sign he will. There’s a part of me that looks forward to seeing how the legal system will handle him.

    But seriously though, I’ve said this before, but I’m kinda worried about him. It’s fun to laugh at his gross incompetence and his cartoonish paranoia, but I think he might be well on his way to becoming a danger to himself and others. In all seriousness, when he gets disbarred, he might turn violent.

  59. 0
    Bryan says:

    Why can’t this guy just shut up and go live under a rock to leave us alone. We can deal with violent games, he just using this as a reason to get rich one day.


  60. 0
    Kajex ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @ Father Time

    I’m not saying that it would amount to anything, legally. However, it could potentially do enough to discredit his stability if it were cited as acting in a manner unprofessional for a lawyer- not within the court, but as an example where the court can say to themselves “yeah, I saw him on t.v.- what an ass.”

  61. 0
    Zerodash ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Even if/when his law career is completely shut down, JT will still be whoring for attention. Since children & video games will be a hot-button issue in the 2008 presidential election, you can count on him being everywhere.

  62. 0
    GameClucks says:

    Excellent point GreatNocturne — he’s just like captain Ahab. Crazy, obsessed, and so determined in his goal that even when it’s deteriorating all around him, he can’t even see that he should just give up.

    I would say “I think we all know how that story ends”, but I actually suspect there’s quite a few people who don’t know.

  63. 0
    Markalept says:

    I always imagine Jack going into public places, frantically looking around, yelling “ITS A TRAP!!”, and then high-tailing it out of there

  64. 0
    Thad Ex Machina says:

    Why is it that these writs and filings made by Jack Thompson read like some teenager’s blog posts?
    All those childish asides and overblown, grandiose descriptions of everyone being against him — seriously, I’m just waiting for an “LOL”, “LMAO” or “OMFG”. It’s the next logical step.

    Is this for real?

    On the one hand, I hope it is because it stands as a shining monument of his instability.

    On the other hand, the idea that anyone this totally bent could be licensed to practice law in America just terrifies the hell out of me. It is honestly disturbing to see any adult writing things like this.

    I feel a bit ill.

  65. 0
    Carbonatedgravy says:

    A lot of comments have been focused on Thompson’s perceived insanity which I don’t honestly think is a very realistic observation. What we have here is a hateful, angry man who is running scared and saying foolish things, not necessarily because he believes them, but because he is grasping at straws. A psychiatric evaluation wouldn’t prove very useful since I think it’s highly likely he’d turn out normal.

  66. 0
    Gameboy says:

    @ Father Time

    Actually, I think it can be used against him. As I understand them, State Bars are essentially a club. The reason you take a Bar exam and join a State bar is to practice law in THAT state. You can’t call yourself a lawyer nor represent clients if you haven’t. The reason for this is to establish a level of professionalism.

    Any actions you preform that discredit the bar or lawyers of the bar is grounds for disbarment. This primarily refers to actions in the courtroom. However, I can imagine them using his blatant and pathological unprofessionalism against him. If nothing else, it’s a sign of how he may react in court.

    I could be wrong, but calling a person who disagrees with you on national television, along with all the other events on national television, can’t help his case. The claims of vast conspiracies against him should also be used against him.

  67. 0
    Nora says:

    With the proper medication, Jack Thompson could function within “normal paramiters” in society, as it is hes just like a hampster in a cage, the wheel is spinning, but he’s not going anywhere^_^.

  68. 0
    GoodRobotUs ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I love this line…..

    ‘. This is the same Bar and the same Bar prosecutor that threatened Thompson with a psychiatric evaluation, just as it did fifteen years ago, with the result that The Bar’s insurer paid Thompson damages for that insanity, and Thompson was rendered the only officially Bar-certified sane lawyer in Florida.’

    Simply because from the way it’s worded it looks like Jack got compensation for being insane, and then once he was cured, he got a little certificate :)

  69. 0
    tony selby ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    am i the only one that thinks the reason for the Bar suspending him, is so he can no longer put the ever present “flarida bar member in good standing” on his press releases and court papers, as if he’s suspended he is not in good standing (as thats one of the criteria to be taken off the good standing list)

  70. 0
    sqlrob ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    You think this is bad? Try watching SCO v. IBM. It’s several years into court and there’s still no sign of what SCO is actually suing over.

  71. 0
    Matt says:

    “The undersigned is not making this up. He could not make this up. He does not have a sufficient imagination.”

    Thompson is, after all, the only certified sane lawyer in the state of Florida.

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