Hey, Jack... You Want Fries With That?

May 8, 2007 -
Not content to sue (so far this year) the Florida Bar, the Florida Supreme Court, GTA publisher Take-Two Interactive and leading gaming blog Kotaku, game-hatin' barrister Jack Thompson has focused on a new target, burger franchise Wendy's.

In the latest issuance from his nonstop e-mail machine, Thompson turns his attention to Wendy's CEO Kerri Anderson.  What's Thompson's gripe? Obesity? Cholesterol? The Frostys are too thick to suck through a straw?

Nah. It's Rockstar's upcoming Manhunt 2. So just what is Wendy's connection with Manhunt 2? There isn't one, unless you connect the dots the way Jack Thompson connects the dots.

With essentially no one left to sue, Thompson has latched onto a Wendy's promotional tie-in with Nintendo Wii toys (pictured at left). The issue seems to be that:
a.) Manhunt 2 is what Thompson calls a "murder simulator"

b.) Manhunt 2 will appear on the Wii (among other systems)

c.) Wendy's is promoting the Wii, therefore;

d.) Wendy's is promoting Manhunt 2, which promotes murder

Thompson also claims to have the inside track on what deceased Wendy' founder Dave Thomas would have wanted in this regard:
A dear friend of mine worked for Wendy’s and with Dave Thomas closely for years.  From that I know that Dave Thomas never would have tolerated the use of Wendy’s good name to promote Nintendo’s Wii, not with this game available on the Wii platform.  

So, second hand, friend-of-a-friend info on the inner thoughts of a dead guy. Is that what passes for evidence in Thompson's world these days?

Funny, though. None of the toys depicted on the Wendy's site seem to be from Manhunt 2. In fact, they all look rather E-rated.

Just to be clear here, Thompson has neither sued nor has he threatened to sue Wendy's. However, he has been making noises of late about an international movement to block the publication of Manhunt 2, with details coming next week. Sounds to GP as though Thompson and British Parliamentarian Keith Vaz, another Manhunt critic, will be teaming up.


Re: Hey, Jack... You Want Fries With That?

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Re: Hey, Jack... You Want Fries With That?


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Don't worry the guys at Penny Arcade fixed his wagon by donating the amount in his stead with his name on it.

"Thompson's "high-profile crusades" have made him an enemy of video game aficionados.[59] On occasion, Thompson has sparred directly with the gaming industry and its fans. In 2005, he wrote an open letter to Entertainment Software Association president Doug Lowenstein, making what he described as a “a modest video game proposal” (an allusion to the title of Jonathan Swift's satirical essay, A Modest Proposal) to the video game industry: Thompson said he would donate $10,000 to a charity designated by Take-Two CEO Paul Eibeler if any video game company would create a game including the scenario he described in the letter. The scenario called for the main character, whose son was killed by a boy who played violent video games, to murder a number of industry executives (including one modeled on Eibeler) and go on a killing spree at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Video game fans promptly began working to take Thompson up on his offer, resulting in the game I'm O.K - A Murder Simulator. Afterwards, he claimed that his proposal was satire, and as of May 2007, he has not made his proposed donation."

I saw this on wikipedia.Isn't it Ironic that a person you is trying to ban violent video games made a story about a guy going around and killing people.And then he refuses to make this supposed "donation"

He's such a fuckstick

Damn, I sure hope my girlfriends-dad's-brother's-next door neigbours-dog doesnt tell him to ban Coco Pop cereal adverts on TV because in one episode of the simpsons Bart nearly dies when he eats a bowl of cereal (Krusty O's?) which is surely promoting everyone to eat free gifts & toys.

God, I love Jack Thompson. He's exactly like the one-dimensional 'bad guy' in any number of 80's pre-teen movies.

[...] Anyway, GamePolitics.com wrote a sassy article about Jack’s latest adventure. Now he’s suing Wendy’s because they’re putting Wii toys in their kids meals. He’s not suing because the toys are dangerous or suggestive, but because Manhunt 2 will be available on the Wii and Manhunt 2 promotes murder. [...]


He's like Dean Wormer, but without the personality or memorable dialog. Jack Thompson is just... a loudmouth.

"You see, it would be this mat that you would put on the floor... and would have different CONCLUSIONS written on it that you could JUMP TO."

"That's the worst idea I've ever heard in my life, Jack."

"Yes, this is horrible, this idea."

On a forum I regularly post to we brought this topic up about Jack Thompson threatening litigation against Wendy's over their Wii toys, and I posted the following in response to Jack's own twisted logic:

1) Osama bin Laden hates American freedom.

2) Americans are free to play whatever video games they want.

3) Jack Thompson wants video games banned or at least federally regulated, thus:

*** 4) Jack Thompson supports Osama bin Laden!!! ***

So what do you guys think? Just thought I'd share this with the GP folks... :)

Tim (aka the Slipperman)

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thank Goodness jack is off games i guess he realized he could not win. so he is going for other stuff

He is runnin out of steam and he is going to fail just like bell bottomed jeans in the 70's

*'s brain explodes from the sheer stupidity and madness of that man* Just when I thought there was no where else for him to go, and that he couldn't top the list of bull he has going now.

Quad9Damage. I am so about to go to Wendy's. Right now. Questions: Chicken nuggets or a hamburger for my kid's meal?

Oh, hamburger definitely. Just alternate your choices if you plan future visits, as the burgers tend to get bland the more you eat them.

McDonald's/Burger King sold NES-related toys in the early 90s... the same console that you could play "Bubble Bath Babes" on!!

In light of this awesome Thompson update, I think we should all start eating at Wendy's.

[...] The ever-antagonistic Jack Thompson is up to his usual business of publicly decrying anything remotely connected to video games. It doesn’t get much more remote than Wendy’s. According to GamePolitics, Jack sent an angry email to the CEO of the company about their association with the Wii. [...]

Here a quote from a MIT study that I found. According to them:

"Research at MIT, measuring people's reactions while playing video games. found that muscle tension and other physic signs of anger were more pronounced when SOFTWARE MALFUNCTIONED then when a character died in the course of the game."***

Maybe Mr Thompson should go after Microsoft crappy design of windows and all the bugs in it then go after video games. Because according to MIT angry is more "pronounced" when your computer bugs then when you die in a game. But then we all know Mr. Thompson is not a responsible man.

*** Peter Coffee writer in EWEEK. Article was in their April 15, 2002 issue. I don't have the link but that should get in discretion if you want to check it out.

[...] The ever-antagonistic Jack Thompson is up to his usual business of publicly decrying anything remotely connected to video games. It doesn’t get much more remote than Wendy’s. According to GamePolitics, Jack sent an angry email to the CEO of the company about their association with the Wii. [...]

"isn’t that what we said about Germany during the early years of WW2? "

Yes, but Germany was a threat. Jack's just a paranoid dumbass

Jack's logic isn't twisted at all once you see his starting axiom: all videogames are evil. That's what he believes. From there, it requires no torturous chains of inference; he sees the Wii as intrinsicly evil because it is a videogame system.

The axiom itself is pretty head-scratching, especially when you consider the typical game for the Wii, so Jack presents a rationalization by holding up Manhunt 2 as the prototypical video game. Now it's true that the term "straw man argument" gets tossed around incorrectly (along with "ad hominem"), but here we've got a perfect example. And JT can't even manage to knock the strawman down, as the illustrious history of his legal career can attest.

And while Jack's behavior is perfectly consistent with his beliefs, the manner of his presentation does call into question his ability to actually act rationally in arguing for them. There's really not too much difference left anymore between him and the guy who screams unintelligible sermons from my street corner every few days.

Keep up the good work, Jackie-chan. Keep baselessly slandering; I'm sure that's the right thing to do.

maybe when jack next goes to wendys they will let him go into the kichen and get some tin foil so he can make himself a little hat

three words

1) Bat

2) Shit

3) Loco

[...] The ever-antagonistic Jack Thompson is up to his usual business of publicly decrying anything remotely connected to video games. It doesn’t get much more remote than Wendy’s. According to GamePolitics, Jack sent an angry email to the CEO of the company about their association with the Wii. As we know, Manhunt 2 will be released on the Wii. And as we also know, Wendy’s has begun giving away promotional Wii-themed toys. It might be kind of hard to tell from the picture, but look closely and you’ll see that the toys have nothing to do with Manhunt 2. [...]

You know, as I remember it, Jack is a "Born again" Christain right? Well guess what, he's already broken one of god's rules. "Thou shall not bear false witness." I mean come on, how many times has he lied to the public AND to the courts?

thompson is gay

@Baine: To play Devil's Advocate for a moment: Lying is not the same as bearing false witness. Bearing false witness is lying [i]about[/i] someone - telling harmful untruths about another person, deliberately and with malicious intent.

It's arguable whether Thompson has actually born false witness... but it's pretty clear that he does lie about things.

[...] The ever-antagonistic Jack Thompson is up to his usual business of publicly decrying anything remotely connected to video games. It doesn’t get much more remote than Wendy’s. According to GamePolitics, Jack sent an angry email to the CEO of the company about their association with the Wii. [...]

I just thought, ive alreaady played a pretty damn violent game on the Wii - The Godfather. But that of course went under JTs radar, since it isnt by Rockstar and is based on a classic movie series.

dave thomas would have never tolerated being sued for dumb crap like this either.

I want to try
Manhunt 2 will be released for Wii
Wii is a games console
Wendy's promotes Wii
Wendy's founder dies

Conclusion: Wendy's owner died of the pain the release of Manhunt 2.("What-hunt?").

Seriously, MR Thompson, your logic doesn't make sense. If I wear a Wii t-shirt, am I asking children to play Manhunt 2, wich in your dreamland,m instantly turns them into ruthless killers? I know you already know this, but for the record THE MACHINE ITSELF WON'T BUY THE GAME UNSUPERVISED, WON'T FORGET TO EXPLAIN CHILDREN THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN REAL LIFE AND GAMES, AND THEN WON'T SELL THEM A GUN. Nuff said.

As for the ignoring...why? He hasn't hit a single one, and he provides good entertainment value. Unlike the "seduction of the innocent" author. Beeyatch.

How long does it take to get this guy out of the public ? I mean people get arrested for murdering people - and this guy is murdering the credibility of a whole trade ! Whoops I've written the bad M word , promoting violence by doing so.... Hope I don't get sued by that jerk.

With this kind of totaly illogical reasoning, one could argue that the following Parties are 'promoting violence':
Producers of TV- Systems on which violent movies can be seen
TV-stations that air violent movies
Police officers who carry dangerous guns and are admired by little children (they all want the guns...)
Military personel (for the same reason)
The goverment for waging wars (more violence...)
newspapers, for printing violence
Churches - anyone read about Moses and the death of the first born ? Jesus- promotion for mass murder !

So, if that Airhead thinks about a case against wendies - I'ld think about sueing HIM because he's forcing me to violent thoughts involving very very nasty things unsuitable for minors.
I guess 10 Million would be just enough to cure me from those thoughts...

I'll go with that, Gameboy.

[...] The ever-antagonistic Jack Thompson is up to his usual business of publicly decrying anything remotely connected to video games. It doesn’t get much more remote than Wendy’s. According to GamePolitics, Jack sent an angry email to the CEO of the company about their association with the Wii. [...]

Kincyr, why bother? You really think they're going to go, "Hey guys we've produced millions of these toys but let's throw them all away because this confused old man says they're promoting murder somehow"?

[...] A dear friend of mine worked for Wendy

[...] Manhunt 2 will be released for Wii. Wendy’s has a promotional tie-in with Wii toys. Therefore, Wendy’s is promoting “murder simulators.”read more | digg story Share: These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. [...]

Scooby Doo is a cartoon character
the Mooninites are cartoon characters
The Mooninites supposedly threatened terrorism against Boston
Therefore, Scooby Doo is a terrorist

Scooby Doobie Die!!
And he promotes weed.

The dictionary is made out of paper
Paper is used to roll cigarettes
Cigarettes can contain marijuana
Marijuana is a drug
Meth is a drug
Therefore, the dictionary is made out of meth

More crooked logic

haha oh well i guess murdering cows,pigs,chickens and what ever else wendy's cooks up is cool. maybe they should have asked this ass clown if he ever ate a cheeseburger or a freakin steak. what a moron,

has anyone sent an email to the CEO of Wendy's explaining Thompson's inaccuracies and falsehoods?

BTW, Did Bill Gates ever get back to Jack or did his email just get labeled as spam just like every new version of the Nigerian scam being sent out?

Has anyone attempted to get a public response from Ms. Anderson, the Wendy's CEO? I'd be interested to hear her reaction. Thompson laid out some pretty graphically explicit scenarios for a game that's still in development... I can't imagine that sort of dialogue in her inbox went over too well.

According to Jack Thompson

1. Spider Man is movie
2. Everything is promoting spider man
3. Everything is promoting movies
4. Porn are movies
5. Everything is promoting porn
6. Sue everybody and get in news more for being an ass

[...] [Via GamePolitics] [...]

Video games must have killed Jack Thompsons father, and raped his mother. Why else would he have such a large personal vendetta against video games?

Wait! I know how to link it to Kevin Bacon!

5)Kevin Bacon has probably eaten Wendy's before.

6) Therefore, Kevin Bacon is promoting Murder.

Hm. There are violent games released for PC. Therefore, Jack should stop using a computer.

[...] [Via GamePolitics] Posted in News, Nintendo Wii Link to this Entry Email This Entry [...]

Hey Jackie boy, try comin to my Wendys. I'll lose my job there but by damn it'll be worth it.

Also: I'm pretty sure almost any wendys manager would beat the snot out of you if you told them your logic.

@ Cap'n Jack

"ignore him and he’ll go away."

isn't that what we said about Germany during the early years of WW2?
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