VA Tech Game Appears on Web

May 14, 2007 -
GamePolitics is sorry to report this morning that at least one game based on the recent Virginia Tech massacre has popped up on the web.

Several readers notified GP in recent days of V-Tech Rampage, which is hosted on  Newgrounds. The game (I spent about a minute with it) appears to be rendered in a documentary style, similar to that of the highly controversial Super Columbine Massacre RPG.

GP: This is one of those stories that, from a personal standpoint, we'd rather just ignore. But it's only a matter of time until news of this game crosses over to the mainstream media, where it will likely receive a highly sensationalized treatment.

As we've seen, some video game critics will cite fringe creations such as this to support generalized anti-game positions. But even beyond that, we just find such a game to be in extremely poor taste.

UPDATE: We note that U.K. site PC Advisor has additional coverage of this game. Destructoid has more, including info on the author, who is Australian.
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If this is the future of freedom of speech then please take it away.

I think I prefer Voltaire's point of view: "I detest what you write, but I would give my life to make it possible for you to continue to write." Ask some people from Argentina, Chile, North Korea, Myanmar, etc. what happens when freedom of speech is "taken away". (Hint: it ends up with people dying horribly, on a far larger scale than happened at VT.)

Many have given their lives to preserve such rights in the U.S. and Europe, among other places. Don't cheapen their sacrifice by throwing it all away to vent your indignation over a Flash game, however stupid and offensive that game may be. I don't think the people who died at VT want their memory sullied by being used as a lightning rod for suppressing free speech -- again, however detestable that speech may be.

I am from Blacksburg Va and this game is sickening. How are we supposed to heal when this game pokes fun at the tragedy we faced? It is an outrage than someone would create such a disturbing video game. It is quite dusturbing.

I am from Blacksburg Va and this game is sickening. How are we supposed to heal when this game pokes fun at the tragedy we faced? It is an outrage than someone would create such a disturbing video game.

This guy is sick! Does he have no sence of morality at all? If this is the future of freedom of speech then please take it away. Someone should send his mother to the middle east and we can make a game of his mother getting stoned to death for giving birth to a sick twisted form that makes even the nazis look better.

does this guy have a life?

Do I think this is all an immature stunt? Of course. Do I think we should condemn this guy for possibly hurting our video games? No, the only people to blame in the end are any politicians who don't respect our rights. They're the only ones who can actually do anything, and if they don't respect the constitution, it dosn't matter if it's video games, or something else, we're screwed. I know video games are the most important thing in the world to a lot of people, maybe their only interest in politics, but issues of free speech go beyond video games. Even something crappy and in poor taste like this is protected by our constitution, there is no doubt, and it must be protected. Just as the Neo Nazis, or the Ku Klux Klan or anyone else who's speech is deemed unsavioury by much of society must be protected. Free speech means nothing unless the most vile speech that dosn't violate the law in some other way (slander, revealing state secrets etc.) is protected unflinchingly. The hardest speech to defend is the speech most in need of defense, and without doing so, there is no free speech at all, just the illusion of it.

Hey firstly this kid is NOT an Aussie. He just happens to hide in Australia atm. This is the price of freedom of speech and so is this:-

Ryan Lambourn
Address: 8 Barossa Cl St Clair 2759
Tel +61(02) 9670 2947

Just in case someone would like to personally hand him a donation personally. Good luck Ryan i wish you all the best!!!

This game needs to be removed immediately. I am a Virginia Tech student. I witnessed this tragedy first hand. I lost a friend on that day. This game is very upsetting to me. The Virginia Tech campus is trying to heal, but this game is taking us back a step. This game is like pouring salt in our still very fresh wounds. I would never want to relive that day, and I feel it is very wrong for this game to be allowed on the internet. I have not, and will not, play this game, but images from the game are all over the news. It is impossible to avoid this game, and every time I hear about it, or see screencaps from the game it makes me sick. How someone could capitalize on our misery is unbeknowst to me.
Please, out of respect for my fallen Hokie brothers and sisters, their families, and the Virginia Tech students and faculty, please remove this game immediately.

You guys do not play World War based games.......

It is not differnt from World War based games.
But...It needn't to intentionally make 'V-tech based game'

how the fuck is this guy gonna make this cheap shit?! I mean c'mon its a bit early for this, no? was this supposed to be some shit joke?! this is the same kind of low and tasteless creativity for those that made the columbine game!!!! alright I understand that this asian kid had issues and may have been harassed and mentally oppressed but he was indeed intelligent and I cant understand how feebleminded he was to resort to this massacre there are other ways, how is the media gonna let this get out and cause its growth in the underground and mainstream broadcast!!? There are other more vital things that need to be addressed like Iraq,Iran, and other things in the world to be addressed that are in fact SUPRESSED.
This is all bulshit, we are no longer a civilised society/culture : ^ / *shakes head*

[...] « Who dares to say that blogs do not have an impact on political campaigning? V-Tech Tragedy as a Flash Game May 16th, 2007 Sooner or later it was going to happen. Unfortunately it happened sooner. A flashgame about the V-Tech rampage was uploaded on Newgrounds. As GamePolitics points out, the game is rendered in a documentary style, similar to that of the highly controversial Super Columbine Massacre RPG. There’s one difference though: As controversial Super Columbine Massacre RPG might have been, its creator at least tried to make a thoughtful attempt and had the decency to wait six years with the release – and he didn’t give in to the increasing industrialization of all art but tried to convey his viewpoint. It was dangerous in a thought provoking way. I can comprehend where the (often ill-informed) critics are coming from: Games inherent the trivialisation of human life since the survival of one’s avatar depends on the player’s ability (that’s why there never was – and hopefully never will be – a game about Anne Frank) and due to their save function they won’t let the player feel all the consequences of their action. That said: A mature medium should be allowed to make comments on serious issues (it should not only be allowed to but see this as a pressing duty). But not only is the game industry notoriously insecure about itself, perpetuating the same juvenile concepts again and again, but there is also the sensationalist mainstream media, which can’t tell independently developed games and industry-produced software apart (yet to speak of politicians who use them as an excuse for strikter legislation) – with often unfavorable consequences for the industry. Still: Should this stop people from trying to critically comment serious events through the medium of a digital game? It would be giving up before trying and giving in to the political economy of the contemporary mainstream mediasphere. The V-Tech game though is just plain, idiotic provocation. It’s evacuated of any thought, any reflection, any common sense. A fact that is underlined by the fact that its creator started to hold the public hostage and offered to take it offline if people pay him $1000 US – an apology can be expected for $3000 US. As Kotaku put it: “Free speech and free expression are great. Just make sure you’ve got something to say.” [...]

@ yaw

That information is already publicly available.

@ news4u

Thanks for that. I hadn't seen it. Again, I'm entirely unsurprised by his simplistic outlook.

@ rigo

I have no idea what you said.

is good game is for all people lv tech jijijijijijijijijijij

Did anyone see the news video of the game and its creator?

He's clearly insensitive and apathetic, but really there seem to be more important things.

I will run a campaign, to raise $1000 in donation to track this person down, and put his details and address public, so that anyone who wants to do anything to him can do it, $2000 for anybody who would find him and give him a bitch slap, $3000 posted on the web him suffering and being sorry for what he had done, with the most humiliating thing ever done to him. Then we will see whether who is being funny.

@ Aussie

...and you don't think people would be upset if someone made a game in which the goal was to kill Iraqi children?

I think you've completely missed the point.

We're upset not because the victims were American (many of the regulars here are from countries other than the United States), but because the game recreates a senseless tragedy in which many innocent people died and it does so without any valid purpose.

The author, as evidenced by his website, his comments here, and the very childish and self-centered way in which he conducts himself, proves beyond a doubt that he believes his creation to fashionably tasteless and that he's just too cool to care about consequences or the feelings and opinions of others. It's a teen-aged mentality that he'll hopefully grow out of.

(The above is in no way a slight against all teenagers; we have many mature, thoughtful young people in the GP community whose opinions I highly respect.)

The pain has already been set, & being
dealt with by those that lost.
As I think this dumb asian kid should
not be glorified any more then he
has too, this game is the same as
GTA, Call of duty, Saints Row, ect.
If anything, market this game & put
all proceeds to getting guns off the streets.
just a thought.

VA Tech Games Spring Up on the Web...


I have people.

...hate. That'll teach me to post at 5 AM with no sleep...

I can already hear the backlash. This does not help us in anyway =(

Someone's looking for attention...

Isn't that why most people post anything on the Internet. They're after the attention from everyone in the world.

I' not even bothered to look at the game. At least SCMRPG was developed as a commentary/documentary. This game seems to be developed as an attention getter and to BE controversial. There is nothing wrong with being controversial, but you should have a point.

3... 2... 1...

JT: Game companies are mocking the dead and glorifies their murderers!!!
Games like this are gonna create hundreds of copycats all over the world!!!
Let's ban games, make me world president and rejoice!!!

...Ugh. All video game legislative laws get an unwarranted push in 3... 2...

I don't care what people post on the net, there are plenty of worse things out there (even if it is in poor taste).

What I'm more concerned about is the media reporting on it and treating it like a commercial game when in fact it is just some cheap flash game made by a bratty teenager.

I don't know if this should be considered a good or bad thing but given newround's track record they are not going to remove this game no matter who complains or how often they complain (unless the author of the work wants it down). Just thought I'd point that out (I personally think that's a good thing).

I spotted this on 4chan and gave it a try. The game is one of those steaming piles that would just go away if ignored, but guess what, thanks to massacre chasing politicians and lawyers, the game has already achieved immortality.

I find this idea stupid. I wish there was some way to distinguish flash and independant games from Professional ones in a way that will shut politicians up

I dunno about you guys, but I found the PC Advisor article interesting and balanced. Unfortunately, I fear this will be an exception.


Pathetic. I hate people.

WOW this is a bit too soon and MAN those graphics SUCK.

//What I’m more concerned about is the media reporting on it and treating it like a commercial game when in fact it is just some cheap flash game made by a bratty teenager.//

And sadly, we'd have to defend it because if we don't, then we would be called hypocrites and then all hell would break loose ("M-rated games are no more in the USA! *shock!*"). I sometimes hate being a defender of the media, because you have @$$-holes that will just do anything for a shock or whatever.

first and second rules pal. know them.

this is one of those times we need to inform people that the video game industry is not responsible for homebrew video games. Unfortunately, that isn't going to happen, and we're gonna have another Super Columbine Massacre RPG = Bully on our hands.

Well Thompson would know something about mocking the dead wouldn't he?

ugh this sucks. because half of my mind is like "why the heck did this kid/guy do this? doesn't he/she know what politicians did with the columbine game?" and then my other half is like... "freedom of speech, anyone can say what they want no matter how ugly it may be. let em' be".

Somehow I don't think this person even knew what a ruckus the columbine game made. I talk to all my other family members about whats going on with politicians using it and they have no idea what I'm talking about. but they are of a different generation. but then I thought what if this person does know how much guff that other game got and is doing this to get the same attention that creator did... then frankly I don't hold that person higher than JT because he does what he does for attention aswell. lets hope this person was just ignorant of the fact then. then my faith in humanity will be slightly restored ;)

Holy excrement, WTF is wrong with these people?

I admire that he made the game and that it is "original" (since no one else has made it) but come on man, what the hell were you thinking when you made this. Did you actually think people would like it?

But I guess the bigger isue is what with JT say in courts "This game was made by T2 in order to sabotage our childrens mind"
But since he cant go after T2 I'll guess he will go after another fast food restaurant

Oh Christ. What is WRONG with people?

Freedom of speech is an incredibly, vitally important thing. It's just such a hideous waste when people use that freedom to do idiotic things that will only backfire on themselves.

I mean, the moron who made this is presumably a gamer, right? It seems a very fair assumption. Well now thanks to his (or her, I guess) idiocy and desire to cause a sensation and be oh-so-cleverly controversial, the cycle of Blame-The-Games will just strengthen, so the hobby that is the *reason* they created this crud in the first place will be under greater threat than it was before.

Sigh. And who would want to make a game out of this anyway? I mean... God, sometimes I really despair for humanity in general, seriously.

I unhappily await the media firestorm that will come from this. Meh.

*Homer voice* D'oh! Great, I can just hear Thompson now. *Sighs and shakes head* I wish I knew what goes threw people's heads when they make things like this.

This person just put us and our cause back a good 5 years. Politicians/Lawyers/NannyGroups are going to jump on this and blame games and gamers for years to come.

Time to call The Soup (ABC,CBS,CNN,MSNBC,ect.) and start damage control.

free speech motherfuckers. i disapprove of what you have to say (the game you make), but i will defend to the death your right to say (make) it.


John Says:
I find this idea stupid. I wish there was some way to distinguish flash and independant games from Professional ones in a way that will shut politicians up

Perhaps in the barrage of reports that will result from this game, the media will attempt to clarify and distinguish between the two ? I'm getting my hopes up, I know it....


Isn't that a quote from Penn and Tellers "Bullshit" ?

I would LOVE to see Penn and Teller handle videogames in one of there shows.

The biggest problem with this game is that the creator has gone public with the game but does not use his/her real name. SCMRPG's creators used their real names along with the distribution so that people would know whom to complain to and whom to applaud. This person has shown he/she is a coward. I mean have some balls and take responsibility for your crap.

It's sad that people are going to compare this to SCMRPG. SCMRPG tried to inform you about the killers' background, as well as make tongue in cheek commentary about the media and public portrayal of the killers, this just seems to be a shoot-em up that's loosely based on the events, with the added bonus of fictional bad dialog...

There's no background, no discussion of motivation, no exploration of thoughts, influences, and decisions.

I like Kotaku's take: "ree speech and free expression are great. Just make sure you've got something to say. Otherwise, it's noise."

Unfortunately, the media WILL lump this in with SCMRPG, because they won't know any better. Most reporters won't bother to play both, and so they'll assume they're the same, but it would be like comparing "Fahrenheit 9/11" with "Micheal Moore hates America". Yeah one is a pseudo-doc that has a bias, but the other is just a sniveley kid bitching.
-- If your wiimote goes snicker-snack, check your wrist-strap...

doh! I meant "Free speech and free expression are great. Just make sure you’ve got something to say. Otherwise, it’s noise.”
-- If your wiimote goes snicker-snack, check your wrist-strap...


Er... there is nothing hypocritical with condeming a poor taste game.

It would be like saying all move lovers should support snuff movies on principle.

It's important that gamers are mature enough to recognise when games have stepped across the line of decency!
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