VA Tech Game Appears on Web

GamePolitics is sorry to report this morning that at least one game based on the recent Virginia Tech massacre has popped up on the web.

Several readers notified GP in recent days of V-Tech Rampage, which is hosted on  Newgrounds. The game (I spent about a minute with it) appears to be rendered in a documentary style, similar to that of the highly controversial Super Columbine Massacre RPG.

GP: This is one of those stories that, from a personal standpoint, we’d rather just ignore. But it’s only a matter of time until news of this game crosses over to the mainstream media, where it will likely receive a highly sensationalized treatment.

As we’ve seen, some video game critics will cite fringe creations such as this to support generalized anti-game positions. But even beyond that, we just find such a game to be in extremely poor taste.

UPDATE: We note that U.K. site PC Advisor has additional coverage of this game. Destructoid has more, including info on the author, who is Australian.

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