VA Tech Game Appears on Web

May 14, 2007 -
GamePolitics is sorry to report this morning that at least one game based on the recent Virginia Tech massacre has popped up on the web.

Several readers notified GP in recent days of V-Tech Rampage, which is hosted on  Newgrounds. The game (I spent about a minute with it) appears to be rendered in a documentary style, similar to that of the highly controversial Super Columbine Massacre RPG.

GP: This is one of those stories that, from a personal standpoint, we'd rather just ignore. But it's only a matter of time until news of this game crosses over to the mainstream media, where it will likely receive a highly sensationalized treatment.

As we've seen, some video game critics will cite fringe creations such as this to support generalized anti-game positions. But even beyond that, we just find such a game to be in extremely poor taste.

UPDATE: We note that U.K. site PC Advisor has additional coverage of this game. Destructoid has more, including info on the author, who is Australian.
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whats up with the duck in that screenshot in the article?

And now the Censorcrat Rabblerausers will claim it was made by the industry and has photorealstic graphics.


It's the scene from Cho's dorm room in the flash, where he prepares and films his message pack for NBC. I don't know why there's a duck there.
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Freedom of speech includes the freedom to make a gigantic ass of yourself in public. As the maker of this game has just done.

This is genuinely sad. Free speech is great, but unfortunately there'll always be some little fucktards who abuse it.

Oh joy cue the angry mob of soccer moms in 5, 4, 3....

I believe I speak for the game industry as a whole when I say: f$#k

Grow some balls gamepolitics staff, nothing in this world is scared, so don't like a scared dog that knows it's master is about to beat the shit out of it.


"Freedom of speech includes the freedom to make a gigantic ass of yourself in public."

Very true.
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He seems like a real winner...

*sigh* This sucks so incredibly much.

Sometimes I wonder if things like this are secretly put out by anti-game advocates just so they have something to point at.

Wait a sec.....did I just make a Thompson-esque conspiracy theory? Crap, I'm going to the bar (no pun intended) now.....



'Freedom of speech includes the freedom to make a gigantic ass of yourself in public.'

Very true."

It does?! I'm gonna go try that. *takes off pants and runs into the city square, shouting, "ITTY BITTY BABY ITTY BITTY BOAT"*

The only way to get something off of newgrounds is to "Blam" it, which bascially means that if it gets enough 0's in the score, it will get removed.

I'm not going to play this one. I played SCRPG because it used the format of rpg maker 2000, but this is here to just be controversial.

Which Mainstream Media Outlet will be the first to decry the game as a depraved creation of the games industry?

Place your bets.

I think this falls squarely into the "just because you CAN do something, doesn't meant that you SHOULD" category.

Beyond having the freedom to do something as irresponsible as make a VA Tech game there's no reason it should be done. It was an immature thing to do, at best, and will likely cause the gaming communtiy more problems in the future. Its likely to be references alongside the columbine game (which I also oppose on moral grounds) as an example of how games are ruining society and poisoning the minds of children.

As a community we need to defend our right to purchase & play videogames of any rating. We also need to support the ESRB and help those who aren't part of the community understand that M rated games are not, by and large, played by minors. However, we also need to call out idiots like whoever made this farce and let them know that, beyond the First Ammendment, we're not going to support this nonsense anymore.

Just my two cents on the issue.


"And sadly, we’d have to defend it because if we don’t, then we would be called hypocrites and then all hell would break loose (”M-rated games are no more in the USA! *shock!*”). "

Bullshit. I won't defend this, because it's not worth defending. I was one of the most outspoken defenders of SCMRPG! (I was the Slamdance judge that criticized the festival), but that's because SCMRPG! was a well written, thought provoking mind trip. This game, on the other hand, is exploitative trash.

That doesn't make me a hypocrite. That means I have standards.


VERY bad taste. Whoever made this game is an ass, and it's not funny.

@ Meggie
I hope the same thing, but my parents were talking at dinner about how they heard you could buy a columbine game in stores, so mainstream media has no faith from me

@E. Zachary Knight

Dude I was thinking the exact same thing. Hell, I would not put this above JT making the game to further his own goals. This could be one of the worlds biggest sockpuppets to troll the internet.

@Volcanman Says:

"I sometimes hate being a defender of the media, because you have @$$-holes that will just do anything for a shock or whatever."

now you know how military folk feel.

Hay guys, sup?
Just wanted to say to the guy asking about the ducks.
Seung bought some rubber ducks off of ebay not long before the massacre.
Why are you all so worried about the INDUSTRY? Pathetic.

A good man once said "i dissagree with what you say, but i will defend to the death your right to say it" and that should hold true to this.

And anyways this could be a relization to the person. maby he made it to educate people on things that could happen or things that could go wrong in the world(as SCM RPG has said to me by some).

And realy if the media staarts rubing on everything bad on games and internet its goan be a long time till their done. theres alot of things on internet and games that are defind as "wrong" for us. but that what the games are ment to be and do. they are for FUN not to train people to kill everyone or to makefun of the dead(mostaly).

Pigpen your sad attempt to get attention is what drives the industry and politics to get a bad name. If you were a true game creator it would of been on how to stop Seung.

I for one will be a voice against you in your sad attempt to get some pr.

Just because a game doesn't fall into your narrow view of right and wrong art doesn't mean it isn't a form of art that we shouldn't defend.The comments I am seeing here make me wonder how much bite really has fallen out of the community.

If we pick and chose what art we think is "excluded"from the 1st amendment then it defeats the purpose of defending any of it to begin with.Just because you don't like said art doesn't mean "it's trash not worth defending".To do otherwise is to stick a foot in your mouth and let politicians censor whatever they like.

@Jbourrie well thank you for giving a fine example of the word "hypocrite"and subsequently putting your own foot in your mouth.

you either defend all art or want to censor all of it theirs no middle road,no cherry picking or pulling a bait and switch to make it seem like you can have your cake and eat it too.

Hate to say it, but these people always remind me of the sort of people who write porn involving Star Trek characters etc, really a bit sad.

No-one can stop the person from writing it, but it really doesn't help anything, as was demonstrated at the weekend, politicians have far more problem telling freeware from commercial than they think teenagers have with fantasy and reality.


You are correct. There's a difference between liking/hating a statement, and defending it's right to be.

Pigpen made a sad pathetic flash, that was badly written, didn't even bother trying to explore the "why", and was clearly made only to have people get their panties in a knot. Really, the more you get offended, the more Pigpen is laughing at you for getting so uptight.

But I defend his right to be a tool. Because I don't want someone else telling ME what I can and can't say, just because it's in bad taste, too soon, or done just to offend. At that point I'm still letting them decide what's right and what's not allowed.

It may be trash, but if you want to pretend that you care about freedom of expression, you have to defend even the crappy expression. It doesn't mean you have to like it, you just have to defend it's right to be...
-- If your wiimote goes snicker-snack, check your wrist-strap...

I don't know if anyone is suggesting this art is invalid just because it's disgusting to some of us. I think people are just expressing distaste for it -- which is just as valid as RYAN LAMBOURN MASTERPIGPEN@YAHOO.COM expressing ... whatever it is this game is meant to express.

You can cherry pick what appeals to you and then defend that and then decide something else is not worth defending. It's part of a VAST middle ground -- middle ground being a concept largely ignored on the Net. Opinions are allowed to be varied.

I'm just a little pissed that we have to even discuss this in order to explain this has NOTHING to do with the industry and is an apparent reflection of a kid's desire for 15 minutes of fame. 15 minutes that we're giving him whether or not he deserves it (like I said, opinions vary). I also kind of wish the discussion could be a little bit more than a stream of profanity and violent outburst. JT seems to think gamers are childish barbarians. Can we prove him wrong?

(18 words) Stop giving politicans and our critics very bad examples that they use to say how bad we are

Allow me to clarify my earlier statement.

"Freedom of speech includes the freedom to make a gigantic ass of yourself in public."

I may well decry the game in question as being in the lowest-class, poorest taste possible. But I'd still say he has the right to do it. I'm of the opinion that anyone can make as huge of a jackass of themselves as they can manage.

Poor taste? Definitely. Should he have done it? No. But it's done, and you can't unring that bell. His choice, not yours. And while we might feel some peripheral fallout from it, he's the one who is going to have to live with the fact that he's the jackass who did it, for the rest of his life. Maybe it'll spur him on to even greater heights of blatant stupidity, or maybe he'll learn not to be such a twit.

But freedom of speech is one of the few near-absolute freedoms that our government's constitution gives us, and to censor something just because it's in offensively poor taste is flat-out WRONG.

And if he lived somewhere else, our government couldn't do jack shit about it, anyway.

Jabrwock Says:
Really, the more you get offended, the more Pigpen is laughing at you for getting so uptight.

Actually i was laughing at that ......russian doll statement, lulz.

why are people going nuts about the first amendment?

i don't think anyone in the game community is saying it should be outright censored. although that makes it easy for some of you to argue (strawman)

we're just saying it sucks, is in poor taste, is completely meaningless outside of the initial shock value, and cannot be defended in the same way as SCMRPG.

@tempo: "why are people going nuts about the first amendment?

i don’t think anyone in the game community is saying it should be outright censored. although that makes it easy for some of you to argue (strawman)"

Because there are going to be those OUTSIDE of the game community (and yes, some inside the community, who want to have it removed from NewGrounds, etc.) who are going to try to make it a First Amendment issue, and have it declared an obscenity, and therefore not protected speech.

@ Random

Someone discovered it on Newgrounds and it came to GP's attention via word of mouth, just like most news does. It's mentioned here because... well... it's news, which is something GP covers. Lastly, if Dennis had refused to report on it, someone else would have covered it and we'd be in the same position.

I'd rather everyone knows about it, for two reasons:

1) Everyone should know that it is not a product of the game industry, and that the vast majority of gamers and the game industry do not approve of or support it (though we do, perhaps grudgingly, stand firmly by the concept of free speech).

2) Everyone should know who is responsible for it. Ryan Lambourn wanted attention... I think he should have as much of it as the media can bring to bear on him.


"why are people going nuts about the first amendment?"

Because people like to twist "it should be illegal to make" into "it's just morally wrong to make, and I'll pretend you have a right to make it, but secretly I'll try to make it quasi-illegal to make, while insisting you have a right to make it."

South Park put it best: "Either you can make fun of everything, or you can't make fun of anything."

"we’re just saying it sucks, is in poor taste, is completely meaningless outside of the initial shock value, and cannot be defended in the same way as SCMRPG."

Sort of. It cannot be defended in the same way since SCMRPG is a thought provoking examination of the events preceding and during the massacre, dissected in the same way a killer's motive and actions are dissected in one of those crime docs.

But it CAN be defended in that however awful, it's still someone expressing an idea. Get mad, get offended, get irate, get pissy, get whatever you want to be in response to it. But remember this. By choosing not to defend it, you are no different than those who attacked SCMRPG whilst defending something like that movie that documented the meeting of the German high command that led to the Final Solution... (I can't remember the title offhand)
-- If your wiimote goes snicker-snack, check your wrist-strap...

it may be poorly done but not everyone works on the same moral system as have a right to hate it ,spit on it ,throw it like a aol cd or torch it with you lev 63 undead warlock...thats your right to a opinion.

but don't act like you defend free speech and then go and do the exact makes you look like more of a tool than the creator of this game could ever possibly be.

@other parts of the discussion:
yeah it will hurt later on but in all honesty the industry has this thing with playing defense instead of bearing their teeth and going for the jugular like they should have done from the start(or at least break these politicians will to play the "zomg its teh evil viddya gamesz"card)and if this little "morally incorrect"as some of you seem to imply gets them off their behinds to throw 1st amendment grenades into jack and co offices then by all means i support it.

Found it, I was talking about The Wannsee Conference as depicted in Conspiracy (2001)
-- If your wiimote goes snicker-snack, check your wrist-strap...

yeah, if the line between censorship and free speech comes down to the totally subjective definition of 'obscenity' i see your point, and it is highly likely it could come to this.

but i still think its a shit game, and pigpen would probably agree :)

the only reason its being discussed is because of the very recent violent deaths of 32 innocent people, and nothing more...
...besides the fact that it falls into the first amendment conversation

Mainstream sensation with JT in 5... 4... 3...

The topic of the game doesn't bother me in the slightest -- sure, it's a bit soon, but games are (or should be) a way to express ideas. Keep in mind that the media has already made a killing on this, pun intended, and I'm certain that there are book deals, documentaries, etc. already on their way.

Unfortunately, this game seriously sucks. It's just lame 2D shooter with Cho's name slapped on, and unlike SCMRPG, there didn't seem to be any message or moral or anything. In fact, this is a game that would suck even if it was unconnected to the VTech thing.


Even obscenity is a flaky concept. It's considered a "fair" restriction on free speech, but only because "normal", "decent" people all agree it's filth. As if we've all agreed that the opinions of the masses over the minority only apply if sex or swearing is involved.

But then we go and make extra rules for which obscenity is ok, as long as it falls under certain uses, or certain categories. It's almost like we're rationalizing our censorship, while still claiming to respect freedom of expression...
-- If your wiimote goes snicker-snack, check your wrist-strap...

What do you think will anger gamers more: Politcians/JT claiming that the mainstream gaming industry created it? Or parents of the victims screaming for an apology from the gaming industry?

I choose the latter as more aggravating. Why should the industry take heat from victims who don't know the truth about how internet games =/= mainstream?

The First Amendment protects a person's right to produce games like this, but just because you have the right to do something doesn't mean you should. This game, IMO, should not have been made.

There's no reason for it, aside from generating controversy (which, I think it's fair to say, was the author's sole intent). The whole of his website exudes a juvenile quality, while lacking any real creative ability or intent (again, all IMO).

I left a comment voicing my displeasure in what was the most civil tone I could muster (I considered writing far worse), but his response indicates that he simply doesn't care about dissenting opinions.

Quel surprise.

Of all the things to hate my game for....why are so many of you hating it for what small repercussions it may have on the game industry? Seriously...priorities.

@ J-Guy

Whose fault is it victims families will be led to believe it's a product of the game industry?

So an attention whore made a game about another attention whore.

"Of all the things to hate my game for….why are so many of you hating it for what small repercussions it may have on the game industry? Seriously…priorities."

Imagine all your neighbors assuming you made advances towards a child, even though it was really some pervert who lived down the street whom you have never met, and don't intend to.

Would you not be annoyed that your neighbors were so god damned stupid that they would associate you with him? Would you not be annoyed with him for getting you into trouble?

Your actions have larger repercussions than you think. You believe "it's nothing." We know that there are a large number of people out there who will use your work as a shining example of why the gaming industry should get run by government-mandated Thought Police, and by extension, any other form of media.

-- If your wiimote goes snicker-snack, check your wrist-strap...

@ EvilJez

What I meant was, people who defend the media have to defend something controversial as well. The fact isn't that this game sucks; it's that it's going to be lumped with SCMRPG and people are going to go nuts about it and all hell will break loose once again. Sure, the game sucks monkeys, and we can hate it, but sadly, it's apart of our media and even if we don't like it, we have to defend becaue it's the makers free Speech and expression.

The hypocritcal point I made, is that we can't just toss the creators out there and tell them "you're on your own, we ain't gonna help you" since we wouldn't be defending their expression with them, right?

"Imagine all your neighbors assuming you made advances towards a child, even though it was really some pervert who lived"

And personally i feel fine with EA getting my blame.....want me to put them on the title screen? NOTHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO THE VIDEOGAME INDUSTRY, THEYRE PROTECTED BY THE SAME FREEDOM OF SPEECH AS I AM.

And was probably me who made the advances towards the child.

Wanting to defend everything is just as blind as wanting to ban everything.

At some point, each individual has to decide for themselves where they personally draw the line.

Even the First Amendment has never been absolute, and this guy being an Australian, he's covered by a whole different set of rules anyway.

Now, with that said, should we forcibly shut him up? I don't think so. Should we tell him what we think? We've got the right, but again, he's just some petty little attention whore. Probably made the game as a way to feel big and important, even for just those fifteen minutes.

We've already given him more of our time and attention than he ever deserved.
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