NY Politician Compares V-Tech Rampage to GTA IV

New York State Senator Andrew Lanza (R), who is spearheading efforts to pass video game legislation in the Empire State, has taken note of the V-Tech Rampage controversy.

Lanza told the Staten Island Advance:

There are certain things in life you don’t make light of and should not be turning into a game. It’s not a game, it’s a tremendous loss of life.

Perhaps not grasping the amateur nature of the game, Lanza called on retailers, manufacturers and websites to boycott V-Tech Rampage.  The newspaper also reports that Lanza compared the Flash game, programmed by an unemployed Australian man, to the upcoming Grand Theft Auto IV: 

You’ve got Grand Theft Auto where you murder police officers. To me, I can’t imagine people marketing and distributing it, and putting it in the hands of kids, but it’s happening.

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