Gamer Killed in Iraq Ambush

May 18, 2007 -
....another in an occasional series of reports about gamers who gave their all:

As reported by the Lynchburg News & Advance, Christopher Murphy, 21, was killed in Iraq on Saturday along with three fellow soldiers. Three other soldiers were abducted by insurgents and remain missing. According to his obituary:
Christopher Edward Murphy had a generous spirit... would give away his treasured video games and systems to friends... Even since he was a young boy playing every strategy-based video game he could find, Chris had wanted to join the military.

“You want to talk about our house sounding like a war zone,” Rosemary reminisced of Christopher having a group of friends over to play Halo 2, a warfare video game.

“He was pretty shaken by everything he was witnessing,” she said. “He was on his 13th helmet and his ninth tank when he came back. He didn’t want to go back to Iraq this last time.”

GP: Rest in peace, Christopher.


I dont bieleve in war at all but i do bileve in peace through war and protection of rights we Americans hold dear. we are willing to fight and die for it, even for others.

And as a future USMC Lieutenant i say to Christopher R.I.P and bless your sacrifice to the notion of freedom and peace.

Too bad he died. Lets just hope that he gets to whatever eternity (or lack of it) he believed in. Also, every country has its share of jackasses, corrupt officials and criminals, some only have more.


Sad story.

'He didn’t want to go back to Iraq this last time'

If only he didn't have to...


I don't want to get involved but:
'terrorists kill everyone who isn’t Islamic'
Are you assuming all terrorists are Islamic?...

Wow he was just a little younger than me. That brings it just a little closer to home. Also, was he one of the soldiers that the military was looking for? That might also be why GP singled him out. It was a big story.

Christopher Murphy, I did not know you. But I feel a kinship despite that. Like me, you were an American and a gamer. Though we may have held different ideals and played different games, I believe we all wanted the same thing. A happy life and a good home. I may never be able to join the military, but I salute your courage and know that you are in a better place today. I hope your family can over-come whatever hardships this may inflict on them. Rest In Peace.

Dont feed the trolls guys.

The intraweb shields many an asshole behind its binary codeing. Theres not much you can do about it. Just dont talk back and they wont have much to say.

I'm sorry to hear the loss of this soldier. I just got back from a funeral myself today, and i still feel pretty upset, so i can only imagine what this family is going through.

We just have to go with the flow.

@ USA Hater

War criminals? Yah let's just have no war and we can all be friends. Except for the part where the terrorists kill everyone who isn't Islamic. Whether you know it or not. America is saving everyone's asses. I live in England, and I'm smart enough to know that what America is doing the right thing.

So one soldier rapes a woman. It's sad but millions of soldiers have come and gone in their service in Iraq. 99.9% do an awesome job.

@ Everyone Arguing over what they do.

This is a GAME POLITICS place, and a soldier that was a gamer has just died. Stop with the petty arguments. I life is a life. If everyone here were truly gamers then we would know this line "Soldiers are only tools for political gain." Metal Gear anyone? Just like a programmer leads a life of programming a soldier leads a life of war regardless of his own beliefs, thoughts, or political stance, when the head guy says something needs to be done, they do it.

What I am saying is that you need to leave your personal feelings behind on the war or what you think a soldier is, or what some random group of soldiers are doing to your country and see here a man that like ourselves had a family, had friends, and had games to play, and now no longer has them.

R.I.P. - For what its worth, you did you job and paid the ultimate price for it, and through it all, (by the testimony of those who knew you) you were a decent person, contrary to how the world sees us. Have fun on that console in the sky.

@USA Hater

......... monster..... Fred Phelps would be proud of you...


I hate to break it to you but not every U.S. soldier commits the crimes you have mentioned. Nazis on the other hand really did murder unarmed people (note how it says murdered and not killed, meaning it was not an accident, and they did not mistake them for someone else), war crimes however do happen . . . in EVERY war imaginable. If you really think the guys they are fighting are completely innocent; if you really think that the terrorists they fight aren't already subduing the population with violence and death then you are either totally oblivious to what really goes on or you are a complete idiot.

In fact based off your name and what you said why not join the iraqi coalition and fight off the "evil doers" why don't you go and try to free Iraq from violence with carbombs like they do, go off and join the civil war . . .


Sorry, I was typing that at the time you posted. ^^; But I just had to get that off my chest.

@ USA Hater

How dare you say that the soldiers are criminals? How dare you, as kurisu7885 said, hate the many for the actions of a few? How DARE you say that all soldiers serving in Iraq belong in Hell?

Yes, some are committing atrocities such as rape and murder.

Yes, some believe what they're doing is right.

Yes, the American government is full of corrupt warmongers.

Yes, the American media is a sensationalist propaganda machine.

No, the majority of soldiers don't mean to do evil. They receive orders to kill insurgents, so when their superiors say "These guys are insurgents," then... well, you can guess.

And FYI, there are soldiers who ARE refusing to go to Iraq, and they are even fleeing to other countries like Canada to stay out of it. It may be that they just want to save their own skins, yes, but at least they aren't going.

I'm American (and proud of it) and I don't support the war. I don't support the current government. I also don't support shallow, obstinate, asinine racists who get off on spreading hatred. Because then... well, you're not much better than the "Americans" you hate so much, are you?

So much for keeping the politics out of it...for the record, I myself can understand and empathize with all the posters here (except for USA Hater, who seems to feel that prejudicial blanket statements are the way to go). Perhaps this would be a good time for all involved to agree to disagree and move to the next topic before this gets uglier.

Yeah all soldiers in Iraq are criminals, they can choose not go, and goto prison.

Instead they subdue the population with death and murder, they are guilty as hell.

Nothing really different to being a Nazi card carrying soldier really.

Oh my own country, my own Prime Minister is a war criminal, and badly what you like about the queen and i'll agree.

This soldier just got into hell early !

I am truly disgusted by some of the sentiments expressed here.

To disrespect the loss of even a single life is beneath contemptible, and those of you who've done so should be ashamed.

Sorry for the Double post, but it's too much.

USA Hater: You think we're terrible do you? Take a long hard look at the Nazi Regime in Germany, the Japanese invasion of China, The rise of Communism in Russia, and September 11. Horror and Atrocity are fact the world over. Don't you DARE accuse any one country of anything until you take a hard look at your own country's History.

To the negative posters here:
Be silent. This isn't about the Iraq War, about the supposed family we gamers may or may not be tied to, or your personal critique.This was a gesture on behalf of GP to a man who died. If you haven't got the self-discipline to keep your wagging tounge still in respect for the deceased, then take your infantile whining elsewhere. The rest of us have the presence of mind to be moved by the death of a HUMAN BEING.

To Christopher:
It may be a trifle blasphemous to offer a prayer with the Name I've chosen, so I'll wish that you rest in peace.

Not american here, and I difinately do not support their "war". However, anyone with the idiocy to blame the individual soldiers and call them criminals is a sad sad event. Soldiers sign on to an ideal that they will better not only their country, but themselves. They are there doing the job they were handed, and I highly doubt many of the US soliders serving in Iraq really agree with some of the motives of their superiors. So lay off them...

As for the guy who asked why GP should post about one soldier? Well, for one, its GPs prerogative to do so if they wish.
There is also the fact that, although some have expressed this not to be true for them personally, for some of us gamers, we see the members of this culture as a community. Especially since we all have to deal with the politicians who would have us held accountable for every death or criminal act in the US and other countries...

I salute the gamer, and have well wishes for his family. RIP

@USA Hater

Hate the many for the actions of the few, great way to put yourself above.

yeah ... raping women then killing their families, lining 100 guys up against a wall and shooting them, destroying a country and stealing oil .... these guys really put their necks on the line alright totally patriotic war criminals.

Oh .... i'm not American, maybe you should read foreign news then you will find out something else totally different is happening.

But like I say, I support troop action in Afganistan, its a totally different story.

@Diceman, USA Hater, SD

These people that are "cannon fodder" protection the freedoms we live by. Your blatant disrespect for our troops sickens me. Whether you support the war of not, please support the people who put their necks out on the line for your unpatriotic opinions.

God Bless America. RIP.

Wow, it never amazes me how cold some people could be

I really don't care about soldiers in Iraq, I consider them all war criminals, including the ones from my country. Gamer or not !

In between their war crimes, they got just deserts. Just as I hope terrorist Al-Kiddy scum do also.

However I do support soldiers in Afganistan.

@neospider my and silvers posts were far more thoughtful that your half witted "RIP"/end rant that you posted.If you don't like what I posted then too bad.

@silver well posted

ps:to others that know I don't morn the loss of soldiers,they made the decision to become cannon fodder and im quite sure they knew the eventual consequences of their choice.

To our fallen Gamer brother, I offer this pledge:

From now till the end of my days I dedicate every game I play to your memory. I may have not known you, and I think that is a tragedy, but all gamers are linked by what we love to do. Be a peace and remember that in heaven there is no lag.

So much for desensitizing, huh? This Rosemary woman said “He was pretty shaken by everything he was witnessing.” But if video games really had the effects people tried to claim it did then he should have been indifferent about the violence going on around him and a stone cold killer on top of that as well.

Hmm, guess that's not the case. I suppose the people with common sense were right.

My 2p worth here:

I think there are 2 ways to look at this. Yes it is true that just because he has on occasions picked up a controller doesn't single him out for any greater mourning than any other soldier. The other way to look at it is that on occasions it is good to personalise and look at those who died in detail so that rather than being statistics, they are considered as the people with lives, friends and family that they actually are.

I see both sides, and no I don't think we should shy away from the discussion just because people have died. That is the same mentality that the US and UK governments used to try and quieten those against the war after the W.M.D.'s were not found. By all means it should be discussed, just as long as those in service are respected and, where appropriate, paid tribute to.

"Your comments are not needed. If you have nothing constructive to post, post nothing."

And how is just posting RIP constructive??

This is very sad.

Godspeed, Christopher. You will be missed.

I'm agreeing with PencilPoser. Just like a family can be very diverse in every way, they are still connected in every which way. The gaming community itself is a family, though a weaker bond. No matter what happens, we all just sit down and pick up a controller, just to have fun. Casual, hardcore, or competitive.

While it's true that many soldiers are dieing, game politics can only stay within the boundaries of gaming and politics, and Christopher falls in those categories.
May he rest in peace.

@Diceman, Silver_Derstin

Your comments are not needed. If you have nothing constructive to post, post nothing.

RIP Chris.

I am going to have to side with silver-derstin. Aside from a culture we all participate in, gaming is so diverse there really is not a community. Gamers who play only madden and halo differ from those importing the lastest games from Japan. His death is sad, but no more sad than the other soldiers and civilians dying every day.

That said, may he find peace with all of those who are dying violent deaths.

R.I.P. Chris. And my thanks goes out to all the soldiers over in Iraq.

21 zapper salute.

"As gamers we should feel a kind of kinship to other gamers cause we are part of a extended family of sorts."

Why should I? Gamers are just other people you play games with. To be part of an "extended family" there'd need to be some kind of kinship and bonding between the gamers, and as far as I can tell, there is very little kinship between various gamer groups.

While I can understand that for the people who knew that dead soldier, it is a sad event, this doesn't concern me, nor should it concern any other gamer that did not know him.

As gamers we should feel a kind of kinship to other gamers cause we are part of a extended family of sorts. I commend Gamepolitics for the stories remembering gamers, and I can see how you feel it deminishes the other sacrafices that others make, or the tragedies that occur throughout the world. But do remember that there is a target area of discussion that persist here.

May you find comfort in your passing, R.I.P.

people die everyday so why is gp making a special call out to one random soldier just because hes a "gamer"?If your going to call out for everyone to feel sorry for those random folks that die then how about darfur or a dozen other African countries eh?

Not saying that i don't semi care about death but really short end glorifying and saying goodbye doesn't do anyone aside from those that were close to him any good.

Soldier killed in Iraq. More news at 11. I'm sure if we looked closely, we'd find out that most troops dying in Iraq are gamers, hardcore or casual.

War will be war.


9th tank!? Does that mean they just rotate them at regular intervals, or were eight Abrams tanks actually disabled/destroyed by insurgents?

Rest in peace Christopher,

As well Terminator their are armored units the US military uses that are called tanks that are far less armred then the Abrams. Might have been a bradly or some thing. don't know.

Damn. That sucks...

Rest in peace, fellow gamer.

13th helmet... Sh*t, those things must save a lot of lives.

Condolences to his Family.

Let's keep politics out of this one GPers ...

I offer a 21-D-Pad Salute to your sacrifice, Christopher.

You know, buddy, the big man upstairs has access to Halo 7 beta ... Bungie won't release the final version up there yet, though. Even God doesn't have THAT much pull.

(Personal note: I used humor to help my family cope with the loss of my grandfather just over a month ago. The Halo 7 line was a weak attempt at humor here, and I meant no disrespect.)

This reminds me of the professor who logs in to AA games and then types the names of soldiers who died in Iraq. One of his arguments is that AA encourages youngsters to view war as something exciting and noble, i.e., good (we) vs. evil (they).

There are other things that playing computer games and thinking of the war in Iraq as a computer game might not reveal. For example, the U.S. supported Saddam for years, and now many of Saddam's police and military generals now work for the U.S. Not only have there been no WMDs found or strong links between Saddam and Osama, there's even the fact that the U.S. may have invaded Iraq only to secure its oil fields.

The situation is even more complex than that. After the Iran-Iraq war ended in stalemate, the U.S. started selling arms to Iran. During the same time, it was financing Afghan freedom fighters from which we now have the Taliban, which the U.S. did not mind for several years until it realized that there may be oil in the Afghan-Kazakhstan area, too.

More soldiers are now being asked to take extended tours, and many of them are complaining. The U.S. is now short on soldiers and is considering policies ranging from inviting immigrants to enlist in exchange for fast-tracking citizenship and the draft (which most will not support). All this is taking place with a President that has very low approval ratings, a weakening dollar, and a debt-ridden economy.

We have to think twice before we argue that soldiers are dying for a cause, i.e., for freedom, peace, or democracy, or that "America is saving everyone's asses." The U.S. government itself, through declassified materials presented in, is already contradicting such points.

I agree with Morkoa that peace through war is above just war, especially when many pay the ultimate price for freedom across the globe, where ever Liberty stands.

And as a future US Navy Officer (I dont go to boot for quite a while), Rest In Peace, brother Christopher. Thank you for what you have done for all those dreaming of living in the freedoms we fight for today. Rest easy on the great big NES in the sky.

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