Grossman on VA Tech Massacre: Blame the Games

While Jack Thompson’s attempts to blame the Virginia Tech massacre on video games didn’t go over so well, another critic of video game violence has weighed in on the Virginia Tech massacre.

As reported by the NewsMax site, David Grossman (left) and a colleague, Frank Borelli, seem to point the finger at violent video games. From the article:

Shooter Cho Seung-Hui was moving through Norris Hall methodically firing his weapon as if he were playing a first-person shooter (FPS) video game…

One of the world’s foremost experts on the causes of violence, Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, who has seen confidential information stemming from the investigation, tells NewsMax in an exclusive interview that Cho was “deeply influenced by media violence.”

…Grossman forwarded an e-mail from Borelli… Borelli suggests that intensive extensive FPS gaming experience helped Cho fire with devastating accuracy…

Borelli cited an “anonymous reliable source” for the information that Cho fired three shots into nearly every victim. Some video games require the firing of multiple shots at each target.

GP: Anonymous source? The fact that Cho fired multiple shots at victims was widely reported in the mainstream press.

“The rest is quite obvious,” Borelli wrote Grossman. “Even if [Cho] only hit each victim once, he had a 32 percent hit ratio, which is better than most cop shootings.”

GP: But wouldn’t most cop shootings take place under the stress of confronting a bad guy who is shooting back? Cho, an angry sociopath clearly unburdened by any sense of human compassion, fired his weapons into small rooms crowded with unarmed people at close range.

In fact, in this USA Today report, Virginia Tech victim Colin Goddard describes being shot once by Cho, who then goes around the room shooting those who were already down. He fired two more bullets into Goddard. It seems like it would be difficult to miss under those conditions, FPS experience or not.

UPDATE: Frank Borelli has posted in comments, clarifying some of what was reported by the NewsMax site. We greatly appreciate his taking the time to do so.

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